Treat Benfica as though they were Barca


After two highly productive performances against Barcelona confidence will be high, but it is worth remembering that Benfica earned a 0-0 draw at Celtic Park on Champions League match day one, and will have no fears for Tuesday.

After that game in September Celtic were favourites to finish bottom of the group.  Barca managed a slim 3-2 at home to Spartak after a late surge, placing them top of the group while the Russians were rightly encouraged.  Benfica earned a valuable away point without being greatly troubled by Celtic.  Indeed, the half time video analysis from the Uefa technicians looped repeatedly on one incident, a Benfica penalty claim.

That scenario has changed.  Celtic sit second top but a win would see Benfica match them on points and go second on the head-to-head.   Make no mistake, despite Celtic’s heroics against Barcelona, Benfica expect to be second in the group on Tuesday evening.  They are rightly favourites.

We are now tantalisingly close to the knock out stages of the Champions League but two of the most difficult games of the season lie ahead.  The best thing Celtic can do is show Benfica as much respect as they showed Barcelona.  Benfica are not quite as dangerous as the Catalans but they are more than capable of exploiting any gaps in the Celtic defence.  Treat them as Barcelona-lite and we might even collect our second win in this tournament away from home.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

The CQN Annual will be available next week, both online and at one or two selected retail outlets. There’s a cracking image on the cover of a goal celebration from a recent goal….

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  1. Harambee Stars and Celtic FC


    midfielder Victor Wanyama is among


    the seven top contenders for the Overall


    Sports Personality of the Year (Soya)




    This is the first time a footballer is


    making it to the final list of the category


    launched last year and won by world


    women 5000m and 10,000m champion


    Vivian Cheruiyot.


    Wanyama’s impressive record is ever


    growing with a recent one leading his


    Scottish side Celtic FC to a 2-1 win over


    Barcelona in the Uefa Champions


    League contest.


    Apart from Wanyama, Cheruiyot, who in


    February won the coveted Laurels


    Sportswoman Award, will be struggling


    to defend her Soya title against Olympic


    800m record holder David Rudisha,


    3,000m steeple chase gold medalist


    Ezekiel Kemboi, Kenya swimming ace


    Jason Dunford, World Marathon Majors


    champion Mary Keitany and Paralympics


    1,500m(T46) record holder Abraham


    Tarbei on December 6 at Carnivore


    Hotel, Nairobi.

  2. starry



    I would love to meet up but unfortunately I’m stuck on the Socialist Republic, although I’m hoping to sneak off for the Spartak game…



    If you haven’t signed this, then please do;





    This is what happened to little Omar Al-Mashharawi in Gaza today





    Barra-ism#14 fermenting, how you mixing?




  3. Seven Fishes Four Steaks



    20:24 on 15 November, 2012



    It’s not as bad as all that.



    It’s only one arsehole with two monikers.

  4. All Benfica Spartak and Barcelona blah blah blah


    And here was me thinking we had a very difficult trip to pittodrie to contend with first

  5. Zbyszek



    How are you? How are the Legia boys – did they get their problems sorted out?



    The offer for tickets still stands – providing they give me a few weeks notice.



    Drop me an email when you have time.



    Take care – H!H!

  6. El Diego Bhoy,



    When I stop railing against racism, fascism & all other forms of supremacy, then I will stop using my right to speak.



    I am truly sorry that my judgement does not meet with your approval.



    I am sorry that I can not promise to speak differently in the future.



    No. That’s a LIE.



    I am NOT at all sorry.

  7. I have some spare tickets for Pittodrie on Saturday (including one concession) if anyone is interested.

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:31 on


    15 November, 2012



    What do you think about ‘rangers leech’ ……? Do you think he’s a (glorious) shyster, like Agent …?

  9. Invercelt




    15:11 on 15 November, 2012




    The Raven (previous thread),


    You may be right about “not needing to be behind bars”: the Palestinians are (mostly) not behind bars – in what way are they imprisoned? Of course they’re not in control of their own country,



    Inver…………you answerd your own question – the Palestinian people are not in control of their country ie Israel controls EVERY aspect of their life in Gaza as quite a few posters have commented on earlier today .Am sure this happens in a normal prison therefor the Palestine people are controlled by the prison guv;nor .Am just about to switch on the news and no doubt i’ll see Israel using White Phosphorous and commiting atrocities against innocent people

  10. praecepta



    Thank you, I’m Okay. I hope life treats you well, Sir.


    Celtic : Barcelona was available in open channel in Poland. Five minutes after the game I got email from Marcin. He said: ”


    Oh, God, how I would love to be there. My wife just said: you see how good that you stayed with us: I imagine you would need to stay with those fans two or three days more> You would forget that you have wife and small baby”



    Thanks for the offer. I will speak to the guy on another ocassion and will pass your offer.

  11. scotlands shame on

    1st and foremost treat the sheep as if they are benfica!


