Training Compensation, withdrawn rant, Celtic action on the streets


Football clubs tie themselves in knots sometimes.  Newco Rangers fired off with an incorrect rant on the same club/new club debate yesterday, only to be told to withdraw it a couple of hours later – which they promptly did.  Dundee United signed Charlie Telfer on a free contract and were due to pay Training Compensation to his previous club, for the player’s development from when he was 13-years-old.

Football operates a Training Compensation system whereby clubs signing players up to 23-years-old have to make a payment for the development of the player since they were 13.  The payment is made in its entirety to the club which previously held the player’s registration.  The receiving club is then obliged to pay any previous clubs for their portion of the player’s development.

Dundee United contested the rate at which they had to pay for Charlie Telfer, incorrectly, as it turned out.  They did not contest that they were due to pay the entirety of Telfer’s development to the preceding club.  No mechanism exists to forgive Training Compensation obligations in the event a preceding club no longer exist.  Any monies due remain payable, ultimately to the club’s creditors.

Those at Newco who fired off the statement in haste yesterday will now consider that they have collected payment for services fulfilled by oldco.  It is up to Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, to recover their portion of the money from Dundee United on behalf of creditors.

A condition which Newco signed up to, to gain membership of the SFA, was that they become responsible for all Rangers’ football financial obligations.  This includes paying down Training Compensation, as well as the still-uncollected £250k fine levied by the Nimmo Smith Inquiry.

That £250k fine has become something of a football ‘football’.  It is a football debt due to the SPL, which has since folded its liabilities and obligations onto the SPFL.  The SPL was not in a position to enforce payment as newco never played top flight football, so the matter was parked until it became actionable.  I don’t know the current position of the Nimmo Smith £250k debt but faux bravado can only encourage others to ask the question, “Where’s our £250k?”

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The whole ‘More than a club’ business takes life on the streets of Scotland, the schools of Africa and lots of places in between.  You need to watch the video to find out how.

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Did emdae hear the big Tim fae Tollcross predict history will be re written on 1st Feb?




    J G will get a hat trick and the 7-1 score will surpassed.

  2. Summa of Sammi



    I accidentally met David Murray in a high priced restaurant in Jersey in October 1994. I remember him telling me that they had a terrific young player coming up, who was Catholic……name was Charlie Miller. Same player, I wonder ?

  3. Have not read back.



    Wee bit worried about Broonie not travelling. He is the captain and if we are honest, the only captain we have. Witness early season without him. Not normally critical and I understand the yellow cards issue but without Brown, Celtic lack cohesion and will.




  4. is there anythin about betty that isnae objectionable? lol



    Marrakesh express


    I remember playin in same league as St julies,Bartholomnews and another one up there at primary school,and agaist maggies for bellarmine.always good games.


    1st job on leavin school was in wullie.brogans in that arcade.great laugh



  5. jude



    yeh big laurie fae denniston.



    makes a point sound like an oscar thankyou speech.





    SSB should be renamed the


    OF association show.found


    the call a bit cringey,that and fact VVD will stay for summer cos of


    the huge importance of our game wi the 2 year olds.


    I giggled at that one




  6. !!bada bing!!



    No – and if it was we could have got some amount of pies for the bill which was over £800. Celticrollercoaster was still pale tonight at the 5s thinking about it.



    Ho Wong incidentally.

  7. Lymmbhoy



    cheers for getting to me regards the A-league.I hope its successful



    The chat over here is





    listening to Tom English over here saying they have some problems,discipline etc.teammates fightin etc


    I think it an ambitious move for Utd ne interesting to see how it works out



    hail hail

  8. overseasbhoy (not Mexico) on

    So Christmas cancelled at the jobbydome in Govan. Shame – no mince pies for Aunt Sally.

