Toure’s Ivorian connection with Bayo


And then there were four.  Ivory Coast’s Vakoun Issouf Bayo (22 tomorrow) arrived yesterday on a four year contract from  Slovak club Dunajska Streda, bolstering Celtic’s striker count to four, after the arrival earlier this week of Timothy Weah.  With the continued absence of Leigh Griffiths and injury to Odsonne Edouard, the club were forced to play teenage winger Mikey Johnston as striker last month.

I normally avoid YouTube videos of a prospect as they are notoriously edited, but we are able to view all of Vakoun’s goals online.  What’s clear is that a higher percentage of his goals are headed than any player I’ve known.   He made his Ivory Coast debut as a late substitute in a African Cup of Nations qualifier in October.

Celtic’s policy here was to be fleet of foot.  They spent a reported £2m on a player who left African football 10 months ago and has played only 32 games in Europe.  Had they continued to scout the player – and his form continued on its current trajectory, competition for his signature would have grown exponentially.

What has been more important on this occasion was the player’s African connections.  Ivorian superstar Kolo Toure continued his stay in Glasgow as a Celtic coach after his playing career ended.  He also coaches the Ivory Coast national and under-23 teams, so has witnessed Bayo’s progress through the ranks.

Every deal is a risk, but with Kolo’s assistance Vakoun has an excellent chance to settle into life in Glasgow.

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  1. Why were we so angry about the lack of defensive signings on Jan 2nd and 3rd but here we are on the 9th and not a peep out of you?



    And we’ve still got no defenders!!!



    And we’re probably selling Tierney!!!



    And Kolo’s prize for persuading Bayo to come is he gets an automatic start as CB!!!



    And we’re gifting Benkovic to Sevco as part of the ABC campaign by the Masons in the Board!!!



    And Benkovic’s replacement will be Corkcelt as a birthday gift!!!




    What’s keeping that nurse?

  2. celticrollercoaster on

    Bhoys & Ghirls



    Please keep Stephen ( MAH) in your prayers and thoughts. He is still battling away against the horrible C, and awaits a start for the clinical trials which have been delayed for a number of reasons.



    Lionsroar67, MAH and myself put the Scootish football world to right last week at MAH’s house in terms of refs, cheating zombies, Res12, stripping titles, Celtic transfer window activity, FtSFA, responsibility of directors to take active roles in taking on these challenges. The word bonus was mentioned a few times










  3. I heard willie Miller on shortbread, think it was during a Friday night game, singing the praises of McKenna. Said he was destined to go to a premiership club .

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    Thoughts and prayers to all who don’t have their troubles to seek



    Birthday wishes to those celebrating today too, though I know them not



    Keeponkeepingon csc

  5. Happy Birthday Corkcelt and ACGR two CQN legends i had the good fortune to meet in person



    Top Bhoys

  6. Happy Birthday to Corkcelt and the chap who makes Annabel grin :-)



    Celtic men one and all




  7. What is the Stars on

    Happy Birthday Corkie.


    A decent man….despite his dodgy politics ))))



    And as for ACGR….just all round dodgy,onesie wearer…however I like Aunt Pol



    Enjoy lads

  8. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Wil Trapp



    Comes from Columbus, Ohio. So did The Electric Eels, and James Thurber.



    Lives in Akron, Ohio. Home of Chrissie Hyde, The Cramps, Devo, Pere Ubu, Jane Aire & the Belvederes, and The Bizarros.



    If he doesn’t make the nut on the pitch, imagine the impact he would make as stadium DJ and Celtic’s resident humourous raconteur and cartoonist.



    *wee laughy thing*

  9. Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers confirms Andrew Gutman interest…..don’t want to post DR link

  10. going by past experiences with new signings , there may be a chance we will see the new guys just before the season ends . Three forwards it’s a start , even though two are loans with no chance of buying ,even if they are good enough . Still no enforcer for midfield , anyone who watched that cowardly display at govan , will know we badly need battlers in the team , and someone who will distribute a few cementers on Morelos ,jack and co ,as at present we lack that . Still a few players needed and this time I hope its the quality variety we so badly desire . The lack of investment in the summer may yet be more costly than we imagined . Desmond may get his wish of a strong rangers that 40 mill cl money could bring . The way things are going if we don’t bring in quality , I may well happen .

  11. Good morning CQN from a dark and chilly Garngad


    Excuse me if someone has posted this already, but I have just read on another blog that Bronnie had a wee altercation with a certain Columbian sniffer inside the bigot dome after the game the other week. Where Broonie let it be known that he wasn’t happy with the (sniffer of all things marching powders) behaviour and that the whole sevco team better be ready for the game at Celtic park and the second half of the season. As Celtic are going to push on.


