Turning Ibrox to dust. Section 111


Despite Walter Smith urging “Rangers fans to get fully behind the resolutions which last week were presented to the Board and shareholders”, which include sacking chief executive, Craig Mather, he added, “Craig Mather, as I have said before is doing a good job. It is unfortunate that this has happened but when change does come I hope he’ll be allowed to continue the job he has started”.

Smith is clearly close to, but not in tandem with, those who requested an Emergency General Meeting.

As well as support for the chief exec, on the manager, Smith says, “As for Alistair McCoist, it is important that we all appreciate that no other Rangers manager has had to work with poorer or more trying circumstances. It is my fervent hope that when the dust settles and Rangers have a clearer path and future he is given the chance to manage under conditions similar to those which were afforded his predecessors.”

Here we get to the crux of the problem.  Rangers International face enormous financial challenges.  With a half decent football manager, they would be able to win promotion from the third tier of Scottish football with a football budget of around £1m, or several times that of their nearest rivals.  If, as the Herald suggested this week, there is not enough money to finish the season, the most immediate responsibility of the directors is to cut costs accordingly.

Cutting costs is not the reason anyone gets into football, and it is certainly not what Walter Smith knew in his time at the Rangers group of clubs, but at times it is absolutely necessary.  The non-executive directors of Rangers International would serve their fans interests best by telling this unpalatable truth.

Failure to do this will pale in comparison to some other potential consequences.  In setting his stall behind McCoist, Mather’s team building exercise and the EGM protagonists, Smith has almost ensured collapse if those demanding change cannot command the support of 51% of shareholders.  To succeed, Paul Murray will need to demonstrate the leadership and deal management skills which were lacking a year ago.

Meanwhile, John Brown’s warning about Green turning Ibrox to dust hangs over the place, a bit like dust.

There is one overarching concern, however.  Green is critical to fending off any impending action by Craig Whyte.  His evidence will be necessary to explain how Sevco Scotland Ltd assumed the irrevocable entitlement of Sevco 5088 Ltd.  Even with Green on-side, this looks like a challenge, but if the main protagonists in this action are separated from those who will have to defend any action, you suspect Whyte will be enormously encouraged.

When Whyte believed he was double-crossed he went nuclear.  All Green would need to do is corroborate a sliver of Whyte’s evidence to bring Whyte’s legal challenge into sharp focus.  For this reason, Green has to be part of the picture going forward.  Demonising him is tempting, and may be deserved, but it’s self-defeating – and these people know all about self-defeating.

Section 111

Two weeks ago I said “place your bets” on what would happen after Celtic issued their “final warning” over a number ongoing issues in section 111.  No one was in control of the situation, not Celtic, and not members the Green Brigade, who I believe had nothing to do with several of the issues.

Since then I’ve watched the debate.  Some, like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, attempted to inform on the debate, interviewing handicapped supporters and independent safety experts.  Anticipating this day would come, I thought about interviewing the Council, but decided against, not wanting to draw them into making a public stance they would be unable to back down from.

Yesterday felt as inevitable as what’s going to happen next in Govan. Can the situation be rescued? Of course. Will it? Place your bets, people…

I’m not a regular newspaper buyer but the front page of one of today’s is a keeper.  Celtic have a lateral movement issue, which dominates the front page, when the utter implosion at Ibrox is relegated to a side column.  It’s a testament to our age.  We will survive.  I can’t say that with any certainty about the other lot.
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  1. South of Tunis,



    Skrtel and Lucas of Liverpool getting linked to Napoli. Rafa building an anfield re union over there?



    Julio Cesar to Fiorentina? What’s happening with Adam Ladjic? Is he going to Milan?

  2. WGS


    13:14 on


    6 August, 2013


    South of Tunis,



    Skrtel and Lucas of Liverpool getting linked to Napoli. Rafa building an anfield re union over there?





    Which begs the question; what does Lucas have on Benitez? It must scandalous as the guy is mince!!!

  3. “The crux of the problem” is that Alistair McCoist has no predecessors to which a comparison can be made; he is the manager of a new club that has just been formed from the assets of another club.



    The sooner everyone in Scottish football publicly acknowledge that and change their behaviour to reflect that (and include SPL club chairmen and chief execs), the quicker the new club that Rangers supporters will want to follow, can grow and develop without having to bear some form of mark of Cain.



