Tynecastle perfect venue for stumbling Celtic


There can hardly be a better venue for Celtic to visit after a poor result than Tynecastle. The focus, which was so badly missing last weekend, is always evident there. As a consequence, we have a remarkably good record at what, on paper, should be one of the more difficult grounds to visit.

We should also see a tactical tightening. The empty acres behind the Celtic defence which Motherwell were able to exploit will surely be better defended tomorrow.

The postponement of the Hamilton game earlier this month, together with the loss last week, has given the league table a more competitive look. Last season this scenario was too much for Aberdeen, who stumbled at Dundee. It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with the Highlanders this afternoon.

Delighted to read this morning that the Celtic FC Foundation are helping Mary’s Meals in Kenya, as well as War Child, on the back of the stunning success of their Christmas appeal.

What a club!

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  1. Jobo, cheers.



    Doc, I sure am.



    Hamiltontim, thanks, appreciate that.



    Turkeybhoy, I think we were all turkey boys today…….



    Lennybhoy, hope you both had a great day.



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  2. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    Season’s Greetings to all on here, but particularly to our Host.




  3. Paul, I for one am very confident that we will destroy Hearts tomorrow at a sold out Tynecastle.



    It’s what we tend to do.



    I also think that Aberdeen will win today.

  4. Aberdeen today have a chance to put a marker down and let us know they mean business.


    I personally do not think they have that in them but a home win of any description today will get the Scottish media bubbling with excitement, till tomorrow anyway.


    A very important game for us tomorrow and a chance to silence the critics Ronny.

  5. Just did a corkie, posted as Paul 67 puts a header up…




    I don’t want to sound downbeat but does anybody see a similarity on our play with Man U…crablike?



    P.s. Good to see you posted again amongst others Corckcelt. HH

  6. Gary67 on 26th December 2015 2:09 pm



    Is Aiden McGeady about to return home? Rumour on KDS






    He needs a move somewhere to get games.


    I would take him back right now.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    In the time it takes Paul to check his own article, he has gold and silver stolen from under his nose!



    Enjoy the feast of Stephen everyone, and a solid win for the Bhoys tomorrow.

  8. SIPSINI on 26TH DECEMBER 2015 2:05 PM


    I don’t want to sound downbeat but does anybody see a similarity on our play with Man U…crablike?



    Was about to say the same myself, very crablike through the middle.

  9. Charlie Adam on for Stoke to run off some of that Christmas Turkey, could give Carlton Cole a run for his money.


    He likes to stay in shape, just happens this week’s shape is a pear. I know, coat on prior to that joke.

  10. *** LAST MAN STANDING WEEK 2 ***



    Not content with putting all the LMS eggs in the same basket ( case) in week 1, the predictions have flooded in. With 43 history buyers joining our 18 first round winners, we are lining up as follows:



    Manchester City 44


    Aberdeen 4


    Arsenal 3


    Hamilton 3


    Motherwell 1


    Manchester United 2


    Celtic 1


    St Johnstone 1 (re-pick required!)


    Liverpool 1


    Inverness 1



    The Black Cats are 11/1 to spring a surprise



    HH and good luck



    Marc c/o Jobo!

  11. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    Starry Plough, if you are still around, have a look at the Hauwei P8 Lite, in Carphone Warehouse.



    I bought one when I was home a few weeks ago, and it is an amazing piece of kit; incredibly, it only cost me £90.



    My daughter reckons that the camers is better than the one on her top of the range Sony phone.



    Well worth a look!




  12. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy



    Cheers mate unfortualtely we’re in Switzerland and don’t have outlets like Carphone warehouse, The Mrs seems to be heading in direction Galaxy 6:))








    Lisbon Lion Legend Stevie Chalmers.



    79 (which was a good year) but still criminally underrated.



    Not by us. We know he scored 228 times for us. But his reward by his country was a paltry five caps. Which he repaid with three goals.



    Bah,humbug. Don’t let it ruin your day,sir.



    Happy 60th to my cousin Myra too. XXX




    Apologies for the delay in replying. Was dismantling part of the kitchen – getting a new fridge freezer delivered tomorrow! What a way to spend Boxing day!



    Yes, back for the festivities. Heading back to Italia towards the end of next month.













    Lisbon Lion Legend Stevie Chalmers.







    79 (which was a good year) but still criminally underrated.







    Not by us. We know he scored 228 times for us. But his reward by his country was a paltry five caps. Which he repaid with three goals.







    Bah,humbug. Don’t let it ruin your day,sir.







    Happy 60th to my cousin Myra too. XXX



    I believe that like other Celts, when picked for Scotland he was played out of position.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/tynecastle-perfect-venue-for-stumbling-celtic/#comment-2743237

  16. Jobo



    Is tomorrow definitely a sell out? I know a couple of folk who were going to buy tickets for the Hearts end.





    Three goals in his paltry five games suggests he didnae stick to the script!



    But yes,I agree on the played out of position idea. Pick the pet hun,fit the rest around them.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Merry Christmas to the best fans in the world.



    BTW Paul, do u get to claim the podium for third post? Insider knowledge surely of when article would be posted. :)



    Hail hail

  19. THE EXILED TIM on 26th December 2015 2:39 pm



    Afternoon Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.





    Looks like Jose will be at Manure by the end of the year then.






    Only if the Magic Hat Man is not given the job first.

  20. Hope everyone had a great Christmas… I did, families are great aren’t they?!



    Hearts 1-3 Celtic



    Hail Hail

  21. Sipsini and Burgas



    Every team uses cross field passing and back passing to stretch a defence and to draw them out respectively. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact it is essential…… provided you have an end beyond keeping possession.



    Watch the opening Barca goal here- 90 seconds of cross field and back passing, The only forward passes in the whole move, until the end, results in an immediate pass back to the player who sent it forward, apart from one hopeful punt into the box.



    I reckon our crowd would have tolerated around 15 seconds of this 90 second period before the whistling and jeering to “just punt it into the box” shouts started. We are not a patient lot at CP and when we do get what we are screaming for- the punt into the box- we decry it as route one football and not the Celtic way.



    Defences are too fit, too well organised and too deep and packed (apart from ours) that the days of a tricky winger beating two or three to provide a cut back for a goal, have long gone. And, even in their day, they were a rarity.



    Watch the first 2 minutes here to see a goal our crowd would have been booing right up to final 5 seconds.



    sensational crab like passing