Turmoil in Zenit squad


There’s turmoil in the Zenit St Petersburg squad. Two players, striker Artem Dzyuba and midfielder Oleg Shatov, are in conflict with the club and will not travel to their winter training camp in Dubai.

Both players are current Russia internationals; Dzyuba scored eight goals in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, making him the country’s top scorer in the tournament. Zenit face Copenhagen in Dubai on Monday, the first of six friendly games, before they face their first competitive game of 2018, in Glasgow, four weeks tomorrow. Their last game was on 11 December.

Some poor Celtic scout will be charged with taking in Zenit’s three games in Dubai next week. It is a thankless job.

SSE Live Awards 2017

I know you enjoyed that week in May as much as I did, when we won the treble then celebrated the Lion’s 50th anniversary.  The SSE currently has an online poll looking for their top event of 2017.  You can go here and vote for ‘Celebrate 67 Live’.

Get it done.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 30th instalment of insightful discussion around the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning treble-winning Scottish champions.

Kevin Graham is joined by Scotty Alcroft to interview Scottish pro-independence politician, Tommy Sheridan, at The Penalty Spot in Glasgow.

The interview took place as part of A Celtic State of Mind’s first live event – Five-a-sides at The Penalty Spot – and, as such, there is some background noise (including mobile interference – apologies) from the audience.

The other voice you may hear throughout this episode is that of former Celtic striker, Frank McGarvey, who is a friend of Tommy’s, and who was also interviewed separately that day for a future show.

You are sure to enjoy Tommy’s eclectic input, as he discusses everything from Catalan independence to Coolio, with a constant undercurrent of that thing called Celtic.


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  1. Corkcelt



    Guinness is, thanks be…..






    Would love to see you again. Especially if me and 6 pals really needed a lift in a family size saloon!!! Are you a part time getaway driver btw??



    HH jamesgang

  2. Roberts out for another month, as is Armstrong , and Rogic out for another two months.


    Forget centre halfs, we need someone to create chances from midfield.

  3. Maybe a good pint JamesGang, often seen the Black a bit Brown & the White a bit mawkish as well.


    Mind you a good pint of Guinness is the only drink I really really enjoy.


    With that I’ll bid ye all Good Night & God Bless, I’ll be taking a wee break from the blog myself, not a flounce as Arnold said, I’ll be back.

  4. mike in toronto on




    I have a question for you, if I may … (feel free to answer or not) …



    How do you feel our Board handled the situation regarding the 5 Way Agreement?



    (admittedly it is a trick question … because I venture that, like most on here (including many of us who are shareholders), you cant answer that because you dont know what they did, or why they did it, because our Board seems to think that accounting to the people who pay their wages is beneath them….)



    I get how Board’s deal with matters … I sit on a few Boards myself, and was counsel for one of the largest cases in the Commonwealth’s history where it was alleged that a public company was effectively run as a private company … so, I get what is typically dealt with in the public sphere and what is not ….



    for me, the issues , the delay, and the lack of communication makes my old spidey sense tingle … something is rotten in the state of Denmark…



    but that doesn’t mean that I dont think that Dembele was a good buy … but that is a different issue.

  5. JAMESGANG on 17TH JANUARY 2018 11:06 PM





    Halifax Quick News is hell mhate. Not even you could cheer them up!



    Woke up in the Maldives on Monday. Went to sleep in London on the same day. Now back home Home to the snow and several loads of washing!!



    Reality bites!




    JAMESGANG – ‘Several loads of washing’ ???



    WTF, is that not why you got married?



    Get her telt -:))))

  6. WITS


    To me Celtic are all about Europe.


    It is why we are legend.


    Not beating pub teams or keeping the parochial business model alive for the benefit of the current custodians.


    Not keeping crippled huns around for money.


    Celtic took Europe seriously even under MON and WGS but they were let down by this mob.


    Now they dont even bother doing that.




    as for OF …even more unforgivable.

  7. RIP my old pal Eddie McConnell


    Most of you won’t have heard of him but you will be very familiar with his work.


