Training ground value in Friday night football


Two weeks of kicking our heels comes to an end tomorrow as Celtic return to action in the Premiership, before facing Rosenborg in the Europa League at Celtic Park six days later.  Coincidentally, both opponents sacked their manager ahead of Celtic games in recent weeks, Kare Ingebrigtsen left the Norwegians six days before he was due to face Celtic, while St Mirren sacked Alan Stubbs last week.

Ingebrigtsen’s departure did not help Rosenborg against Celtic, but their form since has been an impressive seven wins and a draw from eight outings.  They are now two points clear at the top of the Eliteserien table.

Oran Kearney may be able to effect a similar improvement at St Mirren, but Celtic should have enough to make tomorrow night’s game something of a learning opportunity for the Irishman, just as they did for Rosenborg’s interim coach, Rini Coolen.

Don’t underestimate the value in the extra day’s rest a Friday night game gives you.  Brendan will have an extra day at Lennoxtown, which is not dedicated to recovery or strength training.

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  1. Auldheid @10:46







    I like your suggestion. Unfortunately, to adopt it in Scotland would be seen as an admission by the Authorities that Scotland IS an inherently biased country. It takes good, honest people to accept the possibility that they may, indeed, have a bias. Those qualities are not in abundance at the SFA.








  2. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims…



    Its good taxi driving weather here in auld EK. ?




    Hi ho hi ho……

  3. Good morning from a wet Garngad



    DD from last night thanks for the kind words ?



    BMCUW thanks I will certainly look at that article and complain to anyone who will listen?


    2 radiators now not working and boiler cutting out ffs and having to take a half day today.



    But you know what I think of those poor people on the east coast of America getting pummelled by the storm and all the other poor souls in this world and my heating pales into insignificance






    D. :)

  4. Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all from a dismally wet and blustery East Kilbride. However, tonight we again get to see The Champions play – a great reward at the end of a long working week.

  5. Bring on the Buddies



    I am told by my mate that a 5-0 win to the bhoys will put us top.






    Team selections bhoys???



    D. :)

  6. DAVID66, simpson craig and gemmel Murdoch mcneil and clark johnstone Wallace chalmers auld and lennox.hh.

  7. Top of the league tonight then it is.Hearts will struggle against Well,the scum will have a walkover against Dundee.Think we will be irresistable tonight.Canny wait.Up too early this morning though.

  8. Mark Wilson joining the ranks ,I see.Alwayd struck me as a right Tim as well.


    Nobody should need money that much.Soul selling of the highest order.





    If you have a Burning Spear,I suggest you be more careful where you put it in future…




  10. Morning all





    Just to clarify – allipurinol is not a painkiller itprevents you getting gout – but it’s a tablet a day for ever – been on it for 10 years -no more gout -used to get it 3 – 4 times a year.So if you get is regular then worth considering.



    Busy day at the presbytery – parish priest bought a new cooker which needs a new upgraded supply.



    Have a good day.

  11. I’m in Dublin airport on way to Manchester for a wedding and I just met LUBO MORAVCIC on the other side of security glass he was just off a flight. he saw me pointing at my Celtic crest and banging on the security window at him, he stopped put his hand to the glass and we both did the bow down to each other bit. The woman with him was pissing herself laughing he’s still a f*@$ing LEGEND!!!


    My wife stood looking at me saying your 46!!


    do i care????



  12. In ither news…………



    Why any Tim would promote hits on the Rektum site is beyond me.


    We have enough pish to wade thru at the best of times.



    Hit thum where it hurts, bhoycott that hun rag.

  13. As anyone who knows me will testify, I am loathe to occupy my days precariously sitting on a stool in “Intellectual corner” in Sharkey’s bar, pontificating like some drunken soap box thespian to no-one, anyone and everyone on any headline that has grabbed my attention in the co-op’s paper rack while I queue to get my morning supply of store brand Merlot.



