Turbulent AGM


Shareholder focus at yesterday’s AGM, the first in a decade without the Premiership trophy, concentrated less on the football situation than how the board were connecting with the wider support.

Brian Wilson, former MP and Celtic historian, was called to account for writing in an obituary that Rangers were “demoted” to the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Such a demotion is not possible within the rules.  He should, perhaps, have known Rangers were liquidated.

This mattered little to his Scotsman reading audience, but if you were a Celtic fan throughout the last 30 years, it counts.  Despite some historic success, Celtic were often subjugated during the 90s and first 11 years of this century by an opponent that care little for the rules of the game or our tax laws.  It is inconceivable I would write that word in this context, Brian needs to reconnect.

A perennial AGM favourite, the role of the non-executive directors (NEDs) was raised.  NEDs are important to a business, they ensure the interests of all stakeholders are heard, not just major shareholders.  There is a wealth of talent within our community, some global leaders in their industry.  This is a reasonable expectation from small shareholders.

If after Ian Livingston’s experience any of them were mad brave enough to take the task on, I have no doubt Celtic would benefit from fresh NED eyes.

As you would expect, the board were unable to comment on speculation they were considering employing Police Scotland chief, Bernard Higgins, who appears to have worked closely with the Scottish Government on their incredible treatment of Celtic.  I have no information on this, but the speculation, together with Brian Wilson’s obit piece, had many in the room perceiving a gap where none should exist. Some retro work here, please, Celtic.

Financial director, Chris McKay, and chairman, Ian Bankier, both informed the room that Celtic were one of 10 clubs working with Uefa to implement improved Financial Fair Play regulations.  Let’s hope that is fruitful.

The away ticket allocation issue was brought up.  In short, most of us do not get a sniff of a ticket, unless we pick up one of the many never used by an exec holder with rights.  This is how getting a ticket for an away game works at Celtic, it is not satisfactory or good for the club.

Interim chief exec, Michael Nicolson, received a comparatively supportive reception, although no questioner asked about the board’s long-term plans for this role.  Michael informed the room they were working with Ange Postecoglou on building up the football department, including potentially appointing a director of football.

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  1. JOE ORDINARY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:50 Pm



    was the guy who tweeted the picture in the lounge ? was he wearing a mask ? if he was how did he eat his dinner ? does he even know that your allowed to remove your mask in an eating space.



    wait till George finds out.

  2. Was Suzie Dent at Celtic park …



    Word of the day is ‘quockerwodger’ (19th century): a toy puppet; one whose strings are pulled entirely by someone else.

  3. Saint Stivs,



    What I am saying is the boards ethnicity reflects the average crowd at Parkhead.



    What do you suggest. :- Positive discrimination?



    The GB must reflect diversity in their own ranks.


    Season Tickets must be allocated to ensure we have diversity.



    Why criticise the board for lack of diversity when they reflect the diversity of the crowd.



    When I look at the GB and the wider crowd all I see is a mass of white faces.



    Possibly it reflects the fact that the current population is circa 95% the same.


    That will change in the future as will diversity on the board.



    But why single out the board for lack of diversity.?



    I would wager you are a white middle aged man. Possibly you should lead by example and consider your own position.



    Madness in the form of point scoring.




  4. I care not whether the Celtic board are black, white, pink or teale.


    As long as they can do the job.


    As long as they don’t take 100+ days to replace a manager.

  5. The excuses Bankier wiz putting out about European progression were ridiculous.



    European games are where the Celtic Support (every single Supporter) Loves. Martin got us Rocking again in Europe.



    We have an absolute Star in Ange, Back him to the hilt and we will start giving Big European Teams bloody noses again next Season.



    Unfortunately, I just do not trust our Board and their flawed, utterly flawed OF model.

  6. GREENPINATA on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:19 PM


    Saint Stivs,







    What I am saying is the boards ethnicity reflects the average crowd at Parkhead.







    What do you suggest. :- Positive discrimination?






    To get diversity of thinking, different views, more in touch, I am advocating that.


    If what we have on the board is very rich white men and woman is might look like 95% of the crowd, but I bet none of them think of us other than as paying customers.



    Why not John Barnes or Paul Elliot ? they fight ethnic racism, why not anti-irish as well.


    Why not one of the myriad of succesful non scots/irish Not for Profits organisation leaders (marys meals or whover).



    Here is one, why not a real non-celtic supporter, someone completely off the wall, an NED who will ask at meetings, why do you want to do that thing, explain it please, not the Wilson types asking for recepits to claim expenses.



    Why not.



    Ps, I am white middle aged. I work for a multi-national, in my department there are 14 nationalities, there are more women than men. I have no problem in stepping aside for any of them, Pay me up and I will go.

  7. How about we have maximum terms that a board member can be there, say 5 years and no re-election in the following 3



    We need new ideas on how the club is taken forward, and big shareholding should not be a guarantee of office

  8. cambus, excellent point, 5 year tenure, would see a complete lifecylce every seven years,



    how can our place have 4 members in place for 60+ years aggregate

  9. Great appointment!


    I read a Feyenoord fans review of his 4 years there.


