Turbulent AGM


Shareholder focus at yesterday’s AGM, the first in a decade without the Premiership trophy, concentrated less on the football situation than how the board were connecting with the wider support.

Brian Wilson, former MP and Celtic historian, was called to account for writing in an obituary that Rangers were “demoted” to the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Such a demotion is not possible within the rules.  He should, perhaps, have known Rangers were liquidated.

This mattered little to his Scotsman reading audience, but if you were a Celtic fan throughout the last 30 years, it counts.  Despite some historic success, Celtic were often subjugated during the 90s and first 11 years of this century by an opponent that care little for the rules of the game or our tax laws.  It is inconceivable I would write that word in this context, Brian needs to reconnect.

A perennial AGM favourite, the role of the non-executive directors (NEDs) was raised.  NEDs are important to a business, they ensure the interests of all stakeholders are heard, not just major shareholders.  There is a wealth of talent within our community, some global leaders in their industry.  This is a reasonable expectation from small shareholders.

If after Ian Livingston’s experience any of them were mad brave enough to take the task on, I have no doubt Celtic would benefit from fresh NED eyes.

As you would expect, the board were unable to comment on speculation they were considering employing Police Scotland chief, Bernard Higgins, who appears to have worked closely with the Scottish Government on their incredible treatment of Celtic.  I have no information on this, but the speculation, together with Brian Wilson’s obit piece, had many in the room perceiving a gap where none should exist. Some retro work here, please, Celtic.

Financial director, Chris McKay, and chairman, Ian Bankier, both informed the room that Celtic were one of 10 clubs working with Uefa to implement improved Financial Fair Play regulations.  Let’s hope that is fruitful.

The away ticket allocation issue was brought up.  In short, most of us do not get a sniff of a ticket, unless we pick up one of the many never used by an exec holder with rights.  This is how getting a ticket for an away game works at Celtic, it is not satisfactory or good for the club.

Interim chief exec, Michael Nicolson, received a comparatively supportive reception, although no questioner asked about the board’s long-term plans for this role.  Michael informed the room they were working with Ange Postecoglou on building up the football department, including potentially appointing a director of football.

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  1. @ TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 4:56 PM



    Tom, we blew TIAR losing the league by the biggest margin in 100 years.



    The chairman confirmed yesterday that the outgoing CEO made the managerial appointment.



    Name another business where an outgoing CEO, leaving under a cloud, makes an appointment of the most important man in the business?



    It evidences poor corporate governance, even if they may have ended up winning a watch with Ange. After all, we had the tortured EH negotiations to consider, too.

  2. @HRVATSKI JIM on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 5:04 PM



    Arguably better than all our recent managers save for BR.



    Amazes me the speed with which Sevco do things. They are corrupt cheats, of course. But God do they sometime show up our shower for their own form of ineptitude.

  3. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/desmond-holds-more-than-20-5-of-celtic-after-share-purchase-1.1056861



    look at the names involved in share purchase when there was a snifter of a chance of playing in an engligh league.



    now we have 5 owners with majority control.



    the other small shareholders are a mere 6%.



    to buy out DD, if he was ever to sell, there would be no supporters collective that could raise the funds.



    if his boys dont take on his shareholding he will sell to another one of the owners.



    ask a partly educated guess, i would estimate you would need to offer £50m+ for his shares.

  4. GVB word bingo at 1st ibrox presser.


    55 titles- check.


    150 year history-check


    Unsurpassed dignity-check

  5. BBC Radio Scotland:



    Van Bronkhorst did well as a manager in the Dutch league but didn’t enjoy success in China but that was during a Covid season.



    Typical BBC throwing in excuses to back-up an Ibrox connection.






    Typical BBC [SCOTLAND] throwing in excuses to back-up an Ibrox connection.






    Fixed that for you.



    I assume the omission was an error on your part.



    No apology required.

  7. SS – if he sells to one individual then they will have to put the same offer on the table for the rest of the owners, I’d say north of 120 million would have to be there even if the offer isn’t taken up




    Hold on a wee minute there. You can’t say Ange was recruited by “the outgoing CEO” because he wasn’t “outgoing” at the time of Ange’s appointment.



