Topping’s who knew what when?


In his Q&A session with the Daily Record yesterday, outgoing SPFL chairman, Ralph Topping touched on the subject of who knew what when, regarding Rangers slide into liquidation saying:

“There wasn’t one single person ever who envisaged this case happening. You tell me who pointed out that this was going to happen – did you?

“The biggest assumption about the set-up in the SPL would be that you would have Rangers and Celtic playing in it in perpetuity – nobody thought that those two bastions of football would ever be involved in anything like this and nobody flagged it up.”

Well, in October 2011 I knew.  This CQN article from 27 October 2011 notes in very specific detail Rangers were going to liquidate, a phoenix would be created which wanted direct access to the SPL (the top flight at that time).  I got the timing wrong, predicting the phoenix would take place during the season, but to be fair, it later became clear this was Craig Whyte’s plan at the time.

Ralph Topping’s SPL knew too.  Rangers alerted them to the situation that very month.  The SPL spend November, December and January preparing the ground for Rangers administration and liquidation, a period during which a new TV deal was signed.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    h alert



    is this evidence they’re crawling out of the primordial slime ? sorry – no chance of that happening – but it is funny. They don’t stand much chance of upholding Rule Number Three at the moment.



    from ff



    Mindless abuse of other posters and Rangers players.


    Before Christmas we asked users what improvements we could make to the site.



    A couple of issues rang out time and time again.





    Any personal attack on another poster – ie, calling them a wan@, fanny, etc – will result in a sinbinning.





    It’s got to such a level new users are reluctant to post.


    If you suspect anyone of being an imposter or troublemaker simply click the red triangle which is beside every post – this generates and email to every admin – you can details your suspicions there.





    We’re Rangers fans – crucifying Rangers players is not on. Sensible criticism is fine but simply stating “he’s shite” etc is not on.

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Watching the hertz game from yesterday on BT,their new stand


    looks months away,thought it was opening soon.

  3. *** Malone Will Tell



    From FF (thanks, i’vehadtochangemyname).



    “If you suspect anyone of being an imposter or troublemaker simply click the red triangle which is beside every post – this generates and email to every admin – you can details your suspicions there.”






    That’ll be the ones with ‘1872’ ‘1690’ ‘Ger’ ‘Bear’ or ‘WATP’ in their monikers, eh??



    Should we click on a Celtic Triangle?

  4. Nye


    It is suppose to be ready in September for their home game against Aberdeen. They play first 4 games away.

  5. Anyone



    I wonder if all this stuff about the same club lie, has been discussed behind closed doors with those who were not party to the Five way Agreement,maybe this is why Doncaster and McKenzie are sounding so bullish about the decisions being sound and based on legal advice, what I mean is, clubs will not rock the boat on this, for no club to say anything about this construction of an agreement is very starnge to me.

  6. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    GENE on 30TH JULY 2017 1:39 PM



    September….no wonder they can’t pay-off their manager, need all


    their money for the builders o/t.

  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    beatbhoy on 30th July 2017 1:38 pm


    *** Malone Will Tell






    From FF (thanks, i’vehadtochangemyname).






    “If you suspect anyone of being an imposter or troublemaker simply click the red triangle which is beside every post – this generates and email to every admin – you can details your suspicions there.”












    That’ll be the ones with ‘1872’ ‘1690’ ‘Ger’ ‘Bear’ or ‘WATP’ in their monikers, eh??






    Should we click on a Celtic Triangle?






    Thinking of registering as BillyBoyGers2012 – do you think I would get rumbled?

  8. Nye


    can they afford not to? – they need to fill the stand which they won’t do if results on the field are poor.

  9. Back in Newcastle after a fine day yesterday at York races with CRC, thanks for the invite, and his Sunderland supporting pal Norman (oops). I must say Norman took the ribbing really well.


    I didn’t realise so many donkeys ran at these events, well that’s my excuse for failing to place a single horse. The weather was fine but a wee bit blustery which was bad(?) news for the young lady who had gone commando under her miniskirt – my pacemaker almost packed in, lol.


