Treat Benfica as though they were Barca


After two highly productive performances against Barcelona confidence will be high, but it is worth remembering that Benfica earned a 0-0 draw at Celtic Park on Champions League match day one, and will have no fears for Tuesday.

After that game in September Celtic were favourites to finish bottom of the group.  Barca managed a slim 3-2 at home to Spartak after a late surge, placing them top of the group while the Russians were rightly encouraged.  Benfica earned a valuable away point without being greatly troubled by Celtic.  Indeed, the half time video analysis from the Uefa technicians looped repeatedly on one incident, a Benfica penalty claim.

That scenario has changed.  Celtic sit second top but a win would see Benfica match them on points and go second on the head-to-head.   Make no mistake, despite Celtic’s heroics against Barcelona, Benfica expect to be second in the group on Tuesday evening.  They are rightly favourites.

We are now tantalisingly close to the knock out stages of the Champions League but two of the most difficult games of the season lie ahead.  The best thing Celtic can do is show Benfica as much respect as they showed Barcelona.  Benfica are not quite as dangerous as the Catalans but they are more than capable of exploiting any gaps in the Celtic defence.  Treat them as Barcelona-lite and we might even collect our second win in this tournament away from home.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

The CQN Annual will be available next week, both online and at one or two selected retail outlets. There’s a cracking image on the cover of a goal celebration from a recent goal….

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  1. Sad to read of death of one of the Celtic Family particularly sad he died on what was a memorable day for the Club R.I.P Paul.



    Delighted to see Tony Watt sign a new 4 yr deal. I love all our players but when a lad is a genuine Celtic Fan as well, it makes him a bit special.



    If a fund was started to assist any Celtic Blogger being defamed by the Forces of Darkness, I would gladly donate.

  2. Home CCTV on the cheap part 2



    For those little brothers out there who want to be part of the big brother society I have an update on how to get CCTV in your house at a cheap price



    Firstly as metioned in part 1 get yourself a webcam there are good ones on Amazon for 20 quid and if you cant reach your PC from your viewing point which could be metres away on the outside of your house or from a window then get a USB extender for 5 meters from Amazon for a fiver, these can be linked up to as much as 25 meters and still work.



    Now for the best bit I have discovered this really cool free software for one webcam (you will need to buy the paid for version for more cams). Anyway this genious of an appilication is able to differentiate from people cars and other objects so after a nights surveillence of your billy boy neighbours who trashed your dafs cos they are green white and gold. Instead of spending hours looking for the culprits this software will save the offending billy goats and such like as clips for your amusement and persusal



    Link to software



    Happy surveillence bhoys

  3. The Raven (previous thread),


    You may be right about “not needing to be behind bars”: the Palestinians are (mostly) not behind bars – in what way are they imprisoned? Of course they’re not in control of their own country, but that’s a different matter: my disagreement with KC wasn’t because I believe that they’ve got everything they could want, but because he used – maybe just repeated – the term “concentration camp”.

  4. Met Bertie Auld on the plane this morning from Glasgow. Had a wee chat while I was sitting and he was standing in aisle. Mrs Jamsiebhoy could not believe I knew him. He is a legend indeed. Jim Craig was also with him. Best start to holiday ever.

  5. Cordoza has hurt us before.



    One evening I asked my bhoys who has scored the most goals against Celtic in champs league.



    I said Clue he plays for Benfica



    Quick as a flash my oldest bhoy says when did Gary Caldwell sign for Benfica ?




    ps Dont know if Cardoza ia actually correct but I think he has three against us

  6. I see the palestines are in for tough time again.. Any one on here have good knowledge of the conflict ?



    Always something i wanted to learn more about.



    2012 and shit like this is allowed to go on.



    No pasaran

  7. Cordoza scored v Celtic in 2007 .[ Benfica 1 – Celtic 0 ]



    Memory says he hit the woodwork twice



    Chris Killen was given the lone striker role .

  8. !!Bada Bing!!



    Celtic had been working on getting Hooper to sign a new deal since close season with no joy.



    Hence Miku and Lassad being brought in.

  9. proudbhoy



    You got a spare life time to go over why each side is equally right and equally wrong in their beliefs and arguements.

  10. Macjay1 (previous thread),


    I never suspected you of equating Israel with Nazi Germany, but you do draw some unjusified parallels. Israel never set out on wars of conquest: it acquired the West Bank, Gaza Strip & Golan Heights as a result of being attacked by Egypt, Jordan & Syria in 1967 – & of fighting back successfully. Before that, Israel had returned to Egypt Sinai + the Gaza Strip which it had conquered in 1956: after, it returned to Egypt Sinai, which it had conquered again following the Egyptian/Syrian attack of 1973.


