Uefa accounts submission Deadline Day


18 October has been in the diary for a while.  Today is the day teams in European competition have to submit their accounts for last season to Uefa.  If you are in European competition, your accounts must be ready to publish.  If they are ready and you have not published them, why?

Celtic’s accounts were published a month ago; Celtic have nothing to worry about or hide.  Newco have yet to let their fans know what the figures look like.  They will eventually be published, of course, when we will gain an insight into why they were unable to spend in the transfer market after qualifying for the Champions League.

I also expect to see the resolution of their dispute with Sports Direct International.  At the lower end, this could be a charge in the region of £2m, but at the punitive end, it could be as high as £8m.  It will also be interesting to read whether they could afford to settle this debt outright or had to commit to a long-term payment plan.   Knowing what a slick operation Newco are, I expect a punitive settlement that overreaches their immediate resources and a decade long mortage-type payment.

As in politics, money eventually outs you in football.  When we read club accounts we cannot get the thrill we get from a match result, but the consequences are far greater.

There is something incredibly endearing about Frank McGarvey.  He is out there, facing the illness no one likes talking about, without awkwardness or hushed tones.  Everyone has to find their own way to deal with illness, we are not all like Frank, but again, facing this hurdle, he has given us an example to admire.

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  1. Morning y’all – Aipple, your snow means we can breath – thanks! Heading to SC tomorrow on business.



    I vote Liz Truss to head up the Ibrox financial operation.

  2. Hail, hail Frank McGarvey I’ll never forget his winning goal in the cup final versus Dundee United. Even though I started celebrating the goal with my brother and his pal we ended up not meeting up again until we left the stadium, such was the movement of the supporters on the terrace. Looking back it was mayhem and could have been very serious. At the time we all thought it was all a good laugh! Changed times indeed

  3. I believe Frank McDougall is going for surgery for lung cancer. He had a hard time after football as well. Such a shame players were not paid better back then but would we have paid more at the gate? (no TV money etc)

  4. CAMUSBHOY on 18TH OCTOBER 2022 11:48 AM


    Big Jimmy,





    I know what you are saying about that in incident in the St.Mirren game but I never hated Frank, might be because I knew him and his family and they were no kid on Celtic supporters




    I respect your feelings about Frank MacDougall etc.


    However, in the Celtic circles that I moved in at the time ( There could be up a DOZEN of us at most games, especially from my Work place at the time), NOT counting my other team mates from playing Fitba etc….the general view was that frank MacDougall would NOT be welcome at Celtic Park, either as an opposing player or as a possible Celtic player.


    I OBVIOUSLY can NOT speak for EVERY Single Celtic supporter, and I accept that. However, he was BOOED by large sections of the Celtic support in games that he was involved in thereafter THAT Night in Love St.





  5. Paul,



    One of the finest things on this blog is that we are able to discuss the terrible disease that is cancer in all of its forms.



    I know that personally I got great support over the last year when I was going through my treatment, dare I say even the multi-monickers expressed support and it was a great tonic for me until I got the all clear.



    Thanks to everyone



  6. God Bless Frank McGarvey.



    My first Scottish Cup Final was in 1985 and I still smile when I recall the absolute pandemonium in the Celtic end when his flying header found the net with about five minutes to go.



    Frank, if you happen to read this blog, thank you for some amazing memories. You’ll always be a Celtic great. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

  7. seems like only this morning we were hearing that BRRB was in Paisley, I wonder were yon fella is now

  8. Good afternoon from a beautiful sunny North Staffs.


    Frank McGarvey – you have some great memories – hope your health improves

  9. BRRB



    I’d recommend Sheehan’s , Chatham St next if you are on Vitamin G. 2 min walk , across Grafton and veer left at Westbury Hotel

  10. God bless ye Frank McGarvey.






    May the devil finally take you back Sevco…..



    What happens if they don’t comply today Paul67 ?




  11. Just watched the interview with Frank McGarvey, beautiful.


    Hope with all I have that he recovers to full health, great player.


    Squiggly was amazing.



    Very moving interview.




  12. GENE on 18TH OCTOBER 2022 12:52 PM



    Good afternoon from a beautiful sunny North Staffs.



    Frank McGarvey – you have some great memories – hope your health improves



    Good to see you here Gene,and good timing to after Scotlands remarkable cricket victory yoesterday.