    1/ never improved a single player.


    2:/ never introduced one youngster in 4 years.


    3/ only won the trophies they did as Ajax were in transition and didn’t compete in those 4 seasons – winning nothing.


    4/ Feyenoord fans were generally happy to see the back of him.



    Welcome to Glasgow Gio!




  10. While I am all for Celtic being taken forward, nobody mentions the elephant(s) in the room. We play in Scotland and the Establishment detest us. The Scottish Government took action against us (and to a lesser degree Aberdeen) which they didn’t repeat with the team who play out of Govan, for much worse infringements. MIBs apply separate rules when we are reffed; every other team know this and know they can get away with kicking us off the park. How we expect to do well in Europe, (and I do realise we could do better) when we play against 10 men defences and cloggers in just about every SPFL match, while our tv monies are negligible compared to most other leagues, strikes me as fanciful.

  11. A seamless transition at Ibrox – not one game without a manager in place. GVB with more experience than Gerrard had when he arrived, could well be a better manager, one from nine won’t be hard to beat.



    We can criticise & deride their finances, however those running the show in Govan are no mugs – in fact in this instance their professionalism must be admired.



    On and off the park we look like we are just ‘winging it’ – making it up as we go along – more luck than judgement…..etc. We appear amateurish in comparison.

  12. Susie Dent Blue heart






    17 Nov


    Word of the day is ‘circumbendibus’ (17th century): an answer or argument so convoluted and evasive that it isn’t really an answer at all.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just reading the discussion about our directors from this afternoon … when I came across this







    GVB appointment confirmed.





    Tom? As a Celtic NED?




  14. Never ceases to amaze me, the number of guys who consistently defend any criticism of CFC Board members…..open your eyes

  15. It’s where you finish, not how you start. We will know in a few months time if a seamless transition trumps a slow tortuous one. Would have been more concerned if Beale replaced Gerrard. Not bothered by GvB at all.



    Good point earlier SS re the DD GIRUY scenario. Ashley and Newcastle sale comes to mind.


    Maybe we need to start showing Dermot some love and appreciation !!

  16. Yes, we use always question; however be careful for what you wish for in regards ownership and board composition.

  17. Ernie @ 5:44.



    I have to give you credit for keeping track of which board members you can turn a blind eye to versus those you hate, top trolling.



    If only they would all vote Labour your trolling life would be so much easier.

  18. GREENPINATA on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 6:37 PM



    Paul 67,



    GP-I see no turbulent AGM.



    – me neither.the formal floor show was interesting,not as interesting back at rorybremner agm,with the majority shareholder WFH(as last 15 yr or so)



    Gp-What I do see is the vilification of a good Celtic man. An old man has got mixed up and subsequently apologised.



    Please GP.a touch condescending.BW is a professional writer.the doddery ol fumblin dumblin does not wash.


    As an officer of Celtic,he knew exactly what he was doing.He was an attendee and signatory to all board paperwork long before the shiting out,and since so the demoted nonsense reflects more on the lack of professional integrity within our board.


    On my part its about that.his voting or writings is his business and long may he continue.



    Gp-Do we not accept any apologies these days.? If that is the case many would be on the scrapheap.



    – all part of modrin meeja game.BW will be heartfelt and sincer but edtorial/rewrite was out of Celtics hands.it meant for a rowdy floor show but once the votes are counted Dermots narrative is 98% dominant.





    What do they want : Blood.



    A resignation or the offer of resignation to a vote would have denoted integrity.not because its BW,I thought the same of PL back in rorybremner days.


    Both in that,to me the subject matter is nowt to do with CFC why comment/mention demoteeed at all?


    Its a known lie and narrative.BW knew what he was doing.maybe its just indicative of the puppeteered malaise(dd roolz ok) that is right across our board



    GpAs for Bernard Higgins: Why shoot the monkey while his organ grinders get off Scott free. Where is the outrage of his political masters.



    Rage away and shine a light on them as much as possible.


    But shine that torch on Celtic and data breaches too


    That was breached.




    Gp-Is he the best placed person for the job? Has he been offered any job ? I do not know and I suspect others do not know.



    I think this appointment is a giruy from dd to Celtic supporters called the green brigade,as a neutral i would suggest it gives them to much kudos. They are another sliver in the multi- sliced Celtic support.that fan v this fan.its the Dermot way.thus no unity when it comes to fan/sharehold-groups they are intentionally played by our board.beaten down easily as the only unity is with 5 top shareholders,all else are broken up and disparate.



    Gp-Hypothetically, would the GB accept any authority?



    Nope.imo.they will accept the same laws for all Celtic fans.



    Gp-It’s no use getting worked up over res 12. Rightly or wrongly that ship has sailed. We must look to the future.



    And so to ol frim it is.titles dependant on the debt owed by trfc.The shame of that it was shareholders asking.They are irrelevant now.Fergus shareholding democracy is now gone.The 5,to coin an ol kellyboard phrase are in ‘pact’ and the last time that happened it jeopardised the club we loves very existence.


    As a puppeteered board they are to remote



    Gp-We have a challenge on our core rationale. The huns are top of the league, lost one league game in 18 months and have acted decisively in appointing a new high profile manager.



