Toure’s ocean, The Pink Pound


The capture of Kolo Toure (35) on a free transfer following his release by Liverpool, goes a long way to addressing one of my key concerns for the coming season. In the last 12 months we’ve spent £6.5m on three central defenders: Dedryck Boyata, Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko. They joined Efe Ambrose and Charlie Mulgrew, but the mix was far from right.

Dedryck and Jozo are both long-term injured. Jozo may yet establish himself as a top defender, but Dedryck has already caused performance concerns. Charlie is now out of contract, and with the arrival of Kolo, I don’t expect he’ll re-sign.

Efe put in an excellent performance against Leicester on Saturday (aside from his first 30 seconds) but his consistency and susceptibility to make crucial mistakes in important games, makes him unsuitable for anything more than a backup.

The manager needs someone he knows he can rely upon and who can bring an ocean of experience to help develop what is otherwise a young central defence.  Kolo will do that and more, just as soon as he’s match fit.

The Pink Pound.

I’m unfamiliar with fashion blogs but if the debate on the pink shirt is a guide, maybe I’m missing out.  Third strips are fashion items, the football strip equivalent of bling.  They’ve been so since someone invented the need to invent a third strip every season.  It was never in case your first two strips clashed with an opponent.

I remember a similar reaction when we released a third strip with tartan shorts a few years back.  Despite some heavy weather on release, the shorts sold out.  In it’s online coverage the pink shirt already has a higher profile than most of its predecessors.  Bet it sells well.

I had a brief chat with some people at New Balance last year and the colours we use at Celtic cropped up.  There’s green, white, yellow, black and silver/grey.  Before the 1970s it was pretty much green and white only, then the palette boundaries were pushed.  The New Balance people were all from England, so the nuances of orange, which was used as trim on a well-received black away strip, were lost on them.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on




    Word is BJMac’s managed to rid himself of his longstanding Aberdour hoodoo, and is carrying high hopes of a podium finish.



    At this end, I’m afraid the clubs haven’t seen turf since last year’s humiliation, and expectations are set to low. BlantyreKev, despite my generous offers of hospitality and investment tips, has refused to cut me any slack in the handicap department. Last year might well prove to be a recent high water mark…



    Given that, I don’t think we’ll be troubling the elderly Gents in front of us.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    JJ you’re a season ticket holder, no? So your seat should be showing as reserved to you.



    If not, you’ll need to wait until the season ticket holders have taken up their allocation, deadline Wednesday 5pm, curiously coincident with the final whistle in Astana…

  3. Timalloy29 Ron Bacardi



    I know it wouldn’t work with every player but I think most parents would look at the long term whereas an agent would pressure a lad into moving for money.

  4. With regards to Feruz, the lad clearly has talent, but you need so much more to make a career in the game today. Not just at Celtic, just look at the lad Dongou who looked an immense talent with Barcelona a couple of years ago….not seemingly on the same course as Feruz….lots of potential but as yet unfulfilled.

  5. TBB


    Yes, I am a ST holder ( and obviously a very obtuse one) so how do I buy my seat for the Astana game?





  6. Truth beauty and freedom@ 1.24 pm.


    I’m pretty sure that ST Oliver Plunket is the patron saint of Celtic.


    He was the bishop of Armagh . A long long time ago.


    I’m sure I read that somewhere .

  7. williebhoy on 25th July 2016 4:04 pm



    It’s funny, I attended those NextGen games against Barcelona and Manchester City



    Our team included Watt, McGeouch, McGregor, Fisher, Twardzik, Fraser & Irvine



    I watched them give a spirited performance against Barcelona but ultimately were outclassed. Dongou scored an absolute screamer to kill the game at 3-1.



    I was told that this was a special team that beat Celtic but so far none of them have made the grade. Their star CM called Samper has been promoted to the first team squad this summer so there is some hope he may make it.



    I also watched Celtic boss Manchester City. However, City had one standout player who scored a great goal. He was a class above all the players on the pitch that night. Denis Suarez.



    Suarez was poached from Barcelona by Manchester City. Predictably, City never gave the lad a chance and he ended up going back to Barcelona.



    He was then sent on loan to Sevilla where he was a success and he earned a permanent move to Vilarreal. Of course Barcelona had a buy back clause so after a good season with Vilarreal he is now back in Barcelona.



    I’m not even convinced that Barcelona brought him back to use him. They probably want to sell him for a bigger fee to an English team.



