Uefa compliance officer set for SFA next week


A Uefa compliance officer will visit the Scottish FA early next week after European football’s governing body were asked to look into what was happening inside Scottish football by people within the German game.  Scottish football has been rocked by allegations of improper registration of players for over a month now.  The SFA recently concluded an inquiry into Rangers without reference to the allegations while the Scottish Premier League have announced an inquiry, but indicate it will not report anytime soon.

Although the allegations have consequences beyond the SPL, including international and European football, the SFA have failed to actively address concerns which could see 12 years of football results rewritten, prompting interest from Uefa.

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  1. kitalba on 16 March, 2012 at 10:09


    What a post. Just read Jamie Carraghers book and he says when Fergie comes on the telly he turns it up and hangs on his every word.



    Well big Jock does that ten times better than Fergie. Goosebumps watching that. Must have been how the old disciples felt when the big JC was talking :))))



    Agree also about the testimonials. Having been to many away from home the atmosphere from us has been like a hun/European game at times.



    It’s just folk like Giggs who stick in my throat. Massive support we took down for him then cheats us in CL at OT.




  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 16 March, 2012 at 10:15



    ‘Murrays succulent hot dog’



    LMAO. Hilarious




  3. RobertTressell at 10:15



    With UEFA now ‘offering assistance’ to the SFA, it seems to me that Stewart Regan is being presented with probably his best ever (and perhaps a once only) opportunity to prove if he is a figure of substance.



    As an outsider, it wouldn’t take much to convince me that within the claustrophobic corridors of the Hampden bunker, reeking of age-old brotherhoods and affiliations, tethered to the fast-sinking hulk that was once Rangers FC, it could be quite difficult, even for a good man, to steer a course towards the light.



    Furthermore, should the SFA’s ‘judicial panel’ meeting on 29 March agree/conclude that Rangers have been guilty of wide-scale failures to adhere to SFA rules, then unless this opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ is grasped by the SFA then the SFA itself may find itself in the dock at UEFA … with likely dire consequences for the SPL.



    With many indicators suggesting we’d be foolish to hold out much hope of a right and just outcome, it will be nonetheless interesting to watch how things pan out over the course of the next few weeks …




  4. timbhoy in spain on

    Just posting this again.I put it on the previous thread.


    Good evening, Brian



    I had a very interesting e-mail from someone minutes after CAPE TRIBULATION waltzed past the winning post for us this afternoon…”will you have my babies”….erm, how old are they and what are their names…and would the missus mind you giving them to me!



    Seriously, it wasn’t a bad old afternoon’s punting. The first race was a cracker for us….and my pre-season 20 to follow list! we nailed the lot plus, I personally laid PEDDLERS CROSS until the cows came home. I was sitting here this morning, after sending my Newsletter out and I recalled a comment McCain had made about the possibility of them going back over hurdles with this horse. he made it some time ago, perhaps even before he got beaten by SPRINTER SACRE, and everything kinda fell into place for me. The horse is not a natural jumper at speed and will never beat the big guns…expect it to be back over the smaller obstacles next term.



    CAPE TRIBULATION….what a little beauty. I had spent the better part of 3.5 hours on that race and for it to all come together was brilliant.



    NOBLE PRINCE has a problem. it drifted like a barge in the market, never jumped a twig, jumped out to it’s right and was then pulled up.



    BIG BUCKS to beat VOLER LE VEDETTE….not a bad call. I did as I said I would and just watched….as you lot pocketed some very nice profits.



    The rest of the day resorted to typical Thursday…but three winning races from six at a Cheltenham Festival on a Thursday….I’ll settle for that.



    let’s see what the final day brings….






    This is my favourite day of the entire week. I have generally licked the wounds inflicted by the Thursday…very much teeth gnashing day, generally….at the time of writing I have absolutely no idea how we have done today because I doubt a single jockey is out of bed yet!



    I’m going to start by discussing SHADOW CATCHER….you knew I would. I want him to win. I want him to win pulling double and put himself in the Champion Hurdle frame for next season. Why? Because I wanted to buy him for my 500 club members last October but we fell short on the funding side. I had spotted this horse in the catalogue and told David O’Meara he was the one I wanted. David watched some videos of past races, agreed he looked decent and as he went through the ring we blew out at £16k.



    He went for £41k.



    I will not miss the one I want this year.



    So, can he win this?



    Seven of the last ten winners were priced up at 9/1 or less. This is most certainly due to the introduction of the Fred Winter. Punters and layers alike now have this sussed.



    My first shortlist contains:






    Last season ZARKANDAR became the first to win this race off the back of one race and it’s far more likely the winner is in that list than not, all having raced more than once.



    It is a “vital” that all horses being considered have won at least half of their races this term and, all the above fit that bill.