    I’m with Paul67 when he said if there’s any part of Celtic that needs Rangers, then it’s a part I can live without.







    What they done was not illegal, lots of charities do it.



    All they did was not follow certain procedures.




  5. the hooped crusader on

    Let us hope the 111 saga can be resolved with some communication from both side. It would be a great shame if the problem cannot be over come. The GB are mostly young enthusiastic supporters who in days gone by would have frequented the Jungle, their exuberance should be embraced not quelled. The young guns who never got a chance to stand in the Jungle also need to realise the constrictions imposed on the club by GCC and behave accordingly.


    My son who is 18 changed our seats last season so we would be closer to the GB and I think him and a lot of the younger supporters relish match days because of the spectacle and noise provided by the GB. To silence them for good will disillusion a lot of the younger fans we need to encourage into the stadium, there are too many other distractions that can entice the young fans away from the game nowadays and a flat atmosphere will not change that trend.


    The safe standing area could work for all parties, lets hope that is an option being looked at but for now a bit of talking and common sense could resolve the issue mean time.



    Hail Hail.

  6. any Donegal Bhoys heard any crack on Broomleagh Manor in Convoy (near Ballybofey)? old da may be going there to pasture

  7. twists n turns on

    Coatbridge paper bhoy



    Your moniker always stirs memories of an experience I had many years ago. I applied for a position in Birmingham, and I got a call from a manger to arrange interview. He was Scottish, and during our conversation he asked me about where I was originally from, and then, did I follow the football?



    Always a risky one of course, but on the premise that if he was going to discriminate against me for “footballing reasons”, then I didn’t want the job anyway, so I told him I was a season ticket holder at Paradise.



    “Oh really” he says,” I used to be Bertie Auld’s paper boy”, and he went on to discuss Celtic players of the past and present. Nice guy actually.



    Anyhow, I was offered the job, (honest) but turned it down as it wasn’t what I expected.

  8. .



    I’m Not a Regular Decrier of CQN but when l have to Scroll past 10 Paragraphs of a Team People say they don’t Miss or want to Play again..to read about a Important situation involving My own teams Supporters and My Club..



    After l have read it..



    Alanis Morisette..



    I’m not a regular newspaper buyer but the front page of one of today’s is a keeper. Celtic have a lateral movement issue, which dominates the front page, when the utter implosion at Ibrox is relegated to a side column. It’s a testament to our age. We will survive. I can’t say that with any certainty about the other lot.




  9. I think if we get through tomorrow night we might see some big movement on the transfer front for Lenny. Needs at least 3 but if Efe and Wilson get punted he might get another one in.



    Who posted on here we where looking at Berams mate from Macabbi Haifia. The defensive mid player?

  10. So the major Scottish media headline of the day is that supporters of Scotland’s football Champions move during matches… and whether the club and the errant fans can find a mutually agreeable solution.



    Meanwhile, the same media regard the impending dissolution of Scotland’s “oldest sporting institution” as a trivial side issue.



    Ach well, at least we have the distraction of a Champions League qualifier to occupy our minds until our “crisis” is resolved and the mortally wounded beast across the city stops twitching once and for all.

  11. WGS 13:19 on 6 August, 2013


    I think if we get through tomorrow night we might see some big movement on the transfer front




    hope it’s not lateral movement

  12. Favorite Uncle






    don’t want to piss on your parade palomine but have you seen the weather report from PRAHA.10khomes without lecky hailstanes the size of golfballs falling.say a wee prayer for me and my family if you visit the church with the BAMBINO DE PRAHA STATUE.as for WATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    sitting in my office in Brno just now, 34 degrees outside….



    but the Guys say they had a belter of a Storm on Sunday




  13. Magnus


    13:13 on


    6 August, 2013



    If you are a season ticket holder and if a couple of GB lads are relocated near you



    Focus may be on you

  14. How Rangers must hate the invention of new media and the internet in particular.



    Messageboards and blogs like these have resulted in them been uncovered for what they are.



    MSM as well, just goes to show are Celtic fans really paranoid. knew it existed in the 90’s but due to the lack of technology etc.. we relied on the wrtitten journos to provides us with info.

  15. Celbridge Celt on

    Wicklow & YogiBhoy… Thanks for the info, I know that area of Ringsend so might take the lads down that direction!








