Toure, Duffy, Diego and Leo


I’ve not seen enough of Kolo Toure or Shane Duffy to have a view on their appropriateness for Celtic but I’m very pleased that despite the headcount of central defenders, Brendan Rodgers appears to be aware that he’s only got one he can rely on. We cannot afford to have another season of set-piece trauma in Europe.

Aston Villa’s Scott Sinclair has the makings of a more profound signing for Brendan, especially if he arrives for anything close to Villa’s asking price. Ronny Deila foundered in a sea of wide midfielders who were unable to command a starting place for any duration. We are the club where wide players come to damage their career prospects. Most of those who have ‘walked through Parkhead gates’ in this time had done so on a sale-or-return basis; at circa £6m Scott Sinclair would need to be right.

A friend once asked why the Argentinians adore Diego Maradona but appear reluctant to appreciate Lionel Messi. Diego single-handedly delivered the World Cup in 1986 and retired from international football having given everything to his country as a 33-year-old. Leo bowed out with a couple of runners-up medals two days after his 29th birthday. He could easily compete in another two World Cups, if he had the appetite.

That’s not to judge Leo; maybe he identifies with the people he chose, not with a nation. Many of us do.


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  1. Just missed



    Hot Smoked



    If my memory serves me correctly




    The 1973 tory govt policy was to gain entry into EEC – no referendum



    The Lab govt of 1974 pledged a referendum on our continued entry




    So you could say the over 60s were correcting their earlier mistake.

  2. …………………….Gordon



    ——– ——– Sviatchenko Tierney






    Roberts, Brown, Armstrong, Rogic,







    For Home games, Maybe McGregor and Christie ( partnering Griff) in for Biton and Rogic.



    Any views?





  3. QUONNO on 27TH JUNE 2016 11:47 AM



    How’s the market doing?




    ….:last I looked 8kilos of jellied eels would buy you a croissant




    While the pound is currently worth half a dollar. Half a Zimbabwean dollar.




    Don’t talk to Brits on holiday as a rule. And prefer to keep myself to myself. But an English bloke in the bar told me last night he’d voted out, now regretted it but at least he was getting his country back. And that with no more euro trade they could forward to re opening steel plants and cotton works!




    What can you say to that ffs??




    ‘I couldn’t disagree with you more…..’ and with that double negative I went bed.




    What a plum.




    HH jamesgang

  4. Kolo Toure yes, Shane Duffy mibbees, Scott Sinclair a definite no thanks.



    We’ve got too many that fall into his category without the ridiculous EPL price tag.

  5. Hot smoked


    I think playing with 9 men (what do you mean we usually did) is the way forward

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 27TH JUNE 2016 12:03 PM




    Celebrate democracy and sympathise with those who can`t .



    She`ll be right , mate.






    Did you see the girl on You Tube, voted out but is now sad that she can’t go to Disneyland Paris:))



    As you say where do you start with that.



    A government dream fully ignorant people..

  8. Clogher


    They are lucky to have an operation to move since the crash.


    Nice to see their loyalty to the people that bailed them out



    scheisters to a man

  9. Hot smoked



    I thought the dots to the side of Biton was indicating his field of movement and distribution

  10. CLOGHER CELT on 27TH JUNE 2016 12:07 PM



    Paywalled – does is it confirm any banks and numbers?.



    Most banks are still being a bit reticent about it though. Is it still just HSBC that have so far confirmed any moves? Morgan Stanley quickly squashed their rumour, despite the fact that it came from inside MS. I’ve heard UBS have plans in place and I’ve heard of a couple of others

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HOT SMOKED on 27TH JUNE 2016 12:03 PM






    ——– ——– Sviatchenko Tierney








    Roberts, Brown, Armstrong, Rogic,









    For Home games, Maybe McGregor and Christie ( partnering Griff) in for Biton and Rogic.




    Any views?


    We won’t get very far in Europe with the same group of players,who have failed us in recent seasons.Brendan won’t turn these guys into world beaters We need about 4 or 5 new players for our first 11,will be difficult to get guys bedded in for the final qualifier mind you……hope you are well Jim. HH

  12. Gene,



    100% the Banks are. They are worried about the Financial Passport and the ability to do business from London with the rest of the EU and the EEA. The only way London might keep the Passport is to commit to the European Economic Area, which in the past has meant concessions on immigration…Unless they can bring down the whole EU concept and start again. I suppose.




  13. Never mind this thread, who wrote that complete and utter pish about Ambrose and club v country? Let him play no bother and tell him never to come back.



    Embarrassing, totally unbelievable garbage. DR standard!


    Bankers getting the bullet?



    Can I fire the guns,I used to be not too bad when my Uncle James took me out shooting.



    Happy days. Went right aff it due to an unfortunate difference in opinion about how to deal with a wounded duck.



    Battering it’s head off a fence post wisnae my preferred option.



    But I’m quite willing to use that on bankers if nobody will let me near a gun.



    Go on go on go on,you know you want to…

  15. macjay



    “How is it possible to interpret ” socialist murdering fascists ” as meaning that Galtieri`s mob were socialists


    ………………….hyphen or no hyphen ?  


