Tomorrow is Celtic’s biggest game since Seville


Tomorrow’s Scottish Cup final is Celtic’s biggest game since Seville. Having banked our 100th trophy, and an invincible league title, the opportunity to achieve a clean sweep of domestic trophies without loss of a single game is wholly without precedent. Even the Lions didn’t achieve this.

We are in an incredibly special season, an incredibly special time, for the club. When anything seems possible, it is hard to properly evaluate just how well things are going. We have had many title winning seasons, but the club’s trajectory, not to mention the sheer enjoyment of what we’re watching, has seldom come close to this season.

We face the club who have pushed us most in recent years at Hampden. They will arrive rightly believing they can win the trophy. It will be a huge task for Aberdeen, , but the odds on them taking the cup back north with them will be considerably less than those against Celtic completing an undefeated season a year ago.

Congratulations to the Celtic FC Foundation and everyone at the club who contributed to the incredible event at The Hyrdro last night. The scale and sheer professionalism of the night belied the fact that everyone involved were miles out of their comfort zone.

It was an incredible Celtic event. Thanks also to the performers who donated their time to the Foundation for free.

See you later at Greenock!



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  1. Goooooood Morning CQ



    Cant get the words yet to comment a very special day for us Bhoys and Ghirls here in Lisbon



    Absolutely wonderful, fantastic, brilliant



    Hail Hail

  2. A Beautiful mass at 11 conducted by Fr Charlie, who had many in tears as he discussed our Ethos, and why we were in Lisbon


    A trip to the Estadio Nacional, where I would guess a couple of Thousand in Hoops joined, many finding their seats from 50 years ago, the foundation cyclists entering the stadium, The Hooped Hilman Imp – and the overall experience for us there for the first time, tears


    The Pink Street party, taking over Lisbon entertainment, Spirit of 67, entertainment, and meeting many many CQN’rs


    The people of Lisbon in Awe at a party celebration of the World Famous Lisbon Lions



    Wow, what a Day

  3. Was at the Hydro last night but woke up dehydrated. What’s that all about?



    Must have been the tears I shed during a fantastic but emotional evening.



    Paul 67 – spot on about the significance of the Cup Final. It also shows how much we’ve progressed under BR. A double and losing one domestic match all season will feel like a bit of a let down.



    However, I think Brendan will have the tactics and the motivation to set the Bhoys up to beat the Dons.




  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Inspired by invincibility)



    apodictic [ap-uh-dik-tik] 




    1. incontestable because of having been demonstrated or proved to be demonstrable. 


    2. Logic. (of a proposition) necessarily true or logically certain. 



    apodictically, apodeictically, adverb



    Word Origin and History for apodictic




    “clearly demonstrated,” 1650s, from Latin apodicticus, from Greek apodeiktikos, from apodeiktos, verbal adjective of apodeiknynai “to show off, demonstrate,” literally “to point away from” (other objects, at one), from apo “off, away” (see apo-) + deiknynai “to show” (see diction).





  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Good morning & Bom Dia Invincibles.



    Already 22 degrees here in the Central Highlands. Better get oot for my walk before it gets too hot.



    Fantastic couple of days on the blog, with funny, crazy, poignant and colourful stories around the energy the Lions created in Lisbon 50 years ago, and the fantastic celebrations around the half centennial of our greatest ever team. Miss Hunderbirds and her Granny got to enjoy the Hydro event last night, so I am looking forward to her first hand account later.



    The Lions, what those guys gave us all those 50 years ago can not be measured, or quantified in any meaningful way, but like a stone thrown in to the water, the waves are still migrating away from the event, but every Celt for evermore will feel those waves and be nourished by them as they move through our past and into our future.



    Hail Hail to the disciples of Glasgow Celtic wherever you are.

  6. The Hydro looked awesome last night.YNWA ,incredible.The pictures from outside with the whole place in Green and White were beautiful.Paul is right.Tomorrow is our most important game since Seville.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 26TH MAY 2017 10:46 AM


    Heard Alex Ferguson spoke well at Hydro last night….




    To be honest,he always does.