    Nobody on here knows why Dom left the club, so you cannot claim that the reason must have been known at the time Ange was approached.

  9. JIMDOM on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 3:20 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:44 PM





    I wouldn’t say handing your own shares onto your children is nepotism, its just an inheritance.












    If it was shares in BP or Amazon then I would happily accept inheritance. Financial gain, no emotional involvement whatsover.



    Celtic is different. The right to own Celtic should be earned and not inherited. I may be barking up the wrong tree anyway as the Desmond boys might have no interest in being involved in Celtic long term. Only time will tell.






    so, legally how do you make that work ?


    there becomes a rule regarding ownership that shares must be sold on open market once a person expires ?



    does it apply only to the big shareholders ?



    or what about me Joe Bloggs, I have my small shareholding, i want to pass them onto my son, he isnt interested in the tic, so do i have to sell them also ?



    DD has it sown up.




    1994 – Grants , Kellys and White



    2021 – Desmonds, Trainers and Lindsell Train.



    All thats really changed is the families old style kept some of the gate money and got into the good seats for tea and buns. With behind closed doors board meetings, and mostly a compliant CSA.



    And today the families well, got our free season books for a year of not allowed attendance, get into their good seats for tea and buns, and get no scrutiny (that is their real job) from the NEDs as they are in with the bricks, enjoying the freebies and a £££££ renumeration.


    While having board meeting, renumeration committees and all other business behind closed doors and with no communications to the support.



    All thats changed is the names on the paperwork for ownership.

  10. ERNIE



    I started my post with BBC Radio SCOTLAND so your pathetic scramble to post a staunch defence of the Brits was unfounded. Again.

  11. CAMUSBHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 5:21 PM


    SS – if he sells to one individual then they will have to put the same offer on the table for the rest of the owners, I’d say north of 120 million would have to be there even if the offer isn’t taken up








    and that is why I think his bhoys will take over, with only parcels of shares sold on to interested other currently on the board.



    he might pull another flanker and sell to sauids, koreans , chinese or others as a giruyeese to us.

  12. Only more Ibrox trophies will make Celtic supporters angry enough to get up off of their spoiled arses, ©Neil Lennon, and actually then they’ll realise that the most hated man in Scotland, hated by Scotsgov, SMSM, Scottish establishment, etc, UK govt, UK MSM, UK establishment, etc, etc, because he’s the only political leader in Scotland, and UK, who is proposing to represent the 99.9%…


    100% Working Class Socialist policies.


    100% anti-imperialism.


    100% Free Life Long Education.


    100% Ban On Folk Becoming Millionaires And Billionaires.


    100% Cheap and well made Council Housing For All In Need.


    100% Free Public Transport.


    100% Free And Cheap Health Care at point of need.


    100% Cheap Nutritious Food for all.


    100% Help to care for elderly at home, like the good old days.


    100% Free Internet Access for all.


    100% Access to political and media employment for working class folk.


    100% the biggest armed forces possible who will “NOT” be used in an imperialistic way, but domestically, to help build roads, hospitals, etc, but most important of all, to protect UK citizens from any attacks from new enemies who don’t fancy UK as a 100% Working Class Socialist anti-imperialist country.


    and on, and on,


    Who else is offering policies that chime with what Celtic supporters “say” that they stand for?


    Who else would make 100% of Celtic’s enemies terrified of them?


    Why do you think George Galloway is suppressed by 100% of MSM????


    Do you think the MSM want you all to know what George Galloway’s party is offering you????


    Sadly, only a period of Rangers collecting trophies will make Celtic supporters angry enough to get up off of their spoiled arses and do what has to be done re: the board.


    The off field mess wasn’t created by, Bankier, Desmond, Lawwell, Wilson, or all of them, and the others put together, their only doing what masonic Tory’s do, cheat, deceive, lie, etc, etc.


