Training Compensation, withdrawn rant, Celtic action on the streets


Football clubs tie themselves in knots sometimes.  Newco Rangers fired off with an incorrect rant on the same club/new club debate yesterday, only to be told to withdraw it a couple of hours later – which they promptly did.  Dundee United signed Charlie Telfer on a free contract and were due to pay Training Compensation to his previous club, for the player’s development from when he was 13-years-old.

Football operates a Training Compensation system whereby clubs signing players up to 23-years-old have to make a payment for the development of the player since they were 13.  The payment is made in its entirety to the club which previously held the player’s registration.  The receiving club is then obliged to pay any previous clubs for their portion of the player’s development.

Dundee United contested the rate at which they had to pay for Charlie Telfer, incorrectly, as it turned out.  They did not contest that they were due to pay the entirety of Telfer’s development to the preceding club.  No mechanism exists to forgive Training Compensation obligations in the event a preceding club no longer exist.  Any monies due remain payable, ultimately to the club’s creditors.

Those at Newco who fired off the statement in haste yesterday will now consider that they have collected payment for services fulfilled by oldco.  It is up to Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, to recover their portion of the money from Dundee United on behalf of creditors.

A condition which Newco signed up to, to gain membership of the SFA, was that they become responsible for all Rangers’ football financial obligations.  This includes paying down Training Compensation, as well as the still-uncollected £250k fine levied by the Nimmo Smith Inquiry.

That £250k fine has become something of a football ‘football’.  It is a football debt due to the SPL, which has since folded its liabilities and obligations onto the SPFL.  The SPL was not in a position to enforce payment as newco never played top flight football, so the matter was parked until it became actionable.  I don’t know the current position of the Nimmo Smith £250k debt but faux bravado can only encourage others to ask the question, “Where’s our £250k?”

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The whole ‘More than a club’ business takes life on the streets of Scotland, the schools of Africa and lots of places in between.  You need to watch the video to find out how.

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  1. From bamboo @ 17:38



    The company that owned Rangers went into liquidation but the club and assets were bought out of administration before the company was liquidated therefore this report is factually correct.


    We were referring to the football team here and not the company that formerly owned it.



    We frequently refer to the liquidation of the company that owned Rangers when reporting on business and finanical matters.



    We will continue to refer to Rangers as the same club ; where we will make a distinction is between the old company and the company which currently controls the club’s assets. This is in line with the BBC Trust findings on the matter ,



    Could one of out blog experts rationalise this statement and then tell us how we address this nonsense?



    As a signatory of Res 12 and contributor to the Herald ‘raffle’, I find unchallenged statements from a national broadcaster a real slap in the face as I sit waiting patiently for the powers that be to set the record straight – that is if they have any intention of doing so !



    If this ludicrous situation is still in play come the League Cup semi final, I think there truly will be ‘Armageddon’ on the day, and it will it will be in no small way down to the miscreants being given the extra fuel to carry to the fight.



    I cannot see it being in anybodies best interests anymore to play this ‘softly softly’ approach. It would seem that the BBC Trust have made their position public without fear of retribution, why not Celtic PLC and/or the SFA / SPFL ?

  2. Basle played some excellent football last night, incredibly they have now beaten Chelsea, Spurs Man. Utd and now Liverpool in recent seasons and are a great example for teams coming from smaller countries with lesser leagues. they are eight points clear at the top of the Swiss league as they head for yet another Championship. Like Celtic, they feel they have outgrown their domestic league and would love to move next door to the Bundesliga.


    Is their budget smaller than Celtic’s? if so they have some excellent footballers and seem to rebuild quickly every season despite losing players and make the group stages of the Champions League and further.



    Cardiff City’s paltry offer for Stokesy is laughable, I think Padraig Harrington gets that in appearance money when he plays in golfing tournaments, and to think Cardiff got 60 million for being relegated to the Championship, who are they kidding.

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    jackie mac



    18:22 on 10 December, 2014



    Don’t knock it….

  4. Tom you are deluded. The fix is in and scotland is on message to pretend nothing happened.



    I see celtic supporters are once again desperate to sell our best player………




  5. SSB


    Guidi states that Celtic will probably keep VVD beyond January, especially for the big game against R***ers. Ha ha ha

  6. Celtic striker Anthony Stokes signed a three-year contract extension October 2013 – he has approx 18+ months left on his contract.

  7. FFS #SSB has Charlie Miller, Sportsound has Barry Fergahun and his Brother. Thank god for CL Footy tonight. Operation Sevco in full force.

  8. Tom McLaughlin



    why would Stokesy go to a crowd of losers like Cardiff City who made a total hash of their time in the Premier league due to the total incompetence of those at the helm of the club.

  9. .



    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma


    18:12 on


    10 December, 2014


    The BBC can only say what they say because of the daft Nimmo Smith ruling.



    Re Res 12 – I am working on the next stage of that just now and have someone to go and see tomorrow.



    Personally, I don’t agree with Morrissey on the issue of Celtic making a statement on their website regarding the resolution and I think it would be detrimental to our interests and goals.