  9. I met Ally McCoist in 1989 at my office leaving party in the centre of Glasgow. He was with Durrant (on crutches) and a fringe player called McDonald. McCoist had a trophy with him and had just come from a supporters function. They were getting some hassle upstairs. I had hired the downstairs room and the owner asked if I would let them sit in the corner of the function room. I agreed. They came kn anx McCoist approached me and thanked me and shook my hand. He put £100 behind the bar for us and they sat in the corner and he signed a few autographs. A few of the girls were getting very animated. Anyway, McCoist was an absolute gentleman that night and came over and thanked me again later when they were leaving.



    I met him about a year later at Drumpellier Cricket Club and he remembered me. Again, a gentleman of the highest order. Ok it was a long time ago but I can’t lie. I couldn’t fault him then. Never met him since so nothing more I can say. Just wanted to balance dome of the negative posts about the guy on here tonight with my own experience.

  10. The Xmas sash bash at the bigotdome is cancelled, oh well only the July ‘celebrations’ and the ‘Brits day out ‘ this year….




  11. Durrant on crutches? I am only person who has never seen the tackle…. but a week after it IO was in Roccoco club in hamilton at pals stag night (Accies fan) and he was up on tables jumping about… so maybe his long lay off wasn’t all Neil Simpsons fault…

  12. The US Senate tonight passes a bill to impose sanctions on individuals in Venezuela who they consider have violated the human rights of other Venezuelans..but….


    it cannot find agreement to approve their own new Surgeon General who’s only been waiting a year for them to confirm him in post.



    Apparently, China, Russia, Zimbabwe, &the USA themselves do not engage in the violation of citizens human rights.



    USA still the bully, spreading democracy just like they have at the home of the brave.

  13. .



    G’Day CQN..



    Only 52 More Sleeps till the Next Old Firm Derby..



    Thumbs Up..




  14. On Feb 1, Celtic players should take the field, place a glass ball (sphere/orb) in the centre circle then all gather around holding hands.


    Then Broonie should say, “is there anybody there?”



    That’s what you’ll need to stage an OF match with a deid team.

  15. Celtic v Rangers 2015.



    The first ever football match to be played with a ouija board instead of a ball.

  16. .



    mea culpa



    05:57 on 11 December, 2014


    On Feb 1, Celtic players should take the field, place a glass ball (sphere/orb) in the centre circle then all gather around holding hands.


    Then Broonie should say, “is there anybody there?”



    That’s what you’ll need to stage an OF match with a deid team.






    Mate I 100% agree with You that it will Only be the 11 Celtic players there..



    As the Game is the Following Day..【ツ】



    Don’t worry I make mistakes when l get that Excited about a Big Match coming Well






  17. Just got back to Brisbane…..ffs……they said we might be the last plane allowed down…..all others possibly diverted…..airport would be at least temporarily shut…… We came through sheet lightening and bolts ricocheting between two layers of clouds.



    Sattelite tv systems now gone down and woe upon woe we’ve lost the Australia v India cricket.



    The current downpour is seriously like a dam burst.



    I predict a snow storm in Delhi next week.



    Mind you it was exciting in a sort of ‘oh feck…..’ sort of a way.






    Hail hail




  18. Good morning friends. Most of the ole storm appears to have passed now although it’s still a wet and blowy morning here in East Kilbride. But another European Game (the first of at least 3) to look forward to tonight. Which is nice.

  19. Afc Wimbledon drawn against Liverpool. Referred by Alan Brazil as a huge game for Wimbledon as it will rekindle the memories of them beating Liverpool in the cup in a “former incarnation”. This would be the dignified and accurate way to describe The Rangers in relation to Rangers. I’m afraid dignity and ibrox are

  20. .



    Mea Culpa..









    It’s Not very Often Peeps say I’m ahead of the Game..Ha








    AFC Wimbledon have said that they will charge their usual prices for this game,from £4-25.



    With the size of their ground,gate receipts are estimated at under £70k. In total!



    Good for them,an excellent way to reward their faithful fans.

  22. Gearoid1998



    Thank you for your help. My brother and myself are in a hotel in the city centre. I will get a taxi. I’ll be the smallest guy in the pub. That’s a pint I owe you.