Training Compensation, withdrawn rant, Celtic action on the streets


Football clubs tie themselves in knots sometimes.  Newco Rangers fired off with an incorrect rant on the same club/new club debate yesterday, only to be told to withdraw it a couple of hours later – which they promptly did.  Dundee United signed Charlie Telfer on a free contract and were due to pay Training Compensation to his previous club, for the player’s development from when he was 13-years-old.

Football operates a Training Compensation system whereby clubs signing players up to 23-years-old have to make a payment for the development of the player since they were 13.  The payment is made in its entirety to the club which previously held the player’s registration.  The receiving club is then obliged to pay any previous clubs for their portion of the player’s development.

Dundee United contested the rate at which they had to pay for Charlie Telfer, incorrectly, as it turned out.  They did not contest that they were due to pay the entirety of Telfer’s development to the preceding club.  No mechanism exists to forgive Training Compensation obligations in the event a preceding club no longer exist.  Any monies due remain payable, ultimately to the club’s creditors.

Those at Newco who fired off the statement in haste yesterday will now consider that they have collected payment for services fulfilled by oldco.  It is up to Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, to recover their portion of the money from Dundee United on behalf of creditors.

A condition which Newco signed up to, to gain membership of the SFA, was that they become responsible for all Rangers’ football financial obligations.  This includes paying down Training Compensation, as well as the still-uncollected £250k fine levied by the Nimmo Smith Inquiry.

That £250k fine has become something of a football ‘football’.  It is a football debt due to the SPL, which has since folded its liabilities and obligations onto the SPFL.  The SPL was not in a position to enforce payment as newco never played top flight football, so the matter was parked until it became actionable.  I don’t know the current position of the Nimmo Smith £250k debt but faux bravado can only encourage others to ask the question, “Where’s our £250k?”

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The whole ‘More than a club’ business takes life on the streets of Scotland, the schools of Africa and lots of places in between.  You need to watch the video to find out how.

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  1. Bada,



    I disagree. I think it’s a fair fee.



    Its only 204k more than they got for Kane hemmings. ;p



    I wonder how much the undisclosed fee was they got for Rory Loy was?

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    There used to be a butcher in Barrhead called Morrow who had a sign above his shop which read:



    “Come to Morrow for today’s dinner!”



    Now, I don’t want to be BORON on the blog but why don’t we just get IRIDIUM by calling in the COPPERs and getting them to ACTINIUM on the widely known fact that their club has been run by series of BERKELIUMS who are about as straight as Ronnie Biggs and who have ran of with nearly every last NICKEL and all the GOLD and SILVER that the poor folk had.



    Now they constantly have to put the TIN around via the stock market.



    Not only that, it should never be forgotten that David Murray was trying to SELENIUM for four years but he couldn’y DYSPROSIUM.



    Then we Craigy came along and made sure that they were bumped out of EUROPIUM for the foreseeable future and HAFNIUM have never turned up for a game since.



    All of this comes about because of a RADON Ibrox when the Police discovered undisclosed side letters which HASSIUM bang to rights with the tax man.



    Bringing in Alistair Johnstone from CALIFORNIUM and AMERICIUM didn’y CURIUM the failings of the board, although it has to be said that big Alistair was hardly EINSTEINIUM!



    They LEAD Scottish football right up the garden path and there is every possibility that the new club will ZINC without trace in the near future when they finally run out of financial OXYGEN.



    The whole thing has just been a SILICON perpetrated by crooks and it has caused many people to SULPHUR.



    The SFA need to IRON the whole thing out but that organisation is ran by a shower of ARSENICS.



    If their tribute team do run out at Hampden Celtic should just get INDIUM and knock about 6 past them.



    That would be BERYLLIUM and would no doubt RUBIDIUM up the wrong way and be almost to much – in might in fact BARIUM!



    Anyway, I must go and do some work I can’t stay here making this stuff up all day I have better things to do with my time.



    Of course all of this is written with my TUNGSTEN firmly in my cheek and the other lot can go and get it RHENIUM.






    ANTIMONY — runner up first class in the NOBELIUM prize for punnery!

  3. Noticeable that JC is talking to the press a bit more these days. I think after a number of months in charge Ronny & John now have their minds thinking the same way and John takes on some of the press duties when required. Everything at the club now seems to be settling down. I think Ronny is now settled into the role and the results in the main are positively reflecting that. January ins and outs are huge for me as I stated previously.