    We went on a wee pub crawl after the races and I met a Jambo’s fan who reckoned I was his ‘brother’ after a wee handshake, not the first time I’ve been mistaken for a goatfiddler ;-))


    Just hearing that the scummy EDL were causing trouble yesterday, but I have seen tweets from Sunderland fans praising our supporters.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  10. Neganon2



    A bit of cognitive dissonance in your post..



    How can an article exposing the source of a huge corruption be supporting corruption?

  11. *** Malone Will Tell



    Don’t say ‘rumbled’! It has connotations with the Jungle!

  12. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    I see the Killie Chairman has been mouthing off in the Daily Mail (I Know) about moving on as regards Sevco



    I would dearly love that club to be the first victim of a Bhoycott

  13. AULDHEID on 30TH JULY 2017 1:50 PM






    Colluding would mean being in contact with yes?




    Any evidence?



    Angels dancing on pinheads one.



    Can one, without contacting collude be simply saying and doing nothing.?

  14. Auldheid Neganon2 has opinions and theories, which he quite entitled to hold but evidence?? I’m sure he is an intelligent ghuy but he seems to stand on the sidelines with no positive input. I suppose with that monicker it’s to be expected. Weet Weet 8:28 last night page 33 thanks for the recognition great to have a Festival named after you!!! H H Hebcelt

  15. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Does exposing Doncaster’s falsehoods equate to “pinning a tale on the Donkey”?

  16. Quonno suggest looking up definition of colluding, there surely must be some contact? H H Hebcelt

  17. Dessybhoy



    I reckon a very limited number were involved in the fix and even they probably never looked at the history of the rules used to create a myth.



    On the wtc that is mentioned it turns out LNS looked at it only in the context of whether the letters were registered with SFA or not.



    There was no attempt or indeed intention to introduce honesty or dishonesty into the investigation. Although that never stopped LNS mentionning it and indeed he said there was no question of it.



    What is emerging therefore is that although the wtc demonstrates dishonesty to HMRC by at least one of the folk handling ebts that decided SFA did not need to be informed, that cannot be construed as meaning that dishonesty played a part in not telling the SFA.



    Yup that is what is being said. LNS did not look at the lawfulness of ebts nor at the behaviour that made them unlawful.



    There might be a reason for this. If Rangers were guilty of such industrial scale dishonesty how could they possibly be allowed a seat back at the football table?



    So whatever happened dishonesty was not going to be looked at.



    Dishonesty = cheating but I believe the unwillingness to have it officially recognised goes back to what was being planned from Oct 2011 when Gary Withey of Rangers met Rod McKenzie the SPL lawyer who was instrumental in the drawing up of the LNS TORS. Withy did say the meeting was helpful.



    Draw your own conclusions. The fix began in Oct 2011 and I’m sure by then everyone at Hampden knew that the wtc demonstrated dishonesty. It was even left out of the charges brought against CW by the Judicial Panel deciding if he had brought the game into disrepute. Not paying PAYE and VAT was but not failing to meet his undertaking to pay the wtc! Why?



    There was a lot going on in 2011 to stop a fix being needed – the UEFA licence for example but when football karma stepped in a fix was needed to keep 45K customers/mugs keeping those with their noses in the trough well fed.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Saw your posts from earlier.


    Didn’t Green claim that the SPL tried to get him to accept title stripping in exchange for a place in one of the top two leagues?


    How could they have offered to do this if there is “no mechanism” to do it?


    Was Green lying? Nobody denied the claim at the time.


    Maybe the “open and transparent” Neil Doncaster could confirm!

  19. Auldheid


    McKenzie does not look good in this, getting away from the fix if you like, how come Craig Whyte was not charged by the Police for non paymet of PAYE and NIC which led to RFC’s administration and liquidation, it was multi millions of pounds, he stood trial for something else entirely.


    A guy in the borders got 5yrs for him spending PAYE NIC of 500k, could this be where the much alleged recordings incriminate people?


    If I was that guy I would be taking legal advice on why he was charged with these offences which is correct, but others get away with it.

