TV money and English football bubble


The FA in England made upbeat noises yesterday after concluding a two-year TV rights deal with ITV for coverage of the FA Cup and England internationals, despite the £90m contract being a third less than the prevailing annual rate.  This is the latest in a deflationary trend after the Football League in England secured a deal from BSkyB from next season at a rate 26% below the current deal.

TV money is still flooding into our nearest neighbours at a rate that would allow all Scottish clubs to pay their tax bills but the downward trend is welcome for those here trying to build and retain football squads.  Although English football is awash with cash it is also heavily indebted with a compulsion to spend every penny earned.  Downsizing, if necessary, will be a challenge.

The FA Premier League remains a durable TV property but you’ll find it harder to find analysts projecting income growth for the next deal, irrespective of the successful legal challenge to price fixing based on EU areas.

A weak pound has meant earnings from overseas rights have remained high compared to pre-crash times but with euro-area and other world economies so volatile neither exchange rates nor foreign demand can be regarded as stable.  Economically speaking, English football has all the facets of a bubble, so far, one that just keeps on inflating…..

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  1. Celtic Mac – I thought Tom Harris’ video was pretty funny and it’s ridiculous that he was forced to resign.



    What is Gordon Brown up to these days? Maybe he could earn his keep by putting Mr Salmond back in his box. (thumbsup)

  2. Paul 67 et al



    A wee piece which highlights the twin levers Of debt and television in a bite sized capsule.



    Remind you of a club near you? Right down to the moonshift…….







    Relegation would pose financial questions at Bolton



    Submitted by WG on Sat, 14/01/2012 – 09:00


    Relegation is never good news financially for any club, but it would pose special challenges at Bolton.   The club is bankrolled by low profile Isle of Man-based owner Eddie Davies who made his fortune in kettle thermostats.   All the club’s debt is essentially owned by him and he is there for the long term.




    Nevertheless, the accounts for the year ending June 2011 showed a £17m rise in the debt of parent company Burnden Leisure to £110.6m despite a reduction in the net loss from £35.4m to £26.05m.  The debt is serviced through paying five per cent interest on a loan of £99m from Moonshift Investments Ltd., a company in which Davies has a beneficial interest.




    Although the club would receive parachute payments in the Championship, broadcasting revenue of £44.7m in 2010-11 would fall sharply.   It would also be difficult to maintain a recent 16 per cent growth in gate receipts.




    Twelve first team players are out of contract this summer which would save £10m in annual wages.  However, that also means that there would be little coming in through transfer fees, although Gary Cahill whose contract also expires in June is set to move to Chelsea for £7m in the transfer window.




    The club would welcome new investment and it has a strong asset base in terms of the Reebok including the DeVere Hotel and the training ground.   However, there have been few signs of serious interest.

  3. ‘convicted safecracker turned multi-millionaire businessman’, sounds like an unholy cross between ole Johnny Clash, the Ned Kelly de nos jours, and the MBB.



    ..and on the subjects of the clan Kelly, wee Ms Reilly was looking particularly winsome in her jim-jams last night. She still hasn’t catched the murderer yet but, maybe next week.

  4. Celtic Mac – Tom Harris resigned did he? How can you tell?



    It was in the news the other day.



    Also, it was the first time I’d heard of Tom Harris.



    I also just found out that Scottish Labour recently voted in “Morn” from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 to be their leader. (thumbsup)





    The original article from the record seems to have disappeared from the site that I can access,possibly others may have the same problem.



    In which case,hopefully,this will be of assistance…..









    17 January, 2012 at 09:09



    Cracking little article in the record today,you have to suspend reality to read it all the way through.






    Rangers suspend chef after pictures of him posing next to IRA shrines appear on his Facebook page



    Jan 17 2012 Exclusive by Stephen Stewart



    A CHEF has been suspended by Rangers after posting photos of himself at IRA shrines on Facebook.



    Jamie McGinness was sent home from the club’s training ground when pictures of him beside a mural of Republican Bobby Sands and at an IRA garden of remembrance appeared on his profile page.



    Grinning McGinness is pictured giving the thumbs-up next to another large mural in Belfast depicting the Starry Plough – a symbol of the Irish Republican movement – which says “Support Republican Socialist Political Prisoners”.



    Catering chiefs at Murray Park, near Glasgow, have suspended McGinness pending a probe.



    In a series of photos, McGinness can be seen standing next to a memorial in Belfast’s Falls Road, a Republican stronghold.



