Uefa, CAS, Brazil FA, Mitdjylland, Here we go again


We do love discovering an illegible player in a team that has ‘eliminated’ us from Europe.  Before we get too carried away, the rules were clear on Sion and on Legia Warsaw, but both matters came down to legal arguments carrying the room.  Uefa and CAS had the ability to find in favour of both of our opponents.

Mitdjylland’s fielding of Juninho, who still has a suspension to serve from his time in Brazil, is different in two respects.  Most importantly, it appears curious that a ban from a national association (Brazil) is applicable for games controlled by the regional union (in this case, Uefa).

The ban is referred to as “global” but that term is not particularly clear.  If the SFA ban a player, the ban is global in the respect that he cannot move territory and play without consequence.  Under normal circumstances, however, he can play in the next Uefa game despite still being subject to a global ban on playing in national tournaments.

It is more than possible that the message communicated by Uefa to Mitdjylland prior to their game against PSV last night was incorrect.  Mitdjylland and Uefa will doubtlessly be in touch with the Brazilian FA when they open this morning.  If, however, the ban extended to all games, Celtic were not eliminated from the Champions League.  That is our position.  Uefa, and if necessary CAS, will be asked to confirm this and make whatever arrangements necessary.  The awkwardness of Mitdjylland now having played one more round has no legal standing.

Delighted we signed a goalkeeper and a central midfielder.  James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.  This was a spectacular oversight.  James has played very little football for five years.  He is an undoubted talent, if he remains fit, he will have a significant impact on our season.

Joe Hart is experienced enough to resolve many of the defensive problems we experienced last season and this.  He has something to prove; winning the league with Celtic is the perfect challenge.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Cinch deal now this is their mitigation:


    ‘Ibrox chairman Douglas Park owns a used car dealership and the Premiership champions feel comfortable Rule I7 within the league rulebook covers them over failure to advertise cinch in their league opener against Livingston.’



    Now there’s a lot if smoke and mirrors in their statement but unless the huns have a car deal with Park then they are full of shite. On a even happier note their lawyers are on the case and their track record is…..😵😱

  2. Why is the Celtic Development Squad playing at The Penny Cars Stadium,what’s wrong with Barrowfield is the pitches and facilities not up to up ,as someone mentioned if it was upgraded with a couple of stands I like thousands of Celtic fans would gladly pay a few quid to watch the young bhoys,but as I have said our club for years have certainly no ambition,but when it comes to the board members getting dividends and freebies that’s there ambition.

  3. TB @ 9.05



    There were tickets available from the club for tonight’s game — £8 / £4.


    Pennycars Stadium is the Colts home grond.



    It will be rammed when Dalbeattie Star come calling.



    Just a case that streaming the game would generate and audience 100 times the size of tonight’s crowd.


    Visibility is now key not charging for tickets.

  4. All Our Yesterdays,for people of a certain vintage,on here today.


    Don’t believe for a second there is a Celtic boozers anywhere tonight,with punters Slabbering away about what’s mainly on the menu here tonight.


    The Mad Hatter even trying to belittle Broony..

  5. McCarthy is a good signing, he should cruise it up here. Don’t be fooled by his baby looking face, i saw him on a flight a couple of years back, he is a decent sized unit and will have a presence and give a wee bit of dig.

  6. There is more debate on here than most Celtic boozers.


    Generally they are empty during the week. ( If they even open )


    Hopefully tomorrow afternoon will be an exception.




  7. I see the scum,issued another statement today,regards the Cinch deal.


    One part really caught my eye,it said that going by Scots Law,they had every right to do as they did.


    Surely not the same Scots Law that says the Club and Company are one and the same.


    Surely not?.

  8. Colts win 2 – 0.



    By all accounts the last 15 minutes was Stalingrad level defending.


    Onwards and upwards.

  9. Used to think “Eddie the Eagle” was just a circus act.



    Watching his film last night enlightened me.

  10. James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.




    Paul67, I was on a day trip to Barcelona at that time, a boys jolly for a pals 50th. Les Gray, the Hamilton chairman, was on that trip. He told us of PL offering half a million for James, this was at the time Newcastle were sniffing around to take Scott Brown for £9m. Les phoned Peter and asked him if he was having a laugh. He told him that it would take one million to buy James. Peter baulked, so it was a no-no. Who would you believe? Probably rhetorical, Paul, but put to a wider audience I think we know the answer.

