Training ground value in Friday night football


Two weeks of kicking our heels comes to an end tomorrow as Celtic return to action in the Premiership, before facing Rosenborg in the Europa League at Celtic Park six days later.  Coincidentally, both opponents sacked their manager ahead of Celtic games in recent weeks, Kare Ingebrigtsen left the Norwegians six days before he was due to face Celtic, while St Mirren sacked Alan Stubbs last week.

Ingebrigtsen’s departure did not help Rosenborg against Celtic, but their form since has been an impressive seven wins and a draw from eight outings.  They are now two points clear at the top of the Eliteserien table.

Oran Kearney may be able to effect a similar improvement at St Mirren, but Celtic should have enough to make tomorrow night’s game something of a learning opportunity for the Irishman, just as they did for Rosenborg’s interim coach, Rini Coolen.

Don’t underestimate the value in the extra day’s rest a Friday night game gives you.  Brendan will have an extra day at Lennoxtown, which is not dedicated to recovery or strength training.

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  1. Good evening CQN from a drenched Garngad



    How many Irish/Norn Irish managers in our top flight?? 4??



    D. :)

  2. FRANNYB67



    A few years ago i made my feelings quite clear how i felt about Celtic players pulling on the Scotland strip.


    Needless to say i was hounded for my views / opinion……keep ma mooth shut noo .



    players have always and will always see the game different to us , its their livelihood and caps for your country dont come round often for some .



    Craig Gordon Scotlands no1plays in a friendly and dropped for the real thing , in other jobs most of us would tell their boss to stick it being used like that , imo.

  3. Naw I make it 5 now







    Robinson Motherwell







    Any others



    D. :)

  4. BP1 hope you are all well



    Naw it’s no. Nightmare



    Sunday- service to all radiators and boiler and replace 1 rad trv – then that Radiator doesn’t work.


    Wednesday – 2nd engineer out- cut 10mm pipe at radiator and has no parts in van, leaves us with no heating or hot water and says he put it through on computer for another engineer on Thursday morning.


    Thursday – 3rd engineer turns up with no parts at 9 am and says he will be back at 1pm, fixes radiator and leaves…. Whoopee… Nope now 2 radiators not working.



    Spent an hour on phone complaining to get £50 and 4th engineer out mañana



    Scottish gas are a farce



    D. :)

  5. BMCUW




    NOV 10 is doable as was the last one until unexpected circumstances crop up , just ask BLANTYRETIM how many times i’ve let him down at the last minute.



    As for the other blog , it could be a win win situation for Paul ……the mineshafters emigrate to it , leaving the blog to the happy clappers , HAPPY DAYS :)))))

  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Parking the bus



    Saint midden team talk




    unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something.


    “her father had tried persuasion, but she was intransigent”


    synonyms: uncompromising, inflexible, unbending, unyielding, unshakeable, unwavering, resolute, unpersuadable, unmalleable, unaccommodating, uncooperative, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, pig-headed, bull-headed, single-minded, iron-willed, hard-line, hard and fast, diehard, immovable, unrelenting, inexorable, inveterate, rigid, tough, firm, determined, adamant, tenacious; More






    an intransigent person.

  7. David66


    I think that Stevie G is the only manager in the league that is not Scots or lrish.


    Five Irishman six Scotsmen and one thick Scouser I make it.



  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    As the fella once said



    The spirit wave that came to save


    The peerless Celtic soul,


    From earthly stain of greed and gain


    Had caught them in its roll;


    Had swept them high to do or die,


    To sound a trumpet call;


    For true men though few men


    To follow one and all.



    night night y’all, Ghod bless us amárach

  9. Apart from showing Armstrong scoring for Dundee United for whom he last played about four years ago ( did they play any part in the windfall ?), Reporting Scotland saw fit to let us know that the Groundsman wanted to swop the GREEN lawnmower for a BLUE one as that was the colour Dyce play in. Hmm…




  10. Boo hoo this, aboot mibbery


    Boo hoo that, aboot mibbery


    and then, for the first time since Mr Stein went onto the pitch to confront, Bobby Davidson(Ruth’s granda) we have NFL going for the MIBs jugular, making they’re arses collapse as they went on strike, NFL had the hun establishment on the run, putting a team on the pitch that could look after itself, sticking right in the huns craw, so, as Kris Commons said the day after the ‘shame game’….”They(Rangers) came to do a job on us last night,…. and they failed!”….and yet, NFL was flung under the ‘shame game’ bus, by the hun establishment, and the kowtowing Celtic PLC board.


    And what did the Celtic season ticket holding mibbery boo hoo’s do,……they queued up in their tens of thousands, and voted the kowtowing PLC board back into office. All talk and nae troosurs!


