Treat Benfica as though they were Barca


After two highly productive performances against Barcelona confidence will be high, but it is worth remembering that Benfica earned a 0-0 draw at Celtic Park on Champions League match day one, and will have no fears for Tuesday.

After that game in September Celtic were favourites to finish bottom of the group.  Barca managed a slim 3-2 at home to Spartak after a late surge, placing them top of the group while the Russians were rightly encouraged.  Benfica earned a valuable away point without being greatly troubled by Celtic.  Indeed, the half time video analysis from the Uefa technicians looped repeatedly on one incident, a Benfica penalty claim.

That scenario has changed.  Celtic sit second top but a win would see Benfica match them on points and go second on the head-to-head.   Make no mistake, despite Celtic’s heroics against Barcelona, Benfica expect to be second in the group on Tuesday evening.  They are rightly favourites.

We are now tantalisingly close to the knock out stages of the Champions League but two of the most difficult games of the season lie ahead.  The best thing Celtic can do is show Benfica as much respect as they showed Barcelona.  Benfica are not quite as dangerous as the Catalans but they are more than capable of exploiting any gaps in the Celtic defence.  Treat them as Barcelona-lite and we might even collect our second win in this tournament away from home.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

The CQN Annual will be available next week, both online and at one or two selected retail outlets. There’s a cracking image on the cover of a goal celebration from a recent goal….

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  1. Palestine ?



    The Iron Wall : Israel and The Arab World ——– Avi Shlaim .



    Real good on that ” diplomacy” thing



    The Arabs —–Eugene Rogan .



    An excellent history of the Arab world which contains a very concise and informative chapter on the creation of Palestine and its disastrous consequences.

  2. Gulag Glavnoe Upravlenie ispravitel’no-trudovykh LAGerei



    Concentration camps were first used by the british in the boer war.

  3. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Miki67



    Thanks fur the Nod,pally..



    Very Nice o’ ye tae gie me some Sugar….Ah am sure.



    Hey..Noo.. and Noo.. rather than.. “Again”…



    Ah Mak a Lucky Guess.



    Howevahhhhhh… Ah Never wiz wan fur makin’ .. Prognostications..



    The Lass fur those…is..



    That well Known .. Seer-ess.. fae..The Atlantic City Boardwalk..



    Ms Alyss La Fey.



    “Prognos ur Me”…it says oan her Advertising Board..right Outside her Tent.



    Readers o’ This Column wull be very familiar wi’ her past..



    Prognos, regardin’, umpteen …Celtic Euro games..



    So faur.. her Predictions,fur the Out-Comes o’ those…, canny be.. well.. Faulted.



    Her last wan.. the wan.. regarding oor… Barc Win.. wiz..



    “Celtic, wull Dae ..Baith.. Their Fans and Themselves.. Proud.”



    Noo..who dae ye like .. dem Apples..??



    Ain’t she a Doozy??






    Ah wull contact her sometime Afore the Benfica Game.. and We wull





    Whit Her Predo.. fur the Oot-Come o’ that conflict wull Be..



    Nice Chattin’ ,palomino..



    Keep in Touch..





    Yer pal..who thinks yer Swell..



    Still.. Laughin’. of . Course.

  4. My Dear,Dear,Dear Friend,Kojo….



    Your Appearance On The Blog Is Like The Mid-Summer Sun Beaming Over The Hills Of East Kilbride,Announcing A New Dawn..



    And Sending Jobo Scurrying Happily To Work….



    Investigatin’ Oor ‘Enemies’ For Fraud And Arrears…..



    (And Chasin’ After The G.A. Too….)



    So Oor Fair-Heided Bhoy Has Signed A New Contract…..



    Truly Wonderful….



    And Ah Wouldn’t Quibble Over The Length Of The Contract….



    Tony Will Do Right By Celtic,If Celtic Do Right By Him…..



    And NL Must Start Showing Him The Same Favour As He Does To Young James



    Because Tony Is the FUTURE Of Celtic…



    Whereas Hooper And Miku Are Transients



    Who Play For Themselves,And Not For The ‘Hoops’….



    As The Notion Takes Them…..



    Right..? Yer Darned Right….



    God Bless Yer Sainted Beanie Hat….

