Training ground value in Friday night football


Two weeks of kicking our heels comes to an end tomorrow as Celtic return to action in the Premiership, before facing Rosenborg in the Europa League at Celtic Park six days later.  Coincidentally, both opponents sacked their manager ahead of Celtic games in recent weeks, Kare Ingebrigtsen left the Norwegians six days before he was due to face Celtic, while St Mirren sacked Alan Stubbs last week.

Ingebrigtsen’s departure did not help Rosenborg against Celtic, but their form since has been an impressive seven wins and a draw from eight outings.  They are now two points clear at the top of the Eliteserien table.

Oran Kearney may be able to effect a similar improvement at St Mirren, but Celtic should have enough to make tomorrow night’s game something of a learning opportunity for the Irishman, just as they did for Rosenborg’s interim coach, Rini Coolen.

Don’t underestimate the value in the extra day’s rest a Friday night game gives you.  Brendan will have an extra day at Lennoxtown, which is not dedicated to recovery or strength training.

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  1. David66


    The fit, strong centre half you were in your teens at Saint Tams should have made you a pro fitba player. My mate Roddy Manley in my year, made it wi Dundee and won a medal at Hampden. The best player in your year was my mate Mark Flaherty. Watched him a few times for Alloa, then he got fed up. Great player lost sadly. Many like Mark.



  2. We have played at the new St Mirren park. A. Few seasons ago we hired the ground for pre season friendlies against European opposition. I recall Gary McKay Stevens scoring a peach early on




    KENNY ( calton bhoy ) would’ve been a happy clapper indeed , unfortunately the times i showed him some posts while working together , he thought most were self serving fannies, lol , that coming from a guy who had some ego, made me really laugh out loud .



    Regards the more CELTIC BLOGS the better , only if the content and quality is on a par or better than CQN IMO.

  4. Good to watch on the news Kelly Sotherton getting her bronze medal after 10 years due to the cheating of others.



    If only the same could be said about our corrupt institutes in the hampden cabal doing similar.



    Oh well, not in my lifetime.

  5. Bigbhoy


    I was at the 3 friendlies at Saint Mirren ground. Den Bosch, Dukla Prague and Real Sociedad. Remember we turned the Buddies Store into Celtic shop for a week. The buddie fans hated it. :)



  6. The system for reviewing incidents – it is video that is used is it not?



    During the World Cup the VAR review folk weren’t in the stadium were they?



    Not even in same city?



    Following my direction of travel here?



    Why does the review have to take place in Scotland?



    Why do the reviewers even need to be in the same room or same country?



    There is an excellent business opportunity for a mixed panel of referees and players to review remotely for an agreed price. 



    Instead of casting doubts on domestic bias of referee’s (that no one in Scotland would admit to because of how it reflects badly on a society that tolerates it) turn the flaws into a business opportunity for ex refs and players.



    All it takes is to recognise that there is an inherent bias because of Scottish history, perhaps unconscious in some, that will always make internal policing open to question, and seek an alternative arrangement in the form of  a professional independent service.

  7. Mars…



    What planet are you on? ☺



    Don’t dare suggest there is a teir system on here.



    The intellects and us mere mortals.??☘

  8. Sipsini


    How you doin ma Fenian Bro, Provo Joe.


    I before E, except after C. Young man ;))))))




    Btw,re a drenched Garngad,just mailed an old friend in North Carolina.



    He’s miles inland,no real danger to him and his family from Florence. So much so that he’s taking in “refugees” from the coast!



    Aye,only expecting 15 inches now,not the 20 they were earlier warned about.



    Blinking flip…




    When at school i had the misfortune of getting the belt …. my misdemeanor , was correcting the teacher on that very subject , i before e unless after c ….what about , weight , freight so on and so on sir


    when everyone stopped laughing at him, he summoned me to the front and duly got his revenge.



    After that i knew my place , :))

  11. DD…



    I before E not in all cases!



    I was just highlighting that I’m in level 5 like Marspapa.??



    Hope your well mate, catch up soon.






    You will soon be darker than me. Enjoy your well earned break mate.



    Kip time.?????

  12. Auldheid-great idea re ref decisions, seems to work fine in other countries, I would agree with it when Dallas retires HH

  13. I before E except at C when the sound is EE.



    The last bit kills of words like weight. But there are some exceptions. Weird.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Just keep to the general rule and learn the exceptions.



    Just like every language.



    Fred J Schonell CSC

  15. Marspapa


    I once suggested to my English teacher that there were exceptions to his rule. He belted exceptions into my palms. Evil trigger happy bassa. :)






    Every school had one of those teachers , in secondary at ST LEONARDS Easterhouse it was


    COWBOY McCORMACK , he did a windmill action before unleashing a skin removing blast with the belt …once was enough .



    SIPSINI cheers mucker , its the wife that needs to catch a break pal , hopefully it goes well , my daughter has done it with the best intentions .



    You’ll need to drop by for a Chinese lol !!

  17. Good or bad there should be more traffic on the blog with the football returning tomorrow , hope its civil and people don’t bite when / if the usual trolls appear.



    Good night n God Bless .

  18. fu kick on Spence and he was forced to take three months off from his day job.



    And after Gordon came under fire for his comments directed at the SFA’s disciplinary tribunal earlier today, Spence took to Twitter to reveal what the Celtic No 1 did to atone for his error.



    Spence tweeted: “I was off work for 3 months after this challenge but Craig Gordon covered my wages I lost so I forgive him.”

  19. Aye, that bad old dog, Hugh Keevins.


    And yet, Hugh Keevins was the only journalist that Tommy Burns (RIP) could trust to write his book,….


    “Twists And Turns, Tommy Burns.”


    Awfy strange how lauded, the shyte talkers are on here.


    Tic Toc…..


    Saint Stivs – YNWA




  20. DAVID66 on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2018 8:54 PM · EDIT


    As I have posted on other occasions, Moderators have been told by P67 that if anyone wants to dispute why posts are deleted to take it up with him.



  21. Auldheid @10:46



    I like your suggestion. Unfortunately, to adopt it in Scotland would be seen as an admission by the Authorities that Scotland IS an inherently biased country. It takes good, honest people to accept the possibility that they may, indeed, have a bias. Those qualities are not in abundance at the SFA.




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