Two points gained at the weekend changes priorities for Lazio and Aberdeen


Reports in Italy suggest Lazio will ring the changes for Celtic Park on Thursday.  They made a remarkable recovery to snatch a point after being 0-3 down to Atalanta on Saturday, with striker, Ciro Immobile, scoring two penalties.

That recovery was welcomed but the draw means Lazio sit one point and one place behind neighbours Roma, who currently occupy the last European qualification spot in Serie A.  They have Fiorentina away on Sunday with only goal difference separating the teams.  There are seven teams within a win of catching Lazio, you could understand if domestic games were prioritised over Europe.

Had Hearts not taken a point from Newco on Sunday, you and I might be saying the same thing.  Already two points behind, the visit to Pittodrie on Sunday would feel like our most important game of the season.

Now, I’m not so sure.  If we slip on Sunday, will anyone, apart from the permanently neurotic, have serious worries about our Premiership challenge?  I see the argument for resting players in Europe ahead of the League Cup semi-final, but not in the league.

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  1. Paul – we were discussing this very point yesterday. Everyone wants to prioritise the league. I don’t see any conflict between the two, rest players and do squad rotation in our home league games of which there are plenty coming up.


    Our top players would be gutted to be rested in the European games, it’s the stage they all want to play on and the atmosphere is completely different to anything they can experience for a league game.

  2. ” If we slip on Sunday, will anyone, apart from the permanently neurotic, have serious worries about our Premiership challenge? ”



    So, lets say we have a defeat on Sunday that would be 8 points dropped out of 12 in a month. That’s the kind of form that guarantees leagues to be lost and any attitude that deems it acceptable is not only misplaced but misguided. Forget what others may or may not do, lets get ourselves right.



    No more slips ups. please Celtic.

  3. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Legends Bar at East End Park now open for refreshments and half-time pies for those fortunate Tims with time on hand in Dunfermline today, as a few of our future stars play Dunfermline, 2pm ko.



    Wishing them well at a distance.

  4. Win on Sunday and I can see us being 10 clear by the time we have finished with them on Dec 29th.



    “Nothing to fear but fear itself . . .”

  5. By the way, we have Beaton on Sunday while Master Dallas is at Ibrox.


    How many penalties did you say?

  6. Has Morelos been cited yet for his unsporting behaviour at the weekend yet, or is article 77 just for Broony celebrating in front of his own supporters?

  7. Did Morelos hit the ball with his hand before scoring?


    I thought he MIGHT have and one Heart`s player appealed. The fact that it was not highlighted on Sportscene makes me think that the goal was a bit dodgy.

  8. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    A bit late to the party but my top 5 albums (today) ~



    Taste ~ On The Boards



    Cream ~ Disraeli Gears



    Primal Scream ~ Screamadelica



    The Who ~ Live at Leeds



    Jesus & Mary Chain ~ Darklands

  9. Bb & SS


    Since posting, I have looked a few times but still canot decide.


    Cheerio for now.

  10. Paul –


    It’s almost like you are giving approval to 3 (consecutive) crap away performances / results.



    You wouldn’t have to be permanently neurotic, to see that simply as a worrying (away game) trend.

  11. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “permanently neurotic”



    Can’t agree with that Paul, most Celtic Supporters I know have been bitten so many times when they least expect it (e.g. Killie Cup final, Livi recently, Morton, ICT Cup etc) that we have good reason not to relax until its all done and dusted, further, who would be happy to breathe life into a sevco corpse giving them reason to keep on keeping on – which is what we will do every time we drop points,



    No we need to get this league done and dusted as soon as possible, our next priority should be to create a gap in the league between us and them, and the next priority will be to widen that gap. Dropping more League points whilst neck and neck with Sevconia – not a good idea.




    May as well throw these in;



    The Clash – London Calling


    Joe Gibbs and the Professionals – African dub all mighty, chapter 3


    Massive Attack – Mezzanine


    SFA – Rings Around the World


    Idles – Joy as an act of Resistance



    That’s for today. Could add another 50 top 5’s, Maybe later.

  13. Play the strongest 11 both games.



    It’s not really a secret that Elhamed is managing an injury from before his time at Celtic. Maybe you bring Bayo in for the Aberdeen game.