  5. Dont think we can treat Benfica like Barca. in Cardoza they have a physical aerial threat and they, as they were in glasgow, will be far more direct. In some aspects a more difficult game as there may be more expectation……bringing pressure……if we play as we can, a win is achievable but would take a draw. HH

  6. thetimrieper




    17:30 on 15 November, 2012



    The American Civil War, also, had concentration camps for both prisoners and civilians, seemingly they were equally dreadful conditions.

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ‘Threatening injunctions’ is just this year’s version of ‘threatening legal action‘.



    I’m starting to think Charlie Green actually contacts Craig Whyte before he says anything.



    And dimwits Zombies believe it.

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The problem with Israel is similar to the problem with our former rivals Rangers.



    Extremists are calling the shots and anyone who disagrees with them face vitriolic attack.



    But look what happened to Rangers – they no longer exist.

  9. celt55



    True, but they were mainly set up as P.O.W. camps, the british ones


    were used to intern woman and children

  10. Steinreignedsupreme




    The problem with Israel is similar to the problem with our former rivals Rangers.




    > How many UN Resolutions have been broken by the State of Israel?

  11. My dear,dear,dear,friend. Corkcelt..



    Hiya… Pally?



    Nice tae Meet and Greet..



    As faur as Ah am Aware.. which is No Necessarily.. The True Facts.. Ah Forewarn, ye!..



    Hoops Contract ,has still .. Two More years tae Run.



    Hivin said that..and.. Assuming Ma Facts are.. well. Factual. in this Matter..



    Sure.. You are correct.. We can still. Haud Oan tae Him. fur ,at least .. Anither..well. Year.. and Thumb oor Noses at Him and His Present Suitors..






    A Player who is Unhappy..who wants More of the Folding Stufff.. and Hiz Premier League Hoops.. is Not whit the Chiro Practor Ordered… nevah mind..


    the Doactur!



    Therefur.. if It wiz up tae Me..



    Which ,it is .. NO…



    But, if it WIZ..



    Ah wid ..submit tae his Ambitions.. and Send Him Packin’.. efter . a Very Substantial


    Fee.. Hid changed Hauns , of Course!



    Ca. Ching!..



    Ah am a Great believer in that old Adage..



    “A Boid in the Haun is Worth a Loat Mair.. than a Lick n A Promise.”






    Wanyama ,at this time.. is an Extremely.. Hoat Property..if ye pardon the expression..



    He is as Hoat as Fire-Cracker..



    So.. Knowing that..



    Ah wid Cash in oan him… without the least . Thought or.. After-thought.



    Hey.. Things Happen.. A Fitballers career his Many Up.. and,nfortunately.. sometimes.. a Few Downs. as Well.



    Strike while the Iron is Hoat…



    Ah wid Bleed,tae the Limit.. the Bank Balance…o


    any Admirer who showed Serious Interest in oor Hoat Property..



    and Deposit, that interest, in oor Account at ….oor…BANK.



    Face it, Pal..



    Victor, wants mair Money.. that is why ..oor Present Negos are.. “No Going”


    the wey we want..



    And.. We canny Afford his Financial Demands..






    He must leave, and go.. where … Someone ,else wull able tae meet . those





    Yep.. He wull be Missed..



    But, that is Jist How..



    this Cookie.. Must Crumble.



    All of the Above is..of Course.. Mere Speculations..



    In Ma Part..



    And if the Proposed Scenarios , dinnae Turn oot.. as Ah Predicted..






    Ye could Always..



    Sue Me.





    Yer pal. who likes the wey ye write..



    Still, Laughin’

  12. ‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man’….one of those things they teach you at school. It’s historic, we never seem to learn from it, and we only get more badass in the perpetration thereof.


    All an individual can do is keep his corner clean.


    ‘Think Globally but Act Locally’. That used to be on posters everyhere.


    ‘Local’ can start at your own front door.


    I’m no saint, far from it, but I loathe injustice and cruelty and I know lies when I hear them.


    I just do my best, and what goes on in this world? Very little of it is done in my name, or of that of anyone I know.


    So why do we let the ratbags of the world away with it?


    BeyondMyPayGrade CSC

  13. The Mau-Mau Insurrection Was Largely A Tribal War Between The Kikuyu And The Luo Tribes…..



    Over A Long-standing Land Dispute…



    The Kikuyu Also Massacred Some British Families….