    Just reading an article in TIME about a fella named Tom Gouttierre and coaching basketball in Afghanistan in the 60s and 70s.



    Should be right up your street,amazing stuff.

  17. Johan (from last article)



    as a former civil engineer – you’re spot on with your assumptions!



    There is no problem with the static loading capacity of our stadium it’ll have been designed with factors of safety and redundancy. The problem is with the dynamic (moving) load (on the seating decks)- all structures move and sway to a degree and all structures have a natural frequency that has to be designed or dampened out otherwise there is a risk of the structure simply bouncing itself into failure. Now if you take 200 supporters jumping up and down AND left to right on a number of rows then there is a possibility that the natural frequency MIGHT be achieved and then disaster. Highly unlikely but not worth the risk – also not likely in the corner at S111 given the short spans but then again I didn’t design the structure!



    This is what happens when the natural frequency of a structure is achieved (albiet wind caused in this case)






    There is footage of a stand in South America bouncing crazily but can’t find it – this is Eintracht Frankfurt,there is a reason that the last stand is closed!






    Sorry if I’ve bored everyone!



    Hail! Hail!




  18. Davidopoulis says:



    On footballing matters, I am (strangely) feeling relatively confident going into tomorrow’s game after the away performances last season – though we’ve had a few nasty experiences over the last 10 years (and more). Think Sammi, Commons and Ledley will be particularly vital. Another clean sheet too much to ask?



    Not too sure about that with Kelvin coming back after shin splints along with the talk of transfers regarding both Kelvin & Amprone with the latter not being too reliable at the best of times post African Cup of Nations. Hope your wish comes true tho!

  19. South Of Tunis on

    WGS .



    Ljajic ? [ very good player !]



    Last I heard , Milan had offered 12 million euros and Fiorentina had said -No —we want more ! .



    Skrtel / Napoli ——- Napoli websites are running rumors re a loan deal .



    Lucas / Napoli ——-a new one for me.

  20. If the Green Brigade were happy to be dispersed around the Stadium and if the rest of the Celtic Support took up the slack and got songs, chants & noise going to create a bit of atmosphere then all would be well. However the Green Brigade obviously feel hard done by and my guess is they will now just concentrate on away games (if they can continue to get tickets). I am not at all confident that the general support will take up the slack and I fear a flat atmosphere at future Home games with a consequential fall off in attendances. Could the Board defer from putting their decision into effect for a cooling off period of say 2 or 3 weeks and could serious talks commence to solve the Health & Safety issues.

  21. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    twists n turns



    13:17 on 6 August, 2013



    Twists, My first real job, got asked the same question, said Airdrie as there was a picture of Airdrie on the wall. Got the job….. The othe employees could not understand how a BHOY got it. Older an hopefully wiser, no more Airdrie’s for me. ;)



  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    I enjoyed looking at that front page.



    It is a very encouraging sign that lessons have not been learned.



    It will end in tears – for us tears of joy.

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘there is a risk of the structure simply bouncing itself into failure’



    -so that’s what happened at Stella Mortis.

  24. South of Tunis,



    What we looking at with Napoli attack this year?



    Higuan, Insigne, Goran Pandev

  25. South Of Tunis on

    WGS .



    Fiorentina / Julio Cesar .



    Last I heard was that Fiorentina / QPR had reached an agreement but Julio Cesar had yet to agree.[ rumor mongers put that down to Fiorentina not paying the kind of wages QPR do]

  26. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    Alistair Campbell?!



    I think we’d be better with Malcolm Tucker – “Come the feck in or feck the feck off!”



    We don’t care what the animals at the Daily Record print. They’re the reason we all read CQN. Lang may their sales reek.

  27. In terms of MSM coverage today, I’d like to point out that The Herald front page is about Rangers. They’re covered extensively again in the sports section. And after a quick skim it doesn’t seem very positive.



    The GB story has a short story on p4.



    That seems about the correct level of coverage, so fair play to them.

  28. Silenced –



    True can never have too much confidence in the CB’s. I would prefer we start with Mulgrew at the back beside either Wilson or Ambrose.


    It’ll be interesting to see how Elfsborg play at home, as they were not exactly a massive threat at CP. Then again they were sticking rigidly to a defensive game plan.

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