Trophyless Saturday or trophyless existence


I know what you’re thinking. It’s Saturday, where’s Celtic’s trophy presentation?  Last Saturday it was the Scottish Cup, a week earlier, the Premiership trophy.  You can be forgiven for expecting the same today.

For me, the pick of last season’s trophies was the League Cup Final. Newco came into it in great form since the arrival of Mick Beale as manager.  It was a test of his credentials and of Celtic’s.  The dominance of the win belies the 2-1 scoreline, Celtic were miles ahead.

Speaking of dominance, it was rewarding to read that Barry Ferguson endorsed Celtic’s Generation of Domination in his Daily Record column. He wrote about our “decades of dominance”.

Although he goes on to say, “let’s be very, very clear. This dominance has to stop.”  Back in the day (January 2005), I asserted our G.o.D. started in 2000, so we are now onto the third decade, if that’s how Barry likes to count them, out the second generation, if you prefer.

What was missing from Barry’s piece is any hope that things were going to change. Barry is not as daft as some make out.

Better a trophyless Saturday than a trophyless existence.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH JUNE 2023 12:30 PM








    😁😁His pal across the pond, not doing too good just now also. Despite watching the early years of the sopranos, when it first aired, I’ve just noticed the name of the club (thanks to the chase 😁).

  2. We need less people in the mssm telling them the truth. Keep telling them they are the best, the rightful owners of all trophies, they’ve already won the 23-24 season.

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH JUNE 2023 12:45 PM


    Ziggydoc- best TV show of all time




    Great show. Though my favourite (or one of) would be Don Draper’s😁

  4. Luckily having the “world’s greatest coach who’s never been invited to an EPL” in Micky the mole, there’s a team of journeymen keepers who used to be contenders, knees on a string strikers who don’t score and mercurial championship hasbeens being assembled in Govan to seize back control.



    Without the years of drilling to bore them through Europe, the European journey could see an uncomfortable late summer for Beale’s galacticos.



    Let’s get our manager sorted and start to kick on for next year.




  5. Proper cricket at the world test final.



    Although England would have you believe they are champs ….. they were nowhere near it.

  6. Great stuff by Alan as per norm. One upside of yer big Aussie leaving is a less sentimental view of how we improve central midfield with better for a wee nibble at Europe.






    – Sulky Ntcham season still better than Hatate peak.


    – Soro scoring highly in comparison. Redemption?


    – Regressing McGregor as he nears his 30s. Let’s not repeat the old Brown debate of intangibles.



    Good stuff to ponder.






  7. BURNLEY78 on 10TH JUNE 2023 1:20 PM




    What’s the story Re walker and Barkas





    We paid off Barkas & Walker replaced by Sutton at Sky.




  8. bournesouprecipe on




    Andy Walker won’t be doing SKY Scottish League games, anymore (Chris Sutton joins SKY). They reckon Barkas was released from his last year to join Utrecht on a Bosman.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    From previous thread, you’re memory is fine. Celtic did beat Hibs 5-2 at Easter Road two years after the 5-3 win.



    On 30th November 1968, goals from Hughes(2), Gemmell (Pen), McNeill & Lennox put Hibs to the swird with a 5-2 triumph.

  10. why would spurs need a japanese interputer ?







    🍀🇯🇵📽️Japanese Bhoy Studios🎨








    Now, in fact, we have had to say goodbye to one Japanese contributor to the club this season.


    This is a thread about that.


    Mr Ido, a Japanese interpreter who came to Glasgow with Kyogo in the summer of 2021, supported him and looked after Hatate, Maeda,Guchi further from 2022



  11. I see what you did there Paul, leading with ‘it’s Saturday’ avoided the need for Aipple to tell us what day it was, because you knew his weekly routine of coffee and CQN before work was a bust at the weekend.



    Or am I over-thinking this.




  12. Saint Stivs



    I recall reading that he was going back to Japan to be with wife, child and new home?


    Has Spurs now been mentioned?

  13. No. I am being facetious.



    But someone somewhere will link it that way let’s watch and see.



    I did see no downtime for our japan 3 call ups they are back there already.

  14. Bournesouprecipe



    Thanks re Andy Walker info. Maybe he can resume being the decent human being he was before his media responsibility took hold.



