TV deal rebates will finally burst the bubble


For 20 years that scourge of Scottish football has been that it does not have a high-earning TV deal.  Today, the scourge of the English Premier League is having to compensate for the world’s highest earning domestic TV deal.

The League have recommended they give a rebate of £330m to broadcast partners, Sky, BT, Amazon and BBC to compensate for loss of this season’s fixtures – even if the games are rescheduled in June and July.

TV rights are not just about the game itself, the slots are also important.  You have watched Celtic on a Friday night because these slots are less valuable than Sunday afternoons, which, at Sky, are given over to the more valuable English league.  Even the time of year is important.  The Christmas fixtures, which take place in the run up to the event and during January sales, are more valuable, as their advertising slots command higher fees.

Advertising rates have plummeted since the crisis and will not rebound soon, meaning Sky, BT and Amazon’s affiliated income will be down correspondingly.   The broadcasters also complain that a behind closed doors product is less watchable than a game taking place in a packed stadium – throwing back at the Premier League one of their golden sales pitches.

There is an assumption that with a comprehensive (and expensive) testing process, English football will be able to complete this season’s fixtures, but games are around a month away and with lockdown easing, infection rates could be as volatile as results across the summer months.  A £330m rebate could seem like good value if even behind closed door games are not available.

For 16 years I have been writing “Just because the English TV deal bubble hasn’t burst, doesn’t mean it is not a bubble”.  The product is first class and it has been key to generating huge broadcast revenues in the UK and for foreign partners throughout the world.

The finest minds in sports business are now trying to keep this brand afloat, which is why I suspect this £330m rebate is a good deal for all, but the opening salvos on rebates for next season have already been fired, and the next rights deal will be agreed later this year.

When the SPFL are considering delaying prime games until there is a higher chance of fan attendance to keep next season’s deal afloat, you get an insight into what screws are being turned in England.  Sky, BT and Amazon are not charities; games did not take place during the period agreed, contracts have been breached, there will be a price to pay.

If the bubble does not burst due to the crisis, it may be made of titanium.  Still, at least they are not the English Football League, keep your eye on the Championship…

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  1. RON BACARDI on 28TH MAY 2020 7:07 PM



    Ron enjoy your fizz……..just don’t be break dancing after it .hh

  2. Hunderbirds



    I hope and wish you well,keep positive mate.i will keep you in my prayers.



  3. itscalledthemalvinas on

    That Donald Findlay guy is starting to grow on me. One minute he’s telling the truth about the monkeys being a new club now he’s blasting harts for just trying to save their own skins with the reconstruction lifeboat.


    Anymore of this Donald and I will think you are a Tim !

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Terrific analysis Pablo. Respect.



    Keep alive the goose that lays the golden egg?



    A snip at £330m. :)



    BTW – genuine question.



    Anyone on here been “thrilled” by any closed doors games so far?



    I tuned into, arguably, the highest profile game to date – Borussia vs Bayern Munich.



    Felt like an, albeit, intense training game. Nothing more.



    Switched off.

  5. greengray1967 on

    Cracking news Ron. Enjoy your fizz and live life as full as you can.Today is a great day. HH

  6. Just watched the last few minutes of Stuttgart 3 Hamburg 2. Stuttgart got the winner with 90 seconds of added time left. The scorer took his shirt off and threw it into the non-existent crowd !


    (Actually, there was one guy in the stands holding a Stuttgart scarf aloft but I don`t think the discarded shirt was aimed at him.)..

  7. “Rangers sporting director Ross Wilson thanked Belgian top-flight side Genk – who signed Hagi for £4m from Viitorul Constanta of Romania last summer – for their “flexibility and creativity” in negotiating the transfer to Ibrox.”



    `Flexibility and creativity`? Any suggestions?

  8. Help!!!



    That moment you open boot to take DIY stuff out of car and find full tin of fence paint spilled over boot and rear seats that were folded down.



    Anyone know anyone in central belt who has access to powerful steam cleaner.



    Paint is water based and I ain’t got a clue how to remove back seat to get into clean underneath.



    MWD calamity CSC

  9. Ron Bacardi


    Well deserved celebration, great news 🏆👍



    Hunderbirds – let’s focus on you seeing the same result 🙏



    MWD, have you tried Paddybhoy1888 ? He may very well have some me very good contacts to sort you out

  10. So the EPL wants to start up again after threats from TV companies.



    This crisis started with no real baseline of infection. A relatively small number of people picked up the infection (probably from Wuhan), travelled elsewhere in the world, slowly but surely spreading the virus as they went. This led to the massive shutdown/lockdown changes across the globe and many 1000s of deaths.



    After a bit of a lull, our ‘leaders’ think it is safe to take tentative steps back towards ‘normal’ life again.


    What has changed?


    Have we suddenly become immune to this infection?


    Have we all been vaccinated so that our bodies can fight of this virus?



    What has changed is that we now have a baseline which already has a massive presence of this virus all around the globe.


    What hasn’t changed is that we still have no immunity and our ‘leadership’ is still hopelessly overwhelmed by it all.


