Turning Ibrox to dust. Section 111


Despite Walter Smith urging “Rangers fans to get fully behind the resolutions which last week were presented to the Board and shareholders”, which include sacking chief executive, Craig Mather, he added, “Craig Mather, as I have said before is doing a good job. It is unfortunate that this has happened but when change does come I hope he’ll be allowed to continue the job he has started”.

Smith is clearly close to, but not in tandem with, those who requested an Emergency General Meeting.

As well as support for the chief exec, on the manager, Smith says, “As for Alistair McCoist, it is important that we all appreciate that no other Rangers manager has had to work with poorer or more trying circumstances. It is my fervent hope that when the dust settles and Rangers have a clearer path and future he is given the chance to manage under conditions similar to those which were afforded his predecessors.”

Here we get to the crux of the problem.  Rangers International face enormous financial challenges.  With a half decent football manager, they would be able to win promotion from the third tier of Scottish football with a football budget of around £1m, or several times that of their nearest rivals.  If, as the Herald suggested this week, there is not enough money to finish the season, the most immediate responsibility of the directors is to cut costs accordingly.

Cutting costs is not the reason anyone gets into football, and it is certainly not what Walter Smith knew in his time at the Rangers group of clubs, but at times it is absolutely necessary.  The non-executive directors of Rangers International would serve their fans interests best by telling this unpalatable truth.

Failure to do this will pale in comparison to some other potential consequences.  In setting his stall behind McCoist, Mather’s team building exercise and the EGM protagonists, Smith has almost ensured collapse if those demanding change cannot command the support of 51% of shareholders.  To succeed, Paul Murray will need to demonstrate the leadership and deal management skills which were lacking a year ago.

Meanwhile, John Brown’s warning about Green turning Ibrox to dust hangs over the place, a bit like dust.

There is one overarching concern, however.  Green is critical to fending off any impending action by Craig Whyte.  His evidence will be necessary to explain how Sevco Scotland Ltd assumed the irrevocable entitlement of Sevco 5088 Ltd.  Even with Green on-side, this looks like a challenge, but if the main protagonists in this action are separated from those who will have to defend any action, you suspect Whyte will be enormously encouraged.

When Whyte believed he was double-crossed he went nuclear.  All Green would need to do is corroborate a sliver of Whyte’s evidence to bring Whyte’s legal challenge into sharp focus.  For this reason, Green has to be part of the picture going forward.  Demonising him is tempting, and may be deserved, but it’s self-defeating – and these people know all about self-defeating.

Section 111

Two weeks ago I said “place your bets” on what would happen after Celtic issued their “final warning” over a number ongoing issues in section 111.  No one was in control of the situation, not Celtic, and not members the Green Brigade, who I believe had nothing to do with several of the issues.

Since then I’ve watched the debate.  Some, like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, attempted to inform on the debate, interviewing handicapped supporters and independent safety experts.  Anticipating this day would come, I thought about interviewing the Council, but decided against, not wanting to draw them into making a public stance they would be unable to back down from.

Yesterday felt as inevitable as what’s going to happen next in Govan. Can the situation be rescued? Of course. Will it? Place your bets, people…

I’m not a regular newspaper buyer but the front page of one of today’s is a keeper.  Celtic have a lateral movement issue, which dominates the front page, when the utter implosion at Ibrox is relegated to a side column.  It’s a testament to our age.  We will survive.  I can’t say that with any certainty about the other lot.
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  1. Paul67



    I didn’t get my O’ grade English and I am always impressed with your articles but……….



    I know some will think this is a be a bit ‘PC’ but we have to be careful with the language we use, or how we use it.



    In your article you talk about handicapped supporters, I’m afraid that word went out about the same time as the ‘wee blue handicapped cars’.



    The term is disabled supporters or probably more appropriate supporters with disabilities.

  2. bring back the casuals thats what I say



    this board are all out for the return of the old firm, they crave our patch being treated like a lavvy but only by their superiors, tug yer locks and be thankful as kojo would advocate

  3. The report of OSCR is damning. More so than the BBC news report would have you believe. Granted OSCR subsequently let the trustees off the hook (an understatement if there ever was one).


    3 trustees, one who is still on board at the RCC, take a significant legal decision to divert funds from the game from the charity to the defunct club. They do so without taking any legal advice. Hmmm. I note that the 2 of the 3 un-named are also trustees of other charities. OSCR’s report is quite clear that there was a clear conflict of interest yet these trustees continued to act in detriment to the charity. To suggest that they somehow were unaware of the conflict or did not appreciate that they should seek legal advice (which is the import of the report) is jaw-droppingly naieve in my view.


