TV money and English football bubble


The FA in England made upbeat noises yesterday after concluding a two-year TV rights deal with ITV for coverage of the FA Cup and England internationals, despite the £90m contract being a third less than the prevailing annual rate.  This is the latest in a deflationary trend after the Football League in England secured a deal from BSkyB from next season at a rate 26% below the current deal.

TV money is still flooding into our nearest neighbours at a rate that would allow all Scottish clubs to pay their tax bills but the downward trend is welcome for those here trying to build and retain football squads.  Although English football is awash with cash it is also heavily indebted with a compulsion to spend every penny earned.  Downsizing, if necessary, will be a challenge.

The FA Premier League remains a durable TV property but you’ll find it harder to find analysts projecting income growth for the next deal, irrespective of the successful legal challenge to price fixing based on EU areas.

A weak pound has meant earnings from overseas rights have remained high compared to pre-crash times but with euro-area and other world economies so volatile neither exchange rates nor foreign demand can be regarded as stable.  Economically speaking, English football has all the facets of a bubble, so far, one that just keeps on inflating…..

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  1. …….RTV website heralds the new Celtic signing



    “Alas, poor Yareck…………………. has missed out on a big momey move to his boyhood favourites the mighty gers and has iunstead reluctantly agreed to a short term, cut price move to the crisis-prone Parkhead outfit…”

  2. James Forrest is Lennon on

    CQN Magazine Facebook page post of the day, and well done to the lads who got the answer right yesterday.



    “Yesterday we discussed how Celtic strikers have scored vital goals in big matches, but that Jock Weir’s hat-trick against Dundee was especially significant. Here, and on CQN itself, the answer was given, correctly.



    Jock Weir’s goals on the 17 April 1948 secured Celtic’s status as a top division team. Had we lost that day, the final game of the 1948 season, relegation would have been a real possib…ility. We finished four points above Airdrie, who were relegated after losing their own last game. Had they won, and we lost instead, there was a good chance we’d have gone down.



    It was a truly horrible season; we played 30 games and only won 10. We lost 15 matches, and drew 5. We scored 41 goals and conceded 56. We took 25 points in total, and finished 12th in the table.



    In season 1952 – 53, we played in, and won, the Coronation Cup, an invitation only competition for the top clubs in Scotland and England. Yet there was some controversy about Celtic’s invitiation. Why was that?”

  3. THE EXILED TIM says:


    17 January, 2012 at 15:44



    Kelvin hasn’t set the heather on fire as yet, he probably needs time and has had a few injuries, coupled with a nervy game at the bigotdome.



    Was destroyed at TFOD hasn’t recovered since, with Neil continuing to sign defenders, that’s two this window, i suspect he has realised time to move on i hope so Wilson been a big disappointment

  4. According to the DR on line Edu and Wallace are stars


    whilst Gary Hooper is, well, Gary Hooper.

  5. Bankiebhoy



    It is well known and accepted that cash strapped Celts scour the Bosman market while Rangers swoop for highly rate out of contract starlets that haven’t had their picture taken next to republican murals. Please keep up.

  6. Excellent run out for the youngsters



    Not much to learn in the 19’s league leathering teams every other week

  7. Philvis



    If you think the SNP are upset at the English getting involved you’re off your head!

  8. J.Forrest -the controversy was , that in footballing terms alone, Cletic weren’t thought good enough to appear in the prestigious competition.



    Some said it was done merely to ensure good revenues at the gate..



    Re Jock Weir- I posted the final league table this morning. I don’t think relegation was as likely as legend has it.

  9. Ex-Rangers director Martin Bain ends bid for details of club’s tax debts


    Rangers have lodged a counter-claim against former chief executive, accusing him of being in breach of his £400,000-a-year contract.


    .17 January 2012 16:03 GMT




    Martin Bain: The former Rangers chief executive’s action will be heard in full in August.


    Former Rangers chief executive Martin Bain has dropped a move to secure further details of the club’s tax debts.



    Lawyers acting for the ex-director had brought forward the attempt to secure more information ahead of Mr Bain’s £900,000 compensation claim against the Ibrox club scheduled to be heard this summer.



    At the Court of Session on Tuesday, Nicholas Ellis QC, for Mr Bain, said he was seeking to explore the club’s financial position on two specific issues, but following debate before Lord Hodge he indicated that the motion, which was opposed by Rangers, would be withdrawn.



