Tommy Gemmell: “They’re all great goals”


Tommy Jinky Dukla

The first time I met Tommy Gemmell was back in the 90s. I made a comment that some recent goal was “a great goal”. Tommy replied, “Every goal is a great goal.

“It didn’t matter who I scored against or how inconsequential the goal was, every time I put the ball in the net was a great moment.”

Tommy couldn’t hide the joy he got from doing what he did.

Some tremendous photos surfaced online yesterday, including this one (above), taken 49 years and 11 months ago, a moment after Celtic’s 0-0 draw away to Dukla Prague in the second leg of the European Cup semi-final, a result that saw Celtic progress to the final 3-1 on aggregate.

This photo took pride of place on Tommy’s memento wall at his Dunblane home. It was framed but had clearly fallen, as there was a crack in the glass. But still, its prominence outranked images from Lisbon.

For Tommy, this image captured some of the things he treasured most. His face displays sheer joy; the team have already achieved more than any other British side in reaching the final of the Continent’s top tournament.

He’s carrying his great pal, Jimmy Johnstone, like a child, on his hip. It defines their achievement, friendship and an unfettered happiness.  If you ever had a photo like this of yourself, it would be on your wall too.

I’m pleased our next game is at Celtic Park. Many of us want to be there.

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  1. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Zbyszek – nice words mate and as a father of girls yourself, you’ll feel it all the more. As will GL2, as a father of three grown up girls. Hope you and yours are well, my friend.



    GL2 – we first met Jim at the Frank McGarvey tribute night in the Crowne Plaza, along with P67, Martin42, TinyTim, Pablo, Noel90 and others. I think he was the first CQNer I met, apart from you!


    I’m laughing, thinking about the Carling hospitality at Celtic Park, where Peter looked like he couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. We ribbed Jim mercilessly about his “What about a left back” comment, but maybe that’s how we got Izzy?! :-)




  2. Great to read so many kind words about Jim in light of today’s terrible news.



    As some have said he was fiercely passionate about Celtic and was always quick to defend all aspects of the club from criticism. Invariably that resulted in us disagreeing from time to time. Never once though did this descend into anything other than cordial, respectful debate. Jim was also extremely protective of CQN and what it had achieved.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    St Stivs 10.05pm



    Spot on….. I never saw Tommy Gemmell play or met EDB but reading the posts of others appreciation is a total joy in the obvious sadness of the last couple of days the people that knew them are giving the ones that didn’t a wee insight…..really sad but much appreciated



    As you say Celtic is our bond

  4. mike in toronto on

    Just back in, and saw the sad news about EDB. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but it is clear that he was loved, including by many on here. Condolences to his family and many friends on here for your loss..

  5. Something that saddens me is that some of the old guard posters do not contribute much these days, although I am sure they still lurk. Yet on days like today when we celebrate the life of one of our own they come on and post their respects: TTTT, GL2, Minx1888 amongst others.


    On a day like today I would urge you to post more, I am sure Jim would agree. A Club, Forum, Blog is only as strong as the Members.


    I would ask the old guard and to any lurkers, come on in and join the party…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I never knew EDB, but it is plain from the amount of posts and the sentiments expressed in them, that he was a great guy.



    As a father of two daughters myself, my deepest condolences to his daughters, family and close friends. I hope that in time your pain will give way to a lifetime of happy memories, that you will carry in your hearts and treasure.






  7. Midfield Maestro & Greenlion2 – magic stuff lads. Lovin the love.



    CQN has brought loads of good Tims together. Gerryfaethebrig told me that his mate met me in The Vale and told Gerry that he’d met Art of War from CQN. ( Yeh whoop-de-whooh!) But, and forgive me if i’m wrong Gerry, he went from lurking to posting.



    Also met Bundoran Bhoy there to get my CQN badges. That bhoy deserves his own medal for his charity work by-the-way.



    I then met BT – what a bhoy he is- felt like an old pal when we had a couple in The Smiddy.



    Then there is Dallas Dallas who is everything good in a Celtic supporter whose knowledge of Celtic embarasses me.



    Delaneys Dunkey very generously got me tickets for a game and i then had the pleasure of his company during the game at which he had invited a Polish pal and his girlfiend. He is an ambassador for the club and spreads the Celtic gospel.



    There have been quite a few more meets with other CQNers from Weefras corner to the odd hoot. Sorry i can’t namecheck everyone but it has been my genuine pleasure to meet each and every one. Dena you are one shining star that shouldn’t be missed for a mention as for Almore and Clogher who were classy for their dealings with the Dublin Hootenany with my sis-in-law.



    Sorry for the long rant but my point is thus.



    I never met Jim Devine (EDB) and that is my loss.



    Next time there is a Hoot or just a wee get-together, cast aside your apprehensions and just put your jacket on and go.



    It will be worth it and you might just have a ball and meet friends that you never knew you had!



    ps Zybsek- when you over next?

  8. 1981




    Tuesday 3rd March


    I’m feeling exceptionally well today. (It’s only the third day, I know, but all the same I’m feeling great.) I had a visit this morning with two reporters, David Beresford of The Guardian and Brendan O Cathaoir of The Irish Times. Couldn’t quite get my flow of thoughts together. I could have said more in a better fashion.


    63 kgs today, so what?


    A priest was in. Feel he’s weighing me up psychologically for a later date. If I’m wrong I’m sorry — but I think he is. So I tried to defuse any notion of that tonight. I think he may have taken the point. But whether he accepts it, will be seen. He could not defend my onslaught on Bishop Daly — or at least he did not try.