    He’s a great example for youngins. He’s been messed about by these big clubs but has consistently tried his best and improved. I’ll be keeping an eye out

  8. TBB


    Having received this : “If you try logging in now it should work. Your email was linked to another account under your name which did not link to your season ticket. ” from the Ticket Office, I have now managed to purchase my ticket and to regain some self esteem !


    Thanks for your effort anyway,




    PS I somehow managed to miss the information re Aberdour. Hope you all enjoy yourselves.

  9. glendalystonsils on



    I hear Aberdour is in fine condition ahead of the CQN Open on Friday.




    My bhoy played it on Sunday and confirms that it is in fine nick.



    Participants will have to look elsewhere for excuses-))

  10. LIONROARS67 on 25TH JULY 2016 3:59 PM


    Celtic game on Wednesday is on @PremierSportsTV – 3pm kickoff.




    It is still not listed as being shown on their TV site.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    Just received an email frm Premier sports advertising the game at 3 p.m. KO

  12. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    newradbhoy on 25th July 2016 4:13 pm



    Hi Newradbhoy,



    A quick Google search shows me that there is a ‘Saint Oliver Plunkett Celtic Supporters Club’, and he was indeed the Bishop of Armagh (and Primate of all Ireland), but this is different from him actually being the Patron Saint of Celtic. ( ) (I did a quick Google Search, so I may well be wrong, but I still can’t find anything that states there is a Patron Saint of Celtic.)



    Yours in Celtic,







  13. Kelleher looked a big strong buoy in the youth games last week.


    Good idea to give him game time against men.


    His demeanor and distribution were also excellent.

  14. Glendalystonsils



    Thanks for confirming the Premier Sports coverage. Was only expecting to get the Imps game for my 999 pence.



    Not so bothered now that I’ll have another tenner minus a penny to pay, as I have to give Virgin 30 days notice to cancel, apparently.



    Glad to be able to share the away tie CL suffering.

  15. For younger players who appear to be going down the wrong path how about we send them out to Kenya for a six month loan to join Jamie Doran and the kids from the slum at Kibera Celtic?



    The most valuable six months they will ever have in their career.

  16. See the Hus will get another 10 grand tonight for their televised game.30 grand this week alone,and you can bet ,many more to come.


    From whatI saw of the boy Bamford at Boro,he was a very good player.Very skilful,and could bang in the goals.Would do very well with us.

  17. TURKEYBOY, that money to the Huns is equivalent of peanuts to their needed revenue income. Just keeps them afloat for another few weeks.

  18. leftclicktic on

    Young Kelleher looked good when i watched him with the young guns recently, good move for him.

  19. Would only want Bamford on permanent deal.No need to rear other teams players.


    McNair is not needed.He looked average any time i saw him.


    We have plenty defenders though not many fit.


    O’Connell deserves his chance before any loanee.



    Would be interested to see the tv revenue earned by the huns in last few seasons in comparison to other teams in Scotland.


    I’m certain it would do nothing to dispel my paranoid leanings.

  21. Olympiakos came in with a bid for Efe about a month ago. Celtic told them they needed to hold onto him in the short-term, but would be happy to notify them as soon as he becomes available.

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Been hearing for years now that the Huns will be ‘ keeping the lights on for another month,who is paying Barton,Kranchar etc?

  23. glendalystonsils on

    BEATBHOY on 25TH JULY 2016 5:25 PM



    Got Premier for the Imps game, not expecting to get another game within the month so quite delighted.


    I’m on Sky and i think it’s only 10 days before the month is up for cancellation.

  24. Paddy McNair has always looked decent when I’ve seen him, a lot better than Blackett. But if it’s a loan deal then we shouldn’t bother, much rather give O’Connell or McCart a chance as cover for the first picks

  25. Calvin Millar has the potential to be a Celtic legend. He reminds me of Kenny Dalglish at that age, and I am referring to his style of play and his movement on the ball rather than his abilities although he is blessed with an abundance.

  26. FAN-A-TIC, I agree with you that however possible BBC ALBA featured the new Rangers.

  27. leftclicktic on

    Auld Tam


    Watched young Calvin last week against real Sociead,”match winner” took the game by the scruff of the neck when needed.

  28. Given the Irish referendum vote, it should sell well.


    Make no mistake about it, they accross the city will be out the traps like tyrants this season, our defensive plodders are about to get a wake up call.


    Cringeworthy antics in the transfer market re the ordinary Sinclair. Stop it please.


    Hats off to Stoke showing us how it’s done re Allen.

  29. FAN-A-TIC, I agree with you that however possible BBC ALBA seemed to try its best to featured the new Rangers

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