Turning form around away to top seed


I’m at the stage of thinking, “If we sort out that, and do a bit of this, take our chances and ride our luck, we might just…….” Typical optimism before an away European tie. We’ll know soon enough how we compare to Ajax.

We didn’t sink without trace in our visit to the Amsterdam ArenA two years ago, but it was an anaemic performance from Celtic, who failed to pass well or create anything of note. There wasn’t an effective game plan to hustle Ajax.

Hustle Ajax is exactly what we did in 2001. Martin O’Neill wilted when he discovered he’d need to eliminate Ajax to reach the Champions League group stage, but by kick-off he’d done his work. Ajax would prove what a good team they were at Celtic Park a week later, but by then it was too late. Celtic used the cloak of unfancied underdogs to punch through a barrier in their European development.

If you were an Ajax scout, reporting on how to play Celtic, you would be brimming with confidence ahead of tonight, but this has been Celtic at their worst. We can play better.

Ronny’s taken a bit of stick recently, not without good reason, as simple tasks which most teams achieve, like defending a set-piece, have seen Celtic fail repeatedly. But again, this is not the whole picture. He’ll turn it around, just as he did last year. Nowhere better than away to the top seed tonight.

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  1. Just listening to bbc Scotland’s radio show from last night, ridiculous comments from idiots/pundits going through the negative narrative no balance no insight no constructive criticism nothing. The show should be three minutes long it should consist of a series of questions to which each idiot should respond I don’t know.



    Hail Hail.

  2. JPT the Celtic LO is a top Tim who works his butt off for the support.



    I doubt very much if he has made a mistake but if he has, so what? He’s working for the cause our cause.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BAWSMAN on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2015 1:56 PM


    JPT the Celtic LO is a top Tim who works his butt off for the support.



    I doubt very much if he has made a mistake but if he has, so what? He’s working for the cause our cause.



    – =========================================================================



    Who dares to deny it?

  4. •I give up.









    • googybhoy ♥ celtic on 17th September 2015 1:33 pm




    Eriic Murphy







    The Doghouse in Balloch is usually ok.





    Not sure if showing the game though.





    01389 607300 phone





    On the Main Road.



    *Glenroy or whatever its called now isnae bad either but no out and out Tim shop in Balloch. Further up the road in Bonhill is the Dillichip, home of the Renton CSC.

  5. So still no confirmation if this letter to fans was real or not ?



    Sadly the longer time passes the More it seems real.



    JPT .. Iv basically heard nothing but good reports about him but to be honest our PR is a joke. We are always being attacked as a club and as a support and time and time we don’t get defended.



    Maybe PR isn’t his role but whoever is in charge needs some help and quickly. Fans are fed up with a lot of things.

  6. Owen



    Spot on re the media and on the readiness of our own to attack the club.



    As I have consistently said the person or persons at fault are those who went to the press especially if the letter was not the first or only attempt at dealing with the matter discretely.



    Such a revelation could do nothing but damage Celtic and you have to wonder about their motives.



    On Charlotte Fakes I’ve been feeding journos for ages with irrefutable evidence of skullduggery on LNS and they either ignore or aknowledge the story stands up but so far refuse to publish.



    On Res12 there is skullduggery too but that story is with English journos because the home boys are simply untrustworthy.



    What happened with the SLO was that trust was broken and it wasn’t the SLO who broke it.



    I tried to explain in a long reply to Neganon2 about the dangers of thinking what we think we know to be the full story.



    The story here is supporters who were trusted broke the trust.

  7. Since we seem to have forgotten how to defend we might as well match up to Ajax’s 4-3-3 and have a go from the start





    Janko Lustig Simunovic Izaguirre


    Brown Bitton Commons


    Forrest Griffiths Ciftci

  8. Good Afternoon.



    Fingers crossed for a much better performance and a decent result tonight! It would be nice to see some positive headlines tomorrow!



    Meanwhile, here are the latest two short pieces.



    One about the Daily Record mocking the ‘conspiracy theorists’ in the Celtic support…






    …and another about Harry Redknapp and Mark Warburton.






    Enjoy the rest of the day, and especially tonight’s match!

  9. Hail Hail Bhoys from Las Americas Tenerife, watching our game later in The Dubliner, have to report a good showing of ‘Tic Tops in the Tenerife sun. C’Mon Ronny and the Hoops!!

  10. Smellgate.



    Falsehood will fly, as it were, on the wings of the wind, and carry its tales to every corner of the earth; whilst truth lags behind; her steps, though sure, are slow and solemn, and she has neither vigour nor activity enough to pursue and overtake her enemy


    1787 Thomas Francklin.



    So who does the Lie serve ? in my opinion it’s an educational device to illustrate to Ronnie and others just what Celtic managers, players and supporters have to endure from the MSM in Scotland as they accentuate the negative and diminish the positive, true or false matters not a jot, just as long as it fits the narrative.



