Turning form around away to top seed


I’m at the stage of thinking, “If we sort out that, and do a bit of this, take our chances and ride our luck, we might just…….” Typical optimism before an away European tie. We’ll know soon enough how we compare to Ajax.

We didn’t sink without trace in our visit to the Amsterdam ArenA two years ago, but it was an anaemic performance from Celtic, who failed to pass well or create anything of note. There wasn’t an effective game plan to hustle Ajax.

Hustle Ajax is exactly what we did in 2001. Martin O’Neill wilted when he discovered he’d need to eliminate Ajax to reach the Champions League group stage, but by kick-off he’d done his work. Ajax would prove what a good team they were at Celtic Park a week later, but by then it was too late. Celtic used the cloak of unfancied underdogs to punch through a barrier in their European development.

If you were an Ajax scout, reporting on how to play Celtic, you would be brimming with confidence ahead of tonight, but this has been Celtic at their worst. We can play better.

Ronny’s taken a bit of stick recently, not without good reason, as simple tasks which most teams achieve, like defending a set-piece, have seen Celtic fail repeatedly. But again, this is not the whole picture. He’ll turn it around, just as he did last year. Nowhere better than away to the top seed tonight.

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  1. We have never seen Jozo playing so its impossible to know what to expect. I just believe this ghuy is going to be brilliant and we are in for a great night. However I have been drinking for the afternoon so my judgement may not be the most reliable.

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    Really looking forward to game



    Expectations not high v Ajax in Amsterdam and never therefore, i won’t be disappointed!



    Always the same view when we play there. Which made the two victories there very special indeed.



    Any Celtic fan who is not looking forward to playing against one of the great European Clubs is missing out on something



    Try to remember it’s a sport, a game! Sometimes we lose but have taken part in an event that most football fans in this country can only dream about.



    It’s watching Celtic taking part that get’s me going.



    The wins are never expected, but when they do happen it knocks spots off the times we have lost.



    Bring on The Ajax!!

  3. embramike’s … ha! just saw that! and bonus points for the ‘great mikes’!!!



    just realized it is an early start and have to head out to a meeting , so I”m going to miss a good chunk of the game…… aargh! cant even blame my assistant as I booked this myself! d’oh!

  4. okay .. I have to run now…. but I expect us to be up 3 by the time I get back … not to much to ask for …

  5. Owen


    Bang on. Set fair here in Madeira for the match. Done the statutory 2 hours sunbathing, and added touch of fitness regime by skipping lunch! Now in Moynihan’s bar with large beer and food just arrived on the table, in front of TV in prime position. All good to go. Hope you and yours are well.



  6. Corkcelt.



    I think he has a five year contract so Celtic won’t need to sell him for a few years,I hope he plays a good game.looking forward to see how he plays.

  7. lennon’s passion on 17th September 2015 3:51 pm




    AULDHEID on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2015 2:01 PM







    Your talking utter rubbish. The Celtic fans who received those letters are not PR experts. After they picked themselves up from laughing they would tell there mate’s. Laugh about it,social media showing my mates this boom it’s out there. You Jp and anyone else who blames the fans live in a naive world.





    FLO should have sent a private letter to Mr Lynx, or spoke to them in person.The man dealt with it wrong. IMO Celtic shouldn’t have got involved


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/turning-form-around-away-to-top-seed/comment-page-2/#comments




    I don’t speak rubbish but you can teach me since you seem fluent.



    What caused the PR damage?



    It wasn’t the letter it was the matter going public and the SLO (Give the man his proper title) did not do that. A recipient of the letter did and don’t make excuses for stupidity.



    If you are going to play the blame game get it right.



    On how it was dealt with: my understanding was that the issue was being dealt with after a number of complaints sustained over a period of two years were received.



    The club tried to handle those discretely without success and so supporters complained saying they could no longer attend matches. At THEIR request the letter was issued (note at the request of Celtic supporters) and it was welcomed by those affected.



    Based on that a supporter or supporters was/were acting unreasonably towards his/their fellow fans and then went public with the clubs attempts to deal with their unreasonableness.



    If its suggested that you have bad BO then WASH, but in private not public.



    Now how would you have handled it?

  8. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    I find it pathetic to see the pressure being put on our manager after a couple of defeats, by the biassed Scottish media – no doubt encouraged by some contributors on here. I wonder who sacks them?

  9. Hope all our bhoys and ghirls in Amsterdam get back safely. I also hope that the bhoys put in a shift tonight and reward the travelling support by going and acknowledging them ( not just wee teacake ).


    1-1 tonight would not be a bad result.










  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Happy to eat humble pie if we win


    But how many away games to learn its 4-5-1


    It’s the home team who have pressure to win


    We are too open. Commons Firrset not defensive enough


    I think Ronny has decided to have a go – when he doesn’t need to


    Hey ho hail hail



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