  11. SFTB – re this project bizo.



    My take is based on understanding that a project is, by definition; ‘a piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular purpose’.



    So, a project is something that you have to work on to get it to the state you want it to be.



    If a car nut buys a project, it needs attention and the car nut is going to work on it with his time and resources.



    Typically, younger players need to be coached and melded, tweaked and refined. That’s a fair bit of work.


    A more established Pro – who has been there done that – needs less work and attention to hit the deck running



    If the young player doesn’t make the grade he’s a failed project (Okoflex, Harper, Benyu etc..)


    If the older Pro doesn’t work, he’s a punt that didn’t work out (Shved, Bayo Ntcham etc)



    Whether the majority/minority agree it really disnae matter – it’s just a place to chew fat and shoot shit.

  12. glendalystonsils on




    I think you might have started a trend . Instead of a full stop , use a bizarre/wacky/ outrageous/baffling word or statement to log in . We could get some beauts from frustrated posters! -)))

  13. Tom McLachlan 6.09.



    I had a meeting with controller of Radio Clyde (Bobby Hain) 1/06/1992. Derek Johnstone was there and the “banter” was around one David Murray having conned everyone into taking control of RFC without investing a penny of his own.



    I have never heard him repeat this in public but I’ve heard it from his own lips.



    The story you tell suits the agenda of the fat man more than it suits my experience of his truthfulness.



    I’m so sad that Celtic sites like this seek to damage my club by passing such shite off as fact. Paul, the monster needs to be killed. Since you left the scene the revolution you started has become part of our downfall.




  14. SFTB – Thanks for the heads up to the link to macjay1 on the Celtic website. It made me smile and also made me sad – I loved him going against the majority.

  15. EMUSANORPHAN on 4TH AUGUST 2021 8:47 PM



    James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.



    *tats the way i remember it.



    I guess you have never seen mine in the past then! A log in box entirely filled with every symbol on the keyboard in random consecutive sequences, ending with fixthefriggingloginissueCSC? Made me feel better for a few seconds, usually just before I was logged out again.😊

  17. BillyBear



    I am a very distant in-law to JMcC and what I heard was that Celtic were never at the races due to personal terms. Transfer fee was irrelevant.



    A Hamilton Accies employee would not know this!




  18. Lets hope James gets up to Full Speed and Owns his old SPL town.



    Its the DARK DARK MASONIC feckers that will make sure that the NEW Hun get the Guaranteed CL Money.



    Next Year Never mind this year. :))



    Malmo are bulky – low skill but Music to my ears would be the Newco getting absolute pelters frae their own Support – Scandinavians are usually tactically aware.



    Interesting Times ahead.

  19. BillyBear



    I should also add that while JMcC was surrounded by a Celtic family, I was told that those closest to him were not keen on him entering the Glasgow Goldfish bowl.




  20. Allegedly, Sheffield United are hoping to sign Ben Davies on loan from Liverpool. The 25-year-old English defender has not made a single appearance for the Reds since signing from Preston in January.

  21. So no get of jail free card this time…



    I feel we’ve been hard done by here, in the sense that, the randomness of a scheduled FIFA meeting has allowed a player to take the field against us while now continuing his ban.



    Anyway, we move on.



    I suspect we’ll end up in the conference Cup. There’s actually not that big a difference in the prize money on offer between the conference and the Europa. The big question is will 55K fans turn up to watch us in the Conference ? If so, the financial hit of missing the Europa cup will be cushioned a great deal, especially if we can get a long run in it.



    Looking forward to the game today, just please, Ange – no Bitton.

  22. QF



    dont be to harsh on big dj.they all knew.


    all front and noddin knuckles


    minty was a lever financier(levering it out of differint financial institutions)


    they knew what minty was like from day1.


    other directors credit checked him too in rfc at time.




  23. TIM HORTON 11:44


    BFDJ in a Celtic strip.


    I heard a wee story that BFDJ was actually playing for the “Joeys” in Dundee but was mysteriously transferred to Broughty Ferry ptior to joining the huns.


    Have you confirm/deny that story



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