Tommy had died. For the staff, it was too much for us.


There was a profound poignancy rather than exhilaration because Tommy Burns had died a week earlier, with the funeral taking place two days before the game.  After the title had been won, the Celtic squad re-emerged in T-shirts bearing his image.

Strachan had a cuppa.  ‘I am a tea addict,’ he says.  ‘I’ll only drink on special occasions.  After that I thought, “Right.  It’s been a real hard year.”  I wanted to make sure my family were all right because they were at the game.  The woman who is always there offered me a cup of tea.  Tommy had died.  I had to celebrate but I didn’t feel like celebrating.  For the staff, it was too much for us.

Strachan would also say that ‘being Tommy’s mate was the best part of joining Celtic’.

From Celtic: A biography in Nine Lives, by Kevin McCarra.

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  1. SydneyTim on 15 May, 2012 at 09:32 said:


    Loving paul67 cutting comments regarding hector gate He is always right on the mark



    But back to football


    Yes our midfield must be Commons and 3 others


    But surely our main target should be Goalie, center half and targetman/goalscorer De ja vu???



    Worrying when we are linked with a center half that is not good enough for leicester city






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  2. Tommy Burns R.I.P. Y.N.W.A.



    They never die those that live in the hearts of the one’s they leave behind.





  3. cavansam \o/ on

    My favourite Celtic player when I was a young bhoy.



    I had posters, keyrings, photos you name it.



    Sadly missed.

  4. God bless Tommy Burns a gentleman and a celt ,He was in person that Celtic are as a club may he be happy in heaven .. HH

  5. cavansam \o/ on

    Kayall33 (from previous article re rubbish in the Express)



    If Green and his consortium have millions to spend on players then the creditors would surely be mad to accept a pennies in the pound CVA deal knowing that the group has millons more that could be put into the pot.



    Is Green trying to ensure a CVA fails by making these statements?

  6. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    SydneyTim on 15 May, 2012 at 09:34 said:



    Rumours about Matt Mills from Leicester for centre back.


    Spoke to a Reading fan about him this morning and apparently he’s too good for the Championship, problem is he knows it and can be hard work at times. Be a great deal if we could swap him for Kelvin Wilson.



    RIP Tommy YNWA

  7. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    As long as Celtic exist ghuys like Tommy Burns will never die they will remain immortal,,passed down from father to son forever!!!



    Hail hail Tommy Burns!!

  8. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    RIP Tam. A true Celtic man and one of us. And btw he’ll be very proud of NFL facing what he did and in bringing the club as close together as I can remember. I’ll never forget Tommy being interviewed on the park at Hampden after wrapping up the centenery double when he spoke of the fans. ‘just look about you. They’re there and they will always be there.’ Spoken by a fellow Celtic supporter. God bless you Tommy Burns. HH.

  9. Tommy Burns was a true Gentleman, he used to sit behind me at Mass in St Francis and was always friendly with all us wee bhoys.



    As we used to say to each other all the time Tommy, Peace be with you!

  10. stflannansbg on

    I did not realise until I went on to the officila Celtiv website that Tommy Burns and Bobby Murdoch died on 15th of May: two of the greatest Celtic mid-field players,

  11. Son of Warsaw on

    HMRC ,Tickrtus and all the other creditors who have been defrauded will be extremely interested in the warchests and moonbeams being promised.



    They are a disgrace.

  12. God bless Tommy and Bobby.


    My first post on here was when Tommy died,


    True Celtic gentlemen.

  13. The Matt Mills of Reading is the type of central defender we need. A leader, an organiser, tough tackling and good in the air.


    Has had a poor season with Leicester but these things happen sometines. I’ve been to a couple of Leicester away games this season and he has played well in all them.


    A swap deal with Kelvin Wilson would be very shrewd bit of business, another Tom Boyd for Tony Cascarino perhaps.

  14. Tommy will always be a title winning manager to me now that their level of duplicity is being fully exposed.



    What a team he had that year that won that title. A great Celtic side playing the Celtic way.



    The measure of the man is he would have forgiven them for stealing his crowning glory.



    Tommy Burns, Celtic legend

  15. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Can’t see us ever replacing Tommy as a role model.

  16. That night in Dundee seems like only yesterday.



    I was in the main stand above the tunnel and remember looking over towards the stand behind the goal prior to kick off and watching the Celtic supporters unfurl a banner :-



    “When you pull on that green and white jersey you’re representing a people and a cause” – Tommy Burns.



    The first tears of the evening came at that point but were then accompanied by sheer delight and pride that the team had managed tp lift themselves despite the trauma of that whole week.



    RIP Tommy you were and always will be the epitome of what Celtic Football Club is all about.

  17. I was standing on London road on the day of Tommy’s funeral and will always remember Gordon’s face as his coach passed by. Pure loss.



    Tommy and Bobby RIP

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    RIP Tommy Burns, one of the Bhoys of Summer, one of my favourite players.



    Not the greatest player to have played for Celtic in my lifetime, but the greatest Celt to have played for Celtic in my lifetime.

  19. Inside Write



    From previous article, haha, I’ve no Scottish blood in me so that most certainly was not the case mate.



    Hail Hail



  20. cavansam \o/ on

    If we’re talking Championship centre backs then Adrian Mariappa of Watford looks an absolute steal at 1.5 to 2 mill (if the bid from Reading is true).



    Quick, athletic, strong in the air and good on the ball it’s no wonder Newcastle nearly signed him in January.



    While we’re there we could nick Sean Murray as well (Irelands next star player).

  21. “It’s important that the people at this club can pass on what has been and what remains valuable from our past. These things need to be passed onto the youth that are coming through at the club.



    It is imperative that the kids coming through at Celtic don’t just get a good football education but also an education that informs them about how unique this club is, its value and what it means. Try to make them not only good footballers but also good people. That’s why we are very careful about who we appoint. The club should mean something to these sorts of people so that they themselves can pass this on: good football coaches but also exceptional people.



    People like Gordon Strachan have learned much more about this club from being here and I think he definitely sees us as more than just a football club now. If it is true that it’s the religious, social, political or whatever that makes a club different from the vast majority of other clubs then I’m sure also that players who come to Celtic from outside of Scotland eventually grasp not only how big this club is, but also the glory of being part of this great club’s history: they leave with a feeling that this club is something special.



    You don’t need to come from a Catholic or Irish background to become part of this club, special though these things may be to our history and to many of the support. This club prides itself on its openness to people from all sorts of backgrounds. This club is about us and not about what or who we are against. There’s a lot to football rivalries but this club is much more than the sum total of that kind of thinking. This club is about so much that is positive. This is Celtic where people never walk alone…”


    Tommy Burns

  22. Stefferano del Bhoyo (but you can call me Neil Lennon) on 15 May, 2012 at 09:52 said:


    The Thai Tims and Reamonn sing the Tommy Burns Song.




    How right you are,Tommy a lovely human being.My thoughts also went to young Raemonn another good guy whose life was cut short.RIP Tommy, Bobby and Raemonn

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