Two more days to convince someone they were bullied


By now, even the most red, white and orange tinted glasses wearers must be coming around to thinking there’s something off about Newco’s dossier of evidence of bullying and unfair sporting advantage which should have seen Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie suspended three weeks ago.

At a Premiership club meeting on Friday, Newco chief exec Stewart Robertson promised to release their evidence today, creating a genuine sense of anticipation among a support who have had little substantial to cheer for many years.  Instead, they awoke to news that information would not be released until Thursday.

There are 41 other clubs in the SPFL, they have all discussed the issue between them and none know who was allegedly bullied.  Newco have given themselves another two days to convince someone they were subject to a grievous offence.

It reminds me of Ricky Fulton’s sketch from the 1980s (below).  You can imagine Stewart Robertson phoning round, “Have you ever been nearly bullied?”  Good luck, Stewart, all of CQN is rooting for you.

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  1. HT- Condolences on the passing of your good lady, may she rest in peace.



    Curly- How are you loons getting on up there? Big John keeping alright? Stay safe and pass on my regards HH

  2. PAUL67 seems to be posting more articles than Sevco are releasing these days.

  3. Talk of reducing the length of matches to get games played



    If they do can we re-sign Paddy McCourt?




  4. That Paul 67 ,


    trying to get people to switch on java script to watch , a video of Ricky Fulton 😜😂😂😂😂

  5. HUTCHYBHOY on 5TH MAY 2020 12:18 PM



    Fit like Loon? Hope y’all are keeping safe and well.



    We are fine up here in Turra-toon. Havent seen JC for ages, last time was in Tesco a couple of weeks’ ago, where we had a quick chat at 6ft distance belly to belly, this meant our heads were about 12 feet apart . . . I will indeed pass on your greetings.



    Say “Fit Like” to all the rest of the gang from us.







  6. Turkeybhoy



    If you’re looking in. It took me about 15 minutes to work out last night that Harry Dunn is rhyming slang. I thought he was some sort of Sevco minded hack. 🤣

  7. I’m seldom on here anymore and just catching up with the sad sad news.



    Heartfelt condolences to you HT, a proper gentleman and a right good Celtic mhan…







  8. glendalystonsils on

    Was Harry Dunn,(aka Jeff Daniels) not also one half of Dumb and Dumber?

  9. It’s the hope that kills them, poor misguided twats.





    Time for you to let us know how the hell you are and get back to sending “the music”


    The best to you.





  10. Gordybhoy,


    Personally,I think she does look a bit like Jimmy Krankie,or did.I hate the name,because it’s really only used by Unionists,and very prevalent on scum blogs.Both of which,I abhor.

  11. I subscribe to the theory that they have backed themselves into a corner and have nothing particularly damaging on the SPFL. The bullying will amount to the SPFL telling clubs:



    “This is the only way to get the cash and there will be no loans or advances (for various reasons). Any attempt to finish this season in August, September & beyond will mean a delay or change to next seasons’ TV deal. That will lead to financial hardship for Scottish football”



    ie. hard truths that put massive pressure on clubs to agree. But if it is a truthful account of the options available; is that bullying?



    If they did have explosive evidence (unlikely or not) what would be the benefit of leaving it to last minute? We have less than 3 weeks to sort this. UEFA wants to know the score by the 25th.



    If I were sitting on this explosive evidence, I’d get it out as early as possible and keep pounding that drum for as long as possible

  12. Sadiesbhoy


    Just very handy that it rhymes with Huns.Arguing with a couple of them on Facebook,and in the words of the immortal Corporal Jones,”They don’t like it up em”.

  13. ernie lynch on

    TURKEYBHOY on 5TH MAY 2020 1:47 PM







    Personally,I think she does look a bit like Jimmy Krankie,or did.







    So when did she stop looking like Jimmy Krankie?



    And was it her or Jimmy Krankie who changed their appearance?

  14. I was in a Skype meeting for work (I’m Irish) and a Scottish guy joined the call. We were discussing lockdown measures etc. and how Ireland and the UK were dealing with everything and he referred to Sturgeon as the ‘poisoned dwarf’



    Thought he was f*ckin pathetic tbh



    Scotland is lucky to have her

  15. They were bullied into saying they were bullied.



    Whit a stramash.



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