Turning gold into mud tricky for English clubs


Owen Coyle has probably no idea the trouble caused in his name at Celtic.  Notions that his granny’s uncle’s cousin passed on verifiable information that either Owen rejected the Celtic job, or that he did so because he didn’t agree with the direction the club were going, were clearly nonsense at the time and are more evidently the case now.

Having just earned promotion to the English Premier League the man chose not to be interviewed for the Celtic position, a perfectly defendable decision.  He was never offered a job.  Coyle performed well at St Johnstone (without winning promotion) and did well at Burnley before managing an inevitable decline at Bolton.  He remains a good manager who I hope gets back into the game soon.

The Bolton lesson to football is stark.  On some levels the club was well run.  Good manager, good scouts, a small but faithful following, a chairman who could see the iceberg ahead, all signed up to the ambition to remain in top flight football, but their budget was forever under pressure.   Debts topped £100m, although the directors ensured public services didn’t suffer as a result of their ‘ambition’.

Three years ago Phil Gartside, the Bolton chairman, knew the model in the English game was unsustainable and tried to change things.  He failed, unfortunately, and was unable to produce a reverse alchemy – turning tens of millions of pounds from Sky TV each year into a 17th place finish in the Premier League.  I hope the change works for them.

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  1. No doubt Coyle will get a job with his chums at Radio Clyde. Sychophancy to be added to the other drivel on offer.

  2. From the BBC – Man dies after cockroach-eating competition in Florida



    Why? Just why would you be involved in something like that?

  3. Owen is a smart ,a good Tim and a decent bloke. I think he would have made a very good Celtic manager- maybe one day. Wont be long before he is back in the game.

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I knew someone called Owen once.



    I know people called Coyle as well.



    But I don’t know Owen Coyle. I’m sure he’ll be back in work very shortly.

  5. Paul67



    The Owen Coyle story was another attempt by the Laptop Loyal to undermine Celtic. Along with the nonsense Neil Lennon was not up to the job.



    Bolton with a debt of £110 Million and currently sitting 18th in the Championship. Hardly surprising they sacked him.

  6. Amazing level of debt at Bolton. How do they handle the day to day running of the business with such a millstone around their necks?


    Let’s us appreciate the prudent way our club is run.




  7. Today’s Kilbowie Podium ( awarded to the first poster to refer to the new article) goes to GORDON J.

  8. St George’s Park centre of excellence officially opened



    David Sheepshanks, chairman of St George’s Park, said the new complex can help England close the gap on recent World Cup winners such as France and Spain.



    “This is a place to inspire young people and young coaches to invest in themselves and go beyond just getting the badge,” he said.



    “The teachers of the game have the defining influence. We are investing in the teachers so that we can get ahead of what they are doing in France and Spain.



    “This is a deliberately long-term view. Really it is the investment in coaches that is crucial and from 2020 onwards we will have winning England teams.”




    Not likeley considering how few English players are in the EPL.

  9. Owen Coyle for the Scotland job?!



    No chance – his middle name is Columba!



    Far too Catholic!




  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    GonnaeSignMaSunburn 12:37 on 9 October, 2012



    “What ever happened to DonegalDanny?”



    He was last seen in the company of Owen Coyle’s granny knocking back the sherry and discussing the good ole days.



    DD only really comes on to cheers us all up with his optimism when things aren’t going so well at Celtic.



    It’s the Sevco fans I miss. They are a rare as rocking horse jobbies these days.

  11. All is well in the land of Celtic.


    Enjoy the International break, prepare for even greater success.

  12. Owen Coyle chose not to be interviewed for the Celtic job – did he?



    I remember Hugh Keevans said at the time he did, but he also announced the


    new Celtic manager was Artur Jorge and went downhill from there.



    If Owen Coyle chose not to be interviewed he alerted the Celtic Board that he shouldn’t have been on the ole ‘short list from hell’ anyway.




  13. South Of Tunis on

    Today’s Torygraph –



    ” Asked if Saville should lose his knighthood , Mr Cameron said :



    ” We have something called a Forfeiture Committee . It is responsible for looking at Honours and the removal of Honours ”



    I do hope that Committee can fix it for Sir Minty to be Sircumcised.

  14. traditionalist88 on

    Owen Coyle didnt want the Celtic job but sure as hell had a lot to say about it.




  15. gordon_j backing neil lennon12:31 on9 October, 2012;




    You’re on the money there……or the lack of it.



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