    Social distancing and good hygiene is all well and good but people will still become infected and infect others.


    ‘Normality’ cannot be restored until we have vaccinated people successfully against this virus.


    Given the never ending cycle of vaccination and new strains of the flu every year, we may all have to get used to life with COVID crises ever present and large gatherings permanently barred.



    And the EPL, along with all leagues throughout the world, will have to get used to the hollow echoes from empty stadia.

  11. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From another lovely sunny Melbourne peninsula, with the winter


    just a coupla days away.


    And what a great way to waken up to read that our very own RON BACARDI


    is on the mend, so as soon as i open my bottle of the rid biddy, the first


    one’s to you Ron.


    Now if only we could hear from our missing bhoys BIGYINMILAN, SOT.


    A.STAR.X . for the ten.


    H.H . Mick

  12. From sfm




    27th May 2020 at 10:56


    24 7 Rate This



    Hamilton Accies’ auditors issue a going concern warning, in their accounts just published at Companies House.



    Sad alas.the tumble may start!





    Good news mate…stay safe and healthy.



    All the best to anyone on here and beyond who is going thru tough times with any illness.





  14. As for Pubs with Outside Seating etc opening up in Phase 2 of Nicola’s plan, it was interesting to hear her say yesterday that Folk can go and visit their parents etc etc, and be in the same garden with social distancing , but do NOT visit their toilets ?


    She was asked about her living in Glasgow and her parents living in Ayrshire, and advised the interviewer “She can now visit her parents due to slight easing of Lock Down, but its a question of judgement as IF her visit was long enough for her to need a Toilet, then the visit maybe wouldnt be such a good idea after all” ?


    IF she DID visit her parents Toilet, EVERY surface etc would need to be wiped down after use…every time .


    I was shouting at the TV, “Nicola just jump behind some garden bushes, and your parents can turn their backs” !





    As for Pubs with beer gardens, Ive no idea how that can work as Pubs would need to employ a One In…One Out of their toilets, with a member of staff wiping down all surfaces after each customer uses that toilet, as I wouldnt trust a member of the public top do that cleaning, even if materials were supplied in the Pub Toilets….


    So my hope for an earlier opening of Pubs with beer gardens…might not happen and how can any Pub with limited amount of staff on duty be expected to clean toilets every 5 minutes and carry out their normal duties being the bar ?



    Its now my 72nd Day of self isolation…and no Beer…I think I may have to wait some time yet before some Pubs open ?






  15. Good morning CQN from a scorching Garngad



    Wow some weather again and to be even hotter today.



    Ron Bacardi – good news and good luck



    Big Jimmy – 1 day we will sit in a pub again and have a “swally” and talk about Celtic and life in general, in other words do what us guys do when drinking……sort out all of life’s wrongs or talk pish in my case…😂🍺 stay safe amigo and keep on keeping on.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  16. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a gorgeously beautiful sun kissed East Kilbride.

  17. Just saw an interesting post on Facebook basically suggesting that it’d be a good idea to ask Celtic for the 4-game refund but to donate the expected refund to the Kano Foundation or any similar worthwhile organisation. Got me thinking – who needs the money more, our club or a group more in line with the reason we were formed? Hmmm…. (back to workin and lurkin)

  18. Good morning from a beautiful sunny North Staffordshire.


    Great news from Ron last night – thoughts and prayers for all our other CQN brothers and sisters whose health is not the best.

  19. Wonder how the lockdown will affect grass root team sports like football and cricket. Will youngsters lose interest having found other pastimes.



    (36hrs notice)



    At 8.15pm Saturday 30th May, live from St Mary’s in the Calton


    Canon Tom White, will be holding a “Months Mind Mass” ( generally classed as a requiem mass, held about 1 month from an individuals passing)


    In honour of “Helen Dunese Stewart” and the parish of St Mary’s


    You will all be aware of the circumstances of Helen’s passing, with subsequent severe restrictions on her funeral service.


    This Months Mind Mass, will allow us to join in the celebration of Helen’s life and the huge Light Helen continues to shine upon us all.


    Please if minded, dial into the live transmission of this service, to show your support for Helen and her family, the CQN family, and any family members you may want to support in celebrating their lives.


    I will hopefully drop a link to the service tomorrow,


    So please pass on, to friends and others who may benefit from this Service, for us to help celebrate Helen Dunese Stewart.



    Thanks for listening




  21. Celtic should be loading up on young talent this summer.



    There aren’t many clubs who had cash reserves as we did. Other clubs in Scotland and the EFL will be struggling.



    Assuming we will sell out our season books for the 10… we will have a lot of options

  22. Many thanks for all your best wishes and kind words.



    From the start a pal said “Brian, you will be fine. You have a positive outlook on life and you are fit and otherwise healthy for your age (now 71). And you are as tough as old boots!”

  23. Morning all. Lovely day here in the Fair City.



    Best wishes to Hunderbirds and delighted for Ron Bacardi.



    Oh, and today is the start of my Summer holidays. God knows what classrooms will be like in September.



    HH 9iAR champs.

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