  20. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Rosenborg BK (NOR) – Celtic FC (SCO)


    Referee: Jonathan Lardot (BEL)


    Assistant Referee 1: Frédéric Godelaine (BEL)


    Assistant Referee 2: Karel De Rocker (BEL)


    4th Official: Nathan Verboomen (BEL)


    UEFA Delegate: Teuvo Holopainen (FIN)


    UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel López Fernández (ESP)

  21. Auldheid in terms of evidence I don’t see our host openly discussing res12 or putting pressure on the board to act. as you and I know he is very close to Mr Lawwell. There is no cognitive dissonance in my post if all that CQN ever does is go on about this stuff while at the same time effectively just selling us all down the river.



    For all your patience auldheid we find ourselves having been openly cheated with our club doing absolutely nothing about it (actually that’s not fair they are undermining us all at every turn so they are doing something). For example, this latest SPFL guff. It’s laughable right? But the fact is that this strategy was put together and agreed some time ago. And Mr Lawell was part of that.this makes Celtic statement post the ebt judgement clearer. They acted in concert and the call for a “review” can now be seen in the light of what the SPFL put out there. CQN meanwhile points it’s fingers at everyone but Celtic. It’s completely disengenious. In fact it’s worse. It’s an utter betrayal.



    Hebcelt. All of the available “evidence” points to Celtic colluding. What evidence do you have to the contrary?

  22. Well done to the Celtic for yesterday….


    Bradley Lowrey donation…


    team performance on the pitch…..


    I usually praise the fans but…..


    the continual, rebel song book….


    especially the contradiction of….


    singing about the gallant, Irish rebels…


    and then, not rebelling against those who….


    custodially govern Celtic FC from a, back of…..


    the bus position. The Gallant Res:12 Rebels, might yet…


    come home with the bacon…..but, if they don’t and….


    Celtic PLC attempt to, sweep and move on,…..


    then, the Celtic Supporter base of 2017, must prove….


    that they are rebels, and not some….


    plastic Provo’s fae the back of the bus…..


    they must, empty Celtic Park, that means, 60,000….


    empty seats, reconstruct the club and,…..


    the Gallant Res:12 Rebels, must be given an eminent place….


    at the heart of, the governance of a newly constructed Celtic FC.


    Further more, if, a new tier is to be built above the Main Stand….


    it should be called – The Mary’s Meal’s stand, opened by,….


    the parents of, Raymond Gormley, and, preserved for the….


    free seating of the, refugee’s, the homeless, the poor etc, and,……


    it should be opened every day to, feed and cater for these folk…imho.


    what would Jesus have done ?


    Thoughts and Prayers for the young fan, who was attacked


    at yesterdays game. YNWA.



  23. Neganon I have no evidence as I am not making any assertions about anything. If I was I would look for hard evidence, print and be damned, in the meantime you are quite welcome to your opinions and theories. H H Hebcelt

  24. Kevjungle not often I agree withe the sentiments of your posts but well said sir chapeau doffed. H H Hebcelt

  25. Hebcelt isn’t that what auldheid and the guys did in res 12 and Celtic simply refused to act. What does that tell you?

  26. Neganon2 Auldheid et al can and do speak for themselves I’m not about to. H H Hebcelt





    If there is some good reason why Celtic are not fighting this case,Celtic supporters deserve to be made aware of it.



    If it’s down to complicity on our behalf-for whatever reason-we need to know.



    Somewhere someone has made a very poor decision.



    We deserve to know the reason for it.

  28. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Silence isnt the answer. The PLC allowing Celtic to be cheated, without protest, speaks volumes imo.


    There has to be some reason why the PLC are refusing to challenge the blazers.


    Because this isnt just guesswork, the huns have been convicted bang to rights by the highest court in the land.


    If the PLC wont fight this, you have to ask why.


    And from where i am, it does not look good.


    Now, the PLC take very little to do with supporters, they see very little of them, and say even less. We talk rightly about SFA and Hun officials being unaccountable, but so are the PLC.


    In all this, the supporters are treated like cattle. Some so brainwashed, that they want to support the cheating.


    Why is it left to supporters?, and there is your answer. Its because the PLC want nothing to do with it.


    Why is that?





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