Uefa, CAS, Brazil FA, Mitdjylland, Here we go again


We do love discovering an illegible player in a team that has ‘eliminated’ us from Europe.  Before we get too carried away, the rules were clear on Sion and on Legia Warsaw, but both matters came down to legal arguments carrying the room.  Uefa and CAS had the ability to find in favour of both of our opponents.

Mitdjylland’s fielding of Juninho, who still has a suspension to serve from his time in Brazil, is different in two respects.  Most importantly, it appears curious that a ban from a national association (Brazil) is applicable for games controlled by the regional union (in this case, Uefa).

The ban is referred to as “global” but that term is not particularly clear.  If the SFA ban a player, the ban is global in the respect that he cannot move territory and play without consequence.  Under normal circumstances, however, he can play in the next Uefa game despite still being subject to a global ban on playing in national tournaments.

It is more than possible that the message communicated by Uefa to Mitdjylland prior to their game against PSV last night was incorrect.  Mitdjylland and Uefa will doubtlessly be in touch with the Brazilian FA when they open this morning.  If, however, the ban extended to all games, Celtic were not eliminated from the Champions League.  That is our position.  Uefa, and if necessary CAS, will be asked to confirm this and make whatever arrangements necessary.  The awkwardness of Mitdjylland now having played one more round has no legal standing.

Delighted we signed a goalkeeper and a central midfielder.  James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.  This was a spectacular oversight.  James has played very little football for five years.  He is an undoubted talent, if he remains fit, he will have a significant impact on our season.

Joe Hart is experienced enough to resolve many of the defensive problems we experienced last season and this.  He has something to prove; winning the league with Celtic is the perfect challenge.

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  1. Good morning CQN from a beautiful Sunny morning in Springburn (work)






    D :)

  2. Fess19 at 02.38 (or anybody that can help)



    Who were the ‘Joeys’ in Dundee?




  3. prestonpans bhoys on



    early kick off tonight bhoys


    1645 Celtic Park time



    Indeed, wife wanted to go to a Edinburgh shopping centre after work, having an extended lunch break instead!



    early kick off tonight bhoys


    1645 Celtic Park time




    1145 my time, I’ll be tuning in


    In Ange we trust



  5. BANKIEBHOY1 on 5TH AUGUST 2021 12:26 AM


    What does phishing mean?






    Remember standing in the Jungle, and you felt a warm sensation on the back of your calf, that wis some big drunk guy Phishing doon yer leg!

  6. POR CIERTO on 5TH AUGUST 2021 10:25 AM


    Celtic must be doing something right, this place is empty! :)) por cierto




    Por Cierto – Or working.


    D :)

  7. Conversation on Facebook:



    “…. me my wife’s just left me after 11 beautiful years together, absolutely gutted man. WATP”



    “just get another one, get her to wear any old clothes your ex-wife left and call her wifeco! then celebrate your 12th anniversary next year!”

  8. JACKIEMAC on 5TH AUGUST 2021 10:51 AM






    Jackiemac – Hope the wee one’s on the mend.



    D :)

  9. DAVID66 on 5TH AUGUST 2021 10:43 AM


    POR CIERTO on 5TH AUGUST 2021 10:25 AM


    Celtic must be doing something right, this place is empty! :)) por cierto


    Por Cierto – Or working.



    See us, retirees, don’t think about others still grafting! :)) por cierto

  10. FM Nippy Del & DFM Trigger Swinney….Vertically challenged and Mutt & Jeff to the needs of Scotland.


    JHB on 5TH AUGUST 2021 10:58 AM


    FM Nippy Del & DFM Trigger Swinney….Vertically challenged and Mutt & Jeff to the needs of Scotland.



    Meanwhile LABOUR LEADER can’t lay a glove on he who tells lies all day long and is so so corrupt.


    But hey ho don’t let the truth interrupt your stupidity .



    big PS. KIER is not very sharp.

  12. jhb


    yum yum yum gargle gargle.


    Boris chunks are tasty


    still no critique of your tory friends,


    yum yum gargle gargle


    ex socialist britnat in protection of unions interests.how confusing and bemused


    nearly as irrational as his pish about shatoot fc…maybe we can have a study into 400 of his own posts wi nae bias..


    Tam stick to ranting.

  13. I’m left with a bitter taste regarding the Midtjylland banned player ruling, and I don’t believe Celtic should let the issue go. FIFA/UEFA have reached the appropriate outcome in assessing that the ban is global, the question remains what prevented that outcome being reached earlier and before Midtjylland compromised themselves by choosing to field a potentially ineligible player. Possible scenarios include –



    “We didn’t know about the ban” – This should be instantly ruled out as any club signing a player must undertake their due diligence and understand any associated risks such as outstanding bans.



    “We didn’t ask” – Again, ignoring a ban until it’s convenient to address it does not mean the ban doesn’t exist until you actually ask.