    “Loathe” indeed; but despite this natural almost obsessive shyness I find that deep within me burns a wee ember that, provided with just the right amount of provocative fuel and the encouraging draught of utter crassness that seems now to be a worldwide contagion decimating the professionalism and integrity of the sporting press, I rail in an apocalypse of gesticulating condemnation at the writhing nest of spitting toxic serpents that pass for journalists.



    Feck me I’m knackered after that. Pheeewww!



    Anyway…back to my diatribe.



    Not only am I reticent to strafe the eejits with my disgust and dismissal but I even have a certain sympathy for these latter day water carriers. How many other noble professions ask such principled acolytes to cast aside every basic tenet of humanity that has witnessed us shed the short-termism of legless primordial worms on the shore of an acid swamp and raise an eye to the heavens to make us wonder…. “Wow…who are we, where do we come from…and where are we going?”



    If I thought they were a mere temporary aberration and throwback to the days of clambering around the treetops of prehistory, I wouldn’t give them a second thought. But I fear that it is much more serious.



    I believe that they may be the sad product of some radiation experiment conducted in an evil darkened corner of Porton Down exacerbated by having been forced to sit (I said ‘sit’) on a cold chanty-po at 3 am on an arctic morning in Dingwall.



    I have no doubts that they are the mere slave homunculi specially designed to wreak their twisted revenge and gnarled world-view (while making oodles of cash from the gullible) by battering incessantly their keyboards at the behest of their Blofeld like editor or owner or shadowy criminal mastermind frae Newton Mearns who, just in case of even a hint of rebellion, possesses compromising pictures of them, tube of stopcock grease in hand, in romantic two falls and submission challenge with a goat of indeterminate gender.



    Sports Journalism is now dead.



    I hear you…“What on earth caused this ‘terremoto’ so early on a fine Friday morning in the Gorbals?



    Well let me tell you (and for a full fulminating analysis and expose, I will be hailing all and sundry from Intellectual corner today in Sharkeys)…(Important to note here that I have always baulked at giving their circus ring charade any publicity whatsoever….but a quick wipe around of the unflushed toilet remnants of the BBC publicity machine revealed that sometimes the world needs forewarned of the vomit lodging in their midst)…. “Danny Murphy has farted” and the establishment’s favourite publicly funded propaganda has spat it out as news.



    Doomed….they’re feckin doomed! I know that because I put that ambition right up there in the top three of my bucket list.






    Hail Hail










    What’s Wilson done?






    On radio snyde last night opining his surprise and disapproval of Craig Gordon’s comments.



    HH jg

  15. Saddened, and dismayed but not surprised Mark Wilson is given a platform for his anti Celtic views by the BBC.



    Why he is allowed by Celtic media to comment via Celtic TV etc really is beyond comprehension.



    We have our ambassadors why not refer the BBC to them, instead of following their corrupt agenda?





    For some,the wages of sin. For others,thirty pieces of silver.


    On my iPhone,there are now so many intrusive adverts that only two lines of a comment are visible as I write it.



    No wonder there are so many autocorrect cock-ups on here. Which are really the new Bloopers compilations.

  18. You could take a bottle top and wrap it in tin foil and readily pass it off to Mark Wilson as a piece of silver.



    HH jg

  19. Philbhoy,



    I made a similar enquiry two or three years back and didn’t pursue the matter because I was informed that players’ International fees were donated to charity.




    Hail Hail




  20. Matt Stewart


    ‘intellectual corner’…. Sharkeys Bar,


    nae wunner yir good it thi fiction :-)



    enjoyin your tails




  21. An Tearmann



    Our Motto is….”We may talk shite, but it’s quality shite” :)



    Hail Hail




  22. Bournesouprecipe



    aw come on BSR:-) ,your not really suprised bout the Beeb farting establishment snipes at Scotlands champions,


    especially after their own trust deemed liquidation did and didnae happen in 2012.(you know one establishment knuckling under for another establishment



    We know,so does Sir Div,




  23. FFin’ Members of this new Anti-Sectarian taskforce.



    “All of this is simply from my general knowledge [That, Sammy, is one monumental caveat]…I’m sure bears could provide even more detail regarding this group of ‘impartial’ politicians.