    If true, then good on Broonie, I just hope the bhoys remember this and back Broonie up and show their teeth in the second half of the season. ?






    D. :)

  12. David66



    Remember the story about Dermot Desmond being mad as the Hun directors celebrating after beating us at Hampden ?


    So mad he states that he will wipe the smile of their faces and spend multi millions to defeat them, so that it never happens again.



    Well ,that never happened .DD had left the stadium long before the penalty shoot out.



    Somebody made up that story and it spread on the internet.


    So now many believe it as a truth.



    I would suggest the same is happening with this Broony story.


    Even if it was true .


    We don’t have the personnel to win a “ square go “ with them.




  13. Jim the time



    Bang on .



    Because if they win the league .


    They will gamble even more to gain entry to the CL.




  14. If they win the league and let’s face it, it’s a possibility, it’s more likely we will go on and win the next seven again.

  15. TT



    We have seen what they have gambled to try to win the SPFL. They have brought in some experienced Premiership players who have got to test themselves to see if they can manage a full league campaign. I have little doubt that Davis will still shine but I think Defoe might struggle to be more than bit part (and I would have been glad to see him at CP 2 to 3 years ago).



    Apart from those 2, their recruitment is sound but not frightening.



    The test, for me, is whether Morelos will still be there at the end of January, though if someone has been daft enough to buy Tavernier for £7m (as their rumour mill says) that might be enough for them to get by till the summer. Davis & Defoe’s package will swallow up all of that leaving their debt untouched, Glibby has to go back to court and explain how he cannot get the funds to pay the price for his concert party shenanigans but he can get funds for Defoe and Davis quick enough.

  16. morning bhoys from a damp Cheshire. please don’t say that they might win the league cheating bassas, when we had the chance to bury them,. and where is the money coming from would love to know.hh.

  17. If PL is looking for a new gig with lots of time in the limelight …


    Could I suggest politics — his level of incompetence would pass unnoticed time after time.



    Mayhem — Blazing Saddles is not now a comedy it is a fly on the wall documentary of her efforts to try and fix Scratchy’s shambles. As he rides the waves she is up shi* creak without a boat.



    St Nic — Once, twice … five times a numpty.


    At least it wasn’t five times a night although who really can be sure.


    Her efforts to deliver a safe working environment make the SFA’s attempts look good.



    Moreles’ attempts to get overly physical with our players at least took place in plain sight / full view of a compromised official with a process in place to wish the issue away. Not good but at least we didn’t have to tap the general public £100K to get that far.



    St Nic offered a running commentary — hopefully it didn’t stretch to advice / comfort / moral support — to the defendant while throwing her main flunky under the bus with a legally flawed process.



    MeToo in the best wee country … — Not a chance.


    SaveMe more like …



    What would you expect with a political / executive habitat that extends to two fish in a puddle.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Castagne Not So Quick News



    Mainstream Italian fitba media claiming that Lazio have told Caceres and Basta that they are no longer wanted . Both are defenders . The speculation is that Lazio will now have more money to play with re their pursuit of Castagne . No quotes / no according to sources etc but the mainstream media are a tad more reliable than the click bait sites peddling ” News ” re Castagne.

  19. My friends in Celtic,



    I am always more concerned about happenings going on at Parkhead. However even adopting a deaf and dumb attitude to events @ Grayskull, I can’t help but wonder :- Where the f@ck is all the money coming from ?


    Surely the SFA must be asking the same question; then again.







    Given recent history we might expect their financial activities would be well scrutinised by our football authorities. The guardians of Scottish football have a duty of care.

  21. GreenPinata – The SFA won’t give two hoots, for whatever reason King is untouchable.



    Of all the money they are splashing around, I’d be asking who is paying Defoe’s wages. At the time of his tranfer to BM, it was reported that he was given a 3-year contract on 130,000 per week. In other places, it was reported as 4-5 million per year (so more like 80k per week).


    No club is going to pay that to a player while he is out on loan for 18 months. Especially not Bournemouth who pay nothing like that for their other first team players.


    Sevco must be paying most if not all of it.


    For a club that it running at a loss, has no investment coming in and has several court-cases pending and owes millions in legal fees . . . how can they pay this man’s wages?

  22. Worrying news that KT may need a hip operation. We’ve seen with Andy Murray how debilitating that can be . It’s been obvious in many games he was struggling and it came to a head in the Salzburg game. Fingers crossed for him.

  23. Both Aberdeen and Hearts have said they are willing to hep finance Video Assistant Referees


    If that is the case, is there a good reason why Celtic don`t offer to contribute?




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