    So, bearing all of that in mind,…… who’s fault is it that Celtic supporters are the mibbery punchbags, of the cheap flute faced punks ?


    Empty the park, or let the kowtowing PLC board continue to take you to school.




  11. HS



    Yes, I saw that article and the BBC reportage of the Dyce windfall, was truly BBC.



    Celtic who generated the cash by negotiating a healthy £7M fee for Stuart Armstrong


    didn’t feature.

  12. David66


    I was told today that the new Buddies manager is married to Kenny Shiels daughter.


    Good Tim too.



  13. Moderator



    Still wondering why my post about Laffatme the untrustworthy bigot got deleted last night.



    D. :)

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Hot smoked,



    BBC’s level of coverage is now infantile, Like a group of early age teenagers with plookie coupons cracking jokes that are only funny for that age group

  15. David66


    I know that Robinson at Motherwell and Wright at Saint John’s Toon are not Irish Tims, but I respect them both as good men. Love Lenny and Brendan loads. :)



  16. Speedy recovery to St Stivs, and to all other Celts recovering from , or about to undergo some sort of medical procedure. This place is great for reminding you of how lucky you are sometimes.



    Magical things those stents. Will usually provide the opportunity for a much fuller and healthy lifestyle, and saved many from going under the surgeons knife and life-changing but very traumatic operations.


    A big Hail Hail to all our heroes in the NHS.

  17. Sometimes I deal in reality.



    I try not to but occasionally the wee black devil that lurks inside all our psyches escapes from the daily drudgery of creating a false world of escapism, within which we water the seeds and talk to the petals of the flowering plant that is our imagination’s view of our own being.



    The truth of that reality is vastly different.



    I know for instance that most people I meet consider me a total unreconstructed eejit, drunkard, loudmouth, opinionated, flippant waster of the highest order….. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY TO THE CONTRARY.



    And how do I know this?



    Well only because the statistical likelihood is staring me in my own neural synapses; After all and after a few drinks, I consider most people I meet to be the an unreconstructed eejit, drunkard, loudmouth, opinionated, flippant waster of the highest order. But of course they aren’t really that. They are really progressive, intelligent, articulate, considered, serious and industrious paragons of humanity. As I am.



    It was this choice that faced me as I lay wired for sound, confined by the fraility of the cells, blood, bone, muscle and the nurse asked if I had any final words….Just a couple I said…”Did you read the paper this morning” i enquired…”.this is my tribute to them”……….




    It seems perverse tae wipe yer erse


    Wae Mail or Times or Sun


    Where headlines smudge ye, in the cludgy


    As newsprint tends tae run



    The ink aye leaks across yer cheeks


    An’ photies always smear


    Who wants a hack upon yer crack


    Or Murdoch up yer rear



    Who wants a new quink ink tattoo


    Of Keevins looking glum?


    Jabba the Hutt, across yer butt?


    My God that’s some size bum?



    Hail hail




  18. Bateen


    Big HH and thanks to the likes of your lovely wife. God bless and protect oor NHS.



  19. Delaneys,


    Thanks, she’ll appreciate that.


    By way of thank you from everyone, I’m whisking her off to Dubai to see her wee bhoy for a couple of weeks. I know, I know, it’s a huge sacrifice by me, but it’s one I’m prepared to make to reward her hours and hours of selfless caring for those less fortunate.



  20. Bateen Bhoy from one who has been in and out of hospital in last 2 years all good now, (apart from a 50/50 liver, but working fine) I can honestly say that the staff are angels, I have yet to meet a bad one, they all cannot do enough for the patients.


    May God bless your wife, nae he already has, she is obviously a very kind and caring soul.



    Hail Hail Sir and pass on my gratitude to your good wife



    D. :)

  21. Bsr-what do you bring to the blog apart from pictures of boobs,god bless gingers??or who would win a fight between ????? Does it matter ?

  22. That said about my dodgy liver I canny wait to see the Leather Belts with my mates in the pub tomorrow night. ???






    D. :)

  23. Bateen


    She already knows that I know she is a star.


    We had a great discussion about the NHS in Munchen last October, remember. :))

  24. BP1 I am fine at the moment pal, feel good I have lost a stone, still a fat bassa though. ?


    Going to the gym eating healthy, but I like a wee drink every couple of weeks or so. Which isn’t ideal when trying to loose weight and get a bit fitter, but hey ho.



    Hope your gout gets better thats a sore thing i hear.



    D. :)

  25. GENE, thanks he prescribed me indomethacin, and it went in 2 days, but oh what a pain, like toothache 10 times over cheers pal.hh.

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