TV deal rebates will finally burst the bubble


For 20 years that scourge of Scottish football has been that it does not have a high-earning TV deal.  Today, the scourge of the English Premier League is having to compensate for the world’s highest earning domestic TV deal.

The League have recommended they give a rebate of £330m to broadcast partners, Sky, BT, Amazon and BBC to compensate for loss of this season’s fixtures – even if the games are rescheduled in June and July.

TV rights are not just about the game itself, the slots are also important.  You have watched Celtic on a Friday night because these slots are less valuable than Sunday afternoons, which, at Sky, are given over to the more valuable English league.  Even the time of year is important.  The Christmas fixtures, which take place in the run up to the event and during January sales, are more valuable, as their advertising slots command higher fees.

Advertising rates have plummeted since the crisis and will not rebound soon, meaning Sky, BT and Amazon’s affiliated income will be down correspondingly.   The broadcasters also complain that a behind closed doors product is less watchable than a game taking place in a packed stadium – throwing back at the Premier League one of their golden sales pitches.

There is an assumption that with a comprehensive (and expensive) testing process, English football will be able to complete this season’s fixtures, but games are around a month away and with lockdown easing, infection rates could be as volatile as results across the summer months.  A £330m rebate could seem like good value if even behind closed door games are not available.

For 16 years I have been writing “Just because the English TV deal bubble hasn’t burst, doesn’t mean it is not a bubble”.  The product is first class and it has been key to generating huge broadcast revenues in the UK and for foreign partners throughout the world.

The finest minds in sports business are now trying to keep this brand afloat, which is why I suspect this £330m rebate is a good deal for all, but the opening salvos on rebates for next season have already been fired, and the next rights deal will be agreed later this year.

When the SPFL are considering delaying prime games until there is a higher chance of fan attendance to keep next season’s deal afloat, you get an insight into what screws are being turned in England.  Sky, BT and Amazon are not charities; games did not take place during the period agreed, contracts have been breached, there will be a price to pay.

If the bubble does not burst due to the crisis, it may be made of titanium.  Still, at least they are not the English Football League, keep your eye on the Championship…

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  1. If only Scotland had waited one more day to ease lockdown , the hun implosion would have been complete … Wee Nicola and Big Peter would have been slaughtered ..





    The above is tongue in cheek .

  2. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Good morning everyone, hope you are all well and keeping safe.



    So Sevco signed Hagi on a permanent deal?



    Oh well, there goes the 10…………




  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Looking forward to reading Anne Budge’s version of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

  4. Haven’t been on for a bit so just catching up.






    You’ll be in my prayers pal and I hope to God you beat this awful disease.






    Great to see you post B. Remember, there’s a small army of people ready to help when you’re ready.

  5. greengray1967 on

    AN TEARMANN on 29TH MAY 2020 1:57 AM


    Memories of Belfast Celtic reawakened as IFA tries to soothe old wounds
















    I was part of an official party from Dundalk FC invited to a pre season friendly earlier this year (our league starts Feb) and I have to say we couldn’t be made more welcome by the staff and officials of Crusaders FC. They also have a cracking set up and are a club going places. Friend were made.


    We also made the trip to Windsor Park for Unite The Union Cup last November. My first visit to Windsor was an enjoyable one although at no time were we in any contact wife Linfield fans. On the return match in Oriel Park, in which I’m glad to say we hammered them 6-0, I spoke to the Linfield head of security who was delighted that both matches went off without incident. I do genuinely believe that there is a common goal for inclusion within the IFA now. Long long way to go and there’s still a few bigots in important roles, but it is getting better in my humble opinion.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hot Smoked @ 9:33pm last night ..




    Rangers sporting director Ross Wilson thanked Belgian top-flight side Genk – who signed Hagi for £4m from Viitorul Constanta of Romania last summer – for their “flexibility and creativity” in negotiating the transfer to Ibrox.”



    Flexibility and creativity`? Any suggestions?





    Deferred 1st instalment?



    90% sell on clause?



    50% of club’s image rights entitlement?



    Good luck Genk !!



    While am on it – thank you Sevco.



    Sevco give money to Genk for a player whose arrival won’t make a blind bit of difference.



    Genk take that money and give it to Celtic for a player whose departure won’t make a blind bit of difference.



    What’s not to like?