    Firstly we have James Dornan who said the union bears should be banned… He is also a practicing Catholic and Celtic fan.



    Donald Cameron the son of a clan chief from the highlands… Presbyterian with no interest in football.



    John Mason [Sounds promising…Oh, bad luck] a man who is quoted as saying IRA members who executed the three squaddies who took a wrong turn in 1988 were ‘freedom fighters’. He then went on to lodge a motion in parliament to honour the birth of Easter Rising leader James Connolly. Apparently a Clyde fan who attends a baptist church.



    James Kelly, an ardent Celtic fan… Practicing Catholic.



    Finally Sandra White, it appears very difficult to find anything particularly noteworthy she has ever contributed to…she was given a warning by the Police 3 years ago due to anti Semitic tweets.”




    “Sandra White once referred to Loyalism as a ‘disease’ ”




    “Sandra White is an anti semeite”




    “I actually thought she referred to Orangemen as “inbred”. ”




    “She ticks all the boxes then, we are quite simply under a sustained attack on all fronts.”




    “Don’t know her,never heard about her.


    However in my opinion she is a tarrier ****.”




    “They’ve declared war on us and are now so blatant they don’t care who knows it . It’s up to us to be active and respond .”




    “Seems more like an pro-celtic and anti-any criticism of Catholicism task force”




    “No doubt that sectarian ‘faith’ schools (bigot factories), will be off the agenda. Football will be the scapegoat once again. The power that the RC church has in Scotland is frightening.”




    “You know what’s coming with that line up. We are going to be f[layed] left , right and centre.


    If I was asked to name three politicians who wouldn’t give us a fair crack of the whip it would have been those three. Speak out [Sevco] you have all the evidence.”




    “So they take up 10% – 15% of the population yet manage to get 80% on this panel.”




    “A one sided junta get ready for the fight bears”




    “First question to them is if they are serious about tackling sectarianism (sic) then when are they looking at closing segregated schooling?”




    “Can see the agenda right away.ban orange parades.then a bit further down the line ban orange lodges.union flag banned from public buildings.then banned on public display in case of offence.thats what’s on the way.”




    “A quick reply from the club as to how disappointed it is with not only the calibre of personnel but the fact that many have had previous indiscretions with regards to their anti [sevo] mantra.


    We should be getting in first simply as this is a cabal designed to hammer our beliefs and faith.


    Points deductions will be soon be legal legislation in this wee rhancid republic we call Scotland.”




    “The things is they genuinely think they have the monopoly on what is and is not offensive,as has been proved on countless times they per portion of head are responsible for far more sectarian crimes they are also most probably guilty of all the anti Semitic hate in the Country.”




    “Report any biased judgements against protestants to the Reformation Society in Edinburgh.”




    “The Scottish Reformation Society has been evangelical, Protestant, and non-denominational since its foundation in 1850.”




    “Given the blatantly obvious weighted/biased construction of this ‘task force’,the club simply MUST voice an opinion on this latest attempt to be detrimental to our club.How do we know that now you might say.Well look to the past to get a glimpse of what might happen in the future.If this goes unchallenged, then we are doomed and at the mercy of people who hate us and have been given carte blanche to harm us.It simply cannot go unchallenged.”




    “if they are the members of this group then there is no ifs, buts or maybe about this, the club needs to get involved and call out the members for their obvious impartiality and downright hatred for all things [Sevco] and Protestant.”




    “The club have to be on their guard with this one otherwise it will be a bloodbath for Rangers.We have enough bad press already without this on the horizon.”




    “[Sevco] need to be on top of this straight away and make a statement.”




    “This is clear warning as to what can happen when Republicans with a hate of the indigenous peoples and the country they choose to settle in. Can usurp democracy and the will of the people to undermine and destroy community and country.”




    “Vote Protestant”

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