    I just hope the right moves in and out are made in the window. The treble is within our grasp this season. I have not seen one side in this country who can come anywhere near Celtic at their best. I think we have yet to see the best of Ronny’s Celtic.



    Good times ahead.




  4. BRTH,



    Could you please tell me where this butcher, Morrow, was located? I’m b&b Barrhead and have never heard of him.







  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Wonder if the firing of a sevco director today has anything to do with the numpty statement by sevco yesterday ? …..scapegoat, hung out to dry ?

  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    I don’t know the answer to your question as it was a pal from Barrhead who told me.

  7. goat hung out to dry ………….




    enough of these mazonic rituals on here



    down with this sort of thing

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma




    16:31 on 10 December, 2014




    Brilliant -Though some of those elements have yet to be discovered!

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    saint stivs



    16:52 on 10 December, 2014



    Hahahahahahaha …. Brilliant

  10. Damn – 10 years in Industrial Chemistry and missed an afternoon of chemistry jokes ! Well it was a while ago Merlin taught me Alchemy actually – easier then, as only 4 elements (earth, wind, fire and water) , but did come across this one ….



    Administratium; (Ad)



    A major research institute has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. This new element, which has been tentatively named “Administratium”, (Ad), has no protons or electrons and thus has an atomic number of 0.



    Administratium has 1 neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 111 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.



    These 312 particles are held together by a force that involves the continuous exchange of meson like particles called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.



    Weak interactions between neutrons and morons are mediated by Intermediate Vector Boson W and Z like particles, the bureaucratite heavy particles called the inactive Wanker and Zhyster type Bozos.



    Some idlers in this field believe that bureaucraticle heavies (bureaucratite particle (peon+)) are only inactive Wanker boZos. Peon_ bureaucraticle heavies do not exist as there is nothing for these control freaks to do and they therefore move in ever decreasing circles until they disappear into a mini black hole in the back office (or orifice according to some authorities).



    Since Administratium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected, as it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact: i.e. a minute amount of Administratium causes one reaction to take over 4 days to complete, when it would normally take less than a second. Administratium has a normal half-life of 3 years; it does not decay however, but instead undergoes a reorganization, in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons and assistant deputy neutrons exchange places.



    In fact, Administratium’s mass will actually increase over time since each reorganization causes some morons to become neutrons forming isodopes one of which undergoes decay downsizing to the small element called Bureaucratium, also thought to become dense with Administratium to form a complex that inhibits all reactions totally by forming an impervious networking barrier. This is notable as the only fast reaction in which Administratium participates.



    This characteristic of moron-promotion (isodope formation) leads some scientists to speculate that Administratium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as “Critical Morass.”



    Researchers at other laboratories indicated that Administratium occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It tends to concentrate at certain points such as universities, government agencies, large corporations, and schools. The element can be found in the newest, best-appointed and best-maintained buildings

  11. eddieinkirkmichael on

    What do you do with a sick Sevconian?


    Ifyou can’t helium, and you can’t curium, then you might as well barium.

  12. eddieinkirkmichael on

    I was reading a book about helium,couldn’t put it down.



    BTW don’t trust Atoms, they make up everything ;)




    A wee shout out to GG, jammabhoy, The Token Tim, Kelvin Bhoy and Penfold to get your next pick chosen. Email reminder just sent with full details.




  14. Maybe some should serve a “Cease & Desist” order on BFDJ in his risible defence of Super Alloa

  15. Horrid Henry




    17:06 on 10 December, 2014




    Maybe some should serve a “Cease & Desist” order on BFDJ in his risible defence of Super Alloa





    Heavens no! Let him continue to his heart’s content.

  16. See that wee rat Walker ruminating in one of the links to newsnow that he is not sure whether VVD good enough to play for Arsenal or Tottenham.


    Good in some ways in that ,given the sage that Andy is, it might put them off.


    Irony obviously lost on him in that Du Wei could star in the Arsenal defence at the minute.



  17. gearoid1998-VVDs price goes up every time you watch a so called ‘top’ EPL side,Chelsea excluded.I think we will get more money for him at the end of the season.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    From oor Phil



    No comment. No denial.


    Leave a reply


    I have no idea who puts material up onto the Sevco website.



    However I understand that Mr Derek Llambias had something taken down rather sharpish yesterday.