    The mess was / is created by as ©Neil Lennon said, “spoiled supporters” lazy, and entitled, is to become the other side of the coin, Green Huns, constantly obsessing about Sevco.


    For 10 years the board have ducked and dived their way round the Sevco / Rangers question.


    10 years????


    10 years of ignorant, couldn’t be arsed, dealing with Celtic fc’s integrity, and public status.


    Where, were the car park, cardboard waving performers, when then Celtic CEO Lawwell, bottled out of a interview, with the houndingly aggressive, Alex Thompson of Channel 4 Fake News????


    Why not sit Thompson’s fat arse down in front of a live camera, and simply ask him,…..



    “If you have evidence, I’m all ears, but before we waste each others, and any potential alleged victims time, going through charades type of games of, he said, she said, I want irrefutable, provable, visual evidence preferably, of any crimes that allegedly took place under the auspices of Celtic fc, but I warn you of what we have here today being wholly unacceptable to alleged victims, and of course to the club itself, were alleged victims approach the club publicly, and supported by a 100% fake news division of the UK MSM swamp full of proven liars, and very dubious characters to say the least, but “especially” at the purported to know better, Channel 4 News division, of liars, propogandists, and fake news deflectors like, “YOU” Alex Thompson, who had better have the “viable and visually provable” evidence that I have outlined, and not the hearsay, and probable, coaching from a MSM fake news propagandist, like the “not so good” Alex Thompson of Channel 4, so show me what you’ve got, Celtic will be approachable in any, and every way possible to move this issue forward, or trash it as a pack of lies, and Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News, and others will themselves be in the dock. So, whom me the evidence, or you’ll be removed from these premises!!!”



    An imaginary socialist in charge of Celtic FC, like Mr George Galloway, might’ve presented Celtic fc’s case along the above lines.


    But we have masonic Tory fearties in charge of Celtic, who ran away from Alex Thompson, and then they put out a Sevco-esque statement saying,….


    “Celtic boys club isn’t officially part of Celtic FC.”


    a bit like,….




    “It was the company that died, “NOT” the club.”


    The OldFirmism is alive and well, and supported,


    faithful through and through,


    over & over,


    by spoilt Celtic fans ©Neil Lennon.


    Too lazy to be arsed maintaining Celtic fc’s integrity by sacking the PLC,


    because Celtic FC monstered a one horse league for 9 years.


    big fkn WOW!!!


    It’ll take a hun trophy haul to create enough anger for the decent thing to emerge in lazy, spoilt minds.


    Not in Green Brigade minds, their essentially Celtic vibe needs a like minded socialist on the board, preferably a board of socialists, to properly channel, utilise, educate, and most importantly of all “LEAD” Celtic fc to a new mindset, and rhythmic Jungle vibe, and buzz aboot the place, led preferably by a socialist who won’t sell you out, and will go above and beyond, even voting the unacceptable Tory’s in an election, in an attempt to damage the majority for the Celtic hating SNP, which helped to deny an outright majority for the anti-Celtic SNP, by creating a “vote tactically concept into voters mnds” denying an overall majority to a party who’s drumbeat is to stitch up and jail, Celtic supporters, who badly need supportive, guiding, solidarity, type of leadership from Celtic fc.


    100% of Celtic fc’s enemies are terrified of the Socialist, George Galloway.


    Its time for a Socialist Celtic fc.


    It looks like more hun driven pain will be needed to generate the necessary levels of anger, to promote PLC regime change to the top of supporters issues.


    ach well…..


    hh ✌

  13. Dermot Desmond: My Celtic Shares Are Not For Sale



    Dermot Desmond





    Celtic plc principal shareholder Dermot Desmond has announced that his shares in the company “are not for sale” in an exclusive interview with the official Celtic website.



    Desmond said any suggestion he is not a “true fan” of Celtic is “contemptible.”



    He said the company recognises “that we have under-performed both on and off the pitch and must do better.”



    Celtic plc shares, which have risen about 25% over the past 12 months, on Tuesday fell about 4% to around £1.10 to give the company a current stock market value of about £104 million.



    Excerpts from the interview:



    It has been reported that you should sell your shares in Celtic as you are not a true fan?