    Mr Bain has already secured a warrant of arrestment to freeze £480,000 assets at Ibrox after the judge ruled that there was a real risk of insolvency if an outstanding £49m tax case goes against the club.



    The former Ibrox director is suing the firm, alleging breach of contract following the takeover at Rangers FC by venture capitalist Craig Whyte from the former owner Sir David Murray.



    In the action, Mr Bain claims that his salary from December 2009 to December 2012 was agreed at £400,000 per year, while he was also in line to receive bonuses. He maintains the remuneration was not excessive for the position.



    The former chief executive maintains the committee had “a difficult relationship” with Mr Whyte in the run up to the take over and after the shares changed hands he “took steps to remove those who he considered were not wholly committed to him personally”.



    Mr Bain states in court papers that he was suspended at a board meeting when in America on business on May 23, 2011, and did not return to work. He denies the Rangers counter-claim that he was in breach of contract or of fiduciary duty. He resigned from his post in June 2011.



    The former chief executive claims that the takeover of the club was concluded in the full knowledge of the extremely substantial potential tax liability faced by Rangers in its case against HM Revenue and Customs. In the summons lodged with the court, Mr Bain claims the takeover was structured so that it has the effect that Mr Whyte will enjoy priority over other creditors, particularly HMRC, in the event of insolvency.



    Rangers are contesting the case, which is due to be heard in August.



    They also maintain that if they are liable to pay compensation for breach of contract, which they deny, the amount sought is excessive. The Ibrox club contends that Mr Bain used his position with Rangers to secure “excessive and unwarranted financial benefits” for himself at a time when Rangers were not in a secure financial position.



    At the Court of Session on Tuesday, a timetable was set out between lawyers for Mr Bain and Rangers FC Plc for the lodgings of productions and witness statements in the case.



    Former finance director at Ibrox Donald McIntyre settled a £300,000 damages claim out of court with Rangers in December.



    Mr McIntyre had also had £300,000 of Rangers’ assets frozen through a court order in the action suing the club for damage to his reputation.



    In his first TV interview since taking over the club, Mr Whyte told STV News the club suspended Mr McIntyre and Mr Bain as they were being “investigated”.



    He added: “We will fight the court cases. These are people who have taken a lot of money out of Rangers over the years and maybe haven’t done the best of jobs in running the business. And I think they have a cheek in saying some of the things they say, in suing Rangers for even more money.”



    The latest round of hearings in the £49m tax case are taking place at the first tier tribunal in Edinburgh this week and are expected to conclude on Wednesday.



    Further hearing dates could be fixed in the tax case, or a judgment on it released in between four to six weeks’ time.

  10. Swiss Tony says:


    17 January, 2012 at 15:35



    thanks for the Spurs 4-1 report



    i was out by one goal – sorry about that



    i said 5-1…. mis-info



    woops !

  11. greenjedi – If you think the SNP are upset at the English getting involved you’re off your head!



    You are Bernard Ponsonby and I claim my £5. (thumbsup)

  12. greenjedi says:


    17 January, 2012 at 16:21





    If you think the SNP are upset at the English getting involved you’re off your head!’




    Salmond will be upset that Westminster is removing any doubt about the legal competence of a Holyrood referendum.



    It means he has no excuse now not to hold it.



    What happens to Salmond and the SNP when the Scottish people vote no?

  13. From the grauniad…we say…get Jeff in the team and bring back Polsat!



    “I actually played against him when he was on loan at Luton for Nottingham Forest and often wondered what happened to him, as he was on loan from Bolton at the time and I was really impressed by him,” Lennon said.



    “So [Celtic scout] John Park and myself got talking, and his name came up again. We did a bit of homework on him since then, and I think he’s been in excellent form for his club this year and on the verge of international recognition.



    “To get him on a pre-contract is a good bit of business again for the club. He’s strong, technically good, quick and he’s very good in the air. At 24, he’s at a good age. He had a bad injury and was out of football for around a year, but it looks like he’s come back stronger than ever, and I’m pleased with the signing.



    “I think his all-round game is very good. He has been playing at a decent level of football from a young age, but what I like about him is his physical qualities. He already knows the British game, so I don’t think it will take him too long to adapt to the rigours of Scottish football.”

  14. johann murdoch on

    bournesouprecipe says:


    17 January, 2012 at 15:52





    Hope this donut doesn’t turn out like Fanny’s.






