Training ground value in Friday night football


Two weeks of kicking our heels comes to an end tomorrow as Celtic return to action in the Premiership, before facing Rosenborg in the Europa League at Celtic Park six days later.  Coincidentally, both opponents sacked their manager ahead of Celtic games in recent weeks, Kare Ingebrigtsen left the Norwegians six days before he was due to face Celtic, while St Mirren sacked Alan Stubbs last week.

Ingebrigtsen’s departure did not help Rosenborg against Celtic, but their form since has been an impressive seven wins and a draw from eight outings.  They are now two points clear at the top of the Eliteserien table.

Oran Kearney may be able to effect a similar improvement at St Mirren, but Celtic should have enough to make tomorrow night’s game something of a learning opportunity for the Irishman, just as they did for Rosenborg’s interim coach, Rini Coolen.

Don’t underestimate the value in the extra day’s rest a Friday night game gives you.  Brendan will have an extra day at Lennoxtown, which is not dedicated to recovery or strength training.

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  1. TTT


    Wullie H was asked why he did this and what he was getting in return he said it the home of Scottish football and he was concerned it was going to Murrayfield otherwise

  2. I know this won’t be popular on here , but I’ve been following the Scottish Ladies team on social media. Guts, pride and sheer determination spring to mind.



    We played the female tribute act at East Kilbride recently. It ended 0-0 , but why didn’t Celtic promote this game?. If Man City can take the time and effort ( not to mention finance) to promote thier ladies team then we should do similar.



    Who knows our Ladies team may even get a couple of loans in.?



    Seriously though, with no major club games it was the perfect time.




  3. Agbonlahor


    Good player in his prime, but tendency to be lazy. Currently he is way overweight and certainly lost his hunger and desire for football.My advice -keep well clear.



    Against St Miren I’d be reluctant to play any new bhoyz until we are a few goals up, no risks please.




  4. Steve Clarke charged for questioning the farce that is the disciplinary process…….which the SFA has just sent out to other bodies, to try and come up with a better system, sums that lot up…..

  5. BMCUW



    LOL !! Are you involved in running that site or maybe post under a different user name on it?


    thats qute a few times you’ve referenced it on here .



    Anyway ,really looking forward to tomorrows game , maybe see a couple of changes in the shape of Mulumbo , Benkovic and maybe a wee run oot for Morgan .





    I was asked by the host to put him in touch with some people who he hoped could help with the set-up of the site,and also to help publicise it.



    I’ve referenced it a couple of times on other sites too. And yes,I use different monikers on each site. Always have done,even before I discovered CQN.





    I can see your point,but we probably need to get the regulars back up to speed together after their enforced break.



    Of course,there’s a few more enforced breaks coming up thick and fast. Could be as good a time as any to get the new boys into the side.

  8. Lustig is a doubt tomorrow and Gamboa was in the far east somewhere with Costa Rica. Therefore it presents an opportunity to play 3-5-2 and introduce Benkovic who played for Croatia u21’s. Forrest and Brown will be fresh as will Edouard,






    Benkovic Boyata Ajer



    Forrest Brown Ntcham KT






    Griffiths Edouard

  9. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    In the MON years, we won many a game in the last minute; in the WGS (at some stage we have to have a serious reviews of this guy’s strengths, he was amazing) years, we oft won ugly! My nerves are building before tomorrow instinctively anticipating a banana skin but it feels different – the squad is too strong in talent and options and broonie and depth.



    Love this one by u2 – bono’s voice is amazing.




  10. Jack of Sevco says Collum should be demoted as punishment for not giving a foul,my question the the SFA is why has Jack not been cited for this comment as others have been cited for less?


    I’m sure Craig Gordon will be cited of that I have no doubt , if it happens I hope Celtic support him, and he also gets the backing of his union.


    These panels are jobs for the boys and will need to be paid for by money that could be spent elsewhere in the game, how much do they cost to administer?


    Maxwell get off your arse and deal with this stuff.

  11. SIPSINI on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2018 6:07 PM


    Craig Gordon on STV sports news will be interesting.



    That turncoat fud Mark Wilson giving CG stick for mentioning referees allegiance ,Wilson knows the score, but he knows how to take the Kings shilling even more.

  12. thought id share this with you, we all know and love and hate the glesca polis, as you know or may not no there is a taxi rank opposite our dog grooming salon, now when joan throws me out the salon for getting on her nerves I go and annoy the cab drivers as having been one in another life, so what im about to tell you is unbelievable, but knowing paul the cabbie he is as straight as they come, anyway he picked up 4 young lads last Saturday about 8pm dropped them off in a town near to me called Runcorn, the fare was 8 quid they gave him a tenner so he was happy, 11-45 knock at the door 2 policewomen we need to take your cab for forencic tests turns out the four young lads had been involved in a stabbing, so they took his cab for 3 days for tests then when he went to pick it up they said that will be 175 pounds storage charges now he had already lost 3 days work so he said can I claim back the days that I have lost they said no so he said keep the fecking cab and walked out anyway someone rung him up and said come and collect your cab the the charges have been dropped.so he didn’t pay but still lost 3 days work.hh.





    They tried to charge him for storage? Bloody hell,that’s ridiculous.

  14. BMCUW



    Good stuff , if anyone can drum up posters its you, just need to look at the Hootenanay days oot , good numbers for that .



    Hope it goes well for him, her , them :)))

  15. Stewart Armstrong’s £7m transfer from Celtic to Southampton nets Dyce boys club £125,000. BBC show Armstrong scoring a goal for….?


    Correct, Dundee Utd.





    Get your holiday request in for Nov 10,bud. Been a while.

  17. ” Haw Boays……………., here’s me stuck in ma Dookit Salvage an’ Repair business in Pucklechurch-cum-Hively, (jist near Ripley On-The Why)…….. when all ae a sudden……..a big meally puddin’……. came flyin’ thru the air..


    ………………………….aaaaand oooor noo sash winda…


    ….but doo yooz no’ that meallly puddin’ wuz wrapped in an oranj wummin’s apron…


    …….(the apron wuz oranj, dn’t know aboooot the wummin’………….Well!…ah turnt roon tae Babs and said.



    “Get that Big Oranj puddin’ oooot a ma sight!”





    Just wait till PL gets criticised and see who’s in the vanguard(!)





    You’ll be pleased to know that a number of familiar names have offered their time and skills to get that’s site off the ground. Especially after the initial teething problems which prevented posts appearing.



    All greatly appreciated,and worth the effort,I reckon.



    Important to remember that it’s not intended as an either/or alternative to CQN,or to any other site.

  20. BSR



    Remember that one,he actually used the ball to help himself up,ref (Thomson)? standing watching him from 5 yds away,guess what? we got fek all:O(

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