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Celtic chief Peter Lawwell ‘joins SPFL delegation’ meeting Scottish Government for crunch return talks



    Daily Ranger…

  8. DAVID66…


    I hope that someone more brighter ( that shouldnt be difficult ! ) than me can come up with plans/solutions to allow Pubs with Beer Gardens/Outside Seating to reopen , within this proposed “Phase 2” of easing the Lock Down further in the next couple of weeks…especially with some sort of system or reasonable idea of how any Pub with a Beer Garden etc, can get round a potential problem about customers using toilets to allow those Pubs to open safely ?


    For many years and in many different Pubs in Glasgow, I witnessed countless customers in Pubs who would use the Pub Toilet…and then go back to their Beer WITHOUT even washing their hands, so that is why I wouldnt trust a customer during this Virus, to use any materials/wipes that a Pub would provide etc after using a Pub toilet…IF it was left to the customer to do so, rather than a member of staff being subjected to never ending “Toilet Duties” by their bosses ?



    I wish I had the answer ?



    I do apologise for constantly whining on here about the Pubs being closed for now, and others will have more important concerns during this horrible time, but my local Pub…and sometimes some Pubs in Merchant City are really the ONLY Places that I go to due to my health problems on a day to day basis, as I get my shopping delivered and likewise my medication….and I also dont have any family to visit etc, so a Pub is really my only source of meeting and chatting to Folk.



    I cant walk to far these days without it being a real struggle and concern to me in different ways, so it has been pointless for me to even think about going outside and trying and walk about outside my home to get some fresh air and even a little exercise especially during this warm weather, as I have become quite agitated mentally, and breathless at the thought of just taking my rubbish down a flight of stairs, but I obviously have HAD to do it maybe twice a week, and for now…its the only time that I get out so its not ideal.



    I need to try and look on the bright side of life….Right Nicola…get those Pubs open !





  9. When my rubbish needs taking out…its that terrible time when I realise that I have given the Butler and the Maid the same day AFF !


    What a silly Bhoy I am sometimes !





  10. greengray1967 on










    “We also made the trip to Windsor Park for Unite The Union Cup last November.”







    Is that “Unite (the well known Trade Union) Cup”?







    Or a “Unite the Union” Cup?







    Looks ambiguously sectarian to me:-)





    It is actually a Union called Unite. Run by a friend of mine who is actually a massive Celtic Fan and infamous in Ireland due to his previous union roles within Irish Rail and ESB.



    In a small footnote, in the return leg in Oriel, our regular announcer was off ill so we had a replacement in


    what was only his 2nd or 3rd match “on the mike” He is also my 8 year old sons teacher. Anyway, after he very nervelessly announced the line ups he welcomed both sets of fans to the ‘ Unite The Nation Cup’.


    A genuine mistake but with his broad Monaghan accent it sounded as if it was pre meditated. Speaking to him afterwards, he said he realized straight away what he said and thought he got away with it until he saw my reaction. I was about 5 rows in front of him in fits of laughter! Every time since when I meet him he just nods his head and laughs!!

  11. whitedoghunch on



    thank you , my love and thoughts cannot imagine.


    Remind chef


    Daube of beef, foie gras, foie and truffle sauce


    with a potato waffle


    and something with bubbles


    Me getting my cathter out last night !

  12. Neustadt-Braw on

    WDH ….my big German nurse Ürta…did that to me …she said ” all English patients enjoy this ” and as she knew I would fire back ” I am Keltic ” ….woooooosh that thing was oot ….very sneaky these nurses ….



    smiley gute Besserung thing



    and Ron buck that fizz to the max ….




  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Westcraigs- probably Trump’s orders, Trump needs a race war,or a kid on fight with China to get re- elected

  14. Greengray1967



    Thanks for your considered reply mate.i don’t know much bout the league set ups in ireland(apart from a wee hotspot for Finn harps)


    It is good to see moves are being made to bring together football in Ireland,it can only be a good thing.i know in Donegal there is a vibrant league structure locally and as youl know there is always the Gaelic to play.i am hoping next time I am in Belfast I can get a tour of the old Belfast Celtic area.


    It’s sad bout Belfast Celtic demise as the bigots only impacted the long term future of football in the 6 counties



    Keep us up to date with all go in on in the island



    Cheers and hail hail




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  16. Travellerbhoy on

    My father died with Covid 19 aged 72


    He wasn’t much of a father


    But he was my father



    Rip John Mckenzie

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