Turnbull and the Euros


1998 was an era before the tier one clubs started to harvest vast numbers of players, so by some quirk of nature, Celtic had more players represented at the World Cup that year than any other club in the world.  11 in total left the newly crowned champions to travel to France: McNamara, Boyd, McKinlay, Burley, Jackson, Donnelly, Lambert, Gould, Rieper and Weighorst.

We were delighted for the players who took part in the tournament but it had consequences when practically an entire team missed out on a close season.  Legs tired in the spring of 1999.

It would be churlish for us to grudge James Forrest or Callum McGregor the chance to participate the Euros this summer.  They deserve it and will surely go.  David Turnbull is the one I am most keen on to stay home.  David will be a crucial player for Celtic next season and I want him fit and ready for the Champions League qualifiers.  Ryan Christie, in the final year of his contract, is likely to be around for at least a part of the qualification campaign but any late season tiredness is likely to someone else’s problem.

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  1. just reading Sweden did not qualify for the 98 world cup finals, I stand corrected and puzzled

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hoping Shop Window Christie plays well at the Euros. On this season’s form he’d do well to get a move back to Aberdeen.



    Hopefully the Euros will put him in the, er, shop window.

  3. PETEC on 18TH MARCH 2021 2:28 AM


    Celtic is seriously under achieving in Europe.







    Europe has always been more important to me than the SPFL.







    The games you Always look forward to are the European games under the lights.







    When Brendan was here it was unbelievable the atmosphere outside (never M’ond inside) the ground on Euro nights. Genuinely we had hopes and dreams.

  4. Celtic Mac







    “humble achievements” ??





    Winning the Scottish Cup in 1961, defeating us, within a year of arriving at Dunfermline, their first ever, and later qualifying for Europe before either Celtic and Liverpool…..







    I wish I could be so humble…”












    They were hard won achievements but were not considered stellar enough to attract much interest from Down South or from Europen Clubs. At that time, football was a fairly parochial market with very few foreigners as players or managers.







    Jock’s achievemnent in 1961 with the Pars had been achieved by Willie Reid of St. Mirren , Johnny Haddow of Clyde and Reg Smith of Falkirk, a few years before. George Farm also did the same with Pars, seven years after Jock’s feat. We never chased after them.







    A manager with one Scottish Cup under their belt currently would include Alan Stubbs with Hibs, John Hughes with Caley and Tommy Wright with St. Johnstone. I think we’d agree they were humble but hard won achievements, but we would not be happy shopping in that pool for a current manager.







    As for Europe, Hugh Shaw’s Hibs had preceded Jock’s Pars in Europe and beat Barcelona before losing out to Roma at the semi-final stage, only after a third tie play-off. Bob Shankly took Dundee to a European Cup semi final in 1963, losing out to winners AC Milan. We never went after either of those guys.




    As I said, referring to his pre-Celtic achievements as humble, does not diminish Jock in any way. His genius was in the making at that time. His record and greatness came to fruition during his time with the Celts.

  5. So we are about to play the undead, we’ve been fed the keech from the the meeja and been treated to the partial accommodations of scoddland’s finest for the Walking Dead…………….and the Club are not apparently keen on starting the job of getting a depressed cohort onside………………..



    What in hell’s name is going on?

  6. prestonpans bhoys on




    A bit early but could be the comment of the day 😂😂👏👏

  7. Can’t imagine the players feeling a great deal of excitement ahead of Sunday’s game. The edge that you get when everything is on the line will clearly be missing. Don’t envy JK’s job trying to motivate them. They couldn’t be bothered showing up when there was a league to play for, now they’ll just want the season to end. If a new manager had been appointed, at least we’d see a reaction from those that want to stay.



  8. David Turnbull is a good young player, but far from the finished article He is a mere 25 league games into his Celtic career. He has shown promise and we all hope he fulfills his potential – but it is not guaranteed.



    He is better than we can produce from our academy & deserves his chance – we wait & see!

  9. TOSB @10.33



    ““Best Manager Gets Asked First” approach. I think you’re making things up now. Well if it was up to you it would take a helluva long time to get from asking some top managers who are available eg Rafa Benitez to get down to the tranche of managers whom your level of ambition seem to apply.”





    We are turning the argument upside down now.



    It was you who was advocating asking the top mnagers and not restricting ourselves to the realistic ones. Therefore, it is your approach that would waste the most time incurring a series of humiliating knocknbacks before we got real.



    It would take no time to get to the tranche of mangers where my ambition lies and , furthermore, it would look no different, no less or more ambitious, than the group you would eventually have to deal with i.e. That group of managers willing to come to Scotland for a big club and work within the money we have, which means less reliance on transfer budget recruitment.



    We agree there are a lot of good managers and coaches out there ( Having seen him in action close up at CP, I would disagree that Dan Petrescu is one of them, if he is the Romanian you are talking about).



    My point is simple. There is a lot of delusional talk about who might come. Posters have mentioned Mourinho, Benitez etc; )I did not make that up) and I have said that is thinking like a fan and not as a professional recruiter. You are not going to get the CEO of Apple to run your PC repair shop in the East End and we are wasting time talking about managers in the top two thirds of the Big 5 leagues.



    Maybe, we will land lucky again and get someone who worked in the EPL once but whose reputation got tarnished, like we did with Brendan Rodgers. Chris Hughton might consider us, for example. Maybe Eddie Howe would too but I am willing to bet his agent and adviser is telling him he can afford to wait out any Celtic offer as he’ll get a more rehabilitating offer from anothe EPL club who sacks a manager 3 times every year, and that this will get him nearer a big club offer than managing Celtic would.