    “We asked but FIFA/UEFA didn’t reply until now” – This seems the most likely scenario, but what prevented FIFA/UEFA from providing a response in good time for the Celtic tie?



    Either Midtjylland asked late or FIFA/UEFA responded late, there was no external and previously unknown event which precipitated the consideration and as such, it should have been entirely possible to reach the outcome prior to the Celtic game.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    Are JHB and Ernie the only 2 CQN tories or are there more? Maybe they’re angling for a place on the plc board.

  15. SONSOFERIN on 5TH AUGUST 2021 11:24 AM




    Agree with your post, what we have to remember is that football all football and all football organisation’s are corrupt to the core.


    Where was the SFA backing of one of their teams?



    That’s why we should be beating teams by 2 or 3 goals and take the corrupt referees out of the equation.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  16. Weebobbycollins on

    JHB…since you started posting on here a rot has set in. I think most of us can see through your shallowness.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    Looking forward with quiet confidence to the game tonight. Hopefully Joe Hart’s presence instills confidence in our much-maligned defence and a clean sheet victory is ours.



    Like many supporters I have had zero success from 4 ballots so already excited about returning to the stadium a week from now.




  18. Oh the irony, that great British Institution, that honours the monarchy by not paying Her Majestys Revenue and Customs.


    Backed up by defacing Royal statues and attacking the police forces in the best of Loyalist traditions.






    Murdo Fraser told he should be ‘ashamed’ over claim SNP have ‘Rangers problem’



    By Gregor Young



    Murdo Fraser has been scolded after claiming Nicola Sturgeon’s part has a ‘problem’ with Rangers



    MURDO Fraser has been told he should be “ashamed of himself” after claiming the SNP are prejudiced against Rangers Football Club.



    The Scottish Tory MSP, who is a supporter of the team, has claimed in a column that Nicola Sturgeon’s party has a “problem” with the Ibrox club.



    But he has been rebuked by a Glasgow councillor, who says SNP colleagues have been targeted by thugs as a result of “baseless conspiracy theories concerning Rangers”.



    In an article for The Scotsman, Fraser writes: “I can think of supporters of both Celtic and Rangers among the ranks of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians in Scotland. But whilst there are a number of high profile Celtic fans within the SNP ranks, I cannot think of a single SNP MP or MSP who identifies as a Rangers supporter. Indeed, too often we seem to see naked hostility towards the club and its fans.”




    The MSP says a “small minority” of the club’s supporters are “responsible for disorder and unacceptable behaviour”, but insists the majority have “no time for mindless sectarianism or bigotry”.



    He points to Nicola Sturgeon’s response to Rangers fans trashing Glasgow city centre during their title celebration, suggesting the club was treated disproportionately harshly.



    The Mid-Scotland and Fife representative also takes aim at Humza Yousaf, who commented on a video which appeared to show celebrating Rangers players chanting a sectarian song. The then-justice secretary said any players found guilty of anti-Catholic hatred should be sacked “if (and I stress if) this clip is genuine”.




    Police Scotland later concluded there was “no criminality” related to the video. Fraser dubbed Yousaf’s response “extraordinary”, as well as claiming SNP MSP James Dornan “would find an anti-Catholic conspiracy in a discarded orange peel”.



    “It is not surprising that there is an attitude of mutual distrust between the SNP and many Rangers fans,” Fraser concludes.



    “Perhaps it suits the SNP to demonise an institution which is culturally identified with British unionism and support for the monarchy. If working-class unionists can all be caricatured as red-faced anti-Catholic bigots, then won’t that help build support for Scottish independence?”



    The comments were condemned by SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter.




    She replied: “Murdo Fraser should be ashamed of himself.



    “I have colleagues who have required police protection as a consequence of baseless conspiracy theories concerning Rangers.



    “It’s fine promoting this stuff from Perthshire, he doesn’t have to live with the consequences. Coward.”




    READ MORE: Four further arrests linked to Rangers fan riot brings total to more than 50



    The Tory MSP landed himself in hot water at the time of the Rangers title celebrations.



    Thousands of supporters ignored Covid-19 warnings and massed in George Square after Rangers’ last game of their victorious Scottish Premiership season on May 15.



    A dedicated inquiry team was set up following large scale disorder during which there were 47 injuries to police officers.



    Some 50 people have since been arrested, while the council had to spend more than £60,000 on repairs to damaged statues, scaffolding, traffic lights and security fences.



    Fraser was accused of being “indescribably irresponsible” ahead of the carnage, when he tweeted: “I hope all Rangers fans will celebrate responsibly tomorrow, esp given the spike in Glasgow Covid cases. Sadly I fear such calls are undermined by some politicians actively encouraging street protests yesterday. Can’t be one rule for some and another for others.”

  19. The trolls despise This Dear Green Place imo more than they despise Celtic.



    And for thum a convenient outlet with a genial and accommodating host is an opportunity not to be missed.

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