Turning form around away to top seed


I’m at the stage of thinking, “If we sort out that, and do a bit of this, take our chances and ride our luck, we might just…….” Typical optimism before an away European tie. We’ll know soon enough how we compare to Ajax.

We didn’t sink without trace in our visit to the Amsterdam ArenA two years ago, but it was an anaemic performance from Celtic, who failed to pass well or create anything of note. There wasn’t an effective game plan to hustle Ajax.

Hustle Ajax is exactly what we did in 2001. Martin O’Neill wilted when he discovered he’d need to eliminate Ajax to reach the Champions League group stage, but by kick-off he’d done his work. Ajax would prove what a good team they were at Celtic Park a week later, but by then it was too late. Celtic used the cloak of unfancied underdogs to punch through a barrier in their European development.

If you were an Ajax scout, reporting on how to play Celtic, you would be brimming with confidence ahead of tonight, but this has been Celtic at their worst. We can play better.

Ronny’s taken a bit of stick recently, not without good reason, as simple tasks which most teams achieve, like defending a set-piece, have seen Celtic fail repeatedly. But again, this is not the whole picture. He’ll turn it around, just as he did last year. Nowhere better than away to the top seed tonight.

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  1. If we line up in our usual 4-2-3-1 formation with two attacking wide players then I fear the worst. This Ajax team may not be the best of recent times but they are far superior to anything we’ve played this season. The one bright point is unlike Aberdeen & Malmo they play on the deck & if we can replicate our away performance in Qarabag then we stand a chance of keeping the score down.



    No way Ronny will do so but I’d like to see us change formation for tonight. Not so long ago the concensous on here was to play the footballers & just now Bitton & Rogic are probably the best we have. We will likely be starved of possession for long periods but when we do get the ball. Then we’ll need Rogic & Bitton on the park as they both have the ability to protect & keep it. Izzy & Janko would obviously give us extra security defensively but they could possibly provide us with some decent out balls too. Which is something we’ve struggled with especially in Europe, since Sammy left. Anyway here’s my preferred team for tonight………
















    As I said though there’s no chance of us playing this way but I think we have to try something different or we’re likely to get a doing!



    Looking forward to Ronny the Bhoys proving me wrong.




  2. Problem with drawing comparisons with MO’Ns Celtic and RD’s Celtic is of course there is no comparison. O’Neill’s team were a match for any European team on their day, proving it on a number of memorable occasions. Ronnie’s team struggle against basically everyone. O’Neill had a team brim full of talent and was also blessed with the presence of a truly world class player in Henke. Ronnie’s team has ????. 14 years ago we had Douglas; Boyd, McNamara, Valgaeren, Larsson, Sutton, Lambert, Petta, Agathe, Lennon, Mjallby facing Ajax. I am guessing only 1 player from our current squad would find a place in O’Neill’s team – Craig Gordon. Take Craig out of the equation and then try and compare squads – absolutely no comparison. RD’s squad are light years behind in terms of footballing quality.


    Still hope burns eternal so COYBIG.

  3. How can we expect the board to have open discussions with fans/fan groups when some fans abuse the trust of club officials? It is clear there are some with an anti-board agenda who will sink to the lowest depths to find a way to criticise the club.


    Yes let’s discuss Res 12 so some twat can run to the DR and find an angle from which to denigrate Celtic.


    I’m hoping, without too much conviction, for a result tonight. The best way to shut up those who hate us is to win on the park. A draw tonight would be a terrific result.



  4. Big game needs a big performance Celtic.



    Prove all the doubters wrong.



    If you have 10 mins to spare before the game starts please watch this wee video on our site.



    The Steve Gleason Story.






    No One Walks Alone

  5. lennon's passion on

    AULDHEID on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2015 2:01 PM



    Your talking utter rubbish. The Celtic fans who received those letters are not PR experts. After they picked themselves up from laughing they would tell there mate’s. Laugh about it,social media showing my mates this boom it’s out there. You Jp and anyone else who blames the fans live in a naive world.


    FLO should have sent a private letter to Mr Lynx, or spoke to them in person.The man dealt with it wrong. IMO Celtic shouldn’t have got involved.

  6. Cannot see Ronny Deila altering his beloved formation.



    But I would like to see James Forrest play the role currently occupied by Johansen.



    Forrest’s a better player, is more industrious and posseses the one asset none of the rest of the squad have – top-class pace which would mean the lone striker rarely feeling isolated as the wee man is capable of bursting through to support quicker than anyone we’ve got and most of the opposition we’ll face.



