Uefa compliance officer set for SFA next week


A Uefa compliance officer will visit the Scottish FA early next week after European football’s governing body were asked to look into what was happening inside Scottish football by people within the German game.  Scottish football has been rocked by allegations of improper registration of players for over a month now.  The SFA recently concluded an inquiry into Rangers without reference to the allegations while the Scottish Premier League have announced an inquiry, but indicate it will not report anytime soon.

Although the allegations have consequences beyond the SPL, including international and European football, the SFA have failed to actively address concerns which could see 12 years of football results rewritten, prompting interest from Uefa.

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  1. Eyes Wide Open on

    setting free the bears on 15 March, 2012 at 21:15 said



    As someone who would usually be critical of the board I hope my opinion on the subject holds some sort of sway.



    I wouldnt blame the board a single percent if FF decides his future lays in England.



    The board acted in the absolute correct manner regarding 2 loan deals.



    They were told FF had potential before signing him the first time, Newcastle would only do a loan deal so we signed him for a season. Correct decision. Then to sign him a second time on loan with a fixed fee attached was again absolutely the correct decision.



    At that time he was still completely unrealised ‘potential’ and another season like his first would have indicated he had in fact peaked.



    When he did raise his game, they made attempts to sign him permanently.



    In my opinion they have acted correctly at every juncture in the interests of Glasgow Celtic Football Club.



    Id be very very disappointed in FF if he did decide to go back, without repaying the club who will have made his career for him. No one worth mentioning was looking to sign him the 1st or 2nd seasons.



    I am disappointed Lennon I think jumped the gun by even mentioninf England with a player who wasnt signed, sealed and delivered. In my opinion it was then that his head started to wonder about greener grass.



    Ill put it down to inexperience, with lessons learned (Lenny not the board, they are squeaky clean for once imo!)

  2. Magnificentseven on

    the long wait is over on 15 March, 2012 at 21:34 said:





    the more money that is donated into Rangers before the Daddy Bear tax case drops on their head the less there will be available for afters.



    Sorry, afterwards




    absolutely!! anyone with any sense???? would wait until after the inevitable liquidation before putting money in, anything before will jusy go to creditors……….let them pile in now…………….stupid huns ;-)

  3. Alex thomsons tweet today made me chuckle constantly ….



    Possibly even the ‘succulent lamb’ ‘fine red’ culture might need examination….

  4. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Setting Free The Bears



    Hiya, Pally?



    ThankGodot…fur ye Last Submission..



    Fur a Brief Respite… Let’s Talk aboot..



    Fighting Fraser Foster.. The Best Goalie.. In the S.P.L..



    If Ah wur the Laird of NooCastle..



    Ah wid.. Be very Reluctant tae Let Fraser Go..



    If Celtic, get him fur. Two Mill.. Ah wull be Happy as Larry.



    He is a Steal at that Price..



    Somehow. Ah think that Noocastle’s Bosses, at this Moment..


    Ur Getting thur Legal Eagles. tae pour over.. the Exact Terms of


    That Option Agreement.. which They and Celtic Reached, concerning the future Employment Prospects o’ the Big Lauddie.



    Forster, is Proving tae be a Honey o’ A Shot Stoaper



    ..and Noo Noocastle, may be hivin’ second thoughts.





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater

  5. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    thats whats smashin about the iPad, and its great unspoken benefit… you can take it into the cludgie with you



    Gone are the days where I needed to lug the pc base unit, screen, keyboard, and mouse into the wee room, only for it to be a false alarm… this new fangled stuff is great.

  6. Some bhoys have been lobbying the German FA to investigate. This weekend Hertha play Munchen in Berlin and we invited one of the German FA to join us in our €250k euro / annum box. No names , no pack drill etc



    I type this small note from brussels on my way back to glasgow, to see the first leg of the treble.



    Rest assured we will ensure German and Austrian FA are fully aware of the corruption existing in the scottish game.