  8. Bada Bing



    Alex Ferguson was excellent. He mentioned Deidco a few times and got quite a few panto style boos. He was about to mention RFC (in liquidation) again but stopped himself and said “that other mob” to huge applause.



    His respect, admiration and love for big Jock was obvious throughout his speech. A class act.




  9. i fell asleep before the BT Sport doc came on last night about Sean Fallon. Can anyone post the link on here for the programme ?



    Paul67…yer right mate…tomorrows Cup Final is so important but,….no matter the result…when my head comes off the pillow on Sunday morn…I will still be a Celtic supporter !



    Go to it Celts…….UNLEASH HELL !




  10. saltires en sevilla on




    Agree this final has so much significance attached…the Dons will give a good account of themselves.



    May the best team win!



    Hydro event was fantastically well run and credit to everyone who took up the challenge large or small to make it such a memorable occasion. Unforgettable!






    Alex Ferguson was superb and clearly has so much respect for our club and for Jock Stein in particular. He took some gentle ribbing when he mentioned “Rangers”, so much so that he caved in ..”…alright, that other mob!” The guy was enjoying himself and was a smart choice for Keynote Speaker. I have a lot of time for the guy and his achievements.




  11. Forecast says 28 degrees tomorrow in London, and I will be heading to my Celtic home away from home – the Wimbledon CSC.



    I am very much looking forward to it and anticipating some more history making!!

  12. This evening at the Greenock Celtic Supporters Club, CQN will say THANK YOU to the Lisbon Lions.



    You can still get tickets to be there for what will be a memorable night. We have all sorts of entertainment planned, there’s a Celtic cabaret and a live band to finish the night and set us up for tomorrow!



    The Celtic in Art exhibition will be there with the Lions section of their wonderful collection – these are stunning.



    But most of all the Lisbon Lions will be there.



    Willie Wallace, Bertie Auld, Big Yogi, The Original Holy Goalie, Charlie Gallagher (what a player) and one or two others are re-arranging things to get down.



    Alex Gordon, of this parish, who spoke so movingly at Tommy’s funeral, is coming at our request to pay a tribute to Tommy and the Lions lost but never forgotten. There will not be a dry eye in the CSC.



    If the coal lorry has scrubbed up -enough it will be there and we will put the European Cup on it with the Lisbon Lions just like 50 years ago today. You can jump up too if you like.



    Tickets are £10 and are available at cqnbookstore.com – we will automatically add your name to the ‘collect at the door list’ – would be great to see you there!

  13. God Bless The Lions.When I think of what those guys done A Great big smile just appears right across ma face.Nothing more to be said my friends.HAIL HAIL from Rebel Mornington


    Need a ticket for tomorrow.



    Missed out at Seville and joined the support outside the stadium.



    Wasn’t going to ask, but this Tim is desperate to go.

  15. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Some wonderful reading and viewing on CQN and all over social media this week about the amazing Lisbon Lions and our current team of invincibles.


    I’ve taken the week off work to fully enjoy and savour every moment from the title party last Sunday all the way through to the legends’ match this Sunday.


    Next stop is Hampden on Sunday and in tune with Paul’s article, I’m looking forward to this match more than any since I took my seat in the Fondo Stand in 2003.


    Despite our indifferent performances over the years at Hampden, I’m certain Brendan will have the Bhoys finely tuned to end the season on a real high by securing the third leg of a wonderful treble which I’d like to dedicate to all of our family and friends who have passed and would have been as proud as we will all be tomorrow.


    What a wonderful time to be a Celtic fan and how lucky we are.


    Hail Hail

  16. On our Jock Stein Lisbon 1967 t-shirts we have now SOLD OUT of the LARGE size.



    We have ONE small left, TWO in medium, NINE in XL and TWO in XXL.



    These are available for £14.99 individually or with our book In the Heat of Lisbon for a combined price of £19.67, both plus p&p.



    Any unsold by 5pm today will be on sale at Greenock tonight. If anyone going to Greenock wants to order and collect tonight email me david@cqnpublishing.co.uk




  17. God bless Celtic Football Club and everyone associated with it, from Brother Walfrid onwards until the present day!








    Fergie’s performance was remarkable last night.