    I am happy to give any promising manager some time to get their imprint on Celtic. I don’t need evidence that he has to have been spotted y an EPL club beforehand. Just as we got Van Dijk and Lubo and Henrik before the big bloated clubs got round to looking at them, so can we get young coaching talent orr talent languishing at Assistant or Youth Coach level.



    What IS importtant is that they are a good coach and a good match for Celtic, not that they already have a stellar record elsewhere or in the Big Leagues.



    That would be placing an unrealistic expectation on our club and make any realistic appointmeent seem “less ambitious” because it does not meet our (unrealistic) expectations. There’s your expectation management at work on that side.

  10. Nah Paul.I would love to see David at Euros.The guys got goals in him..something we’re short of..sure he would have love it too.


    Would be more beneficial for him to be there than not.these tournaments must be an amazing experience.

  11. I can understand the point as to why it is good for Celtic to benefit from our players not being selected for a summer International Tournament.



    However…………… If young ambitious professionals believe that being an infrequent reserve for a lower league EPL outfit (Armstrong, Adams) or a top Championship club (Kenny McLean) then the likes of David Turnbull may think tice about commiting to Celtic in future.



    These players value their caps more than we do. We have a squad of players who get taken away with Israel, Australia,Norway, Greece etc;



    Why should we be glad that a guy like Turnbul, who is better than those chosen ahead of him, misses out?



    Unless it is a sign that Steve Clarke is coming to Celtic an he’s gonna waste the legs of Ryan Jack, Alan McGregor and Nathan Patterson as a means of making his job easier next season, I see no need ot rejoice.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    James Forrest can go and play his way in to fitness (and basically start his pre-season now).



    Calum McGregor has probably played more football over the last four years than any other player in Europe.



    Guy needs four weeks on a sun lounger.



    Won’t happen of course.

  13. JP McManus just got his 1st winner of meeting after 14 races..jeezo hope its no that long for his 2nd winner….cos iv got him in the next!!

  14. Go tell the Spartim on

    Tbh I’d rather no Celtic players played for Scotland but as has been pointed out international caps are important to individuals, plus I’m certain that clauses in their contracts would trigger bonuses etc for caps won etc and it’s a relatively short career. Even though our players would earn a lot lot more than the majority of supporters

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The 13-14 Celtic players who took part in TWO UEFA competitions in the early part of the season, did us no service, There were 3x 2 weeks break in our preparations, when hey were absent from Lennoxtown.


    Include the forced quarantines for Christie and others and match cancellations due to Covid and it’s not hard to see the foundations of our collapsed season.


    I don’t think that Turnbull is at full capacity yet. Whether it is due to a controlled rehabilitation from his operation or a stamina problem or not, he has barely, if at all, completed a full 90 minutes.


    Perversely, I think we will beat them on Sunday. no logic behind it, except for their hubris.


    Think what a win would do for Kennedy’s candidature.

  16. sftb @ 12.33



    That’s twice you’ve posted that!


    Proof positive that, as I suspected, the word ‘humble’ has a different meaning in your part of the world.

  17. In August 1978, Stein was appointed manager of Leeds United. The players at Leeds received the news well, but were concerned that Stein had never shown any previous interest in managing in England. Early results were mixed, although the Leeds chairman Manny Cussins detected some improvement from the previous few seasons, when Leeds had slipped from their dominant position in English football. Attendances at Elland Road were low and Stein apparently missed the pressure of big games against foreign opposition.



    Ally MacLeod had just resigned as Scotland manager, having clung to office for only one match after their failure at the 1978 World Cup. Stein advised commentator Archie Macpherson to make it publicly known that he would be interested in taking the job. Cussins, who had sacked Brian Clough after just 44 days in charge of Leeds in 1974, refused permission for the Scottish Football Association to speak to Stein. Cussins could not convince Stein to stay, however, and he resigned to accept the position of Scotland manager. Stein had been manager of Leeds for just 44 days, like Clough, although his tenure and departure had no bitterness or rancour.




  18. SFTB



    I don’t think we’ll ever see eye to eye on things. I see your approach as being over cautious and lacking in ambition. I want us to cast our net further afield and bring in a coach who will restructure the club. Others have outlined it in their posts. A playing style throughout the club and quality coaches who are tactically aware and pay heed to sports science. I agree with what MadMitch has said over and over again about the incompetents in charge who play players with stress fractures until they sustain further injury and we lose them for months. I hope whoever we get ensures that no longer happens.



    With the length of time Celtic are taking to appoint a manager they must be going around the top teams on the top 5 leagues already and are waiting on knock backs. Otherwise you would think it would be a simpler matter to pick up the phone and dial Jack Ross or one of the others in the bargain basement barrel. Maybe they’re just totally incompetent and are doing hee haw at the moment which is what I suspect.

  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Jock was a spent force as a day to day club manager when he left Celtic. He had lost a lot of his drive and energy, probably due to his car crash.


    International management was probably the right role for him, by that stage; but even that took it’s tragic toll of him.

  20. TOSB



    I want the same as you in your first paragraph.So we are both equally ambitious or equally unambitious.



    You might suspect Celtic are doing nothing but I guess most of us know that is untrue.



    They may plan badly. They may be too comfortable with familiar options but they are ot stupid and inactive.

  21. I’ve written the CL qualifiers off already as (hopefully) we will have a new coach and we will be unseeded which means we could draw some serious teams.