    This is a contemptible suggestion. I am as passionate about Celtic as any other supporter. My shares are not for sale. Brian Dempsey, in an article in The Times, is reported to be floating the idea that fans should own the club and that we have reverted back to where we were in 1994. When I think about the strength of this club today and the playing success that we have enjoyed to date, these are entirely attributable to being financially strong and being professionally managed under stable ownership. When I look back at the record of the club since 2001, we have achieved remarkable success and encountered only a few set-backs along the way. This season has been one of them, but it does not re-create the conditions of the early 1990s, as Mr Dempsey would like to have us believe.



    It is said that the board is not fit for purpose. How do you react to that criticism?



    One of Fergus McCann’s tenets was that the club would be run professionally and that we should never return to the position he inherited where the entire existence of Celtic could be jeopardised by mis-management and unacceptable levels of indebtedness. Celtic is and will continue to be run on a meritocratic basis by the best executives available at the time. There is no member of the Celtic board that I personally knew before they were appointed. We have maintained this policy and it has endured the test of time. In a professional manner we conduct our business behind closed doors, we don’t seek public acclaim for everything we do. Critics are in no position to judge what they cannot see.



    We are very fortunate to have Ian Bankier as our chairman and he leads a diverse and extremely talented board. We could not have had a better CEO, nor a more committed Celtic supporter than Peter Lawwell. He has built a solid platform upon which our new CEO, Dominic McKay, can build. With every board appointment we make, we undertake a thorough recruitment process of researching, investigating, interviewing and negotiating, unknown to all except the Celtic board members. That will be the same process that is being implemented in recruiting our next manager.



    What is your analysis of the season?



    Firstly, the season is not over yet, as we are still in the Scottish Cup. However, my current thoughts are that this season has been extremely disappointing. Decision-making in football is not an exact science and I accept without qualification that we have made some wrong calls. We will endeavour to learn from those. However, the conjecture coming from some journalists, commentators and pundits that they foresaw the outcome of this season is entirely disingenuous in my opinion.



    Regardless of whether we won the league or not this year, we knew that the 2021/22 season would be a transitional year for the team. A number of the existing squad would more than likely be departing or returning to their parent clubs, but we felt that, in order to give the team the best chance of success this year to achieve the overriding ambition, we should endeavour to retain these players, despite receiving a number of substantial bids. In so doing, we recognised that this would add to the recruitment requirements for the subsequent season. We recognise that we have under-performed both on and off the pitch and must do better.



    When can we expect the appointment of a manager?



    As with any key appointment at Celtic, there is a process which involves research, investigation, interviewing and negotiation. This process is underway and is taking place privately and when complete, the board will make a public announcement.



    Who is in charge of the process?



    The chairman Ian Bankier, Peter Lawwell and myself take a lead in the process, and naturally, the incoming CEO will also participate. Any decision made will require board approval.



    Could you give us some idea of the type of candidate you are looking for?



    We are mindful of the fact that there is a huge amount of interest and speculation among our supporters and the press. However, we have to respect the privacy of potential candidates and the integrity of the process, and so I think it would be inappropriate to make comment on the type of candidate we are looking for.

  14. That is the nightmare scenario, the GIRUY as I couldn’t support a club owned by the Saudis or some others, imagine the Murdoch’s getting involved – shudders

  15. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 5:29 PM



    BBC UK/England doesn’t have a problem with Celtic. BBC Scotland does.



    I appreciate how difficult that must be for you, hence your petulant response.

  16. i take some of the blame there, i said George 5 times in the mirror and the g-gandyman turned up.

  17. SAINT STIVS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 5:40 PM






    ”Desmond said any suggestion he is not a “true fan” of Celtic is “contemptible.”






    He’s full of shit.



    It’s a pity he hadn’t stuck to the golf and the horses.

  18. Germany increasing Covid restrictions, hope Bhoys travelling over this week won’t be affected.

  19. A diversity of Directors & Officers (6 white men, 4 of them over 69 years old, and 1 white woman)



    all serving on sub-committees that approve the others positions and monies.