    I blame the schools.“



    You are quite right- you should ask St. Aloysius for your money back.



    See when you use the phrase “carrion eating crow” do you believe that you are describing a bird with decaying flesh who is in the process of eating or do you believe the crow is eating dead flesh?



    When you describe a Celtic supporting fan are you describing a Celtic fan who is supporting something unspecified or are you describing a fan who supports celtic?



    For you to interpret socialist murdering fascist in the order you did, you would have to choose the first option in both examples above.



    Here’s what your alma mater should have taught you about a double or compound adjective






    “Banal , but somehow unarguable.”




    That may be why you chose not to mount an argument. I have given you my rebuttal. I await any evidence for you or are you asserting, contrary to your last statement, that YOUR opinions are unarguable.





    “The worst , most murderous fascist of them all was Stalin.


    A socialist and communist.


    Agreed ?“



    He was most definitely a Communist and he asserted that he was a Socialist. If you leave no room for nuance or shade in the spectrum between people from Blair or Brown to Stalin and Pol Pot then I can appreciate why you get confused into thinking that National Socialism was a leftist movement.



    As a rightist do you accept sharing the same ground as Attila The Hun, Hitler and the BNP?



    Or do you differentiate on the trivial matter of a commitment to democracy on both our parts?



    We could never win an argument on body count winners between far left movements and far right?



    To which side would you attribute those killed by Islamic terrorists? Hiroshima Bombing? Kissinger’s sideshow in Cambodia? CIA sponsored S. American regimes? and many other tribal and sectarian conflicts that defy easy political classification? And what does it matter to the dead anyway?

  16. Starry,


    No, I wouldn`t have Rogic wide. Tierney would be the player occupying that space. Rogic would be closer to Griff.




    I am a fan of Biton`s style. I know others are not but I do like classy players.




    Europe is the big dilemma for us. We already have enough to win the Scottish League so really only need players to help us improve in Europe. The dilemma? How much would those players cost and would they come to us?


    Yes thanks, I am well ( even though I took an EIGHT) on a par three yesterday!!).




  17. Weeminger,



    We’ll have to see. I read in The Telegraph at the weekend that the EU have had lawyers working on this for months. Britain apparently has next to no Trade Negotiators employed in the Civil Service and will probably have to look outwith the UK and hire negotiators.


    I wouldn’t doubt that the banks have contingency plans around all of this. I suppose they will claim that they have to operate on the behalf of shareholders/stakeholders.


    Which paradoxically in a few cases is the British taxpayer.



    I saw Osbourne’s statement this morning. I have never seen him so nervous.



    Till Later




    The No. 10 role needs to be nailed down either by an existing player like Rogic or by whoever comes in, for me it’s one of the most important roles in the game.



    I think TR can make it his and under Brendan he should flourish let’s see.



    I disagree with Big Bada Bing, I think under a better coach players in the team should improve on their abilities unless of course they were numpties to start with.



    Big season for Stuart Armstrong who after the hype he got on here I have to say I was very disappointed in him.



    Exciting times and I can’t wait for the new season..




  19. Starry


    I would say we are mainly in agreement. I expect Brendan to call us anytime soon. I won`t be in, though so cheerio for now,











    As I said this morning…





    Of course,Blackadder was only trying to pretend he was insane.

  22. Good to see some Celtic talk (is that talk of Celtic or Celtic talking – I’m not quite sure after this mornings debate :-) on here between ole JJ and Starry Plough. It was going well too for a while talking of Celtic ( my interpretation of ‘Celtic talk’) until ole Starry wanted to put Rogic in No.10 then it went right downing street into politics again.




  23. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Skelp the hell out of them BR



    Lenny hasn’t looked well on telly lately. It looks like the burden of dealing with scum and their assaults has taken its toll !


    Rates of depression along NI’s peace walls are well above average. We mustn’t forget what he went through for us. He’s not our manager but I’ll be cheering the hibees on more than usual next season and can’t wait for a NFL BR head to head.

  24. timaloy29 sleeps on the heated driveway on

    Duffy and/or Toure would be solid signings in my book



    However, I’m not too keen on Sinclair. That’s a lot of money for a club like us. I don’t really think he’d be a gamechanger for us.


    Seems 29 snivelling wretches who don’t know where their bread is buttered/opportunists/principled people have resigned their roles in the Parliamentary Labour Party.



    Orchestrated at roughly one an hour.



    Coincidentally of course.



    Problem for them,I suggest,is that there are another 200 Labour MPs who haven’t. Yet. And few more will.



    So,nice one. Here’s a P45 from yer constituency Labour selection committee.



    I have no problem with MPs having somewhat different opinions from their local activists-they have to be more pragmatic,to be fair. But to attempt a coup is not on.



    Deselect them all. Should be fun down the job-centre.

  26. Starry



    In our current crop I think Scott Allen has the makings of a great number 10, given game time. Any time I have seen him he has impressed and his eye for a defense splitting pass is spot on.







    I thought Lenny looked to be carrying a few extra ponds – needs a preseason training session.



    It will be interesting to see the reaction he gets in the championship – hope they get promotion

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