    Eddie was Celtic’s movie cameraman at Lisbon.


    Every bit of colour film was captured by Eddie. True to the biscuit tin day he was only given 60mins of film. He had to stop and start during the game – he told me that Jock was not happy because he didn’t get Ronnie’s back heal!


    If you have ever watched the Lisbon game in colour then you are indebted to Eddie


    Eddie was also an award winning documentary camera man, working with the likes of Grierson- ‘Seaword the Great Ships’ is a gem as is ‘Diamonds were Forever’ (about the trains built in Springburn)


    Anyway just thought I would let you know about the passing of part of the Lion’s story.


    God bless

  8. RIP Eddie McConnell


    We’ve heard of him now. Respect and condolences.






    V funny you!



    HH jamesgang


    Burnley 78



    Why do you bother ?



    They are Celtic supporters, for the most part anyway.



    A daily breakfast of the Record and Sunday Mail has formed their thinking.



    They are at Parkhead every week, demanding expectant, incredible demands, despite what is being delivered more will always be delivered.



    The Huns cheat Then it’s Celtic to blame.



    Always Celtic to blame.



    This has been our most successful period in 50 years.



    But fools go to to after 1 defeat.



    The most negative fools are lauded on here. Jokers who neither support the Celtic but will take up any gripe.



    Some are insidious on here seldom a good word to say about Brendan’s achievements.



    My baws shrivel at their hatred of the club.

  10. Eddie McConnell RIP. I’ll light a candle tomorrow in Drogheda.






    We don’t live in a ‘Sevco’ dominated society. You and I can fly in and out and care little that the Plc are apparently throwing away the chance of a lifetime to put the Celtic Family in Scotland on a even footing with the Sevconian.



    When did this only become about football?:))



    If CQNers believe this was about football they haven’t been watching….



    Paradoxically on a measurement on footballing terms our failure to work to ensure adequate administration of the game is damning.






    Have a look back at the end of last season and read through the posts.



    Surely you can’t be happy at the complete lack of reform in the Scottish game?



    What will the excuses be when Sevco win the league in the next season or two?



    Referees? Injuries? Transfer Deadlines? Agents? Poor pitches? Poor support in the stadiums/Spoiled Supporters? Malcontents? The Green Brigade? Lack of Video Evidence? Tired Players? Wages in the EPL? Other teams using rough tactics? The SNP? Sinn Fein? THe Labour Party? The Tories? Secularism? Brexit? Price of Sterling? The weather? The Catholic Church? The Church of Scotland? Police Scotland? Refugees? The cost of tickets?….etc….etc



    or the folk that gave us Tony Mowbray, NFL as a Rookie and Ronny Deila?







  11. burnley 78 @10:29pm



    bang on, some are never happy they always fined something to moan about.



    i can say for sure , if i asked my mates(all good tims) about there opinion on the five way agreement they



    would wonder what the hell i was talking about. does that make them bad tims in a few peoples eyes..yes.



    but not in mine.

  12. JRS



    You’re very welcome Sir


    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend.



    Good night



    HH jamesgang

  13. BURNLEY78


    Folk who have never been accountable loving to blame folk who have responsibility. No real solutions themselves but it feels better to moan than enjoy Celtic for a wee minute.



    You do realise we are Scottish?.


    Moaning is about 67% of our DNA.


    Everyone i know thinks I’m a moaning bar steward especially the wife.


    Our glass is rarely half full as we down it as soon as it’s put in front of us so we can get on with important things like moaning.

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Commper, Rogic, Armsrong and, hopefully, Roberts, all fit and well rested for the qualifiers.



    Now that’s what I call good planning and squad rotation.




  15. Don’t know if this will work as a link, but if not just YouTube Seawards the Great Ships – if you ever had a link to shipbuilding it will ring a bell.



    Just a wee tribute to my mate who helped this film to an Oscar




  16. Cosy Corner Bhoy on



    Clogher Celt: Pleased to see you still have faith in the old candle in Drogheda part of your past at least.


