Treat Benfica as though they were Barca


After two highly productive performances against Barcelona confidence will be high, but it is worth remembering that Benfica earned a 0-0 draw at Celtic Park on Champions League match day one, and will have no fears for Tuesday.

After that game in September Celtic were favourites to finish bottom of the group.  Barca managed a slim 3-2 at home to Spartak after a late surge, placing them top of the group while the Russians were rightly encouraged.  Benfica earned a valuable away point without being greatly troubled by Celtic.  Indeed, the half time video analysis from the Uefa technicians looped repeatedly on one incident, a Benfica penalty claim.

That scenario has changed.  Celtic sit second top but a win would see Benfica match them on points and go second on the head-to-head.   Make no mistake, despite Celtic’s heroics against Barcelona, Benfica expect to be second in the group on Tuesday evening.  They are rightly favourites.

We are now tantalisingly close to the knock out stages of the Champions League but two of the most difficult games of the season lie ahead.  The best thing Celtic can do is show Benfica as much respect as they showed Barcelona.  Benfica are not quite as dangerous as the Catalans but they are more than capable of exploiting any gaps in the Celtic defence.  Treat them as Barcelona-lite and we might even collect our second win in this tournament away from home.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

The CQN Annual will be available next week, both online and at one or two selected retail outlets. There’s a cracking image on the cover of a goal celebration from a recent goal….

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  1. Pal of mine can’t attend the Benfica game now, he has two tickets for the game, pick up only in ML area.

  2. Estadio Nacional on

    Decent early odds about for this game,



    Draw 3/1 Celtic 5/1 and most have Benfica at 1/2




    No odds yet for Caldwell first scorer.

  3. fergus slayed the blues on

    Great news regarding young Tony Watt ,I have high hopes for this boy


    As for Hoops if he fails to sign we need to look to move him on ,on our terms .


    Fergus spent more money (NET) on putting a team on the park during his time at the club compared to the lauded Mint but no re sale value was detrimental to the club .


    After MONs term we seem to have addressed this problem and I hope we reap the benefits


    hail hail

  4. Gene's a Bhoys name on




    As I am not of Irish, but Italian extraction does that make me a ‘plastic tally’?!





    I am from both Irish and Italian extraction -what does that make me?



    I’d say lucky

  5. I’m good with the past, the present and the future.



    You were a diddy, you are a diddy and you always will be a diddy.



    Easy peasy.

  6. Nothing on Earth thrills me like our Fascist Faction LOSING THE PLACE & showing what really makes them tick.



    Thank you, Mynah Bird.


    Thank you, Mynah Bird’s only creepy disciple.


    You make normality seem exciting.



    Let’s hear it for ‘Bigger & better bombs’.

  7. The Boy Jinky.



    Blantyretim said you were home tomorrow,I’m coming into Glasgow on Sunday afternoon,may see you kicking around.

  8. fergus slayed the blues on



    My memory of that Benfica game was excitement of getting to the pub with the bhoys only for the OG to kill the atmosphere .


    Every time I watch the Still Game episode of Winstons grandsons fight bring the memory back


    Hail hail

  9. Estadio Nacional on

    Fergus slayed the blues 19:06



    Haha, aye the Classic early goal to deflate European hopes, different game now.





  10. The game on 01/11/2006…



    in Euro Disney with mini and mrs watching Mickey Mouse play centre half for Celtic

  11. Rather than the plastic paddies whom some decry on here. I cringe at the apologists for the anglos.



    Benfica are the favourites, you are right Paul. I saw us lose 3-0 there a few years ago and it would have been more if it hadn´t been for Artur Boruc. The games against Barça will have planted a seed of doubt in their minds though.

  12. fergus slayed the blues on



    why are you talking him up are you sevconian


    hail hail




    How right you are my friend is our record now standing at P9 W7 D1 L1


    hail hail

  13. Rimtimtim



    I was also at the game too



    To be fair that was about as bad as we have played in Europe during any CL campaign



    I’ll take our usual symmetrical result with Benefica ….0-0

  14. Saint Stivs


    19:18 on


    15 November, 2012


    why aint my posts working ?


    No crossbar to hold them up….?



  15. try again,



    is scotland a healthier place without that clubs “fans” visiting our ground ?


    and all them other games against them ?



    are arrests doon ?


    domestic violence doon ?


    are police costs doon ?


    are shoppers able to enjoy their shops on those days.



    any stats anyone ?



    no shame game , is it a better football environment all round ?



    would the first minister like to comment now ?

  16. Estadio Nacional on

    Fergus slayed the blues 19:15



    An outstanding record, better than Barcelona’s last 9 CL games….





  17. !!Bada Bing!!


    19:19 on


    15 November, 2012


    Saint Stivs


    19:18 on


    15 November, 2012


    why aint my posts working ?


    No crossbar to hold them up….?








    cheers bud, thats what was wrong.







    like a charles green attendance figure.

  18. Shockerooneee. Guidi talking sense on being skeptical on Rangers share issue.



    Whatever next?



    Jim Traynor blaming SDM for Rangers downfall?

  19. Saint Stivs




    19:22 on 15 November, 2012




    Its like leaving an unhealthy relationship. Its painful at first to let go but in time the benefits manifest themselves to a degree that can no longer be ignored.

  20. fergus slayed the blues on



    I had to turn that up ,don’t worry though there is still half an hour left for him to redeem himself before he gets blackballed


    hail hail

  21. Just read Paul McC’s blog.



    The thing that jumps out is the posts referring to Celtic fans being ‘obsessed with Rangers'(sic).



    The ‘second biggest institution in Scotland’ crashes spectacularly and dies in public shame, owing their beloved Queen millions of sheckles…..



    Lawsuits. Charlatans, Bomber Brown, liquidation etc etc etc.



    And we’re not supposed to pay attention or pass comment.



    The link below sums up the Rangers fans reaction to well I formed comment on their situation by RTC, P67 et al..



    First the disaster, then the reaction. Have a wee look……




  22. Auldheid


    19:26 on


    15 November, 2012


    Shockerooneee. Guidi talking sense on being skeptical on Rangers share issue.



    Whatever next?



    Jim Traynor blaming SDM for Rangers downfall?









    A truly dreadful ‘plastic tally’!



    … and an even worse churnalist!




  23. dropped into DEADclubmedia


    this is the response to ESPN saying last night


    “Catch the 2 most successful SPL


    teams in action at the weekend”. on advertising our game with the dons at weekend :)))



    Shaking with rage here, somebodys getting a beating tonight for this!!!




    Well i for one can barely contain my anger, someone’s getting an email.




    Good idea can you post the address I am f***ing rageing at this the tv nearly got a can of lager there.




    IS IT JUST ME :)) deranged disnae begin to cover it