    The British Acted To Protect The Luo From The Vicious Attacks Of The Kikuyu…



    Obama ‘Claims’ That His Grandfather Was Imprisoned And Tortured By The British During The Tribal War….



    Rather Dubious,Given That Grandpa Was One Of The Luo Tribesmen That The British Were Protecting….



    Mind You,Perhaps His Culinary Efforts As A Cook For The British Army Justified A Spell In The Glasshouse….



    Remember What Happened To Shhheen Canary In ‘The Hill’….?



    And The Conflict Between The Luo/Kikuyu Continues To This Day….



    Ten Thousand Killed In The Outbreak Of Violence At The Kenyan Elections In 2006….



    With Fifty Churches Burnt Down….




    Al Grauniad….Worse Than Pravda !!!!




    P*ss Be Upon You….

  14. Estadio Nacional on

    Agree, we need to treat them like we did Barcelona, hope we dont get too confident due to recent brilliant results, still play it safe over there, a draw would be a great result, we are capable of it now we can defend with the same concentration previous CL teams had.




    Just about to set off for the game, cant wait for it.

  15. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on




    See Timteiper at 17.30ish



    Gulag Goolag. The Empire strikes again.




  16. EN



    spoke to oldtim today..



    he is not a happy bunny as he is going on official trip..



    arrive Monday return Tuesday..



    can you drop him an email…





    sorry to hear you can’t make it.. great jesture btw…

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    izzy 18:03 on 15 November, 2012



    Israel does what Israel wants to do. End of. They exploit the guilt of the West and bully as they please.

  18. Estadio Nacional on

    Blantyretim 18:16



    Cheers, pity its so short, I will send an email.



    Seems like half of G72 is going, going to be eventful…





  19. Row Z



    Yes thanks I see wot u dun now. Was thinking too literally not for the first or last time.



    Someone just mentioned the Mau Mau…read a book on that called ‘Britain’s Gulag’…another CQN circle squared.




  20. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    There’s something about Celts and solidarity.



    Yesterday Celta were the only team to support the general strike here in spain.

  21. Who are these Sellick fanz phoning into SSB? Embdy know them? How much are these clowns being paid to debase themselves over the airwaves?


    Clueless eejits.


    But funny, nonetheless!


    : > )

  22. Oh Plastic Paddies,Plastic Paddies..!



    Dontcha Just Love ‘Em…?



    Always Shouting Aboot ‘If Ye Know The History Etc…’



    Trouble Is ….They Simply DO NOT KNOW HISTORY….




    Seems Like They Either Stopped Reading When Their Mammies No Longer Gave Them The Poaket Money Fer Comics….



    Or They Are So Extremely Gullible To Propaganda….



    Re-Inforced By Their Disappointing Anti-British Bias…



    My Enemy’s Enemy Is My Friend Etc…



    That They Should Not Be Allowed Oot Oan The Street By Themselves….



    Like Wee Boys P*ssing (And More) In The Paddlin’ Pool….



    Then Laughin’ Hysterically…..



    I Despair……




  23. My dear,dear,dear, friend.. The Singing Detective..




    Delighted tae See ..that The Ither Voice, of Reason,is Aboard..



    We ur a small Doughty Band…



    but.. We Mak up fur ur Paucity…



    By oor.. Golden Contributions, tae this Hallowed Spot ,in the Blogoshere.



    Lang may that Continue..






    The Persistent Deluge o’ Slings n Arries aimed at us..






    The CQN..








    Nice Chattin.palomine..



    Gotta Go…/’




    See Ya.





    yer pal. who likes ye a loater,



    Still… Laughin’

  24. fergus slayed the blues on

    just heard the advert for ragers tv on snyde there £12 per month ,gone yersel Chuckie bhoy £144 per year .


    I knew he thought they were gullible but did I hear that right .


    Come to think of it how much are the hordes getting for winning their half time draw the last I heard if they had the winning ticket they sort of had the chance to win £5,000 .



  25. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    RTC Blogger named…………………..on hunmedia.



    There’s a thread over there where they claim to have named the RTC blogger. As is their custom, this thread comes complete with assorted insults, sectarian and bigoted abuse as well as the occasional thinly veiled threat of actual harm. Of course they still seem unsure if they’ve named the right person.



    Dum dum huns.

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