    I am surprised and bewildered by your different attitude to CFC now cf with Easter 2016 when BMCUWP and myself spent a fantastic few days in your company(and your son’s) in Dublin’s fair city.


    Since then we have achieved results beyond any in even my lifetime of supporting and though recently performances have declined results are still up there with the best of any previous teams.


    Disappointment I can understand but putting the boot in is not the gentleman I spent time with in Clogher.


    We will be a long time dead so welcome the still great times whilst here.


    Mrs CCB shouting lights out…. will catch up later



  17. mike in toronto on




    I have deduced that you are in fact … Mark Renton



    I claim my five pounds!




  18. Re reasons for lack of debate on here.



    I can remember reading the first 3-4 pages of CQN and it would be full of debate around the pertinent points raised in the lead article.



    It’s been a while and I honestly can’t remember the last time it happened




  19. Clogher celt?



    “What will the excuses be when Sevco win the league in the next season or two? ”



    The perfect example of a “When did you stop beating your wife?” type of question.



    Do you believe the Rangers are coming that quickly? When they dominated their 9iar, we actually beat them now and then and threw in a few draws but, for most of that time, we too thought we were only a couple of signings away from stealing the league back from them. We exaggerated how near we were and now we are exagerrating how near they are.



    They got a draw last time and beat us after extra time on pens two seasons ago. In the most recent draw, when you asserted we were outplayed and found out, we had 56% possesion, 11 shots to their 8, with 4 on target to their 3, and 7 corners to their 4. We committed fewer fouls but had trhe same number booked. It was not a good or a good enough performance but it was not what you portrayed nor is it part of an inevitable trend.



    Football is a funny game. We have an 11 point lead over them- they are not even our closest rival. They are rated as 50 to 1 to win this year and we are 66 to 1 on. It is not complacency but realism that leads us to believe that we are likely to win at least 2 more titles before thay have a fair chance of getting their act together. But a league loss, sometime in the future, remains a likely outcome because success can be cyclical. Your guess is as good as mine as to when that will happen- 3 years ? 5?? 10??? 20???? but I still would not advise you to put any of your hard earned dough on them doing it within the next two years which kind of makes your question moot.



    And, in answer to your earlier questions. Of course I am not satisfied with my club’s handling of Scottish football events around Rangers/Sevco since 2012. I am also unhappy with their dealings over the GB and the recent warnings over transferred use of Season Book tickets.



    But I can seperate my dissatisfaction with those an still have a rational appreciation of our record breaking Invincible run ( I worry about those who diminish it with talk of pub leagues and trebles as a given). If these things were so easily achieved there would be lots more of them. And I can fully understand the structural reasons (Bosman ruling, TV doping money and the increasing tightening of the elite contenders to within the top 6 clubs of the top 5 leagues). Those are reasons and cannot be portrayed as excuses.



    What gives you the confidence that these factors can be bucked by a Scottish team in a peripheral market when they cannot be bucked by the equivalent teams in bigger but still middling countries like Portugal and The Netherlands.



    I will continue to enjoy the ride.



    And, if the sky does fall and we lose a cup or a league, I will still cope, even if it is to “them”. The people who gave me my love of Celtic had to cope with much more. Much much more. I count my blessings.



    Goodnight all!

  20. SFTB


    “They are rated as 50 to 1 to win this year and we are 66 to 1 on”. So between 1st at 66-1 on to 3rd at 50-1against then I think it’s safe to assume the rest of the teams are also rans. I know they are not pub teams but they might as well be.

  21. SFTB



    Are you not aware you are not allowed to appreciate our clubs on field triumphs and record breaking performance and question our clubs executives with regards business and supporter issues at the same time.



    Please apologise to Burnley (do you remember the 90’s) hungimy number now! Or for ever be viewed as a lesser man and fan.




