Turmoil in Zenit squad


There’s turmoil in the Zenit St Petersburg squad. Two players, striker Artem Dzyuba and midfielder Oleg Shatov, are in conflict with the club and will not travel to their winter training camp in Dubai.

Both players are current Russia internationals; Dzyuba scored eight goals in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, making him the country’s top scorer in the tournament. Zenit face Copenhagen in Dubai on Monday, the first of six friendly games, before they face their first competitive game of 2018, in Glasgow, four weeks tomorrow. Their last game was on 11 December.

Some poor Celtic scout will be charged with taking in Zenit’s three games in Dubai next week. It is a thankless job.

SSE Live Awards 2017

I know you enjoyed that week in May as much as I did, when we won the treble then celebrated the Lion’s 50th anniversary.  The SSE currently has an online poll looking for their top event of 2017.  You can go here and vote for ‘Celebrate 67 Live’.

Get it done.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 30th instalment of insightful discussion around the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning treble-winning Scottish champions.

Kevin Graham is joined by Scotty Alcroft to interview Scottish pro-independence politician, Tommy Sheridan, at The Penalty Spot in Glasgow.

The interview took place as part of A Celtic State of Mind’s first live event – Five-a-sides at The Penalty Spot – and, as such, there is some background noise (including mobile interference – apologies) from the audience.

The other voice you may hear throughout this episode is that of former Celtic striker, Frank McGarvey, who is a friend of Tommy’s, and who was also interviewed separately that day for a future show.

You are sure to enjoy Tommy’s eclectic input, as he discusses everything from Catalan independence to Coolio, with a constant undercurrent of that thing called Celtic.


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  1. Tony Donnelly.



    Greatest supporters in the world.



    There are times we don’t get near that accolade.


    Far too many fans with short memories.


    Dalglish booed on his return.


    The King of Kings booed on his return.


    Fergus McCann booed when raising our first flag in 10 years.



    Now it’s Kris Commons and his wife.



    Kris was a great player for us.


    Pound for pound ,the arguably best value since Henke, and a great Hunskelper .




    “His wife wasn’t popular with other Wags .”



    IF that is actually true ,who cares.



    She is a good looking lassie ,outgoing personality.


    I’m sure there is plenty of jealousy to go around her.



    So what is she likes the spotlight.


    She has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities.



    As has Kris.



    Only last night they were giving up their own time to help the homeless in Glasgow in freezing conditions.


    They were pioneers in helping The Knox family cope with Wee Oscars passing.


    They took them on holiday to Dubai to help them cope.



    Yes they can afford it,but that’s not the point .


    They are less selfless that you wish to make out,and are caring and thoughtful people.




    Kris’s crime.



    He says if Simunovic goes we need to look for another centre half,but he is sure Brendan is on top of it.




    Saint Brendan is not liking the tiny wee bit of comment about dropping standards this season.



    Well the truth is ( despite a likely treble) they have.



    In fact , how could they not ,domestically.



    So Brendan should stop his petted lip .


    What shit does he have to put up with?



    He inherited 5 in a row.


    Has a budget double of the rest of the league combined.


    Is loved / hero-worshipped by our support.



    Kris Commons and his wife ( who loves our club and it’s support) deserve much better.



    You should be ashamed of yourself for those comments about both of them.



    Kris and his wife continue to be a much loved part of the Celtic family in my house.



    More power to their elbows.




  2. There are a few very good sayings about life in general. One of my favourites is ” Fools and children should not see a job half done”. Why oh why do we wet our knickers about the transfer window when we still have a fortnight to go, can’t get my head around all this woe is me shit.


    I was trained to ignore “what if” scenarios, you know, what if this and what if that, does your head in. Wait until “it” happens then do something about it, easy really. What if a jumbo jet crashed on your house, what will we do?? Die probably!!


    So, I will wait until the window “slams shut” before commenting, makes sense to wee me.




  3. TT, well I’ve never once heard BT trying to take credit for the titles previously won by RD and NL. Ive never heard him comment on how he could out buy anyone else in Scotland, or indeed boast about how loved he is.


