Turmoil in Zenit squad


There’s turmoil in the Zenit St Petersburg squad. Two players, striker Artem Dzyuba and midfielder Oleg Shatov, are in conflict with the club and will not travel to their winter training camp in Dubai.

Both players are current Russia internationals; Dzyuba scored eight goals in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, making him the country’s top scorer in the tournament. Zenit face Copenhagen in Dubai on Monday, the first of six friendly games, before they face their first competitive game of 2018, in Glasgow, four weeks tomorrow. Their last game was on 11 December.

Some poor Celtic scout will be charged with taking in Zenit’s three games in Dubai next week. It is a thankless job.

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Get it done.


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    Sending a scout to Dubai to watch Zenit is a pointless and costly exercise. The Bhoys from The Dubliner could do the job just for drink money.



    Awe,aye. Cheaper to send a scout,really…

  2. Received a reply from Maurice Gorry MSP today. He will vote to repeal the OBAF Act. That makes 5 voting to repeal and one against. Mr Gorry informed me that he had received over 300 e-mails. Well done ghuys and especially HT.

  3. Dusko Tosic is an experienced left sided centre half who can play left back. So is Marvin Compper. The Daily Ranger story looks like regurgitation of old news (we were linked with him before we signed Compper).





    If the huns were after him,the DR would be pushing for their heroes to rescue their target from his Midnight Express hell.



    For free,pro bono. Doing everyone a favour,like.

  5. Paul 67.



    As we are talking Zenit.



    We have already discussed the pricing policy for this game in regards discounted ST ‘s.



    However the ticket pricing for general sale of £40 + £1.50 is simply outrageous and cannot be justified.



    Many of our fans are greatly inconvenienced by the 20.05 ko time and this exorbitant pricing policy will not help us achieve the desired full house, which is so vital for our team.



    I wonder what you think ?




  6. Regardless of what’s happening at Zenit, the truth is that with our current squad and playing style, we are very unlikely to progress. Chinks in the armour of the opposition are all very well but we will need to show a significant improvement on recent showings to have any chance. From Saturday onwards the ‘tired’ excuse is out of the window, let’s see how things go.

  7. THETIMREAPER on 17TH JANUARY 2018 12:35 PM



    What would be your suggestion for changing the current squad and playing style?

  8. BMCUW sorry for late reply M was just heading to hospital. Finally told no operation required as 2 breaks healing nicely. Broke ankle a few weeks back in 2 places originally was to get plate and pins put in on the Saturday after accident but they chose not to. Still cannot put any weight ( considerable) on it until next week. So it’s feet up and getting waited on can’t be all bad. Every cloud etc. Hope all is well with you M.














    Literally just off the phone to my ticketless mate. The other two lads swung a cheap overnight bus return yesterday,£15 apparently. He can’t get one for less than £62



    Being unemployed,he’s got no chance. I said I’d give him it to go up-he’s a mate-but he said he wouldnae encourage them at that price!!!!



    Aye,he’s been away from Scotland for 52 years. But you wouldnae notice wi that attitude!



    So,naw. I’d love it for him to go up,but he won’t do it now.



    Hope yer keeping well,btw. Retirement plans been cleared?



    Enjoy your slightlynless stressful life when it happens. It’s what you work for,feet up.

  10. Bloody hell. Two rebel rhebels (or is it rhebel rebels) dominating the blog this morning.



    Up de Dubs:-)

  11. SEÁNP1916 on 17TH JANUARY 2018 12:41 PM



    An investment in a couple of genuine quality players for a start. Doesn’t look like it will happen. We go into this double header with Rogic, Roberts and Armstrong unavailable. Last month we were horsed 4-0 at Hearts and outfought and outplayed at home to an abject Sevco. When forced to kick it long we look out of ideas, surely Mancini will adopt this tactic. I’ve said before I’m not expecting a big upturn in performances. We’ve had one penalty all season, that tells you not enough players/play in the opposition box. We can’t cross a ball from a corner or take a throw in without passing back to defence.



    Sorry to be all doom and gloom but I’m more worried about us than prima donna Zenit players. Lets be honest the Hearts and Sevco performances were horrific, the fact we can churn out that level of performance should concern everybody.



    But as I said, let’s see how things go. Hopefully Compper will make a difference.

  12. ALMORE on 17TH JANUARY 2018 12:55 PM






    My auld granddad had a song about you lot :-)





    That’s mighty good news,bud! Strange things,feet and ankles. For all that they support your weight,they’re not half weak when they go.



    No lie,this. Couldnae make it up.



    Four of my mates fell on top of each other celebrating Tom Rogic’s winner in May. Thankfully,I wasn’t in Swindon,I was in Lisbon. Just overbalanced,overexuberance,etc.



    They only went as mental as we all did!!!



    Smallest fella on the bottom,and everyone else on top,his foot was smashed.



    He’s been off work ever since,plastered up wi crutches.



    By now,of course,he’s on half wages for sick leave. And guess who he works for?






