Uefa, CAS, Brazil FA, Mitdjylland, Here we go again


We do love discovering an illegible player in a team that has ‘eliminated’ us from Europe.  Before we get too carried away, the rules were clear on Sion and on Legia Warsaw, but both matters came down to legal arguments carrying the room.  Uefa and CAS had the ability to find in favour of both of our opponents.

Mitdjylland’s fielding of Juninho, who still has a suspension to serve from his time in Brazil, is different in two respects.  Most importantly, it appears curious that a ban from a national association (Brazil) is applicable for games controlled by the regional union (in this case, Uefa).

The ban is referred to as “global” but that term is not particularly clear.  If the SFA ban a player, the ban is global in the respect that he cannot move territory and play without consequence.  Under normal circumstances, however, he can play in the next Uefa game despite still being subject to a global ban on playing in national tournaments.

It is more than possible that the message communicated by Uefa to Mitdjylland prior to their game against PSV last night was incorrect.  Mitdjylland and Uefa will doubtlessly be in touch with the Brazilian FA when they open this morning.  If, however, the ban extended to all games, Celtic were not eliminated from the Champions League.  That is our position.  Uefa, and if necessary CAS, will be asked to confirm this and make whatever arrangements necessary.  The awkwardness of Mitdjylland now having played one more round has no legal standing.

Delighted we signed a goalkeeper and a central midfielder.  James McCarthy would have been at Celtic in 2009 if then-manager, Tony Mowbray rated him, no other reason.  This was a spectacular oversight.  James has played very little football for five years.  He is an undoubted talent, if he remains fit, he will have a significant impact on our season.

Joe Hart is experienced enough to resolve many of the defensive problems we experienced last season and this.  He has something to prove; winning the league with Celtic is the perfect challenge.

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  1. squire danaher on

    JHB on 5TH AUGUST 2021 10:58 AM



    You have contributed over recent days with Celtic related stuff which, while personally I don’t always agree with its position, was at least relevant, seemed reasoned and considered, and provoked Celtic-related discussion.



    Your comment at 10:58 is a reverting to your soundbite unionism of old and does little on here but create discord from;



    those opposed to your unionism and


    those opposed to any politics related discussion which your post will attract.



    Please accept this comment in the respectful and constructive manner it is being offered.

  2. squire danaher on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 5TH AUGUST 2021 11:33 AM



    I don’t think either would categorise themselves as a Tory although this will give EL the opportunity to state he is, on the basis he ranks all ‘non-Cult’ candidates in order of preference in Scottish cooncil elections.



    His cage having been rattled, he should be along shortly.

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    He really does sound like a bit of a rancid, anti-Catholic bigot, does our Mr Fraser.

  4. Just caught up on the Spain v Japan semi, where Kou Itakura (our rumoured CB target) was playing.


    IMO seemed like a lanky, puny, big beanpole with suspect positioning. Good athletic energy tho.


    Maya Yoshida his CB partner looked way more a player; and he was nothing amazing.


    In fact, Ko seemed a bit like a Japanese Nir Bitton without the cool tats and nice pass outs from the back.




  5. Ahhhhh ” Free Speech”…………….the insistent simple sword of truth……!



    It rings true doesn’t it!



    Doesn’t it?



    Always delivered with determined regularity, resolutely immune to the viral humour and norms of Timdom.



    A line to be delivered, A conversation interrupted by an ootburst. Keywords from a robotic algorithm.



    Like a boaby midden yella card – timed to halt Celtica in its tracks…..



    An opinion packaged few will swallow. Too bitter.

  6. The SNP leadership are in Westminsters pocket, anyone know about the Balmoral hotel, travel irons oot the windae, hooses in Helensburgh & a plethora of other unrepeatable for fear of imprsonment allegations? The Toraidhs are despicable & Sir Keir Trilateral Commission Starmers Labour are a joke.



    My team for tonight….















    Bain, Murray, Bolingoli, Turnbull, Abada, Christie, Ajeti.

  7. Not too sure if ERNIE is a Tory, he’s a unionist, not necessarily one and the same though, por cierto

  8. perked up d66



    went on a walk but was wiped out – give her some time and she’ll be fine. was it geebee’s son ended up in hospital so glad she’s good

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