    Today I contacted the BDO Press Office about the change in the statement on the Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) website regarding the Telfer case.



    BDO are, of course, the liquidators of Rangers (1872) and I had good reason to be contacting them.



    I told BDO that I was in possession of information that a letter had been served on RIFC yesterday by them apropos the original statement on the website of RIFC/TRFC.



    Moreover I told BDO that my sources informed me that the terms of said missive was that it instructed the two year old club to cease and desist making references to Rangers prior to the liquidation.



    I then put the following questions to BDO in writing:



    I understand that BDO, or legal representatives acting for BDO, communicated with Rangers International Football Club apropos this matter yesterday.



    Did Dundee United FC or their legal representatives contact BDO apropos this matter?



    A BDO spokesperson replied that:



    “On this occasion, BDO does not wish to make any comment.”



    You will note dear reader that a denial was not issued.

  19. A little something to take our minds off the Sevco Fiasco…………



    Great satements……………



    ~ John Glenn…



    As I hurtled through space,



    One thought kept crossing my mind –



    Every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.





    Â ~ Desmond Tutu…



    When the white missionaries came to Africa



    They had the Bible and We had the land.



    They said,



    ‘Let us pray.’



    We closed our eyes.



    When we opened them,



    We had the Bible and They had the land.





    ~ David Letterman…



    America is the only country where a significant proportion of the population



    Believes that professional wrestling is real



    But The moon landing was faked.





    ~ Howard Hughes…



    I’m not a paranoid, deranged millionaire.



    God dammit I’m a billionaire.





    ~ Jean Kerr…



    The only reason they say ‘Women and children first’ is



    To test the strength of the lifeboats.





    ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor…



    I’ve been married to a communist and a fascist, and neither would take out the garbage.





    Jeff Foxworthy…



    You know you’re a redneck if your home has wheels and your car doesn’t.





    ~ Prince Philip…



    When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.





    ~ Emo Philips…



    A computer once beat me at chess,But It was no match for me at kick boxing.





    ~ Harrison Ford…



    Wood burns faster when you have to cut and chop it yourself.





    ~ Spike Milligan…



    The best cure for Sea Sickness is to sit under a tree.





    ~ Robin Hall…



    Lawyers believe a person is innocent until proven broke.





    ~ Jean Rostand…



    Kill one man and you’re a murderer.



    Kill a million and you’re a conqueror.





    ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger…



    Having more money doesn’t make you happier.



    I have 50 million dollars But I was just as happy when I had 48 million.





    WH Auden…



    We are here on earth to do good unto others.



    What the others are here for, I have no idea.





    ~ Jonathan Katz…



    In hotel rooms I worry. I can’t be the only guy who sits on the furniture naked.





    ~ Johnny Carson…



    If life were fair, Elvis would still be alive today



    And All the impersonators would be dead.





    ~ Jimmy Durante…



    Home cooking.



    Where many a man thinks his wife is.





    ~ George Roberts…



    The first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone.





    ~ Jonathan Winters…



    If God had intended us to fly he would have made it easier to get to the airport.





    ~ Robert Benchley…



    I have kleptomania.



    When it gets bad, I take something for it.
















  20. Bada@17.12


    It certainly does and at some stage he may leave (indeed if he would rather be elsewhere then so be it).


    What really annoys me is Walker talking VVD’s abilities down. As someone on here has remarked ex Tim’s cannot get a media gig unless they are scathing in their analysis of Celtic. Whereas ex players of the dead team are fulsome in their praise of the tribute act.(It must be a condition of their EBT’s).

  21. Should be tight games tonight.


    Barca don’t have a great record v PSG,


    P6, W 1 D3 , L2.


    Might go 1- 0, 1 -1.


    Vital game for Citeh.who might struggle without Aguerro, as they did v Everton.


    Roma were trounced at home by


    Bayern. Don’t think they can be as bad again. Might go for the draw.



  22. LiviBhoy


    15:28 on


    10 December, 2014


    winning captains



    Nir ‘Biton’ Bitton joins a small list of Celtic men who seemed to have their name altered after they arrived.



    Mark ‘Marko’ Viduka is probably one of the better known and nobody will ever forget the departure of Lou ‘Luigi’ Macari.



    Any others?







    Has anyone mentioned Anton “Jesus Christ!” Rogan yet..?

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