    Lucky white heather,I believe the expression is…

  14. mullet and co 2 on

    Still bidding for Hendry and bidding over 2.5m for a 32 yr old? Don’t think so. Maybe if Simunovic goes but paying more than 2.5m for a 32 year old seems out of character.

  15. I don’t think anyone (certainly not me) would not like a couple genuine quality players.


    Unfortunately Celtic can’t buy this, they have to mould them.



    Lets presume the general consensus is right and that Celtic have around £10-15 million that could be spent without putting the club in any trouble and that they are willing to pay 30k-40k per week (£1.5-£2m per year) in wages.


    Now look at the transfer that have happened/ are rumoured to be happening across Europe this month. There is virtually no player in this price bracket I would class as “genuine quality” maybe you would see it differently and have a player or too in mind?



    I think the team did become a bit too cautious in the last quarter there before the break. Teams working us out a bit, amount of games, injuries and drops in top form from one or two all played a part in that. However look at the Anderlecht away match and the Bayern home match this team have good European performances in them. With a break, a re-fresh and some tactics/ shape training I don’t think they will be far away.


    I could be wrong but I thought Rogic and Roberts are likely to be fit again for the Zenit match? It does also look like further business will be done this month too. KTF

  16. A people and a cause on

    Afternoon all


    Quick question how long does it take to liquidate a football club even if it is the most successful one in the world


    It’ll be six years this valentines since administration


    Sorry it wasn’t the club at all it was the company that explains everything


    Silly me All makes sense now

  17. THETIMREAPER on 17TH JANUARY 2018 1:01 PM



    Whilst I was very disappointed with our performance on 30th December, to suggest we were “outplayed” is perhaps taking it a bit too far.

  18. What is the Stars on

    Big Jimmy



    Celtarella is a grand ole chap really


    He has a certain sense of humour that people sometimes mis read


    But he is not a Hun or a Troll …He is decent sort



    Believe it or not !!!





    Cool it,old bean. CELTERELLA is one of the good guys,and don’t just take my word for it.



    He cannae half be harsh in his criticism at times,mind. But aren’t we all…



    How’s the geegees doing?





    Has Roberts been injured while over in Dubai, He’s training with the rest of the bhoys who went there to get fit for the rest of the Season,He still has a month to get fit for the Zenit game.

  21. Onemolloy


    Hail Hail from sunny Caleta de Fuste.


    Here for some winter sun. It’s Mrs BB’ s birthday tomorrow. Her 57th, and first ever involving sunshine!

  22. You have hit the nail on the head Seánp1916 (1:20pm). Even at the lower end of your suggested wage range and the upper end of your suggested cashflow position, signing two players on three year contracts would cost £9M, leaving just £6M for the transfer fees (inclusive of all incidental costs).



    As we are seeing prices in the region of £6-7M each to buy Paddy Roberts and Odsonne Edouard, we are already attempting to operate beyond that level! So this is as good as it is going to get in the transfer market unless we want to adopt the Rangers (RIP) philosophy of spending money that simply doesn’t exist!



    We are also shackled by the fact that we play in Scotland… With due respect to the SPL, even if we had £1Bn to spend on players, the likes of Messi, Bale, Neymar, Lewandowski, or even a 36 year old Ibrahimović wouldn’t sign up to play in the Scottish League however much we threw at them.

  23. I can confirm that despite my reference to my birthday being tomorrow I am not Mrs BB.



    I felt clarity on this subject may have been required :-)

  24. BB.



    I agree Cira £25 would be a just price. Do the club realise that this is the Europa league and the game is on TV .


    And many people are still skint after Christmas, awaiting the last week in January.



    I am surprised there has not been more concern expressed on here.


    Understandably we discuss potential signings, but at these prices we will all be watching them on TV.


    I await with interest the attendance as witnessed by my own eyes.



    Cheers and HH.

  25. BigJimmy



    Why the long face?


    I was only wondering what New nags are on the Celtic transfer agenda today. My post had absolutely nothing to do with your horsey insecurities.

  26. OLDTIM67 on 17TH JANUARY 2018 1:35 PM





    Staight line running at the moment. Scheduled return at end of February. Can’t see us taking any risks, Man City will be calling the shots.

  27. So, it costs more to watch Rainjurs, £49


    than it does tae watch


    Zenit £40


    PSG £38


    B. Munich £38


    Anderlecht £38


    Hmmm ?


    Ah wonder how many sweety papers wull be rustled at


    the agm, as the rebels challenge the above, incongruity ?


    Hmmmmmm ?


    How many stolen trophies have been stripped ?


    Has the club reacted to the mauling of Johnny Hayes yet ?


    Ach, Whits the point in askin ?


    Maybe its time for another vanity list ?





  28. What is the Stars on

    Big Jimmy



    Bit of word for Coole Well in the 4.05 Newbury


    Its 20/1 so chancing a small each way at that price





    Dont tell Celterella and other Calvinist Puitans ))))