  7. I would love this world class journalist to interveiw jabba…. To see his arrogance disappear and replaced by a sqirming little @£&@&

  8. johann murdoch on

    Do the sfa have professional indemnity insurance ? …as a professional organisation ( allegedly ) they might need to call upon it ..

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    A compliance officer makes sure that everything is compliant!! And thers nae chance that the S F A are!!

  10. SmashingMilkBottles on

    EyesWideOpen & SFTB



    Good debate re big Fraser Forster.



    Do you think there’s an agent involved stirring it?



    I know that we can offer UCL and 50-60k at home games…but does the filthy lucre sway a young head?

  11. Smashy……do you still turn down the volume on your iPad when your take it to the toilet?……..just askin like

  12. johan



    Cheltenham has been interesting, yer man Timbhoy in Spain has been on the button, and I got a couple of others who are still running, but, tips you take your chances.


    I will stick to the football and the golf, I hope city win tonight and still go out, it would boost the balance no end, but if they still go out it wont be too bad.



    As for them, one min I want them blenced, the next I want them to suffer for years, in all honesty I don’t know what will happen or what I want.



    I just wish supporters of other clubs got their act together and made their voices known.



    City just scored, now Sporting keep it at 3-2

  13. SmashingMilkBottles on




    That’s enough. Get your webcam oot ma hoose ya perv…..and delete those DVD’s inaw…..er… Please

  14. the long wait is over on

    Johann murdoch 2143



    Spooky – Exactly what I’d been thinking not half an hour ago.



    If any one in Scottish football is penalised a penny because of the SFA’s negligence or worse there will be sheriff officers forming a queue on the steps of Hampden to serve writs.

  15. Surely their pals at hamburg would stick up for them – that friendly before xmas must have generated a few bob for both teams.



    As for the porto thing – you’d have thunk that if the huns were up to no good with two contracts, one of their own might be able to shed a bit of light on the situation with double contracts – if that’s their beef (step forward capucho)



    Back in the real world I still have a niggling fear that a eufa ban for all scottish teams is the only leveller the huns have left to maintain their whole existence, and one the peepil at the sfa would be prepared to accept for the peepils good.




  16. If Fraser Forster wants to leave at the end of the season because more money at a mediocre English side is attractive then good luck to him.



    But if he decides to commit himself to Celtic with CL football and trophies aplenty ahead of him I don’t think he will regret it.

  17. Eyes Wide Open



    That’s a fair summary of the situation. I would differ on 2 points only.



    Firstly:- “No one worth mentioning was looking to sign him the 1st or 2nd seasons.”:-



    I know Norwich would have had him back no problem because he had been superb with them when they were promoted to the Championship.



    Secondly, Neil too would have been pilloried for spending £2m on Fraser last summer. Most fans would not have thought him worthy of that outlay. Neil had to go down the loan route to show that Fraser was better than the fans’ ratings suggested.







    I don’t see how Newcastle can, overtly, sabotage the deal. A transfer fee was agreed. If we pay it, Newcastle cannot renege. However the deal needs 2 signatures,Celtic’s and Fraser’s and the big man might scupper it if a) he feels Celtic are not offering enough wages, or b) If he refuses all deals because he wants to play for Newcastle and he is on a promise.

  18. johann murdoch on

    The long wait is over ..yes and their insurance might fall also if they have not followed correct procedure and protocol ..indeed as officers past and present they might even be personally liable !!! …oh dear !

  19. Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Regan?


    If you think we’re on the run…



    We are the bhoys who will stop your little game!


    We are the bhoys who will make you think again!



    ‘Cause, who do you think you are kidding Mr. Regan


    If you think old Celtic’s done?

  20. Caught a wee swisper about this Laughing epedemic that’s troubling Kojo and others. Wow.


    Don’t interrupt your enemies etc

  21. I see Steve McLaren standing on a German touch line looking very Dutch…….wonder what his accent is like now

  22. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Gordon J



    Hope the training for 2/14 is going well….I thought 2012 was a bit too soon.



    Let’s hope big FF is here next year!

  23. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Just said that to mrs j. The rolly polly goally was classic. Naw it wiznt it was annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!