    The resolution is an internal Celtic PLC process going from shareholders to board and then on through the board to a third party.



    A statement on the webpage is a broadcast to the whole world and is there for anyone to see.






    Thank You for explaining what l was trying to say to Morrisey and Auldheid earlier Re: Celtic’s Inaction..



    In the 90’s Celtic FC seemed to be getting dragged through the Courts every other Month..We don’t see that Now and that is because they have a Good Legal team behind Opposed to RFCIL having a PR Man that writes on Follow Follow..



    Summa of PowderDryCSC

  10. Morrissey the 23rd on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma @ 18:12



    In Brogan Rogan I trust.

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gearoid, nice to read your comments about Anton.



    He scored my favourite goal against that mob, our first in a 3 nil win on 24/3/91, the week after the St Patrick’s Day massacre game.



    Anton’s goal was really scrappy, a trundler with his right foot, at the sticky bun end. He had taken so much crap from that shower, him scoring against them the way he did, made it even sweeter.



    He done well to recover from two separate fractures in the same leg to play for us and then appear in a FA cup final with Sunderland. His committment to us could never be faulted.



    When I worked in Lancashire I went to see Blackpool playing as Anton was their left back.



    A few guys I worked with, not Celtic supporters, bumped into him at a casino in Blackpool. They gave him a slagging but Anton gave as good as he got. They all ended up having a great time and Anton arranged for them to get complimentary tickets for Blackpool’s league cup v Man City the following week.



    Sure enough the tickets were waiting for them at the ticket office courtesy of Anton.



    It was sad how Anton had to end his career when a blood clot in his leg was diagnosed and thankfully it did not require amputated.



    I believe he now lives in Oxford. He played for Oxford United for a while before going to Blackpool.

  12. Morrissey the 23rd on

    Summa of Sammi….



    Double ‘s’ in Morrissey. I call you by your name and not Summary like Auldhied does. ;)

  13. Neganon2


    If that is a reference to my post/s you are obviously not reading them correctly OR being disingenuous.


    Indeed the only part that you got right was the Celtic supporters part.


    I am sure I said my preference was for him to sign a long term contract BUT if his heart was elsewhere then get the best deal for Celtic.

  14. hankray



    18:44 on 10 December, 2014Bada BingStokesy is a wealthy man, ffs doesn’t he play for CELTIC.


    the vast majority of players would move to multiply their wages,no matter who they play for,or profess to love.HH

  15. Weeman67




    ~ John Glenn…



    As I hurtled through space,



    One thought kept crossing my mind –



    Every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.




    Read tons of books about the Apollo missions and a recurring story is the astronauts visiting factories where the components were being made. The reason was to make sure the workers felt a personal connection and didn’t cut corners.

  16. There’s wealthy


    then there is Wealthier :))))))))


    Any one of the above would do me just fine but think most wealthy people would prefer to be wealthier .



    Morrissey the 23rd


    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening sir:)))

  17. neganon2


    18:31 on 10 December, 2014


    I see celtic supporters are once again desperate to sell our best player………



    Who even mentioned Michel Lustig let alone want to sell him?

  18. If were talking of getting rid of strikers IMHO Tony Stokes should be the 2nd last out the door .



    Till later all

  19. Was it not Morrisey who stood up at the AGM in 2013 and read out a statement that he/they where happy to leave things with more talks with Celtic, and was it not the same guy (Morrisey) who I kept questioning on that statement, and he told me that I had not got a clue about what I was talking about, and since then I was asked by BRTH to leave things on the back burner as it was a work in progress, and to that I said I would, Morrissy seems unhappy is there a wee bit of a revolt in the camp? Or like he said to me, does he know what is going on, just asking like? It’s just that he was giving it to me tight, and the tide seems to have turned and now he is asking the questions I was nine month ago, seems strange?

  20. Tom McLaughlin @ 18:30



    embramike – There will come a day soon when BDO will blow the “same club” myth right out of the water. Of that we can be sure.



    I wish I could be sure but I’m not. The power of the establishment / brotherhood should not be underestimated here and they won’t let legalities get in the road.



    I am a ST holder and shareholder and as such signed up to Resolution 12 last year. I have waited patiently for updates and it would seem that as I am not one of the subset dealing directly with the club, I am not, for some reason, going to get one.



    I heard there was to be an update at the AGM and so kept my powder dry there as I had only returned from holiday the evening before and had not had a chance for any catch up. With nothing concrete being announced, I intended to approach our CEO after the AGM but was ‘crowded out’.



    In the absence of any obvious movement forward, I plan to do what I originally intended and write to the club as he suggested as an option at the AGM, and ask to meet with Peter Lawwell to discuss the whole issue.



    Perhaps he can convince me to be patient and not take this into the public domain as I am happy to do, but he better be pretty persuasive.

  21. Tom McLaughlin



    You did say 1.5million from Cardiff City for Stokesy would be good business. I gave my opinion on what I thought of that club.

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