Toure’s ocean, The Pink Pound


The capture of Kolo Toure (35) on a free transfer following his release by Liverpool, goes a long way to addressing one of my key concerns for the coming season. In the last 12 months we’ve spent £6.5m on three central defenders: Dedryck Boyata, Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko. They joined Efe Ambrose and Charlie Mulgrew, but the mix was far from right.

Dedryck and Jozo are both long-term injured. Jozo may yet establish himself as a top defender, but Dedryck has already caused performance concerns. Charlie is now out of contract, and with the arrival of Kolo, I don’t expect he’ll re-sign.

Efe put in an excellent performance against Leicester on Saturday (aside from his first 30 seconds) but his consistency and susceptibility to make crucial mistakes in important games, makes him unsuitable for anything more than a backup.

The manager needs someone he knows he can rely upon and who can bring an ocean of experience to help develop what is otherwise a young central defence.  Kolo will do that and more, just as soon as he’s match fit.

The Pink Pound.

I’m unfamiliar with fashion blogs but if the debate on the pink shirt is a guide, maybe I’m missing out.  Third strips are fashion items, the football strip equivalent of bling.  They’ve been so since someone invented the need to invent a third strip every season.  It was never in case your first two strips clashed with an opponent.

I remember a similar reaction when we released a third strip with tartan shorts a few years back.  Despite some heavy weather on release, the shorts sold out.  In it’s online coverage the pink shirt already has a higher profile than most of its predecessors.  Bet it sells well.

I had a brief chat with some people at New Balance last year and the colours we use at Celtic cropped up.  There’s green, white, yellow, black and silver/grey.  Before the 1970s it was pretty much green and white only, then the palette boundaries were pushed.  The New Balance people were all from England, so the nuances of orange, which was used as trim on a well-received black away strip, were lost on them.

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  1. Just checked the Scepovic’s Wikipedia page. He definitely signed for Getafe in June.



    Why can’t the Celtic website let hom go?

  2. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    new rangers are having a decent start to the season- 2 up against stranraer- reckon they’ll be organised and determined this season though limited in quality



    Is it definitely on T.V.?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  4. Tempted to get BT after watching that add…Huns will not be happy….GIRUT and any lurking Huns GIRUY

  5. Stoke City, and every other team, by virtue of being in the EPL this season, are guaranteed £185 million TV income over the next four years, even if relegated each year.



    Celtic by virtue of being in the Scottish Premiership, are guaranteed £11 million TV income over the next four years, but only if winning the title each year.



    Therein lies the reason Joe Allan has signed for Stoke – he cost them 7.5% of its minimum guaranteed TV income – would have cost Celtic 130% of its maximum possible TV income.



    The playing field is vertical not level.

  6. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    On Premier Sports. Confirmed.







  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    JJ – I was sure you were playing again this year, Bummer! At least you’ve now got a ticket for next week’s match though.



    Chairbhoy – I’d completely forgotten about that sneaky sub-clause. Should have known better. “Such and such is entirely prohibited under the rules, but we reserve the right to change our rules to suit the circumstances”.

  8. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    The Tim Reaper



    I see you’ve mastered the HTML links

  9. So has anyone got a good excuse I could use to slip away from work real early on Wednesday?



    I’ll text you Wednesday morning, if I am off the full day might just watch it in ML5.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  11. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on




    Tell them a football club has died and your needed at the graveside.



    And bring your dancing shoes

  12. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 1m1 minute ago



    The Celts have landed in Astana ahead of Wednesday’s #UCL clash.

  13. Anyone know if there is a bar in Playa del Carmen,Mexico that will show


    our league games




    Well exactly…



    And who’d a thot they would have just the clause to get themselves out of reneging those pesky – binding contractual agreements – That needed a Rangers…



    It’s as if the author had a crystal ball..:)



    Hail Hail

  15. Tonight’s question for the techies out there.



    I recently downloaded an app, Modbor (for free), which allows me access to all the major sports channels on my Android smart phone. As I’ll be sitting in Heathrow Airport on Wednesday afternoon waiting for a flight home (scheduled for 4.15pm but ideally delayed by 1 hour!!!) my Plan A is to try to watch the game on my phone. I don’t think there’s free WiFi available so I’d therefore be eating into my normal monthly data limit. So does anyone have any idea how much data I’d be likely to use if I managed to watch the whole game live?



    Thanks in advance as CQN never lets me down ;-)

  16. Lennybhoy or Catman,



    What is the latest regarding signings?







  17. BURGHBHOY on 25TH JULY 2016 9:10 PM



    So has anyone got a good excuse I could use to slip away from work real early on Wednesday?




    You’re thinking about this all wrong. The question is – does your work have a valid reason for you being there?




  18. Thunder Road on




    Might come through to The Admiral for a few beers but its going to depend on a supervisor making a last minute decision on Wednesday whether or not i can get away early so i probably wont know until about the team lines are being written.


    Will be out the traps, on a train and at the bar within an hour IF i get the nod!

  19. excathedra44 on

    Confusing the Rogic speculation.


    If he is enroute,why take him abroad,likewise if he has no inclination to re-sign,why indulge him at all .



    Clearly he is skilful and can turn a game ,however he is not the hard tackling 90 min type we require,perhaps he could be changed but to date see no signs of it.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jeez-the BT as is genuine,was on straight after half time,hopefully same at FT :0

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    I’ve held back hoping to pick it up from your posters. No, woofed over my head, I can’t suss it.



    What’s the ocean attached to Toure?