Two faces of Sturgeon for Celtic/Aberdeen and Newco


Ask anyone at Celtic Park or Pittodrie what the consequences are when players at Scottish clubs are and they will tell you: games cancelled for two weeks by the Scottish Government, a “yellow card” issued by the First Minister herself.

At the time, Ms Sturgeon said, “We can’t have privileged football players just deciding that they are not going to bother.  This can’t go on.”

There was, however, no grandstanding from Sturgeon yesterday when two Newco players were caught by police breaking Covid rules.  Instead, the Scottish Government slipped out a statement COMMENDING Newco:

“Players maintain the sporting bubble by not compromising any of these things when away from the heavy regulated training or match environment, and we expect clubs and their staff and players to fulfil their responsibilities and apply all of these measures rigorously.

“We commend Rangers for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”

One club is commended for doing that two others were punished for.  I know how things work in Scotland.  The SNP is far from popular among supporters at Ibrox, which remains an important political constituency, but turning a blind eye when the First Minister grabbed the opportunity to jump on Celtic is unworthy of the office.

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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 12:11 PM


    Dont know if there is any proof yet,that the Hun players ,out at a party,were actually at Arfields.I would have thought ,by now,this would have come out,knowing the internet.We do not have a leg to stand on,as Bolingoli actually took the field in a game,but surely Aberdeen have a gripe.It can’t always be down to us.

  2. Dont get me wrong,the whole thing stinks to me,but without proof,what can you do.There are precedents,with players just breaking club,or country rules,just being fined,and isolating.We were in a more precarious position,with that eejit,Bolingoli.We could have had points deducted for that game.If,and I say,If,the Hun players were just being Dicks,themselves,then this is where Aberdeen should be asking the question.

  3. Turkeybhoy – The Scottish press are the one of the party’ s our club should be going after.



    They knew about Bolingoli on the Friday and did not let Celtic know until after the Killie game on the Sunday, absolutely disgusting, playing with peoples lives to get a story against Celtic… Ban them all from Celtic park press conference’s, release what we want released through Celtic tv and social media to our own fans.



    Also Sevco did not keep control of their players movement exactly what the Government slapped us and the sheep down for.



    Same rules should apply to all. Corrupt to the core.



    D :)

  4. 220.000 for big handsome Tom, what the feck was Lawell thinking


    about? sure he’s a hun and he just wants to bankrupt us.


    And what happened to the Wayne biggins money?


    Oh wait?


    H.H. Mick.

  5. ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 11:09 AM


    MCPHAIL BHOY on 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:48 AM


    Sorry, but that’s bullshit.



    The only role that’s not open to Catholics is head of the church of England.


    Mark Thompson who was director general of the BBC from 2004-2012 is a high profile Catholic. That’s not suggestive of an anti-Catholic organisation.


    The other, and perhaps main reason for the BBC to mention Biden’s Irish roots is that is directly relevant to the UK in so much as it affects Biden’s attitude to the Good Friday Agreement which in turn will affect his attitude to post Brexit trade deals between the UK and the US.







    From previous bog


    You don’t agree with me, that’s fine, but to cite lack of evidence of anti-Catholicism because a one-time DG was a Catholic is in your own words ‘bullshit’. I am not talking about being Monarch (Head of C of E) but loads of roles by convention are not open to Catholics. If you believe that even today in 2020 lots of roles are not given out because of who you are, where you went to school and who you know then you haven’t been paying attention to government etc. over the past 5 years never mind the previous 50. While in the main these roles are given out to posh Tory boys (school connections) it is inconceivable that this does not wander into the anti-Catholic undercurrent in a subtle way in England and in a more open way in Scotland and the North of Ireland.

  6. 100% agree, Paul.



    We had games cancelled knowing we had at least one, probably two further SC games to fit in. So that punishment was made in the full knowledge that Sevco would be in a position to amass a points lead.



    Now Sevco get commended for players breaking the protocol.



    Clear political interference and rank hypocrisy.



    I’ve a feeling Peter Lawwell we’ll send a GIRFUY to Holyrood if we land the ten. And rightly so.

  7. Just thought I’d throw that in there, miss the negativity.




    H.H. Mick

  8. Police Scotland issued 10 citations/fines who are the other 8,are the Government allowing themselves to be blindsided here.


    Celtic situation different from Aberdeen,however Aberdeen should request information associated with this.

  9. Scandalous but not surprising, Sturgeon “demands” that Celtic and Aberdeen’s next two games are called off, not due to a Covid risk as if that were the case then Kilmarnock would have had the same “risk” after that idiot Bolingoli’s sojourn to Spain, were met by a compliant SPFL who hate us anyway.



    Political grandstanding in the extreme, as on that day the exam results were creating bad headlines for the SNP, great opportunity to bury bad news by asking for Celtic to be hammered. Worked a treat.



    Political interference and rank and utter hypocrisy, she’s a bigger liar than any major global politician and that’s saying something in this world at the moment.

  10. MCPHAIL BHOY on 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 12:31 PM




    ‘loads of roles by convention are not open to Catholics.’






    Such as?






    ‘ posh Tory boys’






    People like Jacob Rees -Mogg?