    As a trustee of an educational charity, the one single factor that is always at the forefront of your mind is conflict of interest. Accordingly, the trustees were either aware of what they were doing or blissfully unaware of any conflict. Either way, it suggests to me that more than the rehabilitative charities education recommended for the 3 should have been applied. To compound matters, that one of the trustees should fail to cooperate surely deserves more than a slap on the wrist with a paper hankie.


    As with all such statutory creations, OSCR is simply the latest in a long line of toothless organisations …

  4. wdh,


    I did thanks, looking through the recommendations this afternoon, of all which would you say was your top tip ?

  5. Celtic As A Global



    My long held belief in the global appeal of my beloved Tic was badly damaged recently.



    Samma of Summi will testify that over 90,000 soccer fans attended a friendly between Melbourne Victory and Liverpool, on a cold, wet, miserable, winters’ evening: WTF, Celtic two, years ago could only attract 40,000: although Celtic are not from the greatest league in the universe and are not from a country which won the World Cup as recently as 1966 and which was the 2cnd British team to win the ‘Big Cup.’



    So where is the great support from the Irish Diaspora and Scottish Celtic Diaspora.



    The support from the Celtic Scottish Diaspora, is a constant, However, IMO, the support from the Irish Diaspora is not as constant: Donegal and Catholic Ulster very constant; Eire: Celtic may run a poor third against MANURE and Liverpool.


    We must leave the SPFL HELL, comments!

  6. heard richard gordon say on sat. that they could not


    speak to sally because sevco are not talking to the




    is this not breaking the contract with spfl and bbc


    then again when did they ever stick to the rules

  7. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA @ 13 59.



    Walk Away Renee ——-The Four Tops .



    Great choon but the original is way-better [ IMO ]



    The Left Banke ——-Walk Away Renee [ Smash Records ]



    Same band made another great 45 ——–



    The Left Banke —— Pretty Ballerina [ Smash Records ]



    Every home should have them !

  8. DBBA


    Indeed they did, which was entirely unfortunate as it exacerbated the problems between Group and Board as well as providing negative press for the Club overall


    The overall situation irrespective of which side of the argument one takes is a mess, with no likely overall winner.










    Say hi to ACGR and his lad next home game.



    They’ll probably be easy to spot in their Celtic onesies….

  10. whitedoghunch on




    they are all very good and I tried to cover all ranges of styles/prices.


    I have been lucky enough to eat in some of the best 3 star places in the world but my cena pasada will be in Cincsentits. Tell Amy and Jordi who own it I sent you and book well in advance





    Liverpool were the third team from the UK to win it.

  12. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    Celtic did not have a crowd of 40,000 in Melbourne, try just under 21,000.

  13. starry plough



    14:16 on 6 August, 2013



    Len Brennan



    LB what was the name of the striker whose clip you posted last night??









    Nemanja Nikolic a 25 yr old who plays for Videoton in Hungary.


    The lad has an amazing strike rate with 83 in 186 for the club and has scored 3 in 4 this season already.


    He’s been on a few clubs radar for a few seasons.





    /Bishop B





    Seems Copenhagen is becoming a wee hotspot of fine eateries.



    Probably a bit heavy on the cod roe and other fish dishes though.



    No expert,mind-I still think Central Market was superb!

  15. SOT,



    Indeed every home should revel in The Left Banke. I got a rare compilation from a Russian recordshop. The Blades of Grass also made a delightful record with similar sounds.

  16. andycol is yet another Neil Lennon on

    Another blow for t’Gers after a review by the ASA concluded that its earlier decision that it was the same club was flawed and had to be revisited. After this was held up as proof of continued existence it must be logged bitter blow.

  17. South Of Tunis


    14:24 on


    6 August, 2013


    DBBIA @ 13 59.



    Walk Away Renee ——-The Four Tops / The Left Banke





    I always thought that was a Billy Bragg song :)

  18. whitedoghunch on




    it has been a top place for food for a number of years with Noma leading the way.


    Young Chris who has Cail Bruich in Glasgow did a stint there

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hi All. Terrific article Paul – so much to digest.



    What is there left to be said about the other lot? Nothing – I hope we watch their second demise with bored disinterest.



    This charity thing reinforces what we ALL know already.



    There is no possible act carried out by the “Rangers group of clubs” that would lead their fans to feel any sense of shame nor is there any sense that the “Truman show” type media circus that occupies a parallel reality will ask for anyone to be brought to account.



    One group is as busted as the other.