  22. Seems like, property tycoon


    Brendan the bonus bhoy


    is well at home wi the rest


    ae the PLC Old Firm tory toffs




    Still, some ae the stuck up’s


    canny see that the £45 k


    that he gits a week, isny jist


    fur skelping Scoattish pub teams


    its fur his fudging effect


    ye know the effect that made


    53,000 Celtic supporters, of 2018


    look the ither wye, as the PLC


    craftily, knowing that empty seats


    thee, only weapon for present day




    widny be an option under the


    eye candy pretty bhoy who canny


    git a big team in the EPL, but, was


    exactly the ultimate smoke n mirrors


    bhoy to git the PLC’s complicit silence


    and cowardice to deal wi the same club issue


    fudged onto the hard shoulder and, rather


    than earn their corporate coin by nailing


    the Sevco / Rainjurs same club lie, they passed


    the buck to their googly eyed support who


    then flung the heard earned merits of


    The Internet Bampots over the cliff, with out


    batting an eye lid, as they jumped on the


    Brendan PLC Bonus Bus wi the rest ae


    the soul sellers as they, unbelievably


    paid £49 for Old Firm Same Club lie tickets !!!


    Some ae those mugs even crowd funded


    “statements” into obscure hun newspapers


    that are read by, two guys and a dug


    to claim that, Sevco / Rainjurs are different


    clubs, Jesus wept.


    25 Years ae Murray Mibbery, wiped oot


    for £49 ???


    These same folk will tell us that its the


    huns who are gullibilly’s ???


    What does that make them ?


    Green gullibilly’s ???


    Ah mean, by selling thur souls, with ease


    the Celtic support, of 2018, they gave the PLC


    thur ain version of Shawshank Redemption !!!


    Look’s like yeez are still very much in need ae


    the oul broken record…..tae yeez git it.



  23. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Aye, even you KEVJ.


    Our posters about the Celtic academy are doing very well, lots


    of good feedback coming in, should be a sell out.


    The wee mhan said ” papa why dae ye always say big handsome


    Tom when ye describe them to people ?


    ” well wee mhan when i played thats how i imagined myself, just


    like him, tall dark and handsome”


    ” but ye wurny papa av seen photies of ye when you were young ”


    ” i know wee mhan, i looked more like wee Archie Gemmel but


    i had a vivid imagination ( 8-)).




    At last our big Celtic weekend is here again so all you peninsula


    rebels get your scarves, banners, hoops tops out again, lovely day


    expected on Sun. 27 degs after a week of high 30’s, bliss.


    Event starts at 2 with our other big rebel Richie McKay belting out


    the reb songs as only he can.


    Oh! and i did buy Paddymac a pint the other day but he needs to


    learn you don’t get wealthy spending your own money, Sir Minty,


    Charlie bhoy Green, and our hero Craigie, taught us all how to


    do that ( 8-))


    H.H Mick





    A breath of fresh air,reading that! Mind,sounds like you could all do wi some fresh air,with temperatures that high.



    That would kill me,anything above 20 is tropical,as far as I’m concerned. Hope y’all have a great time at the weekend-and that PADDYMACOZ buys you that pint back!!!

  25. *FAC NEWS*



    This was published just after midnight last night, it’s very significant in our continuing struggle to have the Act repealed. Well done everyone!












    The Committee supports, by division, the general principles of the Billi.



    The minority who voted against the general principles of the Bill are of the view that, should the 2012 Act be retained, the Scottish Government should revisit the 2012 Act and bring forward constructive amendments.

  26. Harry Boe on 17th January 2018 9:31 pm


    Can’t be looking hard enough, there’s loads on here agree with you. You must be reading just the posts that don’t. Folk can be pleased with were we are while still looking for improvement. Before the break we lacked a spark, our movement all round the park seemed to be lacking and our passing had shaded. Hopefully we come back refreshed and motivated.


    On the HCTS and the two cup games will see £50 out my account. Zenit game is overpriced.

  27. HT



    I got what I presume to be the usual copy and paste reply from Keith Brown MSP quoting survey stats and quotations that just reinforce the adage, ‘lies, damn lies, statistics….and survey feedback’



    HH jamesgang

  28. If you haven’t played darts blindfolded…..



    You don’t know what your missing….