    How refreshing to see the comments from tony tony watt!


    signed for best team in world and greatest feeling of his life!


    undoubted the guy is a talent (and i know he is young, burchill was a gem at the age but the day henke broke leg in lyon burchill had three 1on 1s with keeper bt he missed, contrast with watt against barca the real deal)


    he has the talent he has the ability and like you an me knows he has the privelege of donning the hoops, he knows the importance and he knows the expectations.


    big things ahead, fantastic that he has them with us!

  12. Barrach Obampot, The terrible images which you provided a link to, says it all. The Israeli policy on reprisals is State Terrorism of the worst possible kind. Some lunatic from Hamas launches a rocket over the border, explodes harmlesly in the desert,. Israel bomb a Palestinian Village in reprisal & kill maybe 30 or more Palestinians men, women & children. Ah sure, after all its only a question of mind over matter. The Israelis don’t mind, the Palestinians don’t matter.

  13. thetimrieper



    We are still top of the league. Another interesting news. Jagiellonia coach started the conference with the words: We were Celtic tonight, Legia were Barcelona.


    Legia lost 1:2.


    Marko Suler who was close to sign the contract with Celtic cost us two goals, second was very ridiculous.


    Barrach Obampot



    The picture @ 20:30 is horrible. May be worth removing ? If you wish to continue with it perhaps a wee warning.

  15. Barrach Obampot



    Hoping to be at the Spartak game too, I’m mixing on Vritual Dj but without a headphone function, so roughly!!!



    Got a couple of things in the pipeline just finding the time to do them!

  16. Scotlands shame



    Refreshing attitude from Tony



    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier footballer than TW , as seen during his interview post Barca

  17. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Posts that I never read on CQN – any of those first six childish ones, or any of those long ones written in Scotch where every sentence is a separate paragraph. I know I’m inviting the response “anything written by Phyllis” – but I know also I’m rotten to the heart.

  18. Bookies Pen for a Button on a Blazer on







    That’s true. But another big boost would be Man U coming in with £20M. :)




  19. KK



    You miss my point. Express your anger about injustices worldwide on whatever media outlets you can access but why must I need to put up with it on CQN daily?

  20. Big Cup, It is indeed horrible, remove it? to what purpose. To make us all feel a bit more comfortable. But thats why he posted it, in the first place. We shouldn’t feel comfortable we should be making noises writing to our M.P.’s or T.D’s. in my case. We should be shouting on blogs and on Facebook. If the concerned people all over the World all shouted together, they will start hearing us.

  21. Zbyszek



    You were saying that before the game, Jagiellonia coach said he


    was going to play wise football like celtic.



    It was neil lennons fault you lost.


    Barrach Obampot



    No probs, it’s an emotive subject and easy to get “lost” in the horror and barbarity that the innocents suffer.

  23. That is a reasonable point ElDiego, we are Celtic Fans first & foremost but we are fans who have an in-built craving for Justice . I have made 3 or 4 posts now on the Palestinian Persecution, something I feel very strongly about. I accept that people want to talk about Celtic & Football and will desist from making any further posts on the subject tonight.

  24. Riots On The Streets Across Europe Yesterday…..



    As Our People Rail Against Cuts To Their Welfare…..



    And The Sceptre Of Unemployment….



    And On That Very Day…..



    Our Faceless Marxist EU Masters Sign A Cheque For £7 BILLION In Aid To Egypt…



    Straight Into The Hands Of The Muslim Brotherhood…..



    Who ‘Stole’ The Election From The Secularist Parties…..



    Whilst Allowing The Twelve Million Coptic Christians To Be Marginalised And Intimidated…..



    Our Ain Folk Can Go Hungry…..



    So The Muslim Brotherhood Can Buy Bigger ,Bettah Bombs…..?



    Makes Sense To Me…..



    Oor Dear Brother Walfrid……



    Will Be Spinnin’ In His Grave…..



    Behind The Wee Mount….



    That’s For Sure…..

  25. Barrach Obampot




    20:30 on. ……………….. graphic pics m8 , shows the REAL horror of war .


    Western media should publish these and maybe the


    public war mongers mibee think twice bout the futility of it .

  26. Corkcelt (re Palestine),


    Not far off the mark IMO.




    Enlightening as always. I’d thought for a long time that the Romans had almost driven out the Jews, but maybe that only applied to Jerusalem: I was sure that there were more Arabs than Jews in Palestine when Israel was founded.

  27. ElDiegoBhoy



    20:53 on 15 November, 2012





    Slightly easier question to answer.



    The reason that I answer our two resident fascist, misanthropic attention seekers on CQN…. is because CQN is the platform on which these supremacists choose to post their bile.


    Would you like me to go to the Salvation Army’s War Cry to make my responses?



    I am at a loss to understand why you defend their bilious input.


    It has NO PLACE on a Celtic site.

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