    I believe that now, the Palestinians under Abbas are more than ready to make peace with Israel – I’m not sure that they were under Arafat (the other Arab States are no longer interested in the conflict) & that Israel is the obstacle. The Jerusalem issue could be resolved by a compromise & Golan is a side issue capable of solution. Mr Netanyahu is IMO being obstructive but he has accepted a Palestinian state, which is a step forward.


    For what it’s worth, I think that the creation of Israel was a mistake – not because I dislike Jews, but because Palestine was already populated. Maybe Israel should have been created out of East Prussia (mostly taken by Russia). However, what’s done is done & the actions of 65 years ago created a new situation, due to which those who live in Israel have acquired rights themselves. Nothing is to be gained by painting the Israelis as worse than they are.

  11. proudbhoy 15.31


    The problem with most conflicts is that we try to summarise a position into a few sentences


    You will need to read a lot , from a lot of different sources,



    It was once said of the ‘Irish problem’ that


    “anyone who thought they understood it , obviously was not aware of all of the facts’.



    I think for Palestine you could multiply by a complexity factor of 10



    Good luck with the quest



    The Onlooker

  12. proudbhoy .



    Just seen a lovely wee news item re a 12 yr old Palestinian killed by Israeli tanks whilst playing football in his backyard. He was wearing a Real Madrid top .



    Obscene .

  13. Great news about young Tony.



    …but a contract ONLY until 2016?!



    For god’s sake PL – should have made it ’til 2026!



    He will still only be 32 then – young enough for a sell-on fee from Barca surely?!




  14. This humanist mob, if you don’t beleive in a God then that is up to you. Why hound decent people that do and go out your way to interfere with their beliefs?




    A legal challenge over plans for two new Catholic schools in the London Borough of Richmond is being heard at the High Court.



    The British Humanist Association and another group claim Richmond Council broke laws in approving new schools which can prioritise Catholic children.



    The schools, one secondary and one primary, are due to open in September.



    The council says a democratic decision was taken to approve the schools.



    It says it is confident it acted lawfully in approving plans for the schools put forward by the Diocese of Westminster. Families have already applied for places at the schools.



    In August, the High Court gave permission for a judicial review of the case, which is now being heard. The judge is looking at whether decisions were taken correctly and in line with the law.



    The BHA sought the legal ruling in a joint action with a group called the Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign, which says any new schools in the area should be open to all children.



    It says laws which came in earlier this year [in England] mean that if a new school is needed in an area, councils should first seek proposals from groups wanting to set up free schools or academies and that the council breached this law in backing Church plans to set up a school.



    There has been a long-running campaign for a Catholic secondary school in the area, with local Catholics saying their children had to travel out of the borough to attend school.



    The council says 67% of parents and residents who responded to a consultation on plans for the secondary school were in favour of them.



    The Church says that it has responded to local demand.

  15. Invercelt



    15:42 on 15 November, 2012



    ‘Israel never set out on wars of conquest’



    Could you explain the difference between a war of conquest and the creation of the state of Israel.

  16. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on




    Concrete walls to the north east and south. Entry and exit controlled by the neighbouring state. No free movement. Power and water controlled by the neighbouring state. To the west the sea. Controlled by the neighbouring state. All entry and exit controlled by that navy. All transported goods entry and exit controlled by the neighbouring state. The neighbouring state has a well equipped nuclear armed force, you have none.



    I can’t think of a better word than GULAG. Can you?



    Origins of GULAG you’ll be familiar with.




  17. Tobago Str (previous thread),


    You express your disagreement most civilly!


    I hope that I don’t do Mr Chomsky an injustice: he is a kneejerk anti-Western commentator, so tho’ what he says may be reasoned, I don’t think it’s always well-reasoned. I’ve given my reasons for disagreeing with him in this case: we can’t both be right – tho’ we might both be wrong.

  18. Not sure if Cardozo has 3 against us. If he has he’ll be joint top scorer in cl against us along with a certain mr Leo messi

  19. proudbhoy 15.31



    I agree wit hThe Onlooker at 15.47 – there’s too much information out there and it’s almost all written with at least a slight bias.



    I found Six Days by Jeremy Bowen quite useful. It’s primarily about The Six Days War, but it does give some decent general background to the events running up to that point, and is reasonably balanced.



    From a more pro-Palestinian point there’s a book by Tanya Reinhart called Israel/Palestine: How To End The War of 1948, that I’d recommend. It’s more than a little damning of the concessions Arafat was prepared to make, apparently for personal fame/power, and that the Israeli’s didn’t accept them for some reason that I can’t recall right now, but it was fairly minor and probably could have been negotiated as far as I recall from her reading of it.