    Nine of the last ten winners were trained on the British mainland so, unfortunately, this is where I drop SHADOW CATCHER. Had I got him for my members and were he trained in Yorkshire by David O’Meara, he’d have been included. But he’s not.



    Nine of the last ten winners had actually won on their last visit to the track before coming here so, if I take that as gospel then my shortlist is now down to:



    BABY MIX, BALDER SUCCES, GRUMETI and, probably controversially, PEARL SWAN….that one was disqualified when beating GRUMETI, I thought, on merit.



    I hate punting horses coming to a Championship on the back of a scare and GRUMETI was recently lame. Even if I honestly believed he would win, I would still be unable to punt him because of that.



    That leaves me three.






    I am more than happy to dutch BABY MIX, BALDER SUCCES and PEARL SWAN.



    On the understanding that nine of the last ten winners were sired by a Group 1 winner off the flat, my 20/80 has to be PEARL SWAN, a son of GENTLEWAVE, winner of such a race in Italy.



    Combo exotics, same three.



    I will still cheer to the rafters if SHADOW CATCHER pulls it off though!






    Only three of the last ten winners were in a single figure price, giving this a whiff of “difficult”.



    Three of the last four winners were 20/1, 20/1, 50/1….perhaps they should rename this the Pertemps Byrne!



    Anyway, let’s see what we can do with it. If I nail it, you can thank me later.



    Weight….nine of the last 10 winners carried no more than 11st 1lb so, anything above ALDERWOOD on the current race card, is removed from calculations.



    That still leaves us 16 mines to defuse.



    Eight of the last ten winners had raced within the last 35 days and, as five and six year olds have won seven of the last eight races I will perm those two stats to draw up a shorter shortlist.






    If we accept that the three long priced winners above were simply flukes….you can make a case for that being the case, when you add into the equation the fact nine of the last 13 winners were in the front four on the morning tissue, then narrowing this down further becomes easy.



    Ignore ghosts, note that Paul Nicholls has saddled three winners, a second and a fourth in the last eight years, you have to include TED SPREAD in any dutch you are considering. He ran poorly last Saturday but Ruby Walsh felt beforehand the race would not be run to suit and my feeling is he only went there to see if they could nail the bonus for winning the Imperial cup and a race at the Festival.



    The word all last week was, he’s a certainty for this.



    That might be someone getting all over exuberant but I can see this race being much better for him.



    Six of the last 10 winners had finished in the first four placing’s on the previous run and whilst that means four had not, I’ve entertained bringing in TED SPREAD as that %age.



    I want two from the rest that have….MAGNIFIQUE ETOILE and IFYOULETMEFINISH plus INGLEBY SPIRIT qualify.






    The prices of my four here are 20/1, 16/1, 14/1 and 33/1. I can dutch the four to produce a very decent profit if successful and I will do so. TED SPREAD will be my 20/80 and I will contemplate how best to work my exotics as I will need to keep the perms down to make them an attractive play.






    I know a lot of people are really looking forward to seeing BRINDISI BREEZE here but that one faces the horse I have suggested will win next seasons RSA Chase, BOSTON BOB.



    Should be very interesting and this race looks a cracker.



    This is not a race I have a lot of empirical data for as we have had just seven running’s of it.



    Once of my stats that will be blown to bits is that which requires a horse to have won here previously. Four of the last seven had done so but not a single runner tomorrow has got that C next to their names.



    The best stat I have to work with is that which tells me only one winner has been bigger than 9/1, three favourites having won three of the last six.



    Anything bigger than that 9/1 is binned and I have a shortlist of:






    Five isn’t a bad starting point, is it.



    Unfortuntely, lacking the bits and pieces of information I require to sort this race out, I’m not able to whittle it down any further!






    A race I would love to be able to suggest we get stuck into BOSTON BOB as I believe he is a monster but I myself will simply have a 20/80 MOUNT BENBULBEN and only because he is in my list of 20 to follow this season and by crikey they have performed well this week.






    There really is no point looking away from the glaringly obvious. If the winner is outside the front three on the morning tissue, it’ll be a Burton’s window job again.



    In all honesty, if LONG RUN jumps round, he’ll beat KAUTO STAR. Sorry to all those fans of the best steeplechaser we’ve seen for a long, long time but I just do not see him being able to do what he has done at Haydock and Kempton, at Cheltenham. He will have to be ridden a bit more conservatory and that will play into the younger horses hands.



    In my Cheltenham Preview Newsletters I mooted BURTON PORT would be a cracking good 20/80 to add to your portfolio and I will simply stick to that play.



    The last three races on tomorrow’s card I tend to not get heavily involved in. we have the Foxhunters, a race I would probably do just as well using a pin, we have the Conditional’s race and the last race on the last day has, two seasons in succession, stuffed me sideways. I will only pay lip service to them.