    The black shrine commemorates killed members of IRA’s Belfast Brigade “D” Company.



    Five pictures on McGinness’s personal page show a gable end mural to IRA hunger strike leader Bobby Sands, who died in the Maze Prison near Lisburn in 1981.



    It is emblazoned with the Republican slogan: “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children” and hails Sands as a “poet, revolutionary, IRA volunteer”.



    The photos led Rangers fans to flood supporters’ websites with calls for McGinness to be sacked immediately.



    Steven Smith of the Rangers Supporters’ Trust, told the Record: “I have seen the pictures and find them abhorrent. It raises questions about how someone who follows that kind of terrorist agenda can work for Rangers.



    “It is terrible that a man who supports any proscribed terrorist organisation can end up with a job at a football club.



    “People fail to realise that their activities online can be clearly and easily tracked.



    “This shows that people should use social networking sites responsibly and not as a vehicle to propagate their repulsive views.”



    Last night, a spokeswoman for Rangers’ catering firm Azure said: “We take speculation of this nature very seriously and have suspended this employee pending a full investigation.”





    “It is terrible that a man who supports any proscribed terrorist organisation can end up with a job at a football club.””



    A quote from RST Stevie Smith,a teacher I believe,who clearly doesn’t do irony.



    And has never heard of Andy Goram amongst others






    Wouldn’t like it to be lost in the ether just cos the record decided so.

  6. Anyone guess at what this series of numbers means?



    Wee clue. The first number is from 97/98 season.


















    Any ideas?

  7. *RTV interrupts this broadcast to inform the concerned people of scotland that controversial, crisis-prone club celtic were today convincingly beaten 4-1 by the’ Pride of London’ – Totenham Hotspur, in a secretive game behind the closed doors of their modest ‘facility’ on the fringes of Glasgow. RTV is unaware of the motives behind such a clandestine game however, a source close to the embattled Parkhead club described current team manager Lennon as ragin’ and distraught. Alan Hutton used to play for Tottenham Hotspur and it is thought his influence helped in today’s triumph.*





  8. DBBIA



    During an ad-break in Channel 4’s ‘fly on the wall’ documentary ‘Coppers’ last night I flicked over to check out this Kelly Reilly on ITV. All well and good but she could do with cheering up a bit, no? Anyways, I flicked back over in time to see a couple of fat cops pushing an old drunk guy along a pedestrian precinct as he struggled to eat his cheese sandwich with no teeth.

  9. What is the Stars says:


    are you saying that it is ok to sack him for visiting a shrine of a BRITISH MP BOBBY SANDS

  10. tomtheleedstim on

    Stringer Bell says:


    17 January, 2012 at 14:10



    Amounts paid into EBT scheme by the huns?

  11. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    What is the stars, you say the suspended guy deserved it? Why? I drive past the mural of Bobby Sands and the garden of rememberance twice every day. The amount of people getting photographed at either is incredible. Should they all be sacked? These are attractions that are recommended visits by bus companies taxi tours and in fact the welcome centre in Belfast city centre.




  12. Seven Fishes Four Steaks – These are attractions that are recommended visits by bus companies taxi tours and in fact the welcome centre in Belfast city centre.



    Orlando is just an ersatz Belfast. (thumbsup)

  13. I would suggest that the London office might be somewhere where Craig Whyte can make decisions and not be anywhere near those that they might affect the most. Just my guess.

  14. Well Done Young James!


    This is from FIFA’s one s to watch list…




    James Forrest


    Winger, 20, Celtic


    This old-fashioned winger, described by manager Neil Lennon as Celtic’s “baby-faced assassin”, has been the Scottish Premier League’s outstanding player this season. National manager Craig Levein and performance director Mark Wotte have both predicted a bright international career, with the latter lauding the speedy and skilful Forrest as “a light in the darkness” in Scottish football

  15. Compare and contrast from DR’s transfer snippet speculation



    “CELTIC dud Efrain Juarez has rejected a loan move to Santos Laguna, the Mexican club with whom the Bhoys have a link. (various)” followed immediately by


    EX-RANGERS striker James Beattie has been offered a new contract by Sheffield United. (various)



    So Juarez is a dud while that other diddy Beattie is an ex-Ger…. You could scarcely make it up. They just cannot hide their contempt for us which will make the satisfaction of both their demise all the more enjoyable.

