Uefa get tough on non-payers


Not before time but it’s good to see Uefa get to grips with clubs which fail to pay their dues.  Malaga, who are still this season’s Champions League, have been banned from European competition the next time they qualify.  In the event they win the competition this season, they would join a short ignominious list and become only the third team in history to be banned from defending their trophy by the European governing body. Think of the shame.

Eight other clubs have also been barred from Europe for a season, including our very old friends, Vojvodina.  The message is simple, pay your bills!!!

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  1. The Comfortable Collective on




    Hands up, I described Begg as a ‘decent’ commentator – and then posted the link showing him in funerial mode as he described a Celtic equaliser against the huns.



    I should have said in my initial post more explicitly, that he was an obvious hun, and that came through in his commentary – but I was referring to his commentary skills in general (i.e. if he was commentating on a Dundee Utd – Hearts game for example) – he was a lot better, a hell of alot better than most on shortbread on actually commentating on the game.



    ernie lynch – You’re right about how he used to describe McGeady, I’d forgotten about that.

  2. Gene's a Bhoys name on



    I always feared coming out of the Celtic end of Hampden -was scared that i’d end up on one of the vertical barriers which ran down the stairways. That and the trip hazards that were the railway sleepers and black ash infilled steps.

  3. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    The Comfortable Collective



    I would agree with you that he could actually be decent when not commentating on us or his beloved Rangers, but in a way that makes it even worse, that he should put his personal prejudices in the way of doing the job he was paid to do.

  4. not that we had many sundrenched glory days at hampden as I always seem to remember getting soaked but when we scored the puff of red dust that went up…

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    He’s probably still suffering fron the effects alcohol poisoning

  6. Kayal played well until taken off. Forrest played well when he came on. Izzy did well. Hooper or the Green Brigade probably would have been the man of the match. Broony played well too, as did Sammi.

  7. OK I’m back in to say Happy Christmas to each and every Celt on this site. I love you all and I treasure being part of the Celtic Family. As the years are catching up a bit I don’t travel over as much as I used to but am so looking forward to my trip for the Juventus game, my airline tickets are bought but don’t have my ticket secured yet but I live in hope.

  8. Re David Begg, I used to fall for the old problem of switching on RS only for RFIL to score almost immediately with Begg noting that the RFIL support were now in full voice, one match however sticks out when Hibs equalised , he never even announced the goal. The game meandered on for 2 minutes before you cottoned onto the fact Hibs had scored.



    I am sure he will pass the baton on.

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Think izzy is still short of games, his distribution is poor at the moment

  10. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Begg was so obviously pro-Rangers he was almost like a parody of only an excuse. Shan’t be missed in my house.

  11. Highlighting Begg’s ability for a match in which he has no true interest only goes to magnify what is wrong with sports journalism here.



    He was anti-Celtic first and foremost. That he was capable is irrelevant. That is the saddest thing about it all.




  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Hail Hail


    Nursery school squabbles rarely last long :oD)))


    Time for dinner, mince I hope :oD))))

  13. Like others on here I endured the horrific crushes in the 60s and 70s and its true its a wonder there were not more disasters. It could have happened anywhere .

  14. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    A commentator who is meant to be describing the action but who cannot bring himself to tell you that Celtic have scored, is a disgrace both as a person and as a professional.


    Enjoy your retirement around the third division grounds of Scotland , David Beggot.

  15. Thanks Neil, I think its a Chineese take away in the corkcelts household this evening. Just had a bit of good news on a Health scare, I’m not totally out of the woods but I’ve been assured I will live for a good bit longer yet. So I’m celebrating with a can of Magner’s the local Clonmel Brew and watching the Soccer, I’m not even bothered that Chelski are winning it to be honest.

  16. Afternoon all



    Been reading comments re the Ibrox Disaster and the state of grounds back in the 60s/70s. I net an old family friend just after the 40th anniversary match and he remembered that leaving the Celtic End that day there had actually been an incidence of crushing on the one exit ( that’s right one exit for perhaps 30000 fans) at the Celtic end. When he’d got home and seen the news he’d initially thought that it had been the terrifying incident he’d been part of as oppoosed to something horrendous at the other end of the stadium.



    I liked the old Ibrox- great views and when I went we usually seemed to do well- but it was always a relief to get out. Janefield St post games with Rangers wasn’t always a lot of fun either .



    H x 2

  17. Hallo Corkcelt. I started celebrating Yuletide, Christmas or whatever you want to call it with the first of the lengthening days yesterday.


    Peace, joy, friendship and future to you. And most of all good health.

  18. SB



    you too buddy, taking mini on a wee trip to Lennoxtown tomorrow..



    think ole Charlie Mulgrew owes her a few quid for babysittig duties… o))

  19. ulysses mcghee


    16:55 on David Begg.



    “He was anti-Celtic first … .”





    That’s why I’m paranoid.

  20. just read there about begg leaving as well. something in the wind? king,traynor,begg? all jumping ship? the future with an unchecked green is a worry while im at it.




  21. One of my brothers, who posts on here, thinks Begg favoured the Deady Bears but was still a good commentator on radio because he was good at telling you what was going on.



    I last listened to an SPL game on Radio Scotland more than a year ago when Kilmarnock beat the Deadies at Rugby Park. But I used to listen much more often, particularly when we weren’t playing and they were and heard quite a lot of Begg down the years.



    I used to think Begg was so bad I invented the well known CQN panel game called Begg To Differ in which I quoted verbatim what Begg was saying on the radio about how magnificently his favourite team was playing to contrast with comments from CQNers who were watching on non-council TV.



    It never really caught on and it’s obviously too late now but I thought it had real potential. Certainly better than the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory board game and Friends Scene It games my weans have made Santa bring in recent years.


    Anyone seen the doctored and super-imposed picture in today’s Sunday Times Sports section (Irish edition) with Lenny and Sally, apparently standing side by side? Sally smiling (of course) and Lenny snarling (of course) with his clenched fist apparently about to come down on McMoist’s coupon.






    Words fail me.



    Plus ca change!

  23. Hertz 2-0 up at half time, just seen Houston giving the ref a bawling going into the tunnel, Is Lunny going to be busy again, he needs to do something to fill his role due to his blatant denial to question anything sevconian.



    A wee draw here would suit me, need all the teams around us to drop points against each other, but I believe murderwell and Dun Utd will finish 2nd and 3rd.




  24. C1st



    had a beer with Tooting Tim last night, he tells me he was in Chester last month, he was suitably chastised for not meeting up with your good self…

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