    Which brings me to the Green Brigade. Celtic PLC can’t control the media (and isn’t interested in doing so) but they can control the conduct of the GB – in fact they are required by law to do so.



    The two groups now have a few weeks to find a solution. It really shouldn’t be hard if you look for the common denominator.



    GB aspirations, conducts and responsibilities





    2) Generate brilliant noisy atmosphere


    3) Present brilliant banners and colour at the game


    4) Portray themselves as the sharp rebellious end of the Celtic support


    5) Contain some individuals who are a bit stupid, a bit naughty and don’t see bigger picture



    Celtic PLC Board





    2) Robust corporate governance


    3) Long term strategic planning


    4) Safety of all spectators


    5) Guide the club to a different arena (ongoing process mostly carried out unseen)



    Lets sort this out.



    We are all Celtic.



    Hail Hail

  20. WDH


    Oh ye of little faith..



    Work update.. Too much on first day.. Knee killing me…o(

  21. Genuine question:



    Can someone remind me why Sevco aren’t talking to the BBC? Is it the because of the Mark Daly documentaries or was there something else that Raman/Doddsy/Wee Chick/Kenny Mac/etc said that riled them?

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The Ibrox future of Sevco trialist Nicky Law is apparently in doubt for comments that have left manager Ally McCoist absolutely furious.



    McCoist described Sevco’s major shareholder Charles Green’s assertion that the team should win a cup this season as ‘embarrassing’ after the 2-1 defeat to third-tier piers Forfar on Saturday.



    And the roly-poly boss has only just discovered midfielder Law claimed Sevco would be ‘challenging on four fronts this season’ following the slick performance against Albion Rovers in the Ramsdens Cup.



    A pal close to McCoist told anyone who would listen: “Listen, Ally is absolutely furious about this. He’s very, very angry. No doubt about it. He told me it was an absolutely embarrassing situation.”




    I was referring to MANURE:



    A Stor Mo Chroi



    I was there and also at Sydney; 20,000 Sydney: 40,00 Melbourne



    Still 90,000 Liverpool





    Rene Redzepi’s establishment?



    His former protege Matt Orlando has recently opened AMASS.



    Getting some write-ups as are those from Sam Nutter and Victor Wagman.



    Been reading,not tasting!

  25. wdh,


    looking now, got lunch tomorrow, was told the fancy menu was only during nonholiday periods.


    mentioned your name and got a chuckle.


    just going to look for it now so’s wur no late the morra


    hail hail

  26. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Mr Johnny Clash- with drastic cutbacks in ole World Service no one at BBC speaks Sevconian.

  27. South Of Tunis on

    John O Neil @ 14 35



    The Blades of Grass .



    Oh -yes !



    2 great 45s on Jubilee —-



    Happy / I Love You Alice B Toklas .



    Think their LP ——-The Blades of Grass —Are Not for Smoking –was reissued by Rev —-Ola .



    Excellent sunshine pop -regularly given a twirl [ especially in the summer ] way down south.

  28. Steinreignedsupreme on

    JohnnyClash 14:42 on 6 August, 2013



    It’s a gesture to appease dimwits like Mongo Graham – who delight in the decision … and then go on the BBC themselves.



    Impossible to parody.



    They banned Chris McLaughlin at full-time on the final day of last season because of an article he wrote about Sevco.

  29. Not commenting on the GB been done to death on here.


    Samaras fit for tomorrow?




  30. twists n turns on

    Celtic U20′s v Dundee United at Livingston tonight



    Date: 6th August 2013 at 2:21 pm


    Written by: Joe McHugh




    Stevie Frail and John Kennedy newsCeltic’s u-20 side open the competitive season against Dundee United at Livingston tonight, kick off 7pm.



    The young hoops have won the double for the last four years running but setting out on in search of five doesn’t put any extra pressure on coach John Kennedy.



    As a defender he played in a Celtic reserve side that won eight titles in a row before the SPL decided to abandon that level of football.



    Pulling on a Celtic jersey brings pressure at any level- whether it’s against Barcelona or Forfar Athletic- with Kennedy’s players well aware of the expectations at their club.



    “Myself and Stevie Frail have been at this club long enough to know what is expected here,” he said. “It’s the same with the players.



    “We are expected to win and be successful. We’ve achieved that and that will be the aim again this season, it always is. Alongside that we have to produce players ready for the first team and support the first team at every opportunity.



    “A few of the development squad players have been with the first team this season which means that we’ve been working with a younger group of players.



    “Some of the older players will be with the first team in Sweden and we’ll have a few of them back with us to face Dundee United.