    Other than that we put out our strongest side.

  14. Paul67 et al



    Thats right. A defeat by Lazio at home whilst top of our Europa League group would be just the preparation we need to go to Aberdeen on Sunday. Are there really Celtic supporters out there who actually agree with that? Will anyone sit beside a fellow fan on Thursday who will say to you; “You know I hope Lenny puts out a weaker team tonight because we have to play Aberdeen on Sunday”? No, no, no! There isn’t, you’ll find them all on here. Ask yourself this, how many times have Aberdeen beat us over the last ten years? Not many.


    Surely it is the managers’ role to pick the best team for each match. Not necessarily the best players. Neil Lennon’s problem thus far has been picking and preparing his Celtic team for away games against those in the bottom half of the SPL, you know those dismissed by Paul yesterday, the Hibs, the Hamiltons and the Livingstones of this world. He and his management team need to address that, that mentality, for that is where the real risk lies. Lennon has form here, he’s thrown titles away. I’ve told often before on here of the trip myself, Rocky the Celt and OldTim67 made to Lennoxtown on the eve of an away match to Inverness, to find one player there. We lost to Inverness the next night, lost the title into the bargain. Address the real problem early doors or pay a heavy price. I’ll give you a clue Paul, It’s not Aberdeen.

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    maybe, when Brendan was in charge, we could more or less bank on 3 league points after a European game,



    think Brendan was very much the exception to the rule in terms of being able to field teams capable of battling on all fronts,



    now the status quo has returned and some of us are not so confident that we can sustain a challenge in all 4 competitions,



    in which case its only natural to prioritise, and for sure I know which competition means the most to me,



    if we blow the 9 but have a good run in the Europa, you have to wonder just how big a consolation this would be.

  16. Can anyone let me know if Taylor is injured or fit and training with the rest of the first team or has blotted his copybook and been quietly sidelined until he can be moved on.


    If he’s fit and can’t get on the bench then that’s a strange one after the efforts we made to get him.




    It was posted on here that the rumour was that he allegedly, mibbe, called the Griff a Fenian B or words to that effect and has therefore could’ve fell oot wi everybody at CP.



    So……………..there’s the facts!

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Philbhoy – if that rumour is true I’ll be gobsmacked, just cant see it, he’d need to be brain dead to have done that.

  19. PHILBHOY – thanks I heard that too, but that was over three weeks ago. I would have though a couple of players calling each other names and the occasional fisticuffs would have been fairly standard at most training grounds. Slap on the wrist stuff, fined a week´s wages and get back to business.


    Can’t really imagine being called a FB would have upset Griff, especially if he was winding the boy up about being a hun, or something similar.


    Very strange. No official line from the club? the players saying nothing? Agents saying nothing? Weird.


    Was hoping to hear he was in training and just waiting for his chance.




    It was posted a while back as a rumour, however, it generated a load of posts.



    Some sensible.

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Still only on page 1 of comments here, wonder what’s happened, seems the more I post the less others post, co-incidence surely.

  22. I thought the ball hit More-or-less hand on Sunday as well.



    Just win on Sunday Bhoys, I have a sneaky wee feeling Slippy’s world is about to collapse in on top of him.






    D. :)

  23. ROCK TREE BHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2019 4:50 PM


    Still only on page 1 of comments here, wonder what’s happened, seems the more I post the less others post, co-incidence surely.





    Less to complain about

  24. ROCK TREE BHOY – I know how you feel. I said last week it feels like everyone has been invited to another party and conveniently not bothered to tell us.

  25. Hi Bhoys,


    Probably a waste of time considering how few are on, but can anyone guide me to a bar in eastern Algarve which is likely to show Thursday’s match. I’m in Cabanas.



  26. I think since signing for us Greg Taylor has been in more Scotland squads than Celtic squads… Bolongoli has been playing well and Taylor was cup-tied when Neil made 7/8 changes against Thistle … but can’t be impressing too much in training, as for the rumours not sure it’s great business sense £2m signing & wages not contributing “if” down to training ground bust up, big PL must be livid :-)

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