  16. Today Evening Times


    A 16-YEAR-OLD boy was brutally attacked on a train by four men after asking them to stop singing sectarian songs.


    The teenager was set upon while he was on the 4.42pm Glasgow Central-Kilmarnock service. The thugs repeatedly punched him in the head and body as horrified passengers looked on.


    It is understood one of the thugs also threw a bottle at the boy.


    When the train reached Barrhead station the four men fled and ran towards Carlibar Road.


    Emergency services were called and the youth was taken by ambulance to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.


    He was discharged after receiving treatment for head and facial injuries.


    Police are studying CCTV film from the train in an effort to identify the attackers, who are believed to be in their mid-20s.


    Detective Constable Raymond Grimley has appealed for any witnesses to the incident, which happened on Saturday, to come forward.


    He said: “This was a violent and unsavoury incident.


    “Although we have very clear CCTV footage of those involved, I would ask anyone who was on the train or at the station and has knowledge of the attackers to contact British Transport Police on 0800 405040.”




    What songs were sung?




    Rangers Football Club today (Tuesday, 17 January) announced the opening of its first London office with the view to expanding its international brand in overseas markets.



    Misha Sher, currently Business Development Director with global football business company Soccerex, will head up the new London office from next week.



    The newly created post is part of the Club’s global strategy to maximise the Rangers brand in overseas markets and provides the Glasgow club with a dedicated presence in the UK capital for the first time in its 140 year history.



    Born in the Ukraine and educated in the USA, former youth footballer Misha has spent the last 12 years working in football in the UK, initially as a journalist on football magazine ‘The League’ before moving into football business with Soccerex.



    In his role as Global Partnerships Director, Misha will be responsible for growing the Rangers brand internationally and the development of new commercial opportunities and strategic partnerships overseas.



    Ali Russell, Chief Operations Officer at Rangers Football Club, said, “We are delighted to open Rangers first London office and welcome Misha to the Rangers family.



    “Rangers is an international brand and we are focused on maximising all opportunities to build our brand in overseas markets. As part of that strategy, we identified the benefits a London office would bring so we set out to find the right person for the job.



    “Misha brings a wealth of international experience to Rangers and we are confident he will help the Club deliver its global ambitions. We are excited about the global opportunities that lie ahead.”



    Speaking about his appointment, Misha Sher said, “Rangers Football Club is a world-renowned brand with tremendous history and ambition for the future and I am delighted to be joining such a great institution.



    “The Club has existing supporters all around the world who are passionate about Rangers and I want to build on that – both in the regions where there is already significant brand presence such as North America and Australasia, as well as targeting regions with high growth potential such as Asia.



    “Being based in London will allow me more flexibility when it comes to meeting with potential partners but the ethos of Rangers will be at the core of everything I do.”



    Duncan Revie, CEO of Soccerex said, “Although sorry to be losing Misha I’m delighted he is moving to such a prestigious position with one of the great football clubs of the world. As he has been with Soccerex, Misha will be an invaluable addition to an already existing Rangers culture, tradition and history.”

  18. I went on to football-finances.org.uk to check if I was correct, clicked on the orcs finance reports, then on the profits link and it says:


    ‘Not Found’



    How apt.

  19. Googyboy



    Don’t know, but it was reported that the some of the ‘thugs’ were wearing hoops.

  20. What is the Stars on

    Shaunbhoy and Seven Fishes Four Steaks



    Here is what I said about Rangers sacking the guy



    “Cant really blame them ”



    What do you expect Rangers to do if an employee posts pictures of himself seemingly happy to visit a shrine/memorial to the IRA.


    Honestly what do you expect them to do



    What should or would you expect Celtic to do if an employee posted pictures of himself at a shrine/memorial to the UVF



    Personally I woudnt blame Celtic if they sacked said employee.As a matter of fact I would probably demand it.


    So thats my point



    How can you criticise Rangers for doing what they did.I cant

  21. Celtic Football Club statement


    By: Newsroom Staff on 06 Dec, 2011 10:20


    IT has been reported today by a number of news organisations that Celtic has been ‘cleared’ or has ‘escaped punishment’ for ‘sectarian chanting’.



    While the Club accepts that the SPL had looked at an issue concerning unacceptable conduct, at no time has Celtic been investigated by the SPL or any other body for sectarian chanting.



    Clearly, it is important that this matter is clarified. Celtic will be contacting the organisations in question to ensure that such reporting is corrected.






    Was such reporting corrected ?