    But h’s got a petted lip has he? Get a fecking grip.

  4. Kev Jungle



    Isn’t your fitbaw hero the well known Tory Murdo McLeod?



    So is it just Tories at Celtic you don’t like or how does that work..




  5. Barney67


    CQN Have an article saying he is sick of the shit he has to put up with.



    Don’t blame me.


    I’m only pointing out that he has more advantages than disadvantages at his disposal.




  6. TT, have a wee read of your post again.


    You paint a picture of BR as some kind of managerial ‘loadsamoney’ who has spat his dummy out at the first bit of criticism. The reality could not be further away. When says he’s sick of this shit, I think he means the press, or people using the press to try and get noticed as that is their new career.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’ve never claimed for any titles ⚽️⚽️☘️☘️




  8. Do others have the same concern as myself over the constant number of injuries many of our players suffer ,especially as a result of training sessions? I think I am right in saying that not all the injuries have been sustained in football matches. Does anyone else think this is strange?

  9. If, invisible poster bhoy McGregor


    is keeping Christie oot the team


    the Brendan clock is ticking.


    Anywye,….whits the point ?






    So he’s an okay Tory then??



    Have I got that right so far, there’s degrees of Tories?



    Is Uncle Hugh a Tory as well?



    Wis Kojo a Tory, how about the Singing Defective??



    Hmmm as the great man once said!








    They need some of the Fatima Holy Water-we’ve tried everything else!!!

  12. Just dropping in briefly to say I support 100% the comments of Tiny Tim earlier about Kriss and Lisa. ( I might disagree about bringing Brendan Rodgers into it as he was quite mild with Kriss and was responding to criticism in general).



    There are 3 reasons why I think TD’s criticism was unjustified:-



    1) Exceptions to the general rule.


    All of our football heroes lead sheltered and privileged lives but, like TV and film stars, do so in a buble of extreme adulation and vile criticism. Many of them deserve it for the shallow vacuous lives they lead so when you find a couple who use their abilities for good- I can only commend. “Mouthy” can be a positive attribute when you are fund raising- it can mean Persuasive, Persistant and Determined, which are positive values, when not looked at through the denigrating end of the telescope. And they did not publicise everything they did at the time they did it with a “look at me and my charridee” attitude.



    2) Involving the WAGs


    Celtic paid Kriss Commons wages and only Kriss owed allegiance to the club which he paid in full ( the rant for being substituted excepted) while he was employed by us. Lisa went beyond the expectations of a footballer’s wives in doing what she did to aid causes promoted by Celtic, general Scottish causes, and causes that were important to them because of their own life experiences. They came across as people whose sound values testified to their upbringing as people. They look to have survived the fame bubble with those values pretty intact.



    3) Kriss as a pundit not hating Rangers/Sevco.


    Almost everyone in the Scottish Media has disappointed or offended at least one of us with their views, including our own blog host and fellow posters. Even, current favourite, Chris Sutton, has been guilty of flipping from being anti-RD to being apologetically appreciative of RD and then back to claiming to have always been anti-RD when things went tits up. He remains an entertaining and occaionally insightful pundit but one who is prone to riding some hobby horses and being a flat track bully in selecting the populist target (Ronny, Efe, Izzy). He is still worth more than most pundits we are exposed to.


    Nice guys like John Hartson have got it in the neck for talking up the O** F*** angle and being friendly with ex-bluenoses. And now Kriss gets it for being an O** F***ist.


    What these guys have in common is they all came up from down south and one of the attractions for them was the chance to play in an O** F*** game. Indeed, two of them were prepared to play for the old deid club and we should be grateful that they saw the error of their ways. I have no expectation that they should share our revulsion at Rangers players that they competed against and socialised with. I appreciate Kriss and John and Chris for the deeds they did as players for Celtic. I appreciate that more than a minor performer, such as Marc Crosas, who is prepared to be more outspoken in his opinions against Rangers.



    I want our paid players to be damaging Rangers. I want pundits not to lie, but I won’t hold my breath.



    off oot again

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Barney 67



    Just waiting on my next appointment so I sneaked a peek

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