    I wrote some notes to my mother and to Mary Doyle in Armagh; and will write more tomorrow. The boys are now all washed. But I didn’t get washed today. They were still trying to get men their first wash.


    I smoked some ‘bog-rolled blows’ today, the luxury of the Block!


    They put a table in my cell and are now placing my food on it in front of my eyes. I honestly couldn’t give a damn if they placed it on my knee. They still keep asking me silly questions like, ‘Are you still not eating?’


    I never got started on my poem today, but I’ll maybe do it tomorrow. The trouble is I now have more ideas.


    Got papers and a book today. The book was Kipling’s Short Stories with an introduction of some length by W. Somerset Maugham. I took an instant dislike to the latter on reading his comment on the Irish people during Kipling’s prime as a writer: ‘It is true that the Irish were making a nuisance of themselves.’ Damned too bad, I thought, and bigger the pity it wasn’t a bigger nuisance! Kipling I know of, and his Ulster connection. I’ll read his stories tomorrow.


    Ag rá an phaidrín faoi dhó achan lá atá na buachaillí anois. Níl aon rud eile agam anocht. Sin sin. (Translated this reads as follows: The boys are now saying the rosary twice every day. I have nothing else tonight. That’s all.)

  9. tommytwiststommyturns on

    AoW – if not a jacket, then maybe a yellow semmit and purple lumberjack shirt….! ;-)






  10. RIP EDB never met him but he came across as one of lifes good guys thoughts and prayers for his family& friends ,will miss his posts on here .A sad week indeed

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    AoW 10.29pm



    The Bhoy that met you (my pools agent who won a few bob last month as an agent !) introduced met to CQN, he has never posted (yet) but as you say CQN brings a lot of joy to many as well as the very sad times

  12. Minx I believe you…. aye right


    A lot of great memories and people over the years through this place but the greatets ever was tonight when for the first time anyone ever appreciated a post of mine.


    AOW .. thanks youve made an old poster/lurker happy after all these years

  13. Sent Martybhoy a wee text earlier to see how he was doing, got this back:


    Hi Lennybhoy doing fine thanks for asking yeah back home now much better than being in hospital started some light walking and starting with rehab clinic shortly so on the road to recovery HH…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  14. Gerry-true, loved your Leicester comment today. We’ll find out how many backed them soon enough. :-(

  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Its days like yesterday and today that make you appreciate the ones you love, the ones you loved who have gone, and the time you have left to try to live your life in a way that makes you proud to be a Celt.



    I had a great day today with one of CQN’s finest, The Exiled Tim. Sclaffed our way around HDA ranting about all things Celtic, the huns, the board, Anabell G, and a few other topics. I see K a few times a year and its always a joy. I sent him home with a huge bag of oranges and lemons off my tree. I hope J can make marmalade, lemonade or is into some fruity sex games…………………:_)



    Still stunned by the news about Jim but happy to have met him and very happy to have some time with my auld troglodyte pal today. If it wasn’t for this blog I’d never have met either of them. TET may actually no see that as a bad thing…………………..:_)




    Midfield Maestro, PC67 called me re Lisbon. I’ve added you to the sclaffbaw list. Get in touch bruv.




    HH and goodnight Celtic men and wummin.

  16. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Don’t post very often but felt I had to tonight.



    About 8 or 9 years ago I worked beside a lovely lady in Glasgow. I visited her place of work once a month and after all the business formalities were over she would talk to me at length about the three most important things in her life, her family, her faith and her football team which of course was Glasgow Celtic.



    Her immediate family were her daughters Kerri and Meghan who she absolutely adored and her husband who is responsible for me finding CQN as Moira repeatedly told me how wonderful a site it was and that Jim was never off it.



    Jim was of course Jim Devine (EDB) and I am greatly saddened to sign on tonight and learn of his passing.



    I met Jim on a number of occasions and he was an absolute gentleman and a man of great integrity. My abiding memory of him will be his respectful and courageous eulogy for Moira at her funeral.



    My thoughts and prayers tonight are with Kerri and Meghan, may God bless you both and give you strength.



    To Jim and Moira, eternal rest grant unto you and may perpetual light shine upon you. RIP.

  17. Good grief. Evey time I log on this week…



    And now…



    El Diego Bhoy.






    God damn. A monicker as synonymous with CQN as… well, a load of you old Bs… ; /



    A monicker I remember seeing since I first materialised on here… when? I’ve lost count of the years.



    There’s not even a recognized word to encapsulate the bittersweet moments of the week gone, more a hybrid of emotion, dismay, and resignation; the term/meme ‘Sheesh…’, delivered in a sigh, about sums it up.



    C’mon Hamilton; give us a smile for Tommy and Jim, and Caesar too.

  18. Greenlion2- my pleasure, your post struck a chord. You need to post more mate!



    So many names on today that i haven’t seen in many a day. Would love to see them back on a regular basis.

  19. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Nelson McCausland lost his seat in North Belfast



    Absolutely Delighted



    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke



    Snarleen must stay lol

  20. Lennybhoy,thank you. TTTT, thank you good man.I hope you and your good lady are well.


    ART OF WAR I do not know, but it’s coincidence that my wife asked me the question today if we can fly over,book into the city to see Oltim67 one of the days?

  21. just been informed by Lennybhoy about EDB sad passing, met Jim once, a lovely man may he rest in peace thoughts and prayers with his family

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