Turning under-performance into awesomeness


I’m reliably informed Legia will not ‘park the bus’ on Wednesday.  Instead, with a three goal lead, they have enough legroom to play their normal game, attempt to compete in the middle of the park, and expose holes at the back, as they did last week.  What’s more, they’re unsure they would be able to park the bus successfully for an extended period.

Set aside the debacle what was our defensive performance for a moment.  The period of last week’s match Ronny Deila should initially concern himself with is the opening 25 minutes, when Celtic largely bossed the game.  We then have to consider the 40 minutes we looked comfortable with 10 men; not an insignificant achievement away from home in Europe.

In short, Legia are a team which for large periods of the game we looked to have the measure of, despite the anomalies of playing a debutant, an inexperienced youth and with a left back who was left out.  We should do far better at Murrayfield.

Legia believe they are going through.  They unquestionably have the upper hand but the Celtic collapse in the final minutes, when we appeared to be too busy picking fights than sticking to plan, distorted the perceived difference between the teams.  Celtic didn’t just underachieve, they did so on an epic scale.  What Legia don’t know, is what a highly-functional Celtic team looks like.

We need to transform that epic failure into the kind of performance we are capable of in Europe.  The defence needs to find the form which broke so many records last season.  Ronny needs to find some of his awesomeness.

The reality is, despite last week’s debacle, we’re still in this tie – and should plan to go through.

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  1. the exact names you guys have mentioned were on my shortlist along with McLean, Souttar and Saunders….every one the best talent in Scotland…if we can see it???????



    theres something rotten in the state of Denmark

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Bobby Russell



    I started googling CH. That article has my name on it, for your price.




  3. TBB



    I take your point here…but weigh it all up with the fortunes we’ve wasted on duds from other leagues. the outlay would be minimal but after coaching/facilities etc im sure some of the aforementioned would come good. to be fair they are now showing season in season out in the SPhell

  4. Greeninbingley on

    ….PFayr supports WeeOscar


    17:28 on


    4 August, 2014



    I never knew that about Paul Slane. Christ, I hate stories like that. One day you’ve got everything; the next…



    Poor lad.






    15:49 on 4 August, 2014






    Genuine question.



    Since there are many more civilian deaths in Syria, Iraq and Nigeria, at the hands of the military and terrorists, including women & children, why are there no marches or condemnation?








    Oh Dear…!













    Yazidis Are NOT Christian Or Muslim….



    They Are A Branch Of The Zoroastrian Religion….



    The Sunni ISIS Animals Who Are Slaughtering Them….



    Also Crossed The Border Of Syria Into Southern Lebanon At The Weekend…



    Killing Hundreds Of Lebanese….



    Perhaps Corkieboy And His Pals….



    Should Be Boycotting IslamoFascist Turkey,Qatar…



    And The GREAT SATAN.. Saudi Arabia



    Who Are Funding,Arming….



    And Indoctrinating These Animals..



    Whilst The Muslim Brotherhood’s #1 Agent…..



    ‘Plays’ Another Round Of Golf..



    Over The ‘Pond’…?



    Up The HOOPS..!



  6. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Gary 67/ Davie Hay



    The purchase and subsequent sales of Vic skewed our transfer policy



    We have been trying to replicate it since ….without success …

  7. Junglejim


    I agree,it does make you angry.but each of us dissent about israel in our own way.


    Americas role in support of Israel highlights the duality of their foreign policy.


    They arm israel whilst implying they are peacemakers.they have done this to nuclear level with facilities like Dimona.all done outside world(nuclear) ) policing.


    The sad and inhumane thing to me is the value/or lack of it put on victims of atrocities which we watch.some victims are worthy, some are not, some are civilized…or so we are told, and some are not…my humanity grapples with who deems what,but each day I hope and prey the bombings stop and peace comes to the middle east.




    Hope your well



  8. Jungle Jim



    But its not just the US supporting the war-crimes in Gaza ,we the UK supplies arms too and most european countries are backing this terrible Israeli regime. All us tax payers are are in a way supporting the this genocide.

  9. Ronnie needs to pick the right team. End of.



    We are not blessed with great players but leaving some of the better ones on the bench is just asking for trouble.



    Ronnie needs to start performing not just the players.

  10. The Battered Bunnet on




    Yip, a sad story, and one of the challenges of youth development captured in a case study.



    I’ve some experience of it. It’s perhaps why I respect guys like Stevie May, and not the Tony Watt profiles.



    The chances of a given boy at 16 at any club in Scotland making it as a senior player at Celtic is about one in 240. Maybe longer odds actually.



    That is, from the 240 players at U17 in the top 12 clubs in the country, one might stay the course and be signed (or be missed like McCarthy).



    It’s a tough racket, fitba’.

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    There are some real sick individuals on here that think unrelated ethnic cleansings are some how justification for Gaza, I’m totally lost on how the logic works. Whataboutery at its lowest.