  15. ernie lynch says:


    What happens to Salmond and the SNP when the Scottish people vote no?






    If they say no? Pick themselves up and get ready to fight another day as everyone who has ever fought an Election and lost has to do!



    They could also very well say yes! What will you do if that is the case?

  16. This si from Slask forum.


    Comments, how they appeared, one after another. Two or three not translated.



    bryy (2012-01-17 16:31:56)


    Good move for him! He is young, still making progress in his game. He runs away from our league and has chances to be part of Poland team in the future. If Slask would let him go right now, he would have chances to play at Euro 2012. I think they will not let him go now and are going to worry him. They will drop him to the reserve team. That is a loss for Slask but we should not become attached to good players!


    ~xxxx (2012-01-17 16:28:27)


    I heard about them trying to extend the contract but Yareck had another option. He has full right to make such decision. If he does not move now I see him in reserve team in Spring. We must keep pressure on Celtic and ask them for some money.


    ~ktoś (2012-01-17 16:23:30)


    It’s very good that we are such rich club and we let players like him to go for free. I’m simply speechless..


    ~Kedar709 (2012-01-17 16:16:08)


    I hope he is not going to move to Celtic right now. He and Darek play well together.


    ~er (2012-01-17 16:14:02)


    Good move for him. Pity we won’t get money for that transfer. Celeban is next one for off. He is too good for our league. We are going to see how they replace Foyoot.


    Vitto (2012-01-17 16:11:16)


    Beautifull. Classical mistake Polish clubs do. We wait and wait, and wait because we expect nobody leaving us. And…big miss. I’m sure he will leave us now and I hope we get some money for him. We will lose one of our best players. Amazing. Celeban is next one.


    ~maximus (2012-01-17 16:08:24)


    I hope the news is not true. If it’s true it’s cinema.


    Valu, he has valid contract until June. I hope this is not the truth.


    ~młody (2012-01-17 16:07:36)


    Thank you Yarek and all the best.


    ~maximus (2012-01-17 16:06:30)


    If this is true I wouldn’t be surprised if he would not play In Spring (not one game). I understand that he wants to move but he turned back to the club when club need him in defence. If I were the coach I would drop him to the reserve team.


    ~ser aleks (2012-01-17 16:05:51)


    What did you do Foyoot to Slask? You spent more time injured than on the pitch. This is your payment for Slask… I have no words.


    ~Szajba (2012-01-17 16:03:32)


    And all that started. I hope Celeban is not going to do the same. That happens when club sit down to talks half an year before the contract expires…bravo.


    ~fan (2012-01-17 16:03:25)


    Bravo to our Bard for delay in starting the talks with the player.


    ~polan (2012-01-17 16:00:52)


    To reserve team!!!!!


    ~Wroclaw_caly (2012-01-17 15:59:01)


    All the best Jeff!!! Tank sou for solid play. To see you in Champions League (Slask against Celtic I guess. Pass our greetings to Dundee United! 


    ~Slayer (2012-01-17 15:56:28)


    Now beautifull. Lets wait and see who is next.

  17. 32 million needed to takeover Portsmouth



    Administrator Andrew Andronikou says he still hopes to complete the sale of Portsmouth by the middle of the week.



    Pompey’s parent company, Convers Sport Initiatives entered administration in November, forcing the Championship club to search for new owners.



    A preferred bidder has been identified, contracts are in place and the next few days are pivotal, Andronikou said.



    There is an urgency to complete a deal, as investment is needed if Portsmouth are to meet ongoing running costs.



    BBC South understands any purchaser would need to provide £12m as proof of funds, and assurances they could meet another £20m in repayments to former creditors, Balram Chainrai and Alexandre Gaydamak.



    Only one potential buyer has gone public in the process, Italian-American Joseph Carla.



    Portsmouth’s chief executive David Lampitt last week told BBC Radio Solent he had been left “gutted” by the club’s latest financial crisis.



    Andronikou acted as an administrator at Fratton Park in 2010 and has been involved in a similar role with CSI.

  18. Ernie Lynch @ 15:34



    Nor sure about downsizing. We have enough players for two squads at the moment. One for SPL and one for the 3rd Division SFL? Rumours that there might be a vacancy there soon.