  11. Stinks of another Sevco cover up, the only Klub in the world, not to have a Covid case either…..aye right

  12. Boli came into he squad and took the field knowing he had broken rules.



    Cant see the comparison to be honest,



    PS Jacob Rees mogg is a devout catholic….just saying

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    we can sabre rattle all we like on fan forums like this one but what will those who lead our club do about Sevco’s commendation yesterday? Aye i think we know the answer to that one.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    All a bit singing to the choir, Paul.



    We want rules grounded in practical effect. Boli exposed the entire Celtic squad and backroom plus the Kllie matchday squad to risk.



    The Aberdeen players seeded an outbreak in their squad.



    With the bubble burst, of course measures – isolation – had to be implemented.



    The two Sevcovidiots were nabbed before they got back to work. The bubble – as I understand the facts – was not breached. No measures are necessary.



    But carry on. Unfotunately, there’s a risk that your wolf crying will result in the bhoy being ignored when you finally have an important point to make on this catastrophe. Beware.

  15. Is this the same Paul67 who has been advocating a return of supporters to Celtic Park at a time when the Glasgow area has the highest positive infections rates in Scotland, and criticising the Scottish government for preventing that happen?


    The phrase “cognitive dissonance” springs to mind.

  16. Did Celtic not react as soon as they found out about Bolingolli same as the mob from Ibrox. I know he played a game but we did know of his indiscretion.




    Your point might have more validity if the Scottish Government had simply said nothing, but to go to the trouble of issuing a commendation raises questions about their agenda.

  18. There were bona fide pictures of Bolingoli at Malaga airport, the rags had them. Strange how they waited till after he rejoined Celtic and played at Kilmarnock?



    Contrast the tip off for Rainjurz, a random party attended by two reserve players, and a commendation from SNP?



    This story may have some way to run.

  19. Oh and another thing, if two SPL footballers have indeed breached both government rules and applicable football guidelines what is the response from the er Joint Reponse Group, chaired by SFA President Rod Petrie, a man who at the time of the rulings re Celtic and Aberdeen, stated that “there is no more scope for further breaches”? Has there been one?


    NOTTHEBUS on 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 12:58 PM


    Boli came into he squad and took the field knowing he had broken rules.







    Cant see the comparison to be honest,







    PS Jacob Rees mogg is a devout catholic….just saying







    AND to quote another famous GLASGWO BHOY “WHAT DOTH IT PROFIT A……………………………………………………………………………………………

  21. The Comparison is that all clubs have the same protocols and they relay them to their staff/players. Different from a normal business as has been proven many times by gatherings etc…



    If clubs want special treatment then they ALL must adhere to the same protocols.



    If a staff member/ player breaks them, then has been precedent the Scottish Government have stepped in and should do so again with all other breaches/clubs or it is not a level playing field.



    Forget what individuals have done, we were told it was the clubs responsibility that players broke Covid protocols.






    D :)

  22. An exception to the rule like Jacob Rees Mogg doesn’t prove anything. Even at the height of the Penal Laws there were prominent Catholics who were still admitted to royal courts, the Duke of Norfolk etc. never forfeited their titles, land etc. I am talking about much lower down the pecking order, they were the ‘right kind’ of Catholics, completely subservient, none of this Catholics ‘above their station’!



    Hear hear, spot on.


    If we are now only realising Scoddish football along with Govenment is corrupt, where have you been all these years. As Billy Cotton would say ” WAKEY WAKEY” everyone.


    OUr club appears to always do nothing, so I might suggest we play hem at their own game. Give them nothing at all to have a go at us, nothing. You cannot build a wall with sand alone.



  24. BSR,


    Thats what I was saying.If there is proof out there,I would be surprised its not already out.You know the internet,selfi,groups.The reports that I read ,were the two invited some Tarts back to their place,for a party.If that is true ,no case to answer.Fined by Police,14 days isolation,and fined by the Huns.The problem has arisen,with the Arfield story.Could have been totally separate party,and legal.At the moment,no one knows,so I don’t see how Celtic can complain.The complaint has to come from Aberdeen.


    I know the SMSM,were shocking with the Bolingoli story,but,nothing new there.


    I will say again,we were lucky with Bolingoli.We could easily have had the points deducted.But we all know that.

  25. Incidentally, Aberdeen where given a favour to not face Celtic minus 8 first team players. Hardly a punishment.

  26. Shouldn’t the Scottish Government be asking the SMSM why they withheld their knowledge that Boli had contravened the covid protocols until he played against Kilmarnock; thus endangering not only Celtic lives but those at Kilmarnock too?

  27. MCPHAIL BHOY on 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 1:30 PM







    You clearly have very entrenched views, which aren’t necessarily dependant on objective reality.

  28. I fail to see how people cannot see the similarity with Celtic, Aberdeen, Sevco players breaking COVID-19 protocols/guidelines.



    Forget individuals we were told as our club got fined and publicly dragged over the hot coals, we should have known where our players were was the message for Celtic and the Sheep.



    What has changed???



    D :)

  29. Someone must know who stays in Devonshire.If its a cover up,easy to find out.


    Far too many on here forgetting just how serious,and stupid Bolingolis actions were.You can bet there was a giant sigh of relief,when we were only fined from Celtic Park.

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