Tommy Gemmell: “They’re all great goals”


Tommy Jinky Dukla

The first time I met Tommy Gemmell was back in the 90s. I made a comment that some recent goal was “a great goal”. Tommy replied, “Every goal is a great goal.

“It didn’t matter who I scored against or how inconsequential the goal was, every time I put the ball in the net was a great moment.”

Tommy couldn’t hide the joy he got from doing what he did.

Some tremendous photos surfaced online yesterday, including this one (above), taken 49 years and 11 months ago, a moment after Celtic’s 0-0 draw away to Dukla Prague in the second leg of the European Cup semi-final, a result that saw Celtic progress to the final 3-1 on aggregate.

This photo took pride of place on Tommy’s memento wall at his Dunblane home. It was framed but had clearly fallen, as there was a crack in the glass. But still, its prominence outranked images from Lisbon.

For Tommy, this image captured some of the things he treasured most. His face displays sheer joy; the team have already achieved more than any other British side in reaching the final of the Continent’s top tournament.

He’s carrying his great pal, Jimmy Johnstone, like a child, on his hip. It defines their achievement, friendship and an unfettered happiness.  If you ever had a photo like this of yourself, it would be on your wall too.

I’m pleased our next game is at Celtic Park. Many of us want to be there.

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  1. SHOOIE on 3RD MARCH 2017 1:39 PM


    My first ever cup final was the League Cup in 1973 V Dundee.



    I too remember being at that cup final. It was my first year at Uni (don’t tell TD). I can still remember how it was a thoroughly dreich day and the result just put a topper on it. We contested 14 League Cup finals in a row, winning the first five and making a dog’s breakfast of most of the rest.


    Going over to Taunton later for a leaving do, my hotel is next to the Church so will pop in and say a wee prayer and light a candle for the Big Shot as he certainly shone a light on most of our lives.



    BCWUP, what you up to next weekend?

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD MARCH 2017 2:13 PM



    I remember a game at Pittodrie shortly after he signed for us


    there was a fair bit of angst amongst the support that day over


    his signing.



    Ps..pretty sure we got turned over that day,no prizes for who got


    the blame from the fundamentalists(myself included) smileyfacething.





    Oh,that depends.



    Nae chance on the Sunday,working later.



    But every chance of a Saturday in guid company-in yer Brizzle?-to watch the rugby.



    Can I wear my prized England Grand Slam 2011 polo?



    The locals will love it-till I remind them that Ireland gubbed them on the last day!

  4. Just been offered a ticket for Sunday by one of CQN’s finest, and one of life’s good ghuys, ANGELGABRIEL.



    I have very gratefully accepted.



    Cannae wait!







    I was 9 at the time and the 74 Scottish Cup Final made up for it, this time the weather was a lot better as was the result 3-0, I can still see Harry Hood heading the ball over the Dundee United goalkeeper.



    I’m sure Tommy Gemmell has gone from Paradise on earth to Paradise above, God Bless you Tommy.



    I see Sevco have identified a new source of funding. Pedro Caixinha(nd). So that’s why they want him as manager.



    I’ll get my coat…….


    I went to seven LC finals in a row,saw us win once*



    Seen,I think,five since. Three wins.



    I still remember my pal ballet-dancing along a barrier as we beat the huns in 83(?). Not bad for a fella of 6’4″ who had been a Kilmarnock fan a year earlier!



    I witnessed my first Celtic defeat ever in that 4-1 game,misery too often in that competition,but some highlights like above too.



    Including Dixie’s second hat-trick in a final against Hibs. Think he did it in a league game too,5-0 about 74?



    *Joe Harper is credited with a hat-trick in the same game Dixie did it. I don’t grudge him it,great striker. But one,a low cross from the left,went in off Billy.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Nye- Alfie had a long time knee injury when he signed for us, really good player.Very brave of him to come to Celtic.HH





    Winner of today’s most contrived joke,with a garland for it being in a foreign language.



    DAVIDOPOULOS will be pyoor dead ragin’ so he will.



    Darn fine,though…

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Thomthetim. Wonderful post.





    Thank you.


    Delighted to see CQN get a mention.

  11. Our friend El Diego Bhoy, Jim Devine, passed away this morning after a difficult illness.



    Jim was on the blog for well over a decade and made many good friends here. He will be missed by many.



    My condolences to Kerri and Meghan.


    God Bless Jim.



    I had the pleasure of his company on a few occasions. As too had my Dad and my sisters.



    Every time was just that. A pleasure.



    He had his priorities in life,and he paid good heed to them.



    You all know who they were.



    Hail,Hail,Jim. Put in a good word for me up there. Cos you’re incaple of a bad one.



    R I P

  13. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    !!BADA BING!! …when big Billy came in Alfie’s day’s were


    numbered, he was transferred to hertz.



    BMCUWP…. Dixie had it in for the “cabbage’n’ribs”he almost


    always found the net against them.

  14. Oh Dear, Met him once in the Blane Valley, a pure gent.


    God be good to you Jim, I am so so sorry to hear of your passing.


    Sincere Condolences to the Devine family,


    May he rest in Peace,

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Sad to read of EDB’s passing.



    He will be fondly remembered on the blog, for not only his posts, but in the brave manner in which he dealt with life’s blows.



    God grant him his deserved Eternal Rest.

  16. RIP Jim Devine(EDB), you are at rest now. Hope you are in the other paradise with your loved ones.

  17. Very sad news about Jim (EDB) a real nice guy – enjoyed his company in the BV on a number of occasions. Thoughts and prayers with the family and friends. R.I.P.

  18. Paul 67


    Sad Sad news re Jim (El Diego Bhoy)


    I was in his company a few times and an absolute gent.



  19. BABASONICOS71 on

    Condolences to the loved ones of EL DIEGO BHOY and thoughts with them at such a sad time.


    May Jim RIP.




  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Sorry to read about EDB. Never met him but always enjoyed his contributions to CQN. Always came across as a good guy.



    Re Alfie Conn, I remember the day he was signing for us. We had a scottish cup replay (I think) at Somerset Park. We passed by Jock Stein as we arrived at the ground and a guy was holding a copy of the paper and pointing at the headline and giving Jock his thoughts, which didn’t seem to be positive. We moved along quickly, discussing what jock would say to him.


    I have often wondered how it ended and if the guy changed his opinion. We often saw the same guy at games after that t no one among us was brave enough or stupid enough to go up and ask him.

  21. Sincerest condolences on the passing of EDB.



    My thoughts are with his family.

  22. Sad news about EDB. Never met him but, as Paul67 says, he was a regular on here for a decade. I always enjoyed his contributions to CQN, as they were invariably positive. My condolences to his family.



    May he rest in peace.

  23. Condolences and thoughts to EDB’s family… Terrible news at the end of a very sad week on CQN.

  24. An Teach Solais on

    Sorry to hear of the death of El Diego Bhoy RIP. His posts on this blog were indicative of his love for Celtic.


    Prayers and condolences to his family and friends at this sad time. YNWA.

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