  19. THE EXILED TIM says:


    17 January, 2012 at 16:39



    I know



    I was still being generous after his ipox display

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I look at Mo Bangura and Kelvin Wilson and I think we have to be carefull and not write them off to quickly as an older Celtic supporter ( I prefer mature). I remember when we used to sign a player and allow him a season to settle in and not judge him until his second season. Now these days of instant coffee and fast food a player needs to hit the ground running as they are judged almost instantly and players from different countries and different backgrounds in my opinion require time to settle.H.H.

  21. Wilson has played a handful of games before getting injured. Give him a chance!



    Bangura looks to be our Sebo sadly. However he hasn’t had a run of games either so you never know!

  22. ernie lynch – What happens to Salmond and the SNP when the Scottish people vote no?



    Ernie, a wounded beast is at its most dangerous.



    When the SNP loses the referendum they’ll be hurt and angry and looking for people to punish.



    We’ve already heard them claim that anybody who stands up to them is “anti-Scottish”.



    We’ve already seen them unanimously railroad onto the statute books a vindictive, illiberal, discriminatory law without any cross-party support.



    We’ve already seen the authorities destroy statistics on anti-Catholic violence in Scotland with their approval.



    I expect their claws will be out the day after the referendum. They will be looking for scapegoats. (thumbsup)

  23. philvisreturns says:


    17 January, 2012 at 16:49


    ‘ernie lynch – What happens to Salmond and the SNP when the Scottish people vote no?



    Ernie, a wounded beast is at its most dangerous.



    When the SNP loses the referendum they’ll be hurt and angry and looking for people to punish.’




    It might just result in comfort eating.



    Think what it’ll do for the producers of Dundee cake.

  24. Who is Fojut?






    Let’s Hiv a Lookee-Loo .. at his “Peviouses”



    Bolton.. 2004-2009… He Played ONE game fur the Foist Team.


    At the Ages o’………. SIXTEEN thru TWENTY ONE.



    Luton(Loan) 2007-2008.. He Played SIXTEEN games fur the Foist Team.


    At the Ages o’…………… NINETEEN thru TWENTY.



    Stockport County( Loan) 2008-2009.. He Played THREE games fur tht Foist Team.


    At the Age o’…………….. TWENTY thru TWENTY ONE.



    Wrowclaw 2009-2012………………. He Played FIFTY ONE games fur the Foist




    At the Ages o’………………TWENTY ONE thru TWENTY FOUR.







    He has noo Matured.. Ah Hope!



    Tough, tae judge him oan whit kinda Form that he showed in ENGLAND.



    Looks like he only goat Time Fur a Sly Cuppa And a Penguin…during his


    Fleeting Opportunities o’ First Team Fitba’.. during his sojourn in England.



    His Polish Form.. Looks like he is No exactly Burning up the Turf..there.. eethur.




    Awe this Historical Backgrun oan Him.. Plus the Fact that we are gettin him oan a “BozoMan”



    Disnae fill me, exactly , wi’ either Joy..nor… Unfettered Anticipation!






    My opinion oan this Guy..as tae why we Bothered tae Sign Him???






    This is a “Heid Scratcher”.













    games Fur Foist Team.

  25. Very interesting translation, always good to know a player will be missed, and I think the sarcasm in a few posts is funny. Slightly concerned about the post mentioning how much time out injured he’s had.



    How is Piotr Celeban as a player Zbyszeck?



    Wikipedia says 26 year old defender, these guys obviously fear losing him.

  26. greenjedi says:


    17 January, 2012 at 16:48


    Wilson has played a handful of games before getting injured. Give him a chance!



    Bangura looks to be our Sebo sadly. However he hasn’t had a run of games either so you never know!



    You harshly judge Bangura he has not had a decent run



    Wilson has had good opportunities in Europe and more so domestically, and has not convinced at all



    Young Rogne may save us some cash if he can stay fit, Mulgrew is our best all round central defender

  27. BlantyreKev 16.58



    I notice Celeban is Wroclaw’s second top goalscorer this season with 5 goals, not bad for a defender I wonder does he take penalties?

  28. BlantyreKev



    Piotr Celeban is not bad defender. His nickname is Celik.






    I’m like you not very excited, not surprised much. In that transfer I trust Lennon. Player is 24 years old and British football school type. Fast, solid and commanding defense.


    His Slask Wroclaw beat Dundee United few months ago. That can’t be all rubish.