Turbulent AGM


Shareholder focus at yesterday’s AGM, the first in a decade without the Premiership trophy, concentrated less on the football situation than how the board were connecting with the wider support.

Brian Wilson, former MP and Celtic historian, was called to account for writing in an obituary that Rangers were “demoted” to the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Such a demotion is not possible within the rules.  He should, perhaps, have known Rangers were liquidated.

This mattered little to his Scotsman reading audience, but if you were a Celtic fan throughout the last 30 years, it counts.  Despite some historic success, Celtic were often subjugated during the 90s and first 11 years of this century by an opponent that care little for the rules of the game or our tax laws.  It is inconceivable I would write that word in this context, Brian needs to reconnect.

A perennial AGM favourite, the role of the non-executive directors (NEDs) was raised.  NEDs are important to a business, they ensure the interests of all stakeholders are heard, not just major shareholders.  There is a wealth of talent within our community, some global leaders in their industry.  This is a reasonable expectation from small shareholders.

If after Ian Livingston’s experience any of them were mad brave enough to take the task on, I have no doubt Celtic would benefit from fresh NED eyes.

As you would expect, the board were unable to comment on speculation they were considering employing Police Scotland chief, Bernard Higgins, who appears to have worked closely with the Scottish Government on their incredible treatment of Celtic.  I have no information on this, but the speculation, together with Brian Wilson’s obit piece, had many in the room perceiving a gap where none should exist. Some retro work here, please, Celtic.

Financial director, Chris McKay, and chairman, Ian Bankier, both informed the room that Celtic were one of 10 clubs working with Uefa to implement improved Financial Fair Play regulations.  Let’s hope that is fruitful.

The away ticket allocation issue was brought up.  In short, most of us do not get a sniff of a ticket, unless we pick up one of the many never used by an exec holder with rights.  This is how getting a ticket for an away game works at Celtic, it is not satisfactory or good for the club.

Interim chief exec, Michael Nicolson, received a comparatively supportive reception, although no questioner asked about the board’s long-term plans for this role.  Michael informed the room they were working with Ange Postecoglou on building up the football department, including potentially appointing a director of football.

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  1. Davie Provan not Davie Proven 👍


    “Or is he trying to tell us something that others would rather hide from us?”


    typos r us

  2. UNCLE JIMMY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:21 PM



    I care not whether the Celtic board are black, white, pink or teale.



    As long as they can do the job. As long as they don’t take 100+ days to replace a manager.



    *well aid Big Mhan, on Feb 1, 1965 I was crossing Balloch Bridge with my da heading for the station.



    He had the Express in his hand and after pulling out the racing supplement he normally handed the rest of the paper tae me.



    After glancing at the headlines “Celtic employ first protestant manager” he said “I hate that scheitd son, I don’t care if he was a heathen Chinese as long as he gets us a winning team”.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Provan is a complete buffoon, best ignored, classic example of intelligence being at his feet😵

  4. Graham Spiers has never been right since Gerry McNee handed him his arse for an entire episode of Setanta Sports segment called, “Press Box” where GS tried to say, regarding a hun mibbery goal away to Motherwell that an Irish sounding named linesman flagged Boyd offside, mib blew the whistle, then Boyd fired the ball into Motherwell net with all players standing static after the whistle had blown, Spiers claimed that,……


    “Walter had a point, when Walter highlighted that a certain linesman had a Celtic season ticket and therefore, the linesman shouldn’t be officiating at Rangers games.”….


    and that,……


    “Kris Boyd’s goal at Motherwell should have stood!” said an angry Spiers!


    McNee was the only journalist in Scotland to say that, whilst loudly laughing at Spier’s that,


    “The linesman put his flag up, the ref blew the whistle, Boyd shot after the whistle had blown, and his unconvincing tantrum after the ref, correctly chopped off the goal, was like a scene from Monty Python.”


    If only Celtic had a manager with balls like, Walter’s balls of steel?


    Have we called out Madden? Beaton? etc, etc.


    McNee put Spier’s right, and Spier’s reacted by turning his chair round so that he couldn’t see McNee’s face for the rest of the program! lol 😜 🎣


    If only we had Gerry McNee during the past 13 years since he retired the week after 250k BillyBoys sacked the city of Manchester, after the Uefa Cup Final defeat in 2008.


    Would Gerry McNee have shamed Celtic PLC for going along with the same club lie? and Celtic supporters for spending 4 years after 2012 telling anyone who’d listen that,….


    “Rangers / Sevco are are not the same club”


    and when Celtic PLC put these mega mouth supporters to the test, they all fell into line in 2016 and paid the same fool OF price for tickets, so the “new club” rebellion lasted for 4 years?? lol 😵




  5. SAINT STIVS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:00 PM


    “Mention of Pedro, always brings up the question “what is your favourite hedge?”



    Remember SAINT you started this:



    “Mention of Pedro, always brings up the question, “What’s your favourite Caravan?”



    por cierto

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