    Didn’t take long gp lol.🤣jj



    Gp-We keep hearing what we don’t want How about giving viable alternatives. Such as : Replace the ” dispised ” board members with who.?



    I don’t despise any board member.it is a powerful and pressured job.On the whole they did not handle the shitinoot well.History tho will have a story to tell,thats why Dermot will never speak for Celtic.his St Andrews interviews ended that.i know of a few who over years have approached the board,with expertise and repelled/rejected.there is plenty of experience already on our board it just don’t appear to get applied fully



    Gp-We have seen much sadness and pain on CQN recently. We do not need such doom and negativity.The vast majority of our support want Celtic to give them a focus, a hope and bring a bit of joy into our lives.



    Start with semi on Saturday maybe catch you there:-)



    GpStarting on Saturday.



    Hope so, the joy in Celtic is always there,that’s why we aim to always do a little better and since that meeting at St Mary’s Hall we have done not bad tho if the ‘pact’ had prevailed in 94 I would be talking to you bout climbing and mountains not Celtic




  19. Celtic Mac (and Tom Mclaughlin)


    Steve Howe?


    Doesn’t surprise me that the Board wanted another Yes man…






    Exchange made me titter…. even more evidence of the Board just six-stringing us all along ;)



    Just reading the discussion about our directors from this afternoon … when I came across this







    GVB appointment confirmed.




    Tom? As a Celtic NED?






    Made me laugh B2B :-))))








    The managerial transition was seamless – fact! Anything beforehand neither adds, nor, detracts.

  22. Soon be more ex Masonic cops,enjoying prawn sandwiches at Celtic Park, than you would find in Glasgow city centre on a Saturday night.

  23. JHB on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:29 PM












    The managerial transition was seamless – fact! Anything beforehand neither adds, nor, detracts.







    where is his back room staff ?


    who are they ? where do they come from ?


    who is the director of football ?


    does he do the transfers in ?


    does he do the transfers out ?


    whats his budget ?



    all the sort of stuff thrown at celtic.



    so they made a quick appointment, big deal.





    i bet he hasnt even been briefed on who his referees are.

  24. Give it yer all for yer team is all that is asked.



    My best ever defeat was Footballing Magic. We Won but we lost.



    It was something else in the Jungle.



    I got home and because the game was so good, the studio commentator said they wurnae gonnae show the advertised English game on ITV (I think) but a game from Glasgow.



    Europe has to be where we are looking to do as well as possible – We have been shocking for years now, OF model has superceded us really being as good as we possibly can be, IMO.






    So Glad Ian wisnae in the tunnel in Lisbon.

  25. RON BACARDI @ 8:23 PM,



    Love it to read how so many on here know how to run a football club like Celtic



    Your sarcasm may to an extent be justified but most of it is fair comment in my opinion.



    And let’s face it, Peter Lawwell had no idea how to run a football club like Celtic.



    Hail Hail

  26. Those ruthless ‘gers just getting the job done again



    *forgets it took 190 days to replace Pedro Caixinha with their last manager who was working at Liverpool u18s*




    Many thanks for taking the time for your well argued reply.


    It is always good to see points debated rather than just trashed with no constructive answer.



    I’m at pesky work at the moment so won’t see you at Hampden. I,ll be with you in spirit.



    I would like to see future AGM’s focus on where we are as a football team and how we can enhance the experience of going to Paradise.



    Personally I’m not really into who said what and was the right word used. I really couldn’t care if we had a board full of diversified Martions or angry Jedi warriers


    The only critique should be :-


    Are they doing the best for Celtic?



    Imo : we should remember the past but focus on the future. Let’s see initiatives that will enhance the match day experience at Parkhead and real initiatives that will tap into our would wide Celtic family.



    Points of interest I would like to see addressed.



    Supporter Bus Parking.


    Parking on match days. Especially for our disabled supporters.


    Traffic management.


    Transport infrastructure.


    Initiatives for ST holders and match day ticket holders.eg Links and deals with Transport companies, deals with food, hotel and drink outlets.


    Links and cooperation with the Emirates.


    Addressing ground issues. A general lack of paint the front stand toilets etc etc.


    Utilisation of the Celtic way for pre match entertainment.


    Increased usage of our facilities for concerts etc.


    Upgrade of Barrowfield and public availability




    Etc Etc.



    I really welcome the light show at Parkhead. It makes for a marvellous setting and sells our product to a wider audience. This is an example of a modern worthwhile initiative.



    Let’s consider that we used to have a tie in deal with Strathclyde Transport and discount vouchers used to be included in the old book style ST.



    I thought that Dominic Mckay’s remit would have covered many of these topics and I was saddened to see him ” depart ”



    Football is more than a game, it is a passionate focus of identity and enjoyment.



    We must move with the times, to stand still is to regress. That is where our focus should be for future AGM’s.



    Cheers and HH.

  28. prestonpans bhoys on

    On other AGM matters…..did anyone raise the method of tickets for away domestic and European games.



    The allocations are beyond a joke its a ‘closed shop’😕

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