    “We’ve had a good pre-season, faced different types of teams and now we’re looking forward to the competitive action.



    “Dundee United always have good players at this level and were in contention for a while last season.



    “We’re looking forward to the match, the facilities at Livingston are first class. The pitch is top notch, the stadium is modern and has everything that we’re looking for.



    “The boys have worked hard in training since the East Fife match last week and are looking to start the new season with a good performance and a win.

  31. whitedoghunch on




    if you want something exceptional go to abac or alkimia


    fun and superbe commerc 24


    typical catalan cal pep



    whatever menu is on at cincsentits it will be an estupendo experience

  32. twists n turns on

    Celtic don’t need to go ‘gung-ho’ against Elfsborg, says Johan Mjallby



    Johan Mjallby believes Celtic can be confident as they approach their match against Elfsborg and don’t need to adopt a ‘gung-ho’ approach.



    The SPL champions travel to Sweden for the second leg of their Champions League qualifying tie with a 1-0 lead to defend from the first leg at Celtic Park.



    Mjallby said that scoreline means the pressure is on Elfsborg to attack as they pursue an equaliser and that could leave gaps for Celtic’s attacking players to exploit.



    “The main thing is all about being confident and believing what we’re going to do,” Mjallby said as the squad arrived at Glasgow Airport for their trip to Sweden.



    “At the same time, we can’t go gung-ho and it’s going to be important for us to be solid at the back so they don’t get an early goal.



    “If we are solid at the back it’s going to open up chances for us. The longer the game goes and we are still in the lead, they need to really go forward.”



    Though conceding that Celtic could have been taking a bigger lead into the game had they made the most of their possession in the first leg, Mjallby felt there was nothing to fear.



    “I’m always confident going into a game,” he said. “I think we showed at home that we were maybe a wee bit disappointed that we didn’t score more goals.



    “I thought we camped in their half in the second half at home but we know it’s going to be a hard game. They are very strong at home, playing on Astroturf but right now they aren’t in the best form.



    “It’s a good chance for us because at half-time [in the tie] we are 1-0 up and they have to go forward and open up spaces for us.”

  33. twists n turns on

    Celtic: Johan Mjallby hopes Kelvin Wilson stays


    Celtic assistant manager Johan Mjallby admits Kelvin Wilson may be suffering from homesickness but is not resigned to losing the defender.



    Wilson has been the subject of interest from former club Nottingham Forest.



    However, Celtic boss Neil Lennon insists the 27-year-old is not for sale.



    “It’s a long way to go yet,” said Mjallby. “Obviously, we want to keep hold of him. He’s really, really important for us.”



    Mjallby was speaking ahead of Celtic’s departure to Sweden for the Champions League third qualifying round second leg meeting with Elfsborg.



    The Scottish champions lead 1-0 following the first leg and Mjallby is confident Wilson will be in the right frame of mind for the match in Boras.



    “I think he’s a very professional boy,” added the Swede. “He knows it’s very important for the club and for him as well to perform at the highest level so we are quite sure that is head is going to be there.



    “He knows there’s the interest there [from Nottingham Forest]. Maybe he’s a wee bit homesick even if it’s not a long way to go from Glasgow to Nottingham.”

  34. twists n turns on

    Pat McCourt joins training at Hibernian


    By Colin Moffat


    BBC Scotland Former Celtic winger Pat McCourt is training with Hibernian, following spells on trial in England.



    The 29-year-old could be available on a short-term deal, with the player keen on a move to America next year.



    “It’s really just to keep his fitness up,” explained Leroy McCourt, the player’s brother and agent.



    “He knows the manager [Pat Fenlon] from their short time together at Derry. He’s just been in today to have a look around and do a bit of training.”



    McCourt, capped 13 times for Northern Ireland, is a free agent following his Celtic exit.



    In five seasons at Celtic Park, McCourt was largely a bit-part player, starting 69 of his 90 games on the bench.



    Play media


    Archive: Celtic’s McCourt shows off his skills



    With the Major League Soccer season drawing to a close at the end of October, it appears that the player is happy to wait for the start of the next campaign before attempting to fix up a move across the Atlantic.



    “It’s always been the intention to go to America,” added his brother. “It’s 99% nailed on that he’ll go over there.



    “He doesn’t want to uproot his family at this stage of the season over there.”



    McCourt recently spent time with Peterborough United, with manager Darren Ferguson saying he hoped to sign the player up.

  35. DBBIA – Wrong.



    Wee Doddsy speaks fluent Russian, Japanese, Sevconian and Esperanto, as well as a few words of schoolboy English and French.

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