    Name Title Compensation Age Officer since



    Ian Bankier Non-Executive Chairman of the Board 78.67kGBP 69 2011 (10 years already he shouldnt have lasted 2)



    Michael Nicholson Acting Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director — 45 2013 (the new PL yes man)



    Christopher McKay Finance Director, Executive Director 175.42kGBP 46 2016



    Thomas Allison Senior Independent Non-Executive Director 24.58kGBP 73 2001



    Sharon Brown Independent Non-Executive Director 29.50kGBP 52 2016



    Dermot Desmond Independent Non-Executive Director 24.58kGBP 71 1995



    Brian Wilson Independent Non-Executive Director 24.58kGBP 72 2005



    makes the house of lords look positively vibrant,

  20. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Are the monkeys gathering at Snake Mountain to welcome the new keyholder of the gates of hell ?

  21. DENIABHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:10 PM


    GvB is a good appointment for them, no point in saying othérwise.






    he is an arsehole and a shit football manager.






  22. thems manager “I feel so lucky to be going to work with a squad which is in a great position on all fronts and largely has that experience of being winners,” he added.



    winners , has he read their 10 year history.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:15 PM


    DENIABHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:10 PM





    GvB is a good appointment for them, no point in saying othérwise.














    he is an arsehole and a shit football manager.









  24. DENIABHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:10 PM


    GvB is a good appointment for them, no point in saying othérwise.



    in a positive or negative way based on what.

  25. Imagine being accused of petulance by Ernie the Red Tory.



    Oh the irony.



    Funny though.

  26. “We have to be careful with the narrative of who brought me to the club,” Postecoglou said after watching his team defeat Ross County.



    “I was as surprised as anyone that Dom resigned but I am going to be respectful of him and his family. When people cite personal reasons, there’s reasons for that. Michael is now in charge and that’s good because I already know him” – Ange Postecoglou

  27. Paul 67,



    I see no turbulent AGM.



    What I do see is the vilification of a good Celtic man. An old man has got mixed up and subsequently apologised.


    Do we not accept any apologies these days.? If that is the case many would be on the scrapheap.



    What do they want : Blood.



    As for Bernard Higgins: Why shoot the monkey while his organ grinders get off Scott free. Where is the outrage of his political masters.


    Is he the best placed person for the job? Has he been offered any job ? I do not know and I suspect others do not know.


    Hypothetically, would the GB accept any authority. ?



    It’s no use getting worked up over res 12. Rightly or wrongly that ship has sailed. We must look to the future.



    We have a challenge on our core rationale. The huns are top of the league, lost one league game in 18 months and have acted decisively in appointing a new high profile manager.



    We keep hearing what we don’t want How about giving viable alternatives. Such as : Replace the ” dispised ” board members with who.?



    We have seen much sadness and pain on CQN recently. We do not need such doom and negativity.The vast majority of our support want Celtic to give them a focus, a hope and bring a bit of joy into our lives.



    Starting on Saturday.




  28. I don’t see the boards ethnicity being different to the crowd at a typical Celtic match.


    Possibly another female would help.




  29. Don’t be taken in by purple bedecked deceivers who’s media brethren sweep their deeds under the big purple carpet. eye!



    Keith (@KeithRSteele) Tweeted:


    Good to see Ian Blackford taking full advantage of the relaxed mask rules in the Heathrow BA 1st class lounge just now. Not averse to a full English either! 😀😀


    Air travel too! COP26 soon forgotten. https://t.co/Khlkc4V7gO https://twitter.com/KeithRSteele/status/1461249277263552513?s=20

  30. GREENPINATA on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:44 PM


    I don’t see the boards ethnicity being different to the crowd at a typical Celtic match.





    Possibly another female would help.













    you agree then, its not diverse at all, even if he is claiming it is diverse in working background, 5 business people , a lawyer (in business) and an ex MP.



    big wowee as someone else said, they aint scrutinising anything.



    to be open and transparent why not publish board meeting minutes.



    nae chance.

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