    You do not really expect me to have any kind of grip on these, do you?



    The only logic I can apply to a race like this is, look for a former class act, connected, in whatever way, to a top yard. CHAPOTURGEON is “trained” by Richard Barber but the access he has to quality facilities is second to none. He has won here before and if you really must have a bet, I would suggest that is as good as any.






    My money is far too important to me, to even consider betting here.






    Another race I tend to swerve, advising you simply work with the glaringly obvious and last year we found SIR DES CHAMPS.



    Again, in my pre-Cheltenham Newsletters I advised you punted BOURNE. That will be the only bet I have in this event.






    The finale.



    Hopefully by the time this race arrives we are miles ahead of the layers and all in clover.



    The winner will have won over the trip. Every single runner has done so, so that stat will remain.



    I’m not interested in anything older than nine or, carrying more than 10st 11lb.



    Top four in the handicap are binned.



    I will not be looking for anything priced bigger than 8/1, six of the last 10 having been amongst the fancied ones.



    KID CASSIDY, TOUBAB qualify.






    It has been a long old week (month actually), and I am hoping to see Nicky Henderson round off what has been a phenomenal week. Dutch that pair, 20/80 KID CASSIDY, who Tony McCoy suggested would only really come into his own when racing in a big field, and a reverse exotic.



    I hope you have enjoyed reading the profies and, if it is your first time using my work, that you come back for Royal Ascot, if nothing else!….we will have some serious fun with that one.



    Have a great evening and nurse those profits…don’t be to keen tomorrow to hand them all back.



    Kindest regards

  5. Guys……….


    I have between 500 and 600 points on my Subway card which I’m informed will get me 5 lattes.


    YET Duff and Duffer tell me they can’t accept it as a genuine offer for RFC(AI) as it’s non transferrable




    Back to the drawing board



    Jelly and Icecream in ML9

  6. CQN Saturday Naps Competition – Week 31 Standings



    Kudos last week went to TTTT (Ambion Wood @14/1)… great tipping !



    +£12.75 Cathal (8)


    +£ 7.58 bobbymurdoch’s winklepickers (7)


    +£ 2.00 voguepunter (3)


    +£ 0.83 fleagle1888 (5)


    +£ 0.05 Rockon (9)


    -£ 5.25 Eurochamps67 (6)


    -£ 5.25 What is the Stars (4)


    -£ 6.00 tommytwisttommyturns (2)


    -£ 7.25 Raymac (4)


    -£ 8.00 wolfetonebhoy (4)


    -£ 8.50 twists n turns (3)


    -£ 10.95 Som mes que un club (3)


    -£18.00 Che (2)


    -£18.25 BULL67 (2)


    -£21.50 hunza rugli (2)


    -£22.50 PFayr (2)


    -£31.00 oldtim


    -£31.00 The Token Tim



    *No selections from – PFAyr, wolfetonebhoy



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  7. Hartsons Comb on

    I see the posters on the Rangers forums are salivating at the thought of “the Americans” coming in to save them. After all, look at all big-moneyed American sport franchise owners who have dallied in the EPL:



    –John Henry: Boston Red Sox / Liverpool


    –Glazier family: Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Manchester United


    –Randy Lerner: Cleveland Browns / Aston Villa


    –Stan Kroenke: St. Louis Rams / Arsenal



    All these moneyed Americans already owned sports franchises that are household names across America before splashing their excess cash abroad. Someone like that would do nicely for the Gers, so the Bears have been telling themselves. And now they’ve got one interested enough to make a (tentative) bid.



    So what franchise does Club 9 Sports own? The New York Yankees? The Pittsburgh Steelers? The Los Angeles Lakers? Sorry, no. The correct answer: the Quad City Mallards.



    In case you didn’t already know, the Mallards play ice hockey in the Central Hockey League, one of six minor professional hockey leagues operating in North America. Prior to Club 9 Sports taking over the Mallards last year, the team’s home games averaged an attendance of 2,812. With just a little over a week left to the current season, they are now sitting in 5th place in a seven-team conference.



    Not exactly “Motherwell born billionaire” class, but if Craig Whyte’s one pound purchase price is anything to go by, if they put up a tenner, they’ll likely be the top bidder.



    PS: Extra bonus points for anyone who can name any of the four cities that comprise the “Quad Cities.” I’m a Yank and even I can’t do it.

  8. CQN Saturday Naps Competition



    Lads, for those who are in the CQN Saturday Naps competition, please go to the end of the following article : (“Issue 7 of CQN Magazine out now”)



    Alternatively, if you cannot access the previous article for any reason, then you can send me an email message with your selection to : fleagle1888 at yahoo.co.uk



    All the best, fleagle1888


    Page 13,huh?



    Cheers,Fleagle1888. A fine start…..