  12. Indulge me eh!



    O Mary Immaculate, gracious Queen of Heaven and of Earth, behold us prostrate before thy exalted throne. Full of confidence in thy goodness and in thy boundless power, we beseech thee to turn a pitying glance upon Palestine, which, more than any other country, belongs to thee, since thou hast graced it with thy birth, thy virtues and thy sorrows, and from there hast given the Redeemer to the world.



    Remember that there especially thou wast constituted our tender Mother, the dispenser of graces. Watch, therefore, with special protection over thy native country, dispel from it the shades of error, for it was there that the Son of Eternal Justice shone. Bring about the speedy fulfillment of the promise, which issued from the lips of thy Divine Son, that there should be one fold and one Shepherd.



    Obtain for us all that we may serve the Lord in sanctity and justice during all the days of our life, so that, by the merits of Jesus and with thy motherly aid, we may pass at last from this earthly Jerusalem to the splendors of the heavenly one. Amen.




  13. Charliemac – short memories indeed



    Neil inherited a team whipped 4-0 by St Mirren (a team which couldn’t beat 9 men in a cup final).



    Neil at first failed in Europe but he was starting from stratch, nil. He built us up to a CL team. Unfortunately that team kept getting sold.



    Even allowing for the players sold Ronnie Delia still inherited a far better team than Neil Lennon but he doesn’t have the experience that NL had from playing in Europe and working under Strachan and O’Neill.



    More people have short memories including PL.



    IMO NL was far from perfect like all managers he made mistakes (Morton LC) but PL owed him for sorting out the mess of 2010.

  14. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Well said



    It’s all Lenny’s fault dontcha know ………nonsense

  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    The sea cucumber,


    Brainless, poisonous, spineless with interchangeable arse and head.


    Remember you being proud of that name till it was explained.


    I like soup

  16. bournesouprecipe on

    Theltic Theltic that’s the team for me


    Theltic Theltic onto victoreeeeeeeee



    © TBB



    RoughAndToothless CSC

  17. Paul67.



    The first step to awesomeness lies with


    with RD & JC.


    Pragmatism in team selection comes first.





    Respect, oh and ignore the troll.

  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    We have a habit of grossly underestimating the standard required of a senior player at Celtic.



    Reaching that standard is within the capacity of very few players.



    Here’s an example.



    Tomorrow kids across the country will get their Highers results. Some will get 5 As. The vast majority won’t.



    5 As is the benchmark for excellence in achievement in a Scottish school for a 5th year pupil.



    There are 52,000 or so 5th year pupils in Scotland. How many will get 5 As?



    I don’t know the answer directly, but I can get an idea of it indirectly. 5 As in 5th year is the minimum requirement to get into Medical school, but you need a further set of outstanding results at 6th year, minimum A+B at Advanced Higher, or 3 As at A level.



    That’s quite an achievement for a kid. How many meet that standard?



    Well, each year we enrol 1000 new undergraduates on Medical degrees who meet the standard. However, many who meet the standard elect to study something else, and some elect not to study at all.



    We can say that the standard is met by perhaps 3% of the population of students.



    We have 26000 boys born in Scotland each year, and if our youth development system works, one each year will make it into the senior squad at Celtic as a 1st team player, like Forrest, or Brown, or Mulgrew.



    That’s 0.003%



    A kid is 500 times more likely to get into Medical School in Scotland than be a 1st team player at Celtic.



    Now, how easy is it to get into Medical School again?



    PS Good luck to all kids and their parents expecting SQA results in the morning.

  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    How many scottish kids got into Glasgow university 1st year medicine last year?



    We sell the places to pay for free university places..

  20. kds reporting tweets that Haitian midfielder Jeff Louis has signed for 2.5m euros.



    Attacking midfielder.



    Could be rubbish but as politics seems to be creeping back in valiant attempt to keep it football related and dare I say positive :)

  21. See STV give a new team in the Scottish second division top billing and thus must be more news worth than one still in the EC.

  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    So we’ve got international competition. Like we have in pretty much every walk of life.



    I suppose (with no reflection whatsoever) that the key things are that:



    1) We graduate enough doctors each year to fill vacancies in Scotland



    2) That they are good at their job



    If either doesn’t hold good, we’re screwed.

  23. You cannot politicize the death of any one person…



    …if you have an ounce of humanity.



    It is absolutely never “whataboutery” to ask why the deaths of some innocent children are more important than the deaths of other innocent children. Once you appear to draw that dreadful distinction, and justify it, you have lost a level of humanity.



    I have seen precisely no evidence on here of anyone justifying the deaths of any person in Gaza, none whatsoever when I have been lurking.






    I would only add other countries and conflict areas to your post at 17.53.



    Starving children in a world of plenty, dying children anywhere.