    And, if you remember Karagandy, he plays his best stuff – and is most influential – when played right down the middle, right down the panicking opposition’s throats when he’s running at them; no wing to how him down and isolate. He’s old enough now to be given such responsibility and to see if we’ve got a real player in him.

  7. Hello lads



    Been busy of late, so havent’ been posting as much. But had a few minutes so I thought I would pop on CQN and say hello.



    A bit worried about tonight’s game, but worrying (or not worrying) isn’t going to change anything …. so will just have to hope for the best.



    Caught the Fratelli’s show last night … LOUD! … my ears are still ringing, so if anyone responds, type loud or I wont be able to hear you.



    hail hail

  8. Lennons Passion I think you will find that Auldheid does’nt post “utter rubbish ” some stuff you may not agree with granted but “utter rubbish” – never btw it’s you’re not your

  9. If that letter is a fake someone at Celtic officially has to come out and confirm its a fake, because if its just left ‘hanging in the air’ like a bad smell, well we know who everyone bar us will believe. And if its not a fake, whoever approved that letter on behalf of CFC needs to be run out of town as they are clearly not in tune with the fan base.

  10. I see Hayes has lost his appeal from his red card. I”ll be honest, at the time, I thought it was a harsh booking, and would have been upset had it been given to one of our lads. However, I haven’t gone back to look at the replay, so, it may have been worse than I had initially thought.

  11. I know we all look through green tinted glasses but I thought the red card was spot on



    Two feet, off the ground and studs showing. It’s a textbook sending off even if he wins the ball. The players know the rules and Hayes obviously had a rush of blood to the head.

  12. Timaloy … as I said, at the time, I thought it was a harsh red … but, given that the league haven’t found a way to rescind it, I suspect that your view may be more accurate.

  13. SANDMAN @ 4:06 PM,



    Would love to see James in that role, we know given the chances he can finish – he’s matured as a player this Season and is tracking back a lot more.



    Only thing is, can he hold the ball up?



    I think he deserves a chance – not this evening though:-) We should play the experienced ghuys in their “normal” positions.



    Hail Hail

  14. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Celtic team v Ajax – KO 6 pm – BT Sport 2



    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 10s10 seconds ago



    Celtic team to play @AFCAjax Gordon; Lustig, Boyata, Simunovic, Izaguirre; Brown, Bitton; Forrest, Johansen, Commons; Griffiths #UEL

  15. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 18s19 seconds ago



    Subs: Bailly, Blackett, Ambrose, Ciftci, Mackay-Steven, Rogic, Janko #UEL

  16. lennon's passion on

    Link not working but CBS sports in America asking the Question. Celtic are one of the most famous clubs in world sport. But are they the Smelliest.

  17. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    If Commons plays wide left, who is going to track back when Izzy is caught up the park ? For me it’s either Johansen or Commons – they both play through the middle and have no place wide.



    If they have an attacking RB we could be caught short down the left flank, plus Forrest is not renowned for tracking back either on the other flank.



    Otherwise, good luck to Jozo – some debut match !

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Not as surprising a team selection as I had expected Ronny going for the safer option.I just hope Commons can put in a good shift. The new Bhoy in at Centre back it will be a big night for him. H.H.

  19. I think that’s the strongest side Celtic can field just now. The bench looks decidedly weak. The bhoys need to work their socks off tonight.


    C’mon Celtic! Give us a performance tonight.



  20. I heard he was dead on

    Getting an hour out of Commons is our best chance.



    His game intelligence will be important if he is on form.



    Forrest playing on the right and Johansen on the left or they can swap.



    It’s probably our most experienced team available.



    Not much on the bench to change things but that is down as much to availability as anything else.



    Despite my reservations about this management team all I have to say is go for it Celtic.



    Win, lose or draw if we get a performance, we can be satisfied.

  21. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    C’mon the Hoops a bit of vim in the performance tonight and we should wipe the floor with Ajax.




  22. not entirely unexpected line up … some thoughts…



    a bit concerned that both KC and SJ are most effective playing in the same spot in the middle of the 3, and neither are terribly effective on the outside of the 3.



    and, unless EI is told to stay back and not bomb forward, am a bit concerned about us being vulnerable down our left hand side with either KC or SJ there ….



    I think the Simo-Boyata partnership has the potential to develop into something quite special … hopefully, that starts tonight.

  23. I think that’s a good team.


    The players need to play for the jersey tonight.


    C,mon Celtic





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