    Hail Hail.

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Wishing good luck to the Celts today.



    European ties are engrossing no matter the circumstances. It’s high odds against achieving a positive final score-line and I’ll be satisfied to see some pride and competence from our players. during the game.



    C’mon the hoops.

  12. Us seagoing chaps are of a naturally superstitious nature.Having just seen a hot looking “Ravens Wing”reading the weather almost fills me with confidence for tonight!!

  13. traditionalist88 on

    weeminger on 17th September 2015 1:42 pm traditionalist88 on 17th September 2015 1:14 pm



    No letters were sent.






    Glad to hear it. I just dont know what is so difficult about issuing a denial instead of all the ’email me for the full story’ carry on?!




  14. traditionalist88 on 17th September 2015 2:18 pm



    I’d say there’s a fear that any explanation played out over two or more tweets might get misquoted.



    Also if JPT just tweeted it’s a fake, that then leads to subsequent stories about Celtic backtracking, all because journalists didn’t follow up the original story properly and misunderstood his ‘exclusively reveal’ tweet.

  15. traditionalist88 on 17th September 2015 2:18 pm



    I’m trusting James Forrest on this. Although the Stoke City version he includes is slightly cropped it looks to me like the thumb is in the same place. So I feel fairly sure it’s indeed a fake.

  16. I have two choices for tonight –



    1) Continue with painting and decorating the house.



    2) Watch the game and have a beer or three.



    Decisions, decisions………………..

  17. Proudbhoy



    It’s real. It was a last resort after other attempts to deal discretely.



    The problem with being a trusting person is that you expect the other person to be the same.



    Unhappily in life that is not always true but what to do? Withdraw behind the walls or try to honestly engage?



    That is the dilemma mistrust causes.

  18. Tradionalist 1888



    Where Celtic fall down is not matching the speed at which negative stuff about them gets around social media.



    I made the point at the first Supporters Forum. The SLO is busy on supporter liaison work. Firefighting bad PR is not his job.



    Let’s see if this makes the point I made over a year ago.

  19. Weeminger



    It’s true. I’ve had a reply with background.



    It’s something Celtic have been trying to resolve over a period of time after complaints.



    Very damaging to trusting relationships the SLO has worked hard to form since he got the job.



    How can he be honest with folk who then use that against him?

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    UP THE DUBS on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2015 2:19 PM





    All the best mate! My cousin is in Melbourne, hoping to get out there next year.





    Hosannas to meet you.


    There`s a mad Tim who runs the Melbourne C.S.C. who posts on here.


    He`s your go-to guy.

  21. I’m really looking forward to the game tonight as I haven’t been to a game this season yet or seen much of them on the telly.



    Hoping for the best.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Celtic and Liverpool fans mixing in town Las Americas, Tenerife, Gas Craic! (as always)



  23. Pleased to see Beram Kayal playing well and staying injury free.



    Was a shame to see him go. He had a lot of potential.

  24. Think the team tonight should be:










    Van Dijk

















  25. Auldheid on 17th September 2015 2:42 pm



    In that case can somebody that has his contact details inform James Forrest because now he or somebody else is guilty of creating a fake ‘fake’ image.



    This leaves supporters like me, who distrust the smsm and who look to new media for some truth, in a situation where we can no longer trust any news source, traditional or otherwise.

  26. Auldheid on 17th September 2015 2:42 pm



    It brings me back to my original position then. This would never have been a story if supporters had kept private letters private.



    For anybody that thinks a letter to all those in the area wasn’t correct. I’m sure this is the standard advice for HR situations like this.

  27. Last word from me on “smellygate ” along time ago in, what feels like, a previous life I was a civil servant and was promoted to a management position looking after staff for the first time. I was sent on a training course and one of the scenarios we discussed was the colleague with bo. We all said we should talk discretely with the person, the trainer made the valid point “how do you know that there is a problem? This could be a malicious complaint” the point being you cannot just approach someone without careful preparation. This is an extremely personal and sensitive area to get involved in. Imagine if the person making the complaint was a smoker and the other person had asked them not to light up around them would you still act the same way if a complaint was made about someone’s personal hygiene? Gotta go COYBIG

  28. The team have been vulnerable at set pieces this season…



    Seems the malaise is spreading to other departments..



    Biggest own goal has been the handling of the alleged hygiene-gate.



    The DR’s part in turning a racially infused insult into a joke, on the back of Ahmed’s allegation of institutional bigotry in Scotland, is beyond parody.



    The DR headline today (on social media) feeds the same bigotry.



    Immigrants Beware – Scotland has two faces.

  29. bognorbhoy on 17th September 2015 1:07 pm



    Hi Pat


    Not as good as you.


    hope we get something out of the game tonight but i just cant see it.



    but we live and pray




  30. Weeminger



    I’ve done that.



    I think JF acted in good faith.



    We are both agreed. Supporters broke the trust required for honest communication.

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