  13. P67- I’m sure when the Sports Direct verdict was given,a couple of the financial guys on deciphered, that a payment plan wasn’t an option, it was a lump sum.

  14. SAINT STIVS on 18TH OCTOBER 2022 11:38 AM


    St Mirren 2-3 Celtic 1980 cup replay
















    look how beautiful that celtic strip is.







    one of the green ngihts of my celtic supporting bhoyhood, incredible night.




    Thanks mate for that great Link to a real Cup Tie of Fitba from 1980. BOTH teams gave it a real go, but the TEN man Celts were the Victors.


    Interesting that the commentator advised the viewers that Frank MacDougalls ankle was only badly bruised, and NOT BROKEN ?


    For the last 42 years since I was there that night, I have always believed that his Leg/Ankle HAD been broken by Danny Bhoy. I have a vague recollection of that being the belief of everyone at the time, unless IF MacDougall was ” Stretchered Off” ( which we did NOT see)……many of us ASSUMED that his leg/ankle WAS Broken ?


    I seem to remember that he was OUT injured for quite some time…of course maybe my memory is plaing tricks ?



  15. Were the huns accounts in any way good, they’d already be published. Although I’ll be honest and say if they haven’t broken even, I’d be truly amazed. Sherley this is the year they reach that milestone for the first time ?



    I’ve no doubt had we reached this point without publication, Ange would be fielding questions about it in his presser.



    I won’t hold my breath that GVB got asked anything today about their accounts.



    Insights into Sports Direct and whether there’s a going concern warning should all be very informative.

  16. CAMUSBHOY on 18TH OCTOBER 2022 11:48 AM






    Re Frank MacDougall…


    Maybe my use of the word ” HATED” by the Celtic support was a bit too strong, so my apologizes mate.


    I will say that Frank was somewhat ” DISLIKED” by many of the Celtic support after that night.


    I see that a certain Ref named Ian Foote was the Ref that night, he was usually another Hun Ref, but he got the Two penalty decisions RIGHT that night, having watched it again a few minutes ago.


    However, I wonder what the Linesman told him that merited Tom MacAdam to be sent off ?


    It was also great to hear the Celtic support getting right behind the team when we were one man down, and 2-1 down…the support was magic.





    Morning all from Matagorda, where I am up before the Sun. OK not quite true, but waiting for the morning mist and cloud cover to break. Balcony looks out on to beach 100 yards in the distance and you can watch the planes flight by as they descend to land.



    Today couild be a chill day











    Enjoy your break Marc,those balcony views,those cocktails by the pool.no envy here…well a little :-)







  18. God Bless Frank MacGarvey.


    I will never forget his first game against the Huns at Celtic Park that night which was NOT his Celtic debut, when Frank headed the WINNER (1-0) into the Huns net at the Celtic End, after some great chasing by Roy Aitken, in not giving up on a loose ball.


    Frankie was MAGIC….and I am also a great admirer of Davie Hay, but I think Davie let Frank leave Celtic far too soon…unless there were other issues behind the scenes at Celik Park ?




    HH. Frankie Bhoy….HUN skelper.

  19. CELTICFOREVER on 18TH OCTOBER 2022 1:50 PM


    Glad I wasn’t in a suit that night like you Big Jimmy I would have melted in that crowd




    I just remembered about me and my great Fitba mate ” Big Murphy” wearing our shirts and ties…and SUITS that night at Love St. I can NOT remember ” WHY” ?


    Its not as if we were planning on going to the Dancing after the game, …as we both married men at the time…( although the fact that I was married didnt usually STOP me from going to the Daning/Disco with some mates on occasions ) .


    It was also a Wednesday night, and I cant think of any Dancing/Discos that were open on a Wednesday night ?


    God knows what we were thing of ?





    We were rolling about on the terracing in our suits in celebration, when wee Johnny Doyle scored that Winner after his amazing dribble from almost the half way line.



    Mental evening all round…but GREAT !



  20. I think we have a bit of a wait before their accounts, it’s normally November about ten o’clock on a Friday night



    Good afternoon all from John Kehoes pub, Dublin.




    I’ll bet that the GUINESS in Dublin tastes just that bit more sweeter than Glesga ?


    Yer some Bhoy.


    HH Mate.

  22. Big Jimmy,



    no problem it’s just a word, was only speaking personally and as Coneybhoy said Frank hasn’t had the easiest of times after football



    Hope to be reading of your exploits in the Shipbank soon 😀