    Low key, delivered almost conversational. A few wee snippets of his own career and his relationship with some Celts.



    But it was his admiration and love for both Mr Stein and Sean Fallon that shone.



    Stein he is in awe of, admiration, respect it’s there, but almost slightly reserved in the way you would be of a mentor, teacher or older relative. His hero.



    Brighter than that was his affinity and testimony of Sean Fallon. He had a bond forged there. Something of value, cherished.



    Ferguson has came to realise just how it feels to be Celtic.


    SWANSEABHOY 1154pm



    Thank you,a lovely post.



    HH,old bean

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SES-BCW- Thanks for replies, the older i get , i warm more to SAF and his achievements

  21. Brilliant tributes right across the globe to the Lions yesterday. So proud to be a Tim. And the show at the Hydro was superb. Well done to all involved.



    Best joke of the night was was Sanjeev Kohli in his Naveed character telling how his wife hated the Lisbon Lions.. in her Punjabi accent ‘I hate those Lisbon Lions ‘ no time for them, I really hate them’ ‘ Why?’ said Naveed ‘ Because they ruined that holiday of ours to Sri Lanka’ That was the Tamil Tigers you silly c*w …. made me laugh anyhow.



    Now, if we can throw everything we have into our last the game of the season tomorrow, and win the cup, it will have capped off one of the best seasons I can remember since 67.



    I’m typing this with a big smile on my face, because this is how it feels to be Celtic , at this particular time .. Enjoy tomorrow despite the predicted downpour. Hail Hail

  22. saltires en sevilla on

    Imagine most will be having a wee day to themselves and enjoying the sunshine ( if not stuck indoors at work….)



    A sudden thought came to my mind…



    How many European Cups and European medals plus Domestic honours were in that hall last night?



    The Lions, of course, but also King Kenny & Sir Alex, Martin O’Neill etc., etc..



    Some smart cookie probably already has this on an Excel file…




  23. I have been a Celtic supporter all my life but I don’t think I have ever been prouder than I am today.



    There is a magic to us; a life giving element.



    Please Ghod, we win tomorrow to thank all those who have gone before us for they have given us.

  24. Brilliant to hear the bhoys in Lisbon enjoyed themselves, sounds like it it all went to plan.



    The Hydro was something quite unique last night. I can’t imagine anything like that happening again in my lifetime. Why would it? I said as much to my brother on the way out and he reminded me, ‘who knows, this is Celtic.’



    An ex Rangers player telling the crowd how he invited his idol from Celtic to help him overcome Real Madrid with Aberdeen is a story that is not told enough.



    The video footage of the Lions that accompanied the singers in the first half would make the hairs on the back of a glass eye lumpy in your throat.



    Amazing production, a mish mash that mished and mashed pretty perfectly, in the end. And Rod did his thing….. and loved it.



    My loudest roar was Navid from Still Game who had “sent a note” via Sanjeev Koli :)



    Meena told me she hates the Lisbon Lions.



    ‘What are you talking about you mad woman? Everyone loves the Lisbon Lions’ I said.



    She said they ruined her holiday to Sri Lanka.



    ‘That was the Tamil Tigers ya dozy cow’




    Amazing night. Amazing.

  25. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    So MIB Madden says he got it wrong sending McInnes to the stand and Leigh Griffiths is a liar.



    And this on the eve of the Cup Final.



    This Hun has an agenda and he’s baiting Leigh in particular and Celtic in general.



    I wonder how Brendan will play this?

  26. Hrvatski Jim on

    On my way to The Hydro last night (what a great event) i hear one of the cyclists being interviewed on Radio Scotland.



    He told of his father being in Lisbon 50 years ago and his trip this year. He also said that his 6 year old granddaughter has been told that she will travel to Lisbon on 25th May 2067.

  27. Sitting in Lisbon airport, spent a couple of brilliant days in this beautiful city I would like to thank BRTH for all his hard work. The dinner was excellent. Father Charlie’s mass spiritually uplifting. To crown it off the stadium vist was a tear jerker. Watching the cyclists coming in the stadium made me proud to be a member of the greatest band on earth The CELTIC FAMILY. OBRIGADA.

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