  20. Blimey



    Read the Archipelago book and never knew Gulag was an acronym, until now thanks Row Z.

  21. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    For the first time I find myself looking at something from the same perspective as oor Ernie.



    Hold the Zionist deniers and liars to account Ernie

  22. Elections are looming in Israel — January 2013 . Nothing like a war to boost the ratings of the party in power . Nothing like a war to mask rising unemployment and economic hard times.

  23. Weeminger and proudbhoy


    Just did a quick search to see if any up to date books out there. I found the following which looks promising as a good entry level introduction..although I have not read it



    Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer [Paperback] by Phyllis Bennis



    In Customer Reviews section in Amazon I found this …



    “This primer filled gaps in my historical knowledge of the region, particularly the various Summits and Accords. Having lived with both a Palestinian and a Jordanian in college, I am familiar with the “other side of the story,” which is difficult to come by even in the college classroom. We in the USA are so insulated to the reality of the conflict that it blows my mind. The PR/Psyops disinformation campaign waged against the American people by the media, academia, and the government concerning this conflict is nothing short of extraordinary. The only way to become truly informed about this issue is to either visit the Occupied Territories, or read a book like this.”

  24. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Great piece of business again by Celtic tying up young Watt on a new deal.



    I don’t know who it was paul67 compared him to a while ago, but it looks as though to me, he has a bit of everything. Exciting prospect. And I watched him run towards me with the ball against Barca and was confident he was going to finish. ‘Watt’ composure!!

  25. you’ve got to hand it to lenny, he has spent the last two years getting shot of most of the fringe players, built a very good young team, got the best out of bhoys like sammy and brown and is giving the youngsters in the academy a chance, and for their part its about making the most of it. can only be good for our clubs future.



    to few very good young players have failed to get the chance to shine and drifted away from football.



    long may it continue



    fraser, forrest, philip, watt hopefully the first of many, many more




  26. I see that ‘Legless’ has been fined £1000.



    That equates to almost 200 bottles of Buckfast.



    Quite sure the monks will not be too bothered for the next few weeks until the ‘p**h-stained one’ has paid it off.




  27. You think the huns would be grateful to those who told them the truth…………….or did they think that was what the Record and the Sun was for…….silly me.

  28. !!Bada Bing!!



    Shoot the messenger, tis their only concern.



    Had they listned to the messenger, they might not be where they are today.



    Hell mend them

  29. ASonOfDan



    15:48 on 15 November, 2012



    The case actually centres on a new law which the British Humanist Assoc. and Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign believe means that instead of working with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster to set up near-100% selective Catholic VA schools outside of competition ‘by the back door’, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames should have sought proposals for Free Schools, through a form of competition adjudicated by the Dept of Education. The Council did not do this because Free Schools are not allowed to select more than 50% of pupils on religious grounds and the Diocese wants to be able to go to 100%. The Diocese is expected to convert the schools to Academies a couple of years after they open, as they are already doing with some existing schools when of course they will have already established a school of religious character and be able to carry on with their selective admissions and employment practices.

  30. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    I think if Celtic can get a score draw in benfica then qualification is looking very good indeed. Assuming Barca beat Spartak to take them out of the equation.



    Whatever happens, I see us still playing in Europe beyond Christmas. Just hope it’s in the champions league – who knows – if we drew Malaga or Porto we could then dream of a quarter final place!

  31. fergus slayed the blues on

    If the sevconians believe they have found RTC ,they should be thanking the guy for trying to get the truth of what Minty did to their club out in the open .


    They should be thankful that a guy tried to inform them of what was going on and what was being covered up by the poodles in the MSM .


    Of course they won’t do any of the above ,they will IMO do what they always do ,threaten violence ,abuse ,and spout bile and bigotry because it is what they do .


    The sooner our club leaves this sordid set up behind the happier I will be .I do not want my club to have anything to do with the club that has been set up to fill the bigoted void left behind now Ragers are gone forever .


    I was always of the belief that I would not want us going into the insanity that is the EPL but even that looks a better option than staying here after what we have witnessed in this shameful episode of our game

  32. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    The exiled Tim



    That’s the irony in it, guys like Phil Mac and RTC are despised; yet if only they had listened…



    Oh no get that thought out my head.

  33. Gulag




    GULAG is the Russian acronym for The Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Colonies of the Soviet Secret Police and is nowadays a vivid symbol of the lawlessness, slave labor and tyranny of the Stalin era.



    The acronym surely is CACLCCSSP.

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