    Re Barkas. I think it was really unfortunate that he joined us when he did with so little English and such limited cultural experience outside of Greece.


    Easy to say the Club let him down but so hard for any young people during the covid lockdown farce. Really hard for folks like him and Eduard in foreign countries and in the media spotlight. I am pleased he is feeling good about his new home.

  15. Big Wavy



    Thanks for sharing the Celtic by numbers insight. It’s always good to read. Stars are not everything mind you. I think we were being worked out. Ange’s year 1 and 2 impact is not always maintained.

  16. Tom McLaughlin



    Thanks for that. I think we were 2-1 down until late in that game also.



    Re Joe McBride ….. as well as being an incredible goal scorer he was a thoroughly good human being. A really nice man who always seemed to act as if in the shadows of those lucky to be the chosen 11 but who was every bit as bit a contributor to our success in those 65-68 seasons.



    Hibs had some players back then also. Stanton Cormack Brownlie Marinello O’Rourke Duncan Edwards Gordon Cropley (Even Colin Stein !! )). We had the upper hand though most of the time when the prizes were being contested.

  17. Burnley78,



    I’d love to see us get bigger, younger and more athletic players in there. The guy Souza didn’t fancy us and Abildgard just didn’t work.



    Young Ya Ya Toure types or go back for Souza, who got relegated.




  18. Andy Walker’s brother and I worked for the same company in Edinburgh (years ago)



    A nicer ghuy you couldn’t meet……………..and a good source for tickets!



    Hope you are good D if you are looking in!

  19. The returnof weeron on

    Regarding Mr. Ido….



    It was interesting to read that it was Kyogo who pushed for Mr. Ido’s elongated stay. That, coupled with the successful integration of most of our Japanese players reminds me that Celtic have failed in this area in the past.



    Yes, it is a while ago, but we nearly lost Petrov early in his time with us. He felt alone, and unsupported by the club. Others have struggled with the culture, language, weather, food, etc.



    I’d have hoped that we’d have figured all this stuff out.



    (And before someone jumps in and says that almost everybody speaks some english…..I came from Islay to work in Glasgow and I couldn’t understand a thing….!)



    Just saying….



  20. An T



    We know the game is corrupt. You are correct.



    Of course many clubs have got away with cheating on an industrial scale.



    Fiorentina Juventus Marseilles. And many others.



    Few had to start again at the bottom of their professional pyramids. None seem to have had trophies taken from them.



    My point is both of these clubs are contesting a major final while currently benefiting from known malpractice. Both are also owned and controlled from nowhere near their historical base.



    The authenticity of the competition back in 62/3 when teams like Dundee and Feyenoord, from small leagues (Dutch football was amateur then) could get to the semi finals was great. When Milan and Benfica had squads who really did play for their clubs and not the huge wage packets. Managers didn’t fake affiliation. The game seemed more genuine.



    We know it had its issues and wasn’t perfect. Now it seems we celebrate that’s largess rather than the game and the winners.



    Faux passion and self has replaced identity and team.



    Leeds at Hampden in 70


    Real Madrid at Celtic Park 80


    Sporting Lisbon at Celtic Park 83 ?


    Dundee Utd at Hampden 88


    Man U at Celtic Park 07 ?


    Milan at Celtic Park 08 ?


    Barcelona in 04 and 12.



    These are where passion wins over anything. That’s the sport I love. I wish we could see that from the real top teams.



    Of course 11 men plus Joe and John F and John H and Charlie were the ultimate.

  21. Dear oh dear.We are now getting the”Shamrock Rovers ” boss quoted for the job.Along with a very nice wee German chap,Daniel Farque.


    Now,I really am giving up.

  22. Guns open to offers for Wright and former 20 million rated Kamara.


    Security been beefed up around Ibrox to keep potential buyers orderly in the expected queue.

  23. Big Wavy



    I agree re your desire for more physicality.



    Especially with the domestic challenge next season we will need that balance.

  24. Turkey



    Genuinely funny



    Form a queue



    Scott Wright and Kamara !!!!

  25. Wish I had kept count but at this stage number of Managers linked to Club most be in excess of 20, don’t think any